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Subject Italian cuisine is truly inexhaustible. Fanatically relating to food Italians ponapridumyvali lot of goodies, and almost all of them went to the world and loved in many countries - not like one another, with different cultural and culinary tastes, demands and preferences. Pizza, pasta, cheese, and mozzarella cheese has long become global brands, but everyone knows that their homeland - Italy. Among these brands is true pesto, which is exceptionally suitable for many products. But perhaps the pasta with pesto can claim to be the perfect combination of dishes with flavors.

Today, this sauce can easily be purchased at any supermarket, but we we are talking about home cooking, then pesto will prepare themselves. The recipe is simple, but requires the preparation of a certain amount of skill. However, before you publish the classic recipe sauce, a little bit about the history of the issue.

Homeland pesto - Liguria region. In cookbooks first recipe appeared in the second half of the XIX century. The residents of the region Liguria believe that this is a very old recipe invented by their ancestors centuries ago. Actually, the challenge this fact, no one is going. The main thing is that this delicacy has reached our times, and we have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful taste of the dishes, such as pasta and pesto, which is combined with pasta of all kinds well. However, this sauce to complement other dishes - meat, fish, vegetables.

In today's cooking is used as a classic recipe for pesto, and its variants. To begin with talk about the basic techniques of cooking this dish. Here there are a lot of subtleties, and only the knowledge of certain secrets will allow the sauce to cook right.

Italian housewives and today is prepared pesto in accordance with the old regulations. The ancient recipe is that all the ingredients must be ground in a marble mortar. Why is it so today is not known to anyone, however, if you want to achieve real, authentic taste, it is necessary to abandon the modern vzbivalok, grinders, blenders, and give preference to a method of hand made. Unusually for a long time, but the result is worth it - so at least say culinary guru. However, those who will wave his hand at all the details and troubles, will still be satisfied, since the final product is tasty and non-traditional ways of cooking.

 Pasta pesto



  • 2 bunches of green basil
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • third cup pine seeds
  • 100 grams of pecorino or Parmesan cheese
  • sea ​​salt to taste

Cooking method:

Basil wash, dry, chop with a knife, put in a mortar, add a little salt and carefully grind, to obtain a sufficiently homogeneous mass. It should shift into a suitable bowl (ceramic, porcelain or glass) and add a couple of tablespoons of oil.

Grind in a mortar the garlic with the salt, too, to a state of pulp and add to the basilica.

Nuts to dry on a dry frying pan, about two-thirds of the total crush in a mortar and leave the rest intact. Add nuts sauce, cheese, grated on a fine grater, remaining butter and all thoroughly. At the end, add whole nuts.

The sauce can be refrigerated for several days, however, it is not advised to add the cheese - you can enter it in pesto just before use. You can also freeze small portions of food and use as needed.

A popular variation of this sauce - all the same, plus sun-dried tomatoes. Of course, this is a departure from the canons, for which Italy is following Order lovers pesto (imagine, there is such an organization), but a similar seasoning well within the norms of Italian cuisine.

Regarding seeds pine (Italian pine). If desired, of course, can be found in our country, especially in those stores, which specialize in the sale of Italian products. Well, if it does not, you can replace the pine nuts, but it will not be fully a classic recipe for pesto.

The same principle is similar to preparing sauces (but we would not call them pesto), which is used instead of basil parsley, cilantro, spinach. On the pine seeds are not talking, and do not use pine nuts - instead of them put almonds or hazelnuts. In principle, it is also delicious, but the classic of the genre - the recipe above.

We have already noted that this sauce well together many dishes, but especially love the Italians enjoyed pasta with pesto.

 pasta with pesto

Pasta with pesto sauce


  • packaging pasta
  • 200 grams of pesto (recipe given above)
  • 100 grams of Parmesan cheese
  • The salt and pepper to taste
  • green basil

Cooking method:

The paste prepared in accordance with the instructions on the package. Remember that Italians prefer pasta, cooked "al dente", that is a little undercooked.

Hot mix pasta with pesto sauce, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. Before serving pasta with pesto decorated with basil leaves.

Try it and you will cook the pasta with pesto, not only for family members, but also be able to please its guests, among whom there are certain connoisseurs of Italian cuisine.The general, and this dish in particular.

Bon Appetit!

 Italian food: pasta with pesto sauce

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 carbonara with bacon


  • Traditional pasta carbonara with bacon
  • Carbonara with bacon and cream

If the mysterious words "carbonara", "cheese", "guanciale", "pecorino" familiar to you, then you are among the fans of Italian cuisine. And if these erudite terms lead you to the confusion, it's time to get acquainted with this masterpiece of Italian cooking as the pasta with carbonara sauce. However, we prefer to cook carbonara with bacon or ham. And all because of the traditional components of this sauce "guanciale" (jerked pork cheeks) in our stores you will not find.

However, this sauce has become very popular thanks to its excellent taste and ease of preparation. Prepare the pasta carbonara and Italian restaurants, and homes. Amazingly simple recipe in conjunction with the available ingredients and unusual (unusually) supply all famous spaghetti dish make it suitable for everyday or even a friendly meal. A cook pasta carbonara in various ways. Therefore, choose a recipe to your taste.

 carbonara with bacon recipe

Traditional pasta carbonara with bacon

It should be noted that this recipe is traditional for the American version of carbonara sauce. Americans (and the British) are generally very fond of bacon, cook with it salads, pies and soups cook. That's the recipe for a traditional Italian pasta carbonara they drove under their culinary preferences, replacing exotic guanciale bacon and pancetta. Cheese, however, left the Italian - Parmesan.


  • Pasta (spaghetti, pappardelle or tagliatelle) - 1 package (500 g);
  • Olive oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • Bacon - 200 g;
  • Eggs - 3 pieces;
  • Parmesan - 100 g;
  • Black pepper and salt - to your taste.

The recipe is a four portions.


Feature sauce is that it comes ready to have the warmth of freshly brewed pasta. Therefore, pre-prepared for this sauce only bacon, vytaplivaya of it fat. The basis of the sauce - eggs - put in the pasta moist. The sauce turns out very soft and silky. For sharpness and piquancy to it add the garlic. But this is an amateur. So, prepare pasta carbonara.

Put water for spaghetti, as long as it begins to boil, cut into thin slices of bacon. In a pan, pour a little vegetable oil, heats it and fry the bacon "to a crisp." Note that you need to manage to fry the bacon so that it does not become a meat crackers. That is, fry over high heat, and very long to become only the surface of crispy slices of bacon. Then, in a separate bowl, beat the eggs with salt and black pepper. Beat their regular fork, do not use a mixer or whisk, which will turn the eggs into the egg foam, and we do not need this. Cheese rub into chips (on a small grater) and add the eggs. The basis of the sauce is ready. By the way, let a little cheese for seasoning to the finished pasta.

Now boil the spaghetti. Omit them in lightly salted boiling water and cook until tender and recline in a colander. Rinse the pasta is not necessary, and no butter (as we used to) them, too, do not add. After that, we shift the pasta in a pan with egg-cheese mixture, stir quickly and add the bacon. Stir again, spread on a plate and sprinkle with remaining cheese. We eat pasta carbonara immediately after preparation.


Some cooks recommend to the traditional pasta carbonara add dry white wine (the sauce), but this is the culinary delights of high fashion. By the way, the traditional pasta carbonara recipe can vary not only garlic, and basil (dried or fresh) as well as any greens that suits your taste.

 how to cook pasta with bacon

Carbonara with bacon and cream

This recipe differs from traditional Carbonara not only by the presence in its composition of the cream and onion, but also the method of preparation.


  • Pasta (any pasta) - 200 g;
  • Bacon - 150 g;
  • Parmesan cheese - 50 g;
  • Onions - 1 head;
  • Cream - part 1 cup;
  • Butter - 1 tablespoon;
  • Olive oil;
  • Salt;
  • Black pepper.

The recipe is designed for two servings of pasta.


Also, while doing sauce, put the water for the pasta. Then nashinkuem bulb onions and bacon will cut narrow slices. The olive oil with butter fry the onions (until tender). In another pan fry bacon slices. They'll fry without oil: the bacon fat in itself. When you see that meat slices appeared crisp, bacon and vynem Throw in a colander and then add to the onions in the pan. We fill our fried cream, salt and pepper as you like and leave the stew on a very low heat. Meanwhile, the water had time to boil for pasta. Boil it in our pasta, drain, and we expand pasta bowls and serve, sprinkling them with hot carbonara sauce and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Such are the different ways of cooking Italian carbonara sauce and pasta with the same name. Americans carbonara recipe came to taste, though they have replaced the pork cheeks their favorite bacon. Perhaps we too should learn artless technique of cooking and diversify its menu another Italian cuisine (albeit in the American interpretation).

 Carbonara with bacon or Italian pasta in an American

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