how to get rid of cat urine odor


  • Do cats "odorless"?
  • How to get rid of the smell of cat urine?
  • What if the cat "shat" on the couch?

Cats - an incredibly lovely and cute creatures. They are great companions, wonderful "sides" ... and even catch mice! As is well known, "without a cat is not the life." Everybody loves cats, but these furry "cuties" Yet there is one very significant drawback. It is their smell. Everything else can endure: bitten potted flowers, scarred furniture and even the ubiquitous wool. However, the smell - a very tricky thing. He hovers everywhere. Often in the stairwell, you can determine which of the residents have a furry pet. That cat's "flavor" many people are allergic. How to remove the smell of cat urine - an issue of interest to many housewives four-legged pets.

What can we do for those who have lived a favorite? Can I get rid of the smell of cat urine, leaving your pet at home? Are there any universal shredder in order to avoid that horrible stench? Is it possible to remove the smell once and for all? Let's see whether there is such a tool.

 means for removing cat urine odor
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Do cats "odorless"?

If you do not have a cat, but you really want to have "nevonyuchuyu" breed, note the advice "cat owner". They definitely say that many pedigreed cats are almost no smell. After all, they were derived specifically for people who need affection and cat do not need trouble. Some of them do not mark area is in their genes. Choose exactly these cats! Then the removal of unpleasant odors will not be a serious problem.

Sphinx. This "monster" did not smell and does not have the wool from which people may be allergic. So that the Sphinx is fine with allergies. Despite the fact that the Sphinx is no smell, the toilet would still need to be changed regularly. Because even if you do not smell of cat urine stinks anyway. Although not as strong as that of conventional cats.

Other breeds that have weakened the smell - Toyger, Kuril Bobtail, Scottish fold, etc. you can ask the seller, as required sterilization of a cat. There are breeds where this is not even required.

A couple of tips. The cat is not inclined to mark territory, in contrast to the cat. Therefore, choose a female. If you have a 'boy', it should be neutered (of course, if it is not breeding animal for the breed). However, some owners feel sorry for the cats, leaving them with their "amorous joy." In a private home or cottage intact cat will not take so much trouble, but in the apartment. On the contrary, the cat "with dignity" will zealously protect territory from other males cats that you as the owner of the site at hand. However, the stink ... The stench in the corners of the house, on the site, on the fence is able to simply drive you crazy!

 sofa cleaning to remove urine odor
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How to get rid of the smell of cat urine?

It is believed that the smell of a cat is difficult to remove. The answer, it is not so! How to remove the smell of cat urine?

The smell of cat urine elementary cleaned using wet cleaning, which in the presence of house cats should be conducted at least once a day. If you have a particularly fluffy and "aromatic" or cat breed male, it is best to clean up twice a day, morning and evening. The only way to destroy a haunting smell of Cat.

Wash the threshold of the house and should be locked with a solution of bleach or "Whites". The smell of chlorine can completely kill the smell of cat urine. However, with prolonged use, it can kill a cat ... and the very fact chlorine is very harmful to the respiratory organs as cats and humans. So for porches and yard chlorine perfect. However, inside the apartment or house should be used more "forgiving" means. How to bring the smell of cat urine? Destroy it all easy, but temporary - is easy.

If you are saving a cat should abandon air fresheners and other perfumery "fabrications." Cats bad smell of perfume, as well as the smell of chlorine.

What to do? How to remove the smell of cat urine? What exists converter? Eliminate the bad smell will help a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Should wash their place "dislocation" odor, and everything goes. Some women use iodine (some drops in the bucket of water). Iodine - a very nice cat odor neutralizer. More makes hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Alcohol - a fine shredder any odors. It can be replaced and vodka. Half a liter of vodka should be routed to a few buckets of water. The smell of alcohol quickly disappears as phenolic compounds are volatile. Beat off a strong smell can be a high concentration of vodka. Some housewives cats use vinegar. Vinegar is also able to kill the smell of urine. This was mixed with water, 1: 4. Soda also perfectly cleans and disinfects wooden floors and tiles. It helps to remove stains and yellow.

If the cat is "done deal" just should immediately throw the paper on top of puddles. It absorbs moisture and you will only have to wash off residual urine first with water and then with a cloth soaked in vinegar or vodka solution. This is a good remedy against any unpleasant odors. If the "smell" a long-standing, ingrained, then one will not be enough vinegar. Kill the old smell of chlorine can be only one. Single, double use of "whiteness" in the apartment does not hurt. For chlorine, as already mentioned, wonderful smells destroyer.

Sometimes everything is so "running", which should begin to cosmetic repairs. The only way to bring the smell of cat urine. Wallpapers can keep the smell in a very long time. So if you have a cat at home, take care of "washable" walls, at least in the lower part thereof. For this purpose, suitable fashion bamboo wallpaper (they have the same "perfect" fit to sharpen claws) and tempered glass, plastic, tile and other hard materials.

When the stale smell of a cat in the apartment anymore, you can use the tools already listed in small doses. In order to maintain cleanliness and a pleasant smell in the apartment, many housewives use tea or coffee (you can gently pour in pialochkah broths or wipe the floor), herbs, aromatic oils in the light concentration. They were able to kill the smell unpleasant aroma Cat. The same applies to the lemon juice. He is a great neutralizer of smells. Lemon can eliminate any bad odor.
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What if the cat "shat" on the couch?

This is a real problem, as the smell of cat urine is able to permanently vestsya in soft fabric sofa. So much so that it would be uncomfortable to sleep. To remove the smell of urine and the need to take a vinegar solution of 1: 4. It should be applied with a sponge on the stain, then soak the paper. Vinegar can output odorous compounds. Then you need to sprinkle the stain with salt or baking soda and let soak and dry. This will help remove the stain itself. If the surface is colorless, it can be used as a destroyer of hydrogen peroxide. If the fabric color, the stain will appear.

In this case, limit to plain water. It will be possible to use and lemon juice in a weak concentration. Remains of soda clean brush or a vacuum cleaner. Nice to have a home and a steam cleaner. With such a unit you do not have problems with unpleasant odors. Incidentally, in the steam cleaner capacity can drop a droplet of lemon juice or other low-fat flavor and odor then goes faster. In the future, the soft surface should be closed waterproof poponku.

All of the above, you can add one thing: the best way to protect yourself from cat urine odor - to accustom the cat to the tray. There are even some cats who go to a human toilet. They never will "spoil the air" at home. So the smell in the house - it is rather a question of education of your four-legged friend.   And Radivoje mistresses, of course. If you regularly clean their apartments, to eliminate the smell of a cat - not a big problem.

 The smell of the cat: how to fight it?

 how to choose a water-heater


  • Types of water heaters
  • Mandatory "arithmetic"
  • A brief analysis of instantaneous water heaters

The problem of seasonal shutdown of hot water is familiar to almost every city. But if urban residents worried about the attack only a few weeks into the season, the suburban settlements are in need of a hot water supply throughout the year. A suburban farms and did not accommodate central highway. What to do? The solution is simple. Manufacturers of home appliances try to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of the population, so they offer to solve the problem of hot water with the help of stationary heaters.

After reviewing the proposed types of equipment and taking into account their needs and the conditions of residence, you will surely find an acceptable option that will suit your desires and possibilities. In today's article we will look at several types of flow heaters. Let us find out their strengths and weaknesses and try to answer the main question - how to choose the best water heater.

 how to choose a water-heater
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Types of water heaters

In order to continue the conversation about the pros and cons of the proposed water heaters to choose from, take a brief tour of the main types of devices for water heating. Manufacturers of water heaters equipment divided into two main types: the storage and flow. First and foremost, you have to choose between them. Therefore, it is necessary to know the difference types of structure and method of heating water.

Accumulation water heater

Storage-type water heater has a different view of the tank with a capacity located inside Tan (a device that heats the water). It differs from the instantaneous heating of hot water accumulation. That is received by the tank water is heated to a set temperature and maintained for the necessary time.

The main drawback (or likely inconvenience) water heater is its relatively large dimensions for the room use. However, this problem is more than compensated if the heater of this type installed in a large country house. Another drawback is the need to advance include equipment for water heating, and in the case of water consumption of several intakes (for example, both in the kitchen and bathroom) can quickly use up the stock hot spring.

A significant advantage, which is really crucial when selecting the type of water heater is to connect to an outlet without limitation apartment and economical power consumption, which makes water heaters popular and affordable for any family.

Instantaneous water heater

Since this article is dedicated to instantaneous water heaters, in greater detail on this type.

Instantaneous water heater - this stationary equipment designed to heat water. It works on the principle of "here and now". That is the main difference (which, of course, is his advantage over the accumulative "thermos") - instant hot water at the time of direct use. Consequently, there is no need in the storage tank, which in turn allows it to be compact and easy to use in small spaces.

But then the fun begins. Read carefully and make inferences. Hopefully more information will help you to choose the right type of water heater through.

As storage and instantaneous water heaters, in turn, are classified by the source of energy for gas, electric, liquid and solid. The latter can be classified as industrial. For their installation requires more stringent requirements, for example, a separate boiler and others.

  • Instantaneous Water Heater - Gas

As for gas instantaneous water heaters or the old, gas-fired boilers, it is necessary to note their high efficiency of energy consumption. From the title it is clear that for the heating of water in this type of device uses a gas burner. And it is no secret that gas is a low-budget fuel.

Suggested manufacturers of modern gas boilers are included as pezorozzhigom and electronic ignition. The spark and the gas supply is automatically triggered when opening the tap. They also have no permanent burning fuse, which makes them even more economical.

Gas water heaters are small (17-19 kW), medium (22-24 kW) and high (28-30 kW) power. Of course, choosing a more powerful device, you get a larger amount of hot water at the outlet. For example, taking a shower will be enough, and low-power heater, and in the case of simultaneous use of several water taps (bathroom, kitchen) is advisable to choose a device capacity of 24 kW.

Thus, the advantage of gas-fired boilers are its efficiency and rapid heating of water. But the main drawback is not terrible for homes with existing chimneys, because the chemical elements stand out from the combustion gas must be removed from the premises. And for that, you must have the chimney! For private houses with centralized gas supply, which is a snap to make chimney, opt for a gas water heater is an excellent option.

In addition to these advantages, it is worth mentioning about the safety of this type of burner. In case of trouble (fading flame failure flue) gas flow is stopped and the equipment is disconnected. Unlike their older predecessors, modern devices are equipped with modulating burner, which let you adjust the operation of the equipment, depending on the water flow, and can maintain a given temperature range at the output.

Note: it turns out, there are two options for gas heaters, with open and closed combustion chamber. The closed chamber is characterized by forced draft, for which the optional presence of a traditional chimney.

  • Instantaneous Water Heater - Electric

Ever since the beginning of the "electrification of the whole country" Many years have passed, and now the outlet for the electric water heater is available in almost all apartments, country houses and holiday farms, which can not be said about the gas supply.

The advantage of electric heaters are of modest size and the ability to use hot spring in unlimited quantities. Due to these main advantages of the electric type water heaters are very popular during the seasonal shutdown of the central hot water supply.

As a rule, proposed recently heaters have an automatic inclusion. That is, once you open the tap hot water heater immediately starts to heat the water consumed. Likewise, the device turns off.

Prices of electrical heaters are low, but during the operation, namely, by heating, energy consumption increases significantly. Although, when compared with storage devices, the average monthly energy consumption goes below. But at the same temperature and the water outlet is also lower. Some low cost heaters and does not designed to supply hot and warm water.

And now about the most important when choosing an electric water heater, so that consumers often do not attach due importance. For installation in apartments of the electric heater is necessary to lay a separate cable from the panel and set a specific section avtovyklyuchatel. The houses, which provides the use of electric cookers, voltage allows the high-power heaters. Since most homes laid gas supply, before buying an electric water heater is strongly recommended that you consult an electrician for your home technical possibility of installation of a certain power. In most cases, you can install only the device power up to 8 kW.

Note: Set the water heater capacity of 3.4 kW, you should come out a small trickle of hot water ("3 L / min). But this is only enough to wash the dishes. If you want to freely take a shower, do not even think to buy the equipment below 8 kW. And on the basis of technical specifications, it is possible only in homes equipped with a three-phase network. In older homes with stoppers 16 and the equipment capacity of more than 3, 5 kW to put is strictly prohibited. Even some of the new houses with meters 32-40 kW, there are restrictions on the installation of equipment with capacity up to 6 kW.

Keep in mind, negligent attitude to the requirements of installation can cause knocking out traffic jams and even to expensive repairs power the whole house! Therefore, we once again sharpen your attention to the fact that a key element in choosing the instantaneous water heater is a question of his connection. And to treat it should be wisely and responsibly.

  • Instantaneous water heater - unconfined

According to the principle of the water heaters can be divided into two subgroups: the pressure and gravity.

Free-flow water heaters, as usual, at the entrance equipped with a crane and output - shower head without closing the valve, as coming from the tap water should be free to leave the device. Such equipment is suitable wave in suburban use. Since the capacity of non-pressure heater located in a segment of 2-8 kW, the expected output is very hot water is not necessary. Basically it acquired for installation in the kitchen or, as mentioned above, as a summer shower in the garden.

The indisputable advantage of non-pressure type water heater is easy to install. Low power of such devices allows for the installation of special equipment at no extra wiring. Sometimes some "Kulibin" change the shower head without closing the valve at full cock. And believe that free-flow water heater is permissible to use instead of the mixer. Unfortunately, the equipment is not designed for water pressure and very quickly goes down. Figuratively speaking, it "inflates" and it bursts.

  • Instantaneous water heater - pressure

Pressure flow devices have two pipes: input and output of water. This device is installed by tapping into the riser central water supply, as is done, for example, with counters. This method allows you to have any hot water faucet at home. Running equipment is carried out automatically with the beginning of the current of water. Manufacturers offer two kinds of pressure heaters: single-phase (2-12 kW) and three-phase (3-30 kW). The undoubted advantage is the presence of the electronic system programming. But the shortcomings of the need to allocate considerable expense of current consumption and considerable cost of the equipment.

Small flow heaters that do not require special installation (3-6 kW) do an excellent job with the hot water in the summer. However, in winter (eg in case of an accident on the line supply) heat the water to the required temperature, you do not get. Explains why. The low-power water heater is able to increase the temperature of the cold water entered at twenty-five degrees. With summer in the tap water temperature of + 15 ° C, is added on a delta of 25 ° C and obtain the output water temperature of + 40 ° C. That is quite meets the needs of many consumers.

However, in winter in the tap water temperature is no more than 5-7 degrees. Having made some simple arithmetic (5 + 25), we obtain the output water temperature of + 30 ° C. Naturally, such a "hot" water cause you resentment and doubts about the efficiency of the equipment. But keep in mind, the water heater is likely to work as usual, just the parameters of the conditions changed.

 how to choose the right water-heater
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Mandatory "arithmetic"

So, choosing a water-heater, you need to find a few items, namely:

  • the performance of the equipment, ie how many liters per minute is able to produce the output device. As a rule, technical specifications are always found in the accompanying documentation.
  • calculate the estimated consumption of hot water per minute required for you.

We want to show you a simple method of calculating water consumption. For example, taking a shower: turn to you in the normal mode, the water and substitute desyatilitrovoe bucket. Calculate how long it takes to fill the container. This will be the minute your water consumption. That is, if a bucket filled in one minute, you can just ten liters of water per minute. And if this process took only thirty seconds, you need 20 l / min.

So a simple way you can calculate what power the water heater you want, and select the desired model of the equipment. However, consider other indicators: the use of several cranes, climate and more.

  • Find out in ZhEKe, is it possible to install the equipment given power and that should be taken to install (additional wiring, replacement of the meter, three-phase network, and so on).
  • Check installation conditions: who will mount the equipment, what is the cost of the service, the ability to self-connect and the like.
  • Pay attention to the warranty period and coordinate service centers.
  • Be sure to ask about availability of spare parts in the region in case of the need for repair and so what is their value.

 how to choose a water-heater in the house

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A brief analysis of instantaneous water heaters

So let us work together to compile the information in order to enable you to choose the right water-heater.

Instantaneous water heater - electric.


  • unlimited supply of hot water;
  • compactness.


  • require further reinforced wiring, grounding, avtovyklyuchatel;
  • high power consumption.

Instantaneous water heater - gas.


  • low-budget exploitation (low gas prices);
  • rapid heating of water.


  • A central gas supply;
  • the presence of the chimney;
  • oversized.

Instantaneous water heater - pressure.


  • compact size;
  • Use a different cranes;
  • automatic switching on and off;
  • electronic control system.


  • high cost;
  • expensive operation - large consumption of energy.

Instantaneous water heater - depressurized.


  • modest size;
  • limiting the temperature sensor;
  • automatic tripping of electricity failures in the work;
  • Standard wiring.


  • weak performance;
  • the only place of installation.

Thus, examining the material provided, you can easily navigate the types and kinds of instantaneous water heaters. And now you will not be difficult to choose the right equipment that suits you in price and quality.

 Turned off the hot water? Do not panic!