how to choose a water heater


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  • Select TEN: wet or dry?
  • Instantaneous water heater (electric)

City dwellers are constantly faced with the problem of how to disable the water. Somewhere during such periods do not last long, but there are cases where people have weeks to live in discomfort. How many inconveniences it brings - elementary can not take a shower! What can we say about the apartment when babies cared for is unthinkable without hot water? In such cases, the rescue boiler. About how to choose a water heater, today we'll talk.

Advantages heaters obvious. They allow you to be independent of flow charts or off hot water, you will at any time be able to take a bath or shower. Today the choice of heaters is huge, all of them can be divided into three groups: gas water heaters, electric water heaters and electric instantaneous water heaters. Let's learn about them all in order.

 how to choose a water heater
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Gas instantaneous water heater (column)

Outset, no need to be afraid of the name "geyser". We are talking not about the devices, which previously stood in the space Apartments "Khrushchev." Modern gas appliances are radically different from the past and have a distinct advantage, and above all it is a stylish design and high efficiency.

Generally, a gas water heater according to common properties practically do not differ from the electric. If we consider some of its features, you can be sure that he did something better. For example, many have noted its economical operation, taking into account the rates set for gas.

What you need to focus, choosing the geysers? Primarily for capacity. If, for example, you plan to use the hot water at the same time in the kitchen and in the bathroom, you should buy a unit with a high power (24 kW). If this is not necessary, then chose the average power heaters (18-19 kW).

Pay attention to the manufacturer's, favoring well-known European brands. Typically, these water heaters are made of high-strength, high-quality materials, endowed with a number of advantages. Only high-quality gas water heater has automatic ignition system and continuously variable temperature conditions. Equally important is the reliability. Please note that even the most high-quality gas water heaters are optimal for the price, which makes them particularly attractive for customers.

Is it true that a gas heater is very demanding in care and with him there is a lot of trouble? This can be said only about outdated versions, to enable them had to make a sequence of operations: turn itself column, turn in the direction of the handle, light a match. With modern units all the easier - you just press a button and the machine starts to work.

The second misconception, because of which many refuse to buy gas water heaters - this fear of explosions. The practice of such devices have time to prove that only explode the old column, which today have lost all relevance. However, gasman still advised to check the gas column to avoid any problems during operation of the device.

Gassed as unlikely. Ignition burner is required in order to, on the contrary, to prevent any leakage and thus poisoning. By itself, the gas will never reach the burner before it lights up, as the gas tube is covered with a special protective flap. This valve is triggered if the gas does not burn. Taking into account all that has been said above, we can be confident that today's column excludes gas leak.

It is impossible not to mention the design - many people believe that the speakers are in a city apartment look terrible, spoiling the interior. This is another misconception. Modern speakers look stylish, concise, have a form that is suitable for any design of a city apartment or a country house.

However, there are some problems in operation. For example, the fact that the heater stops sometimes included. Why is this happening? As a rule, all business in batteries, the duration of which is designed for six to twelve months. Accordingly, the problem can be solved very easy - you just have to replace the batteries.

Sometimes geysers cease to heat the water or the water is heated, but very weak. Here's the deal defects in the membrane, which is located right on the water and the site is not responding properly to the water pressure. Among the defects can be noted cracks, salt deposits, various types of pollution. In order to identify the problem, you need to disassemble the water unit and disconnect it from the gas and then cleaned. The membrane was then replaced with a new one.

 how to choose a water heater
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Hot water boiler - electric water heater

The second and most popular type of water heater - boiler. It's kind of a heat exchanger, which allows the water to warm up to 75 degrees and maintain this temperature range by thermostat, which is responsible for a particular heating element - PETN, including turning it off. Now let us consider the features of the appliance and find out how to choose the right water heater of this type.

Boiler has a clear advantage - energy savings. It does not require a special connection - simple enough outlet. In addition, installing such a device in the apartment, you can use it both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In order to keep the water hot, the boiler, unlike gas heater, you need some time, and it can not be called a compact. These are two disadvantages which are easily offset by the advantages which the boiler has yet.

Talking about the parameters of the boiler, it should be noted that in recent years have begun to produce models more compact, convenient size that will fit even the smallest rooms. These boilers can be placed even under the sink, which is very convenient at all. When you choose these water heaters, always pay attention to the parameters that then arose inconvenience.

Do not forget that the boiler require special maintenance. From time to time, clean it with water heating elements, which are due to poor water going limescale. In addition, the need to periodically replace the magnesium anode to prevent corrosion of the tank.

By itself, the boiler - direct analogy thermos. Through it retains heat insulation, thus saving energy. If you heat up the water in the evening, in the morning it will still be hot. You can independently adjust the water temperature: very hot and in the process dilute it with cold water or just to heat water to an average temperature.

Choosing boiler, focusing on capacity. When the tank capacity ranges from ten to fifteen liters of such a device will only be enough to wash the dishes or wash. This option is not for you and you get the boiler to several times a day to take a shower? Stop the choice on devices from fifty to eighty liters. And if you can not imagine evening without a hot bath, then buy a boiler capacity of 150 liters. The main rule when choosing a device - consider their personal needs.

Volume - not the only criterion on which you want to reference in the selection of a boiler. Today, there are water heaters, working on several energy sources. As a rule, they become the owners of villas and cottages, where the heating system is autonomous or centralized. However, for apartments to buy such a device makes no sense.

It features design and boilers. They can be horizontal or vertical, depending on where and how you want to place. However, the most popular is the vertical boilers, which are usually placed in bathrooms or toilets.
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Select TEN: wet or dry?

TEN - a heating element similar to the boiler, descended into the water. The only difference in size. Heating elements are dry or wet; which one is better and there is a significant difference? Perhaps you have seen such kettles, heating element which - the whole floor, not a spiral. Approximately the same situation and dry heating element, where the heating elements are located directly behind the walls of the tank, warming it and not water.

Accordingly, the requirements for water and its quality are reduced, since PETN is directly in contact with her. Moreover, the scum offline PETN, which rapidly destroy the device and reduces its functionality and efficiency. And most importantly, in the case of dry Taine there is no likelihood of breakdown that threatens the fact that people can and do fall under voltage using a boiler.

Wet heater - this is the same spiral, dropped into the water. The main element - Nichrome coil placed inside a copper tube filled with quartz sand. Less obvious - constant contact with water, respectively, in the formation of lime heater, plaque and a higher probability of failure. From a security standpoint, this heater also gives way to dry.

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Instantaneous water heater (electric)

Finally, another kind of water heater - electric instantaneous. Typically, these appliances are installed in those areas where use electric stoves, as for its installation is not enough power wiring. If you decide to choose this type of water heater in an apartment with a gas stove, you chose the unit less power.

There are several obvious advantages: unlimited hot water, simply open the tap. No pretreatment also not necessary. Nor are constant maintenance. It is enough to opt for such a unit. But in order to instantly warmed up huge amounts of water, it takes a lot of electricity. This may be the only drawback of the flow-through heater.

Contrived to buy such a heater, think about what exactly you need it. Everything, as in the first two cases: on your needs depends on power, which can vary from 3 kW to 27 kW. For example, if you use a similar technique to wash the dishes or take a shower, you need to 8 kW. But to take a bath, it will take at least 13 kW - such a device needs special wiring with a voltage of 380 V. Here, without further consulting professional can not do - do not skimp on this.

By the way, if you plan to place the unit in a country house, expert advice is also not hurt. If you picked up the water flow heater correctly and chose the most suitable device for you, the hot water will be available to you at any time.

Features instantaneous water heaters:

  • Small size;
  • Instant hot water (just seconds);
  • Heating an unlimited amount of water;
  • Easy installation and removal;
  • Regardless of the quality of water;
  • Nice price;
  • High power;
  • Difficulties in the wiring;
  • The action is aimed at one specific location of water supply;
  • Restrictions on water pressure.

If, in spite of some of the features you decide to buy a water heater, be sure to pay attention to the class of protection. This information indicates the manufacturer on the packaging or in the passport, which is attached to the instrument. The information is presented in the form of two letters IP, and combinations of two digits, for example IP31.

The first number - indicator of the level of protection against the penetration of foreign objects into the heater. The number 1 is protection against large body size (but no more arms), 2 - is the protection of the objects as thick as a finger, but not anymore. Accordingly, 3 - protection against items up to 1 kV. mm and 4 - lack of contact even with the dust.

The second digit - an indicator of stability of the body to contact with the water. 0 - lack of protection. 1 - protection against water droplets that fall from above. 2 - protection against rain, water spray if the angle less than 60 degrees. Number 3 means protection against splashes of various kinds and from all directions, and 4 - the protection of water, even in the form of a jet. Be sure to pay attention to such details.

Concluding consider how to choose a water heater, it is important to note that you should always opt for a device that meets your requirements, delivered initially. If you need a horizontal boiler, it makes no sense to buy a vertical and suffer with the problem of how it is strategically located. The same can be said about the heater. Prefer qualitative security of the European model, which in itself combines not only good quality, but also thoughtful stylish design and optimal price. And then you are always without any problems will be provided with hot water!

 Water heaters: the device features and tips of his choice