eggplant stewed in sour cream


  • Eggplant with herbs in a cream sauce
  • Eggplant with onion and garlic in a sauce of sour cream
  • Eggplant with bouillon cubes and onions in sour cream
  • Eggplants with mushrooms
  • Assorted vegetables stewed in sour cream

After all kinds of celebrations and feasts abundant need is a little to relieve his stomach. To do this, nutritionists recommend eating a simple and healthy food: vegetables, chicken or pork, fruit. Food must contain a minimum of oil, fat, salts. In addition, it is better to do for a couple, or in the oven. To get rid of the extra kilos gained during the holidays, we offer to master a few simple, easy and quick to prepare foods. Eggplant stewed in sour cream, a very tender, juicy, low-calorie, so that is what we need.

Eggplant with herbs in a cream sauce

Cooking eggplant stewed with sour cream, takes very little time - no longer than 30 minutes. In addition, you do not need to have a super culinary skills to make this dish turned out delicious, the main thing - to get the products, cut them and follow the recipe. It's simple as a clear day. So do not put off tomorrow what you can cook up today!


  • four medium-sized eggplant
  • one cup of fresh cream
  • salt - at your discretion
  • a small piece of butter
  • one tablespoon of flour (wheat take)
  • Any fresh herbs (parsley or dill) - one beam

Cooking method:

Pre-washed medium-sized eggplant cut into cubes and place in a pan of water that has just boiled. After five minutes, drain excess liquid and vegetables in a colander fold. They need to drain well and dry off, the dish did not work too much liquid. Now, roll the pieces of eggplant in flour and place in a saucepan with butter, has already managed to melt, fry until light golden crust. After transfer to a saucepan, pour the sour cream, add salt and, if you wish, your favorite spices, and simmer for about half an hour. After this time, try to taste the vegetables - they should be soft but not falling apart, so be careful not to overdo the dish on the plate.

Now, chop fresh herbs: dill, parsley or both of these ingredients. Sprinkle the finished dish, pour the cream sauce and hot serve. Eggplant made this recipe with grilled steak, baked chicken, fish, on request they can be used as a separate dish.

Bon Appetit!

 eggplant stewed with sour cream

Eggplant with onion and garlic in a sauce of sour cream

Professional chefs are often used to prepare various dishes garlic, which gives a special flavor and savory meat flavor. In these eggplant recipe is also included active ingredient - combined with onions and sour cream. What do you get if you combine these products, you will be able to see only prepare meals on their own. Believe me, spending on this thing just 30 minutes, you'll be happy with the result!


  • 400 grams of ripe eggplants
  • salt - to your taste
  • one onion onion
  • 300 grams of sour cream average fat content
  • Olive oil - for frying
  • two garlic cloves
  • Black freshly ground pepper

Cooking method:

Washed eggplant can either peeled or not. We offer to do to you. Then chop the vegetables middle cubes, and onion - not thick semicircles. As for garlic, its clear from the peel and grind with a special press, failing this, use an ordinary knife - chopped two cloves.

Take a deep pan, put it on a small fire, heat and well. Then, pour the olive oil into it, put the onion and fry it until translucent color. After enter the eggplant, and in the end, when the vegetables are almost ready - garlic. Do not forget to periodically stir spatula all the ingredients that they are not burnt. Fried eggplant for five minutes when they are lightly golden and allocate the juice, pour the dish sour cream and season with salt and spices to your taste, and cook for no longer than half an hour, covered pan lid. Prepared Vegetables should be soft and juicy. If your fridge has a small bundle of herbs, chop it with a knife and sprinkle the dish just before serving.

Eggplant with bouillon cubes and onions in sour cream

We suggest a simple recipe for another, but it is incredibly tasty and easy dishes - eggplant flavored mushrooms are stewed in sour cream. To make savory meat a distinctive flavor and piquancy, use special spices: cumin, oregano, basil, anise. They can be both fresh and dried.


  • Two large eggplant
  • table salt - a couple of pinches
  • 120 grams of onion (this is one mean thing)
  • refined vegetable oil
  • freshly ground pepper (black) - optional
  • one glass is not too fat sour cream
  • bouillon cube flavored mushrooms ("Maggi" or whatever) - one piece

Cooking method:

For starters reveal a little secret: to enhance the flavor of the dish, along with the bouillon cubes, add a little dried white fungus. However, it need not be cut - simply grind into a powder with a mortar.

Getting to the preparation of meals, the first thing to do - is to cut the eggplant into cubes of equal size. After Put them in a bowl and sprinkle with a deep table salt, add cold boiled water (it should cover products completely). If you are using young vegetables, leave them for fifteen minutes and will need to be mature stand in salted liquid a little longer - about an hour.

In order not to waste time, peel the onion and cut it into small pieces. Then put in a saucepan with hot oil and fry until it is lightly browned and will not translucent. Cook, stirring constantly, or else run the risk of burning the onions.

Now drain the excess fluid from the eggplants and wash them under running water, then fold in a colander and a little dry. Then put in a pan, which was preparing onions, and saute briefly both ingredients (about five to seven minutes). When the vegetables are browned, sprinkle them with mushroom bouillon cubes, previously ground with his hands. Once here, enter the number specified in the recipe of cream, and salt and pepper - to taste. The dish must simmer with constant stirring for ten minutes. At the end you can sprinkle with chopped herbs, which give a fresh savory food and a beautiful view.

Do you want to vary the recipe? It's very simple: add the eggplant and fresh or dried mushrooms, instead of them can also put ripe tomatoes and other vegetables. This dish is consumed with boiled rice, and if you are a lover of meat, feed him pieces of fried chicken or, for example, juicy beef or pork steak.

 delicious eggplant stewed in sour cream

Eggplants with mushrooms

If in the previous recipe we used a bouillon cube to give the dish a mushroom flavor, in this case, we offer to take fresh mushrooms.


  • Eggplant - three pieces
  • 200 grams of mushrooms
  • Olive oil - for frying
  • spices - optional
  • two onions
  • salt - to taste
  • 150 grams of sour cream

Cooking method:

Begin, as always, with the cutting of all necessary products. Eggplant cut into medium slices or strips, and onions - diced. Now, heat a frying pan with olive oil and turn it Put both ingredients. At its discretion, add salt and spices - it can be ground black pepper, fresh or dried basil, rosemary or thyme. In general, choose the spices to your taste, keeping in mind that they give the dish a piquancy and makes it extraordinary.

When the eggplant and onions lightly browned, enter them diced mushrooms and simmer under the lid closed. After about five minutes, pour all the sour cream, a little salt the can. Keep on low heat, stirring occasionally without forgetting ingredients. Approximate cooking time dishes - 20 minutes.

Instead, you can use mushrooms or oyster mushrooms, such as porcini mushrooms. If you decide to take a dried product collected by you in last year's autumn forest, keep in mind that it should be prepared in advance. To do this, pour mushroom water, hold a quarter of an hour, then fry in vegetable oil. There is a second way: Boil them in slightly salty liquid, and then boil for some time.

Assorted vegetables stewed in sour cream

This dish can be safely attributed to the category of "female" as it is easy, not too high-calorie and consisting of some vegetables. If you want to cook "Variety" for his men, always think about what it apply. This could be steak, goulash, or, say, chicken.


  • Two onion bulbs
  • one carrot
  • Eggplant - two pieces
  • black pepper - optional
  • vegetable oil (for frying required)
  • one large tomato
  • one package of sour cream
  • add salt to your taste
  • red pepper - one piece
  • 50 grams of fresh parsley or dill

Cooking method:

This vegetable dish turns out very tender and juicy due to the fact that all the products stew in sour cream. Well, you are ready to create a culinary masterpiece? Then move on!

Firstly, pre-washed cut eggplant, carrots, as well as middle-sized tomato cubes and onions - semirings. From the middle of a sweet pepper, remove and cut it into small pieces.

Now go to the next stage of cooking: Put the onion in a saucepan with vegetable oil and cook for no longer than two minutes. Then enter the chopped carrots and eggplant. Cook stirring constantly, and when the vegetables are lightly browned, add the tomato and bell pepper. Dish solite, peppers and seasoned with your favorite spices, focusing entirely on your taste. After ten minutes, pour all the ingredients sour cream, cover and keep on low heat. The food you need to put out five to seven minutes, and then shift it into the ovenproof dish and send it in the oven, preheated to 170 degrees. After a quarter of an hour dietary flavorful dish will be completely ready. Sprinkle it with fresh herbs, chopped with a knife, and call all to the table.

Eggplant stewed in sour cream - is a useful and healthy food that is suitable for both adults and children alike! Therefore, use these recipes and cook with the mood!

 Eggplant stewed in sour cream: juicy and healthy fun

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