shepherd's pie

  • Casserole with meat and tomato paste
  • Golden casserole with beef
  • Dish of potatoes and chicken with mushrooms

Most of the women in the middle of the day, while still in the workplace, advance thinking, "What to cook for dinner? What products you need to do to buy? ". However, tired lady returned home, I want only one thing - to eat quickly and finally break. There can be no culinary delights, so the recipe that you are going to feed their family, should be as simple as possible. You can certainly do cooked pasta and sausages bought at a local store, but we offer you a hearty and healthy dish. Potato gratin with meat drizzled with sour cream and fragrant sauce, and enjoy your child and starving the day her husband. Prepare a dinner is very simple - you just pick a recipe, cut products and send them into the oven. As long as you change clothes and Coverings such as blankets on the table, the dish will be ready.

Casserole with meat and tomato paste

This recipe is quite simple. To make it, you'll need a small piece of meat. We intentionally did not specify which product to buy, as it is for you to decide. Someone like pork, others prefer beef, so take what used to eat your family. The same goes for salt and spices - they are seasoned dish to your liking.


  • one kilogram of good, floury potatoes
  • 250 grams of meat
  • 150 grams of cheap cheese (needed for cooking potato dough)
  • tomato paste - 70 grams
  • 150 grams of any hard cheese (we used the "Russian")
  • One large onion
  • refined vegetable oil - for frying
  • salt and spices
  • 30 grams of fresh dill or other greens

Cooking method:

This recipe comes in two versions - a casserole with boiled or roasted meat. In the first case, simply boil the product in a little brackish water, and then disassemble the fibers or a knife cut into thin strips. If you want to cook pork or beef (depending on what you decide to use) in the oven, we recommend a bit of its salt and season with spices, and that it is not stuck to the walls of the mold and does not overheat, grease dish with oil, and only then send it to oven. The most suitable for that temperature at which the meat is obtained uniformly-baked - 200 degrees.

Now for the preparation of other products. Clean the potatoes peeled and boil in lightly salted water, then drain the liquid, leaving little to dilute the mash, mash and vegetables. The weight should not be too thick and heavy, so add a couple of spoonfuls of water in which the potatoes prepared. When the sauce has cooled a bit, rub on a medium grater cheese, washed chop dill and add them to the resulting mass. This also enter the low-fat sour cream and mix all until smooth - this will be your dough for casseroles.

Peeled onions cut into thin rings or cubes and fry in vegetable oil until golden color. After adding it to the meat and the specified amount of tomato paste and mix well with a spoon. Despite the fact that this recipe provides for the use of the product of tomatoes, you can not put it as not all like this ingredient.

You left quite a bit - "collect" casserole. To do this, the inside of the form in which you cook the dish, cut the butter and place all products such layers: ½ mashed potatoes, fried meat and onions and the remaining potato mixture. Each "floor" level the special spatula to obtain a flat dish and beautiful. At the end of his prisypete grated "Russian" (or others) can send and cheese in the oven. The temperature of the oven should not exceed 180 degrees, otherwise you risk to spoil your creation. At the end of half an hour and reach for the product to set the table. If there is a green onions, cut into rings and decorate them to the dish, which is best served with sour cream. Bon Appetit!

We have another recipe perfect casseroles, they we're with you, and share. Many housewives complain that they find it difficult to remove the dish from the mold - it sticks to the wall and it falls apart. To avoid this, you can put inside a special dishes or parchment paper. But there is another way - to lay a greased form thin sheets of plain pita bread, and then on him to form a casserole. So you can easily get a dish without spoiling its appearance.

 potato casserole with meat

Golden casserole with beef

The recipe for this dish to suit everyone - a set of simple and inexpensive products, dishes and cooking does not take much time also does not require the possession of special chef culinary skills and knowledge. As a spice used in this case turmeric and black pepper (ground), but the suit and other spices, such as nutmeg or basil. To give the dish a special flavor, you can put a little bit of dried garlic. If you are cooking a casserole for your child, it is better to do without spices - many of the children treat them negatively, moreover, they can cause the baby allergies. In general, read the recipe, if necessary, change for themselves, and implement it.


  • Twelve pieces of a large white potatoes
  • 400 grams of boiled beef
  • Two onion bulbs
  • 40 grams breadcrumbs
  • one package of fresh cream
  • salt - to taste
  • Two chicken eggs
  • turmeric and fresh herbs - at your discretion
  • a small piece of butter

Cooking method:

The meat is cooked from 40 minutes to one hour, so properly allocate their time - pour water into the pan, a little salt it, put the product and put the dishes in the quiet fire, and in the meantime enjoy a preparation of the remaining ingredients. However, periodically lift the lid and remove the foam, or miss this point, then it will be a long time to wash the oven.

Now clean the bulb onions and cut them into half rings not thick, and fresh basil, parsley and dill knife chop as finely as possible. Put in a preheated skillet small piece of butter and when it melts - onions. Fry the product to light golden brown, but do not fire too much, because then simply burn your ingredient. Then sprinkle it with turmeric and pepper and mix everything well, enter the fresh herbs. At the time, remove the pan from the stove.

At this point, the beef should be already finished, so pour the liquid in which it is boiled in a separate bowl, cut into pieces, and grind the meat using a meat grinder, blender or better. Now connect it to the onion mixture and place on a small fire, poured a few spoonfuls of broth. A few minutes stew, stuffing if you seem too dry, add a little more liquid. Try your product; If you are satisfied with the taste, cover the bowl with a lid and set aside.

This recipe is different from the previous one, in this case should boil potatoes «in uniform." So dish will hold its shape better due to the fact that all the starch will remain inside the vegetable. When the potatoes to cool, remove the peel and send it in a blender or use a meat grinder. The fact is that if you work a special wooden or metal tolkushkoy, to achieve smooth fail. No matter how you try, but the lumps will still be present. So do not waste in vain nor his strength, nor the time - mash with special kitchen appliances, and then add to it whisk eggs and sour cream (leave 50 grams of the product for future use). Stir all the ingredients, you should get a viscous, sticky mass.

Rejoice, the recipe is almost coming to an end, there are only "collect" dish in parts. And for this you need to grease form (bottom and inner edges) with butter and put the casserole. The first layer consists of a half of the mashed potatoes, if you are trying to post his hands, then soak them in water, then the weight will not stick. When finished, razravnyayte first layer of silicone or wooden spatula, and then lay out the meat and onion stuffing and cover it with the potato residues. To "roof" covered dish golden crust, brush with cream product. Set the oven temperature to 180 degrees and when it warms up, submit the form to the furnace. The dish is prepared not longer than 45 minutes, so pinpoint the time!

For casseroles usually served fresh homemade sour cream or cream. Let's move away from traditional toppings, and prepare mushroom sauce recipe is very simple.

You will need a very small set of products: 50 grams of dried or fresh mushrooms, a tablespoon of flour, a little oil and a white onion. If you are using dried mushrooms, then, that they were soft and juicy, soak them for two hours in unheated water, and after this time boil, but do not need to add salt. Then, with constant stirring sauté the flour until it acquires a light brown shade, and then dilute it to 250 ml of mushroom broth, pre-strained. The resulting mixture was put on a low heat and bring to a boil. K

hen you are ready, add the fried onion rings with chopped boiled mushrooms, season the sauce with salt and pepper, and another two or three minutes boil. This recipe is perfect gravy to meat casserole. Eat meal, washed down with white wine! We hope you enjoy!

 recipe potato casserole with meat

Dish of potatoes and chicken with mushrooms

With this recipe, you can make a casserole with potatoes and tender chicken, ideally combined with mushrooms. We think, on the eve of New Year holidays cooking tips of the dishes you exactly come in handy. The dish is suitable for a small family dinner and for friendly parties.


  • spices put in its sole discretion
  • potatoes - 900 grams
  • half a kilogram of fresh chicken (you can take the fillets or brisket)
  • 400 grams of raw mushrooms
  • two medium onion bulbs
  • "Dutch" cheese - 150 grams (or any other suitable durum)
  • Four grams table salt
  • half cup of pasteurized milk
  • homemade egg - one piece
  • 50 grams of olive oil (refined take, since it does not gives the dish a bitter taste)

Cooking method:

If you do not want to mess with bacon, meat which will need to be separated from the bones, it is better to buy an ordinary fillets. Just cut it in small pieces, onions, pre-cleaned, - half-rings, and mushrooms - small slices. By the way, you can use any other grade, for example, or oyster mushrooms. In addition, if you have dried mushrooms you have collected in the forest last fall, then take them. However, the product must be prepared in advance, otherwise it will be dry and tough. Each family has its own for this recipe, but you may come in handy, and these tips.

The first variant - pour the mushrooms with cold water, soak them for about 25 minutes, and then fry in vegetable oil. The second method is more time-consuming, but the end result and it is significantly different from the previous one - the mushrooms are very soft and juicy. To do this, soak them for two or three hours in cold water, then boil without the addition of salt, well after stew with onions and meat.

And now return, as they say, "to our sheep", but rather - to the casserole. Cut the pieces and sprinkled with salt and spices Put the chicken in the heated skillet, which already poured vegetable oil, cook, stirring occasionally, until the meat is not brighten, then enter the onions and keep the dishes over low heat for five minutes.

Putting a saucepan filled with ready to side, cut the potatoes into thin circles, pre-cleaned, and place it on the bottom of the form. To casserole evenly propeklas, it is not burned and well removed, grease the dish with oil. On top of the first layer Put the remaining ingredients: onion-mushroom mass with chicken, sprinkle with salt and potato remnants.

To make your meal turned out rosy and appetizing, cook this mixture - pasteurized milk and whisk the eggs. Now pour its product and put it in the oven, which by that time will need to be heated to 190 degrees. About half an hour, remove the form and sprinkle the dish with grated cheese, then bake for another fifteen minutes.

Most adults casserole of potatoes is associated with childhood, because many preschool kids serving this tasty dish. So when you want to plunge into the past, to remember their antics and smiling teachers, do not be lazy and cook this food. Recall, if you want, so that it retains its shape and does not break up, it is better to cook the potatoes raw, that is, "in uniform". Then the starch, which remains inside the vegetable, will serve as a laminating element - Casserole beautiful and golden leaves. This is especially important if you invite guests and plan to put the dish on the holiday table. As gravy, use sour cream, mayonnaise, deli, cream sauces, or with his own recipes which you will find in any cookbook. Good luck!

 Shepherd's pie

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