how to get rid of the pellets on clothes


  • Why is there pellets?
  • How to remove pellets

Each of us really want to see the new clothes remained as long as possible. Anyway, getting refreshed, we hope that this thing is really permanently retain its original appearance. However, troubles await us where we least expect them. Often, even a nice and good-quality clothes somehow suddenly "cluttered" treacherous spool, which is not clear where are. And the thing is still good and presentable loses! What is there to say, pellets on our clothes - a phenomenon not only unaesthetic, but hard enough eliminated.

True, this is only if you do not know how to get rid of the pellet. But still it is very important to understand why these same pellets appear. Let's try to understand the causes of their occurrence, as well as learn how to remove the pellets from the clothes.

 pellets on clothes
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Why is there pellets?

With the spool on the clothing know, probably all. After all, there are knitted things in almost any wardrobe, and the pellets appear faster and more often on such things. Generally, pellets are formed due to repeated contact with other tissue surfaces and its friction. For example, warm sweaters and pullovers are worn under outer clothing. Or, in the place where the bag hanging on his shoulder touches shirts or skirts.

It is believed that the pellets - a sign of low quality fabrics. Most often they occur on clothes made of friable tissues in which a loose weave. Fabric with a nap - as the first contender for fouling spool. And that's all - features of the jersey. However, there are other causes of the pellets on the clothes sewn from other tissues:

  1. Availability of synthetic materials. Incidentally, artificial tissues less susceptible to pilling on them than those that combine elements of both natural and synthetic.
  2. Violation of the rules of the garment care. The first wash water temperature and unsuitable using unsuitable powders.
  3. Long pulling threads in the fabric. This can be determined visually by simply having carefully considered the purchased item.
  4. Loose tissue in which there are not tightly twisted yarn. This, incidentally, does not apply to knitwear, which, by definition, is made of light and lush strings.

Remember that prevent the emergence of pellets on the clothes easier than to try to remove them. So try, first, to buy things made from high-quality fabrics. Second, strictly follow the recommendations on the labels of clothes. Thus, for example, absolutely all the things wash with the addition of softener. Clothes made of loose, fine woolens and subject only to wash delicate cycle or hand wash. For washing do not use too much hot water. If you can, then give to such clothes to the dry cleaners.

If the pellets is still there, try to delete them at an early stage. Too launched in this regard, it is difficult to return the dress original appearance. Yet the effort is worthwhile. In addition, ways to remove pellets from the clothes is not so little.

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How to remove pellets

As we have already said, a dry cleaning service - a great way to preventing rolling nap on fabrics, as well as a real opportunity to get rid of rolled-up cloth. True, the fun is not cheap. It is one thing - to give to the dry cleaners robe, and quite another - to clean the things that are in the intensive "exploitation". So often we resort to proven old-fashioned way - just clean cloth ordinary razor.

This method, by the way, quite effective. However, it is not suitable for all fabrics. For example, a fabric with a relief surface can be easily damaged when shaving. Knitwear is also very easy to cut, because its a loop structure does not allow the blade to move freely on the fabric. Another disadvantage of this method - the "alopecia" fabric. This primarily concerns the napped fabrics and wool.

If you do get rid of the pellets using a blade, it is usually safe to select a disposable razor in which no soap bars. Getting to the procedure, try to lay the garment on a flat surface as possible. Pull the treated area so on the cloth was not even the smallest creases.

If the pellets in the clothes is not very much, but the thing wool, try to remove them more gentle way, using a toothbrush or a sponge for washing dishes. With fleecy fabric so you can just comb out all the excess. However, it will only at the initial stage of rolling cloth.

It is very convenient and effective tool, invented specially to remove pellets from the clothes - trimmer. It's such a special machine, which either cuts them or collects sticky roller. It cost inexpensive and works very efficiently. Besides the indisputable beauty of this device - it is powered by conventional batteries. Therefore, the machine can always and everywhere have on hand.

Another possibility is to combat pellets - a stationery scotch. This is especially useful tool if there is a need to clean small areas on clothing. However, for more extensive field of activity is also nice scotch. And this tool, you certainly do not damage clothing. To do this, just need to stick firmly to the fabric strip of adhesive tape and a sharp movement to remove the tape - it will come off with fluff and stringy. You can use adhesive tape somewhat differently by attaching it to a paint roller. Only in this case it will need double-sided adhesive tape. Roll of scotch just need to go through the fabric, gathered all these unsightly matted balls with clothes.

Well, the most harmless variant of struggle with pellets - the use of washing powder containing special additives. Usually it is not even a powder and liquid detergent, marked the inscription "softens fiber fabrics." Typically, after several washings with a means of fabric becomes smooth. By the way, the tool can be used for preventive purposes.

Finally, the usual manicure scissors also help you get rid of the pellets. However, the need to tinker a long time. But you will be able to more thoroughly clean their clothes from the unfortunate and completely matted lint will save tissue from damage.

So now you know how to get rid of the pellets. It only remains to choose the most appropriate in your case, the method and try it out in practice. By the way, what would choose, practice first on some old things. In general, try to buy clothes of quality fabrics and take care of it by all the rules. Then the problem of dealing with the notorious spool you may not occur. Good luck!

 Getting rid of the pellets on the clothes: measures for control and prevention

 how to get rid of ants in the apartment


  • Insatiable horde of ants: how to get rid of them
  • Beat on all fronts

Start our story about ants, which penetrate into the apartment, we would like to with the message of one of our readers.

"I've never been tormented by the question, where his grandmother in the village in a log house there are ants. I think everything is pretty clear and understandable: crude cellar, filled with supplies, the land, the proximity of the garden - in a word, nature nearby. But when there were ants in the apartment, my astonishment grew with each new surveyed inch marching ants.

It turned out the way they started out from the balcony, then zigzag across the living room, and, after passing the entrance hall, "my" eater rushed to the pantry, where last year fired jars of jam and sweet treats leaked through the cracks in the floor in the basement ( I forgot to mention that my apartment was located on the ground floor). How, how, how such a scent these small pests found a manger ?! "

 ants in the apartment How to get rid
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Insatiable horde of ants: how to get rid of them

The most unpleasant danger which threatens the appearance of ants in your house - the spread of germs. But the obsession and the ability of ants to occupy "all, all and everywhere" - this is the limit of human endurance! And it is very important to timely and correctly to fight for a place "under the sun."

Ethiopian ants (so called living in our homes insects, the first specimens of which centuries ago were together with goods imported by Russian merchants from Ethiopia), as well as all other types of ants - insects purely social, and so one scout result of the thousands of volunteers. Crushing of sneakers, you destroy the entire colony. Formic female is able to quickly reproduce the return of the deceased individuals hundred newborns. And because all the control measures should be directed to the detection of the main object - the nest.

Since domestic ants are much smaller than their natural counterparts, they can settle in the most unexpected places: under the baseboard, into the socket in the building cracks in the wall, might even come to you from neighbors or from the street. They feed on the small insects almost everyone: for breakfast they eat sweets for lunch - raw meat, fish for dinner - not disdain remaining crumbs from lunch and water accumulated in the sink, and for dessert - can have a snack and components of household appliances!

And you have to understand what "ant colony". If you accidentally together with some food ants took home from work or from neighbors, you brought the worker ants, and they can not multiply and grow the colony. This requires a female, and if you have a lot of ants, look for it, look for a nest. A finding mercilessly destroy. Then you do not have to store the bread in the bank, and the bank put in a basin of water, treating the edge with oil!

Preventive measures

If you ant raids to become a yearly routine as the poplar fluff summer, and you are expected to appear, so be prepared in advance and perform preventive measures. Enclosure, apply all possible slots, holes, chipped cemented mortar or putty.

Sit on the balcony of the wormwood or mint, the smell of which will scare away insects. Also, the ants do not like strong smells of garlic and elderberry. Treat shallow "Masha" the perimeter of your premises, furniture backs and other possible places where the ants. Pre-lay bait prospective zones. Wash floors with water and vinegar and do not miss the "first scout."

 apartment ants how to get rid


So, what happened. The day before yesterday you accidentally found in the sugar ants yesterday they were on the table for two decades, and today you almost stepped on a string of ant family! What to do? How to get rid of ants in the apartment?

Track for track, check the proposed location of nesting ants, and start to act. If the detected place locally, use conventional dichlorvos or other insecticides. However, the presence of nests, for example, in the floor under the skirting aggravates the situation. Do not worry, it is not necessary for it to take all the parquet ant path. In this case, it would be wise to implement a working ant poison, which they will bring to your home and infect the entire colony.

Route ant colony and can be treated with oil or garlic extract. If these funds are not effective, it is necessary to use heavy artillery - chemicals "Angara", "Taiga". Reliable means that effectively eliminates the house of ants, is a drug DEET. Treatment facilities must be repeated three or four days.

Folk wisdom against formic tricks

To win in this difficult struggle for the complete cleaning of the premises from intruders, you can use all kinds of baits for ants. There are various ways in which many successfully got rid of red insects. The most effective and fast way - "feed" pests delicacy containing boric acid or borax. Here are the most effective compounds that can be used to quickly get rid of uppity "freeloaders":

  • With boiled egg yolk

Mix one spoon (tea), borax or boric acid with one boiled egg yolk, put the mixture into the places where insects. Refresh this ant "treat" in a week, and you will forget what has befallen you was misfortune.

  • With sugar, boric acid and borax

Should be taken in equal proportions of boric acid, borax and sugar. All stir and pour in a few places on the ant path. After eating poison, and taking her with him, the ants back to the nest and poison their colony.

  • The liquid formulation with honey or jam

Prepare a liquid lure: a spoon 1 teaspoon borax (boric acid), and the same amount of sugar dissolved in fifty grams of water and add a spoonful (teaspoon) of honey or jam. Sweet poison pour saucer and arrange the path of the ants.

  • The composition, which can be stored for long periods

This infusion can be stored all summer and use as needed. Mix in a small tank two large spoons of water, two tablespoons of glycerine same one spoon (tea) of boric acid (borax), two spoons (tea) honey and three large spoons of sugar. Put on the fire and stir until dissolved the composition of ingredients.

  • Formulations are completely harmless to humans

Most ant heap space sprinkle conventional baking powder, used for preparation of the test. Or make a mixture of yeast and sugar (honey, jam). Yeasts are ants, like a poison.

In principle, all recipes containing borax or boric acid are the basic elements of these chemical powders, all the other ingredients you add only ant bait. You can use any products that are like these insects: sugar, honey, bread, eggs, boiled potatoes, jams, biscuits and so on.

In the preparation of compositions using borax or boric acid can not increase the dose of these chemicals. Your task - to destroy the entire colony, and it needs to worker ants managed to get to the nest and infect the rest of poison relatives.

Do not neglect the shop bait for ants, a variety of chemicals. The market insecticides updated every season, and you can always choose something more suitable for you. Just read the instructions carefully and do not forget about safety. If your house has small children or pets, be especially careful with the location of poisons.

Along with the operational activities against insects, place the order at the kitchen. Pour all cereals in glass jars, process the edges sunflower oil. By the way, vegetable oil, generously poured around, perfectly preserves any objects on the table. However, it is not very aesthetically. But if you really have declared war on the ants, do not leave them no chance to find even a crumb of food and drop of water.

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Beat on all fronts

Basically, the use of popular ways of getting rid of ants effectively at an early stage, but running or recurring annual event formic "occupation" suggests either that their nest is deep and find it is not possible (for example, under the balcony or in the basement), or you are not alone in their entrance "fans" of insects, and your neighbors, and do not think to take any action, and ants for them - brothers smaller.

Or maybe you turn the grass pests: the grass you - ants go to the neighbors, poison neighbors on the porch - insects returning to the native land. And because Coordinate your actions with its neighbors to fight the ants need to collectively and simultaneously. Unfortunately, there are cases of mass resettlement of a large colony of ants around the entrance. Then you can do nothing but to call a specialized service to combat insect - exterminator. It is an effective, fast and wide method of dealing with ants.

Yes, this is not an easy job - to rid your home of ants! But it is worth it to your kitchen with fresh products, bathroom with scented soap, pantry with all the supplies, your tranquility and your security were the only neighbors in the apartment. We hope that these tips will help you to win over small and annoying dirty dog. Good luck and perseverance!

 How to get rid of ant raids: the best means of red "invaders"