how to make dumplings

  • Stuffed cabbage
  • The filling of pork and beef
  • Dumplings with fresh cherries
  • Dumplings with potato - mushroom filling

On a warm summer on the table each family are salads with fresh vegetables, hash, soups and other light is not too heavy for the stomach food. After all, in the heat to eat not particularly want to. However, with the onset of cold weather the body begins to prepare for the winter, so more hand reaching for something hearty and calorie content. Dumplings with vegetable or meat filling in the autumn and winter - is that, as they say, the doctor ordered. Let's learn how to cook this dish. This will help you some simple recipes.

Stuffed cabbage

We offer a recipe of delicious dumplings, the dough which is prepared on the basis of yogurt. Its huge advantage is that the mass is obtained is extremely soft and supple. As a stuffing - cabbage. It can be done both from the fresh vegetables, and from sauerkraut. Served with sour cream on the table or onions, fried in olive or other vegetable oil.



  • three cups of wheat flour
  • salt - 0, 5 small spoons
  • 2/3 cup buttermilk average fat content
  • half a tablespoon of baking soda quicklime


  • small fresh cabbage
  • one onion
  • carrot - one piece
  • put salt on your taste
  • sunflower oil for frying

Cooking method:

We begin to cook dumplings with dough. To do this in a bowl with the flour, which previously recommended to sift through a sieve, pour a little on the taste of salt (and specified in the recipe amount of soda) and stir all well. To the mass has not turned out too thick, dilute with yogurt warm boiled water, then pour this liquid into the flour, and a couple of times to mix with a spoon, hands knead the dough. In practice, sometimes it happens that the mixture for dumplings, despite full compliance with the mistress of the formulation, it turns too liquid. If you have this happen, just add a little more flour, but poured it little by little, stirring each time, otherwise the risk of getting too stiff dough. When finished, cover it with a towel and move on to the next stage of the preparation of dumplings.

Chop for stuffing thin strips of cabbage, onions cut into small cubes and carrots grate on medium grater. Put all the vegetables except onion (add it in the least), in heated skillet with sunflower oil. Season with salt and, stirring regularly, cook for about thirty minutes, until the filling does not change color. On request, it can add a little pepper and special seasoning.

Now, place on floured kitchen table ready the dough, roll it with a rolling pin into a pancake not thick and cut circles. To do this, use the usual faceted glass or a small cup. Put the cabbage in the middle of each product and fingers Pinch the edges. In this way, you will turn and dumplings.

Let us consider the method of their preparation. You can boil the product in boiling water and add the pinch of salt, or to make them in a double boiler. If that is in your arsenal is not there, built it with his own hands. For this purpose, a pot of water attach a dense layer of gauze and when the liquid begins to boil, put the dumplings on top, then cover with a lid. Ten minutes later, you can set the table. Bon Appetit!

 how to cook dumplings

The filling of pork and beef

This is another "winter" home recipe for dumplings. We used two types of stuffing meat: pork and beef. But you can consider only one product of their choice. In addition, if the refrigerator is only ready shop stuffing, mix it with onions, cook the dough for this recipe, and thus will blind dumplings.



  • egg - one piece
  • ½ cup yogurt
  • Vinegar - tablespoon
  • the same amount of corn oil
  • five large spoons of flour
  • two pinches of burnt ash
  • the average piece of butter


  • Salt - to your taste
  • beef and pork - just 200 grams
  • three tablespoons of olive oil
  • freshly ground pepper (black) - optional
  • one piece of onion

Cooking method:

At this time, prepare the dumplings should be paying attention to the stuffing. Before you take the test, put the stew pork and beef, while not forget to salt water. When the meat is ready and has cooled down, grind it with a grinder. If you have a food processor, use it. Then cut into cubes onions and place it in the pan, preheated and watered vegetable oil. Cook vegetables, until it becomes translucent golden, then add the two types of meat, if necessary, salt and a little pepper. Constantly stir the filling so it does not overheat. Then cover and set aside.

The dough for this recipe is mixed with kefir .  However, if the product is not available, you can always use yogurt or whey homepage .  So, in a bowl combine these products, namely egg, vinegar, corn oil and fresh yogurt .  Well whisk whisk the fuel mixture, add baking soda, and gradually the flour .  The latter is desirable to sift to the dough turned out air .  When everything is ready, put the weight on the kitchen table and roll it into a long sausage .  By the way, so the dough does not stick sprinkle work surface a few handfuls of flour .  Now the "sausage" cut not too thick rings of a rolling pin and roll .  These mugs Stuff fried with onions and meat dumplings shape, securing the edges of the dough .  Put them in a pot of boiling water, add a pinch of salt and three simmer for ten minutes .  Then remove the product with a slotted spoon and arrange on plates .  Considering that the dishes are prepared with meat, the best option would be gravy for him melted butter or low-fat sour cream .

Now that you know how to cook dumplings! We also note that this test is suitable recipe for dumplings, and for such dishes as manti.

Dumplings with fresh cherries

Cook dumplings with ripe cherry is not very difficult. This succulent dish cheer up you and your stomach. Of course, the fall and winter fresh fruit can be replaced with frozen berries.



  • 125 milliliters of yogurt
  • Sugar - two tablespoons
  • egg - one piece
  • put salt to taste
  • Three spoons (more) sunflower oil
  • three cups flour
  • vanillin
  • one teaspoon of baking soda (to extinguish it is not necessary)


  • 400 grams of fresh cherries (or frozen)
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar

Cooking method:

First you need to make the dough. To do this, whisk whisk one egg and sugar so sweet ingredient is completely dissolved. Then the same here, add sunflower oil and a couple of pinches of vanilla, if you do not like spice, take less. Now, in a bowl, sift the flour, pour into it just cooked egg mixture and mix thoroughly. Many people immediately add soda, but we do not recommend this, otherwise the dough will be a bad approach. It is better to rub it in ready supply. To do this, sprinkle the kitchen table with flour and baking soda, then knead the dough hands on it. So you and enter the necessary ingredients. After a lot of ready-made cover clean piece of gauze and put in a cool place for about twenty-five minutes.

Go to the stuffing. From washed cherries carefully remove the seeds, being careful not to damage the fruit. If you are using frozen products, place them for a few minutes in the microwave, so that they have acquired the required form. Then sprinkle with sugar. Your stuffing is ready, it remains the case for small.

With a rolling pin, roll the dough and cut out circles using a cup, inverted neck down. Do not throw away scraps and collect, then to re-use them. So you can sculpt more dumplings. Now, starting each circle (which is quite a tablespoon with slide) cherries and secure the edges with your fingers products. We recommend to prepare a meal for a couple, since in this case the dumplings not seethe and will not disintegrate. Make a double boiler is very easy: Pour water into the pot and pull tight top layer of gauze, rolled several times. Once the liquid starts to boil, put on the cloth at a sufficient distance from each other dumplings and cover them with a lid. Turn the product does not need seven minutes later they are ready. For this dish with sweet sauce suitable filling of melted honey or homemade jam. Eat with pleasure!

 cook dumplings

Dumplings with potato - mushroom filling

We offer one very economical recipe. Cook dumplings of unleavened dough in the water with potato-mushroom stuffing - very simple. You can use this button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, in general, any mushrooms both fresh and dried. However, in the latter case, they must be pre-soak in warm water, otherwise the filling will be tough and dry. You do not need to?



  • ½ cup warm water
  • chicken protein - three pieces
  • pasteurized milk - half cup
  • six large spoonfuls of flour
  • some salt


  • five large potatoes
  • chicken meat - 50 grams
  • 200 grams of mushrooms
  • two pinches of salt
  • medium piece of fresh butter
  • one onion onion

Cooking method:

Pasteurized milk, dilute with warm water, then the resulting mixture was combined with three chicken proteins, to your taste, add salt and mix well all the whisk. Sift flour and gradually add it to the previous ingredients. This should be done carefully, emptying the product in small handfuls, otherwise you'll be a long time to get rid of lumps. Then knead dense and elastic dough and cover it with gauze so that the mass is not weathered.

In order to prepare the stuffing, do not need special abilities. Just clean the potatoes peeled and boil it in a little salted water, then drain the excess fluid. Put the potatoes in a not too big a piece of butter and mash everything to a state of mashed potatoes. If it is too thick, it is possible to pour a few spoonfuls of warm milk. Diced fresh mushrooms, chicken and onions. Fry all the ingredients in a pan with vegetable oil, add to the discretion spices and salt.

We proceed to the final stage of preparation. Sprinkle with flour the surface on which plan to work, and lay the dough. Then, using a rolling pin, roll it into a thin layer and cut out circles. You think you know how to do it, but just in case, we recall, use the glass. When everything is ready, put in the middle of each product potato-mushroom filling and pinch edges. Cook the dumplings in boiling lightly brackish water for seven minutes. Then remove with a slotted spoon and reload from the pan into a large bowl. To the products do not stick together, add the butter.

Let us dwell a bit on the gravy if you are tired of the traditional sour cream, which is usually poured over dumplings, cook the sauce for our recipe. To do this, cut into small pieces the onion and mushrooms, fry, seasoning with salt and pepper, and then add a couple of tablespoons of cream or sour cream, mix well. For those who like a more high-calorie foods fit zazharki greaves and onions.

As you can see, you can make dumplings in different ways, with various fillings and various sauces. Each family has its secrets. Now you, thanks to the above recipe, master the art of making this delicious dish. Good luck!

 How to make dumplings: Cooking recommendations

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