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  • Baked goose stuffed with apples and prunes
  • Goose "Holiday" with vegetables and fruits
  • Goose with marjoram, prunes and apples

In America on Thanksgiving roast turkey accepted without this does not do any one family. Everyone gathers around a large table, to express gratitude to the Lord for his love and support, material well-being and health. Despite the fact that in the post-Soviet countries, the holiday does not celebrate, we also have our traditional dish - goose with apples and prunes. The food is usually "cherish" for special occasions - many housewives served it on Christmas or New Year's table. However, no matter what event you are not planned, goose stuffed with fruit, will always be the place! Let's look at a few interesting recipes.

Baked goose stuffed with apples and prunes

Always and all can learn, the main thing - the desire, patience and perseverance. The same goes for cooking - if you've never baked goose with fruit, just try to do it. The first time he can get not as much as expected, but do not despair. So you need to try to cook the dish again. Thus, occasionally practicing, you will improve your culinary skills and eventually necessarily surprise guests juicy meat dishes flavored with prunes and apples. Naturally, one should start with the simplest, so we offer a simple recipe.


  • Goose - from three to five kilograms
  • freshly ground black pepper - at your discretion
  • 300 grams of dried plums (preferably seedless)
  • kg of yellow sweet and sour apples
  • salt - to your taste
  • two large onions

Cooking method:

It should be noted that the goose stuffed with fruit filling, it turns out incredibly delicious and juicy. But it will have to work hard, because the preparation of food takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you invited guests, please note that it will take about three hours to do everything from start to finish. However, the effort is worth it - no one will go hungry!

So, first rinse thoroughly under running water goose, then, where necessary, pull the feathers, and the remnants of Opal with a lighter. Now we need to get rid of visceral fat. When you're done with all the preparations, remove the core from the apples and cut them large slices and prunes and fill with warm water for some time set aside (about fifteen minutes).

Clear from the husk onion and chop it fine half rings, then transfer to a bowl of fruit. The recipe does not specify the required amount of salt and spices - just add them to your liking. Prunes must already soften, so drain the excess fluid from it, a little rinse and pat dry well, laying on a paper towel. Then cut into cubes and combine with onions and apples. Now thoroughly mix all the above ingredients and finished stuffing his hands farshiruem goose.

You are almost done! You're just a little: take a long thick thread a needle and sew a hole in the bird that fell out of his fruits and onions. There is another way: Pinch the skin carefully with toothpicks or wooden skewers. To the meat has turned stale in a separate piala Mix table salt and black pepper, if desired, enter favorite spices. Then rub the finished product game and wrap it in foil. However, immediately put the dish in the oven is not necessary - hold it at room temperature for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, heat the oven to 200 degrees, then send it your masterpiece. Now you can set the table, put the cutlery and do them, because the goose baked at least 2, 5 hours. In just a few minutes until cooked (about ten), open the foil to the bird browned. You do not want to submit offers pale and ugly game?

Expanding dish servings recommended as follows: cut thin pieces of meat with a garnish on a plate. Garnish with roasted apples and prunes and pour hot sauce. Bon Appetit!

 Goose with apples and prunes

Goose "Holiday" with vegetables and fruits

If in the near future in your family planned a solemn event - someone's birthday, anniversary, or, for example, a wedding anniversary - stop worrying about the festive menu. Let the main dish of the table will be a goose, stuffed with vegetables and fruits. Some housewives are doing it out of dried apples, but is best used fresh. Especially since they are not very expensive and are sold all year round.


  • bird goose (take about dvuhkilogrammovy bird)
  • salt and spices - to taste
  • carrots - two pieces
  • two tablespoons goose fat
  • two small onion bulbs
  • a celery root (or parsley)
  • a little tomato paste
  • three bay leaf
  • 200 grams of prunes
  • glass of fresh broth
  • two apples

Cooking method:

If you are ready to begin, the first thing Opal washed goose, holding it above the burning hob. In fact, this dish can be done in two ways. In the first case, cutting the apples into small pieces and pre-soaked prunes, nafarshiruyte of the carcass. For fruit in the baking process do not fall out, sew the hole thread. Just do not forget to get rid of it before serving meals to visitors! Other actions - sauces and vegetables - are the same as in the second version, which will focus in more detail.

So, after Opal goose, chop it into large chunks and transfer to a deep bowl. Meat on the taste with salt and season with spices and send in a saucepan with melted fat. Fry, constantly turning from one side to the other, that it is not burnt.

Now, to save time, be engaged in the preparation of the remaining ingredients: clean the carrots and cut her circles, apples - large slices. Then how can smaller chop onions and celery. If you use a young and fresh prunes, that it may be just rinse under the tap. Otherwise product soak in hot water for ten to fifteen minutes. When everything is ready, sauté the vegetables in a pan with a small amount of fat. Then shift them with a goose in a special metal bowl with a thick bottom.

To make the sauce, in a deep bowl, combine tomato paste, salt and a little black pepper, add bay leaf and broth. The resulting mixture pour into a baking dish, cover with a lid that and put in the oven. The optimum temperature of this dish is considered to be 220 degrees. Simmer the bird about two to three hours, occasionally glancing to the juice has evaporated. If you will need to enter a little broth.

As a side dish to this savory meat suit boiled potatoes, rice or mashed potatoes, and it is best to combine with meat vegetable salads. For the preparation of the latter can use the tomatoes, cucumber, Peking cabbage or carrots - in short, everything what is the soul. To dish looked appetizing as possible, lay at the center of serving plates pieces of goose, pour their fragrant tomato sauce, garnish with steamed vegetables and sprinkle with herbs svezherublennoy.

 goose stuffed with apples and prunes

Goose with marjoram, prunes and apples

Goose stuffed with prunes and fresh fruit, perfect for any occasion, especially this dish helps housewives during the holidays. The food looks great on the table and eat with the guests happy. Offer is not very complicated recipe, which we hope will be useful to you! By the way, in order to properly calculate the time of roasting poultry, use a simple formula: one kilogram of meat is 45 minutes plus half an hour on the total weight of the carcass. Instead, the foil can take a special sleeve or bag - so prepare aromatic and delicious goose will be much more convenient.


  • a little marjoram
  • three kilograms of poultry, ready-to-treatment (ie plucked and gutted)
  • salt and black pepper
  • Olive oil - for greasing the goose
  • 300 milliliters of boiling water or broth
  • two garlic cloves


  • four apples "Antonovka" (you can use any variety)
  • 150 grams of prunes

Cooking method:

If we do that and do it only as "excellent", so give some tips. Thus, the dish turned out really great, be sure to cook the soup. It can be made of giblets, which are usually sold together with a goose, or prepared from another low-fat meats, such as pork or chicken. Usually birds baked in foil, but if you want to save time, buy a sleeve - with it you will have a few extra minutes to make up and dress up for the arrival of guests. Near the end of cooking, cut the bag and pour out all the fat, stew game a quarter of an hour. Now you know how, you can create a culinary masterpiece using this recipe.

Back to our bird: after will wash it, dry it necessarily a good goose and cut off excess fat with a knife, as well as the tips of the wings. Then gently tuck the skin on the neck, it does not interfere, attach sandpaper using toothpicks. Now rub the inside of the carcass with salt, marjoram, grinding with a press garlic and black pepper in the same way and treat the top. Cover everything with cling film and refrigerate. If time allows, it is better to let the meat sit for twelve hours (you can marinate the goose in the evening and in the morning to finish the job).

To make the filling, of washed apples remove core and cut them into large cubes. Prunes fifteen minutes pour hot water (do not forget to dry), and then cut, or if you want to use a whole. Now connect one dish both ingredients, stir several times with their hands and boldly Stuff fruit goose. You do not need to put too much filling, otherwise it will fall! When done, fasten the abdomen using toothpicks or sew thread.

Now, carefully rub the bird with olive oil and wrap in foil (package sleeve). To put it as compact as possible, pre-tie legs and wings. Then, on a lightly greased baking sheet or in a special bakeware send previously cut the tips of the wings, and top with goose belly up. To fat during roasting went outside and tushilos meat in its own juice, make a bird on the body in several places punctures. Pour the hot broth or a game of water and place in oven preheated to 200 degrees. Approximate cooking time - three hours. As mentioned above, this depends on the weight of the carcass. To make sure that the meat is sufficiently propeklos, pierce it with a match: if the tree is dry, then everything is fine - remove the dish!

To dish came rosy and appetizing before you get it out of the oven (about half an hour), remove the foil and let the goose walk up to full readiness.

If you came across an elderly bird, then it is likely that it will turn out too dry. To avoid such incidents, use a little trick - marinate the goose. There are several ways, and this is the easiest: obmazhte its delicacy and hold the mayonnaise all night in the cold. It is also possible to process the carcass following mixture: combine two tablespoons of mustard, 15 grams of honey. And to finally combat the guests with their masterpiece, pour over boiling water a lemon, then cut into thin circles, which should impose a bird. On top pour a bottle of dry white wine, sprinkle with spices and cover with foil.

Now you do not have to think what would have such an unusual cook for the holiday table, since you are familiar with simple recipes for delicious dishes. Goose stuffed with fresh apples, vegetables and prunes, will certainly appeal to all guests, both young and adults alike! To the right there is a bird, divide it into parts (legs, forearm and shin) and a two-part breast into thin slices, cut the meat. Hopefully now your feast will be even more beautiful, tastier and holidays - more fun!

 Goose with prunes and apples - the perfect festive dish

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