potato casserole with meat in multivarka


  • Casserole "Easy" with beef and onions
  • Baked with cheese and chicken meat

If you do not have time to cook delicious dishes, we offer to master a few simple recipes, and then your family will never go hungry. It is necessary to learn a simple and hearty dish made of potatoes with minced meat. It can be done in an oven or, for example, in Multivarki.

Casserole "Easy" with beef and onions

Potato gratin preparing very short time: you need a minimum of time for cutting products and about half an hour to ensure that the dish "came" in multivarka. As for the meat, then it's over, it's better to do it yourself - so you can be sure of his taste. You can use one type of meat or, for example, mix pork and beef in equal proportions.


  • Five potatoes
  • salt - to taste
  • 450 grams of ground beef
  • vegetable oil - for frying
  • two medium onions
  • black pepper (ground) - optional
  • four eggs
  • 25 grams of flour
  • small package gourmet mayonnaise

Cooking method:

The most delicious and successful potato casserole is obtained from white grapes, as it is very soft and well boiled soft. The dish can be done in two ways: from mashed or chopped vegetable circles. Many housewives prefer the second option, because it is less time-consuming, that you will agree, is important for working women.

So, we proceed to the preparation of dishes, clean the potatoes and cut it netolstym circles, cover with cold water so that it is not darkened, and set aside. Now for the rest of the ingredients: chop the onion into small cubes, in a separate piala combine eggs, mayonnaise and gourmet meal, all sprinkled with salt and pepper, and whisk thoroughly with the help of the corolla. Optionally you can add a little ketchup - it will give the dish an unusual flavor and a slightly reddish hue.
We use a ready beef, bought in the store to be a salt, a little pepper and mix well with a spoon. If you want the meat filling was very small, with no extra lumps and softer, skip the product through a meat grinder. Then send in a saucepan with oil and fry with the onions.

Now you need to bake the dish in multivarka. To do this, lubricate the dishes a little oil, lay on the bottom half of the potatoes and pour its egg-mayonnaise mixture to "hold together" the layers. Because of this dish will not only delicious, but also beautiful, would not disintegrate. Then comes the turn of the following ingredients, ie, the remaining minced meat and potatoes. Again, the dish pour all the same mixture, gently shake the cup, so that it is uniformly distributed, and close the lid. On multivarka install mode "Baking" and cook a dish about half an hour after the first signal by adding ten more minutes. To potato casserole with ground beef has not lost its shape, remove it with a special steamer baskets.

 potato casserole with meat in multivarka

Baked with cheese and chicken meat

Potato gratin in the first place is good because it will be needed for its preparation the most common products that are sure to find in every refrigerator. At this time, we offer to make a tender chicken dish with minced meat and tomatoes.


  • kg of potatoes
  • 500 grams of minced chicken
  • One large onion
  • butter - 20 grams
  • 200 grams of tomatoes
  • 100 grams of any type of cheese (preferably durum)
  • 20 milliliters of oil
  • two eggs
  • breadcrumbs

Cooking method:

To begin, remove the peel from the potatoes washed, then send it to multivarku, cover with water and cook in the "Express", including the program "Cooking."

Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes into small cubes, and onion - middle-sized pieces. Hard cheese grate on medium grater. After about 45 minutes, when the potatoes are cooked, to shift into a deep bowl, add the butter. A little vegetable mash, then enter whisk eggs, and make uniform magnificent puree. To completely get rid of the lumps can use the blender.

Now you need to take meat: salt and sprinkle with his favorite spices, then, sprinkled Multivarki cup vegetable oil, cook with tomatoes and onions in the "Multipovar." Then turn off the program, remove the stuffing until it cools down, wash the dishes. Wipe dry it with a towel, cut the butter, breadcrumbs and form a dish: put down ½ potato, which cover the meat, then sprinkle with cheese, and finally add the remaining sauce. Cook in the "Baking" a little less than an hour.

Potato gratin, made in multivarka, a very juicy, delicious and incredibly fragrant! To her suit pickles, fresh vegetables, as well as the gravy - or own sour sauces.

 Baked potato with meat in multivarka: tasty and fast

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 duck with apples and oranges


  • Duck with honey, apples and oranges
  • Duck baked in the oven with fruit and spices
  • Duck stuffed with nuts and fruits

In America, no Thanksgiving is complete without a turkey. Despite the fact that in post-Soviet countries do not celebrate this holiday, however, here too, there is a kind of tradition - many housewives cook the duck in the oven at the New Year's table. This dish is obtained not only very delicious and juicy, but also incredibly beautiful - ruddy bird always attracts the attention of visitors. So if you have planned a family celebration, why not surprise loved ones a new dish? You can choose any recipe: a duck, stuffed with fruit, nuts or savory fillings, and make a dish that will appeal not only to adults but also to children.

Duck with honey, apples and oranges

If you've never cooked a duck in the oven, this recipe is perfect for a first culinary experience. It is not complicated and does not require the chefs special abilities - without being a professional, you can make quite an appetizing dish. Duck stuffed with fruit - apples and oranges - has an incredible flavor and tender juicy taste.


  • one large orange (or two small)
  • dvuhkilogrammovy duck
  • 120 milliliters of boiled water
  • Two green apples "Simirenko" (you can take a different grade)
  • salt
  • four tablespoons of honey (if you use a dense product, its pre-melt)
  • spices - optional
  • a little olive oil

Cooking method:

To duck trouble with as little as possible, buy already cleaned and gutted on the feathers of birds. In this case, you not only save time, but not too dirty your gentle hands, and the kitchen does not have a long time to clean up.

So, coming out of the shop and more time reading the recipe, you can safely start cooking. First, wash the carcass under the tap and dry it well. Then follows singe duck: it can be done with a conventional lighter or hold it over the flame burners. After how to handle, rub the bird is not too much salt, olive oil and black pepper. If desired, use other seasonings such as coriander, turmeric, oregano or basil. They can be taken in the dried or fresh. Spices give the dish a rich flavor and aroma.

The most common is to marinate the duck for five to six hours, and this recipe is no exception. If you are invited guests and know exactly when they will come, you can cook the bird in advance, ie in the evening. In this case, turn the meat is very soft, will absorb all the flavor of spices. The next day will only have to put the duck in the oven a little heated.

As for the filling, then do it for you surely will not be difficult: peel the oranges (remove not only the skin, but also white film), and the apples, removing them from the core. Then, both the fruit cut into small cubes the same size. Stuff them the bird and gently tighten the abdomen wooden skewers. Some also sewn up the hole threads, but the main thing here - do not forget to cut them before they put the dish on the table.

Well, you're almost at the finish line - still warm oven (the temperature should not exceed 220 degrees), put on a baking sheet, oiled, carcass, pour a little water, and send the product in the oven. After about an hour, check your creation and process precipitated duck fat. By the way, it's better to go out, make a few punctures with a fork (on the legs, back and breast). This procedure should be repeated every fifteen minutes.

If you do too much warm up the oven, the bird may burn on. If this happens to save the meat, and finally did not spoil, duck, cover with foil and continue cooking. Total time baking dish - about two hours. Before removing it from the oven, melt the honey on a steam bath and pour them a bird, then put back and wait for another fifteen minutes. Voila, a duck stuffed with green apples and fragrant orange, ready for use. Allow to cool, and then to cut with a knife. I do not know how to do it correctly? Do not despair, proceed as follows: first, cut it into several parts (legs, lower leg, forearm) and then breast "remove" thin layers of meat.

As a side dish suitable vegetable salads, cooked rice, baked potatoes or mashed potatoes. As for the filling, then to apples and oranges can add apricots, walnuts, or, for example, prunes. Very tasty duck turns to grapes, but it is a completely different recipe!

 duck with oranges and apples

Duck baked in the oven with fruit and spices

We offer another recipe "fruit" duck with apples, spices and orange. If you are not a fan of spices, place them in a small amount, and some do can exclude.


  • one duck (approximate weight - half to two kilograms)
  • Two medium-sized sweet-sour apple
  • clove garlic
  • half a lemon (optional lime can be used)
  • a large orange - one piece
  • freshly ground black pepper and red
  • 30 ml of olive oil
  • basil and oregano - to taste
  • salt - at your discretion
  • special seasoning for chicken

Cooking method:

We decided to do the duck in the oven, using this recipe? Then start with a simple: connect one piala olive oil, three small pinch of salt, two types of pepper, dried basil and oregano. Then enter here the garlic, crushed with a special press. Squeeze in the juice from the marinade of lemon or lime (depending on what you use). Mix all the ingredients and keep the resulting mixture for about fifteen minutes.

In the meantime, enjoy a bird: Cut off if necessary, unnecessary fat, clean it from the giblets and rinse thoroughly under running water. When the excess fluid to drain, rub the carcass inside and outside the olive-lemon sauce with herbs, wrap it in a special paper or a normal package so that it is not weathered, and refrigerate. Ideally, the duck is marinated for at least four or five hours, but if you do not want to wait that long, cut time at its discretion.

Now for preparing the filling. It is not difficult: chop the giblets, then remove from apple peel and remove the midway. Oranges also need to clear the way, some of the remaining zest is added to the dish. If you decide to do so, chop it as finely as possible. Now, cut the fruit into small cubes and combine in a bowl with giblets, sprinkle with lemon juice, mix well.

Lightly season with salt and stuffing it nafarshiruyte bird. Then carefully thread and sew the hole, wrapping the carcass in a special sleeve, send it in the oven. Baked product at 200 degrees and a half to two hours - it depends on the weight of the ducks. In order to correctly calculate time, use the formula: a kilo of meat 45 minutes and is preparing for another half hour is given on the total weight of the carcass.

Before you remove the dish from the oven, cut the bag and pour the fat formed bird. Hold it a little more in the oven, and then remove and let cool. By the way, you can use not only the fruit as a filling: cut them large slices, lightly sprinkle with sugar and place on a baking sheet next to the duck. When she is ready, divide it into parts, garnish with roasted apples and oranges and call guests to the table.

This flavorful, tender and juicy dish perfect for any occasion: it is equally impressive to look like a small family holiday, and on secular reception with lots of guests. Only in the latter case, buy not one but two ducks that no one left hungry! Hopefully this recipe will help you organize a great celebration!

 duck with apples and oranges recipe

Duck stuffed with nuts and fruits

This recipe is the best fit for a festive dinner. At this time, as fillings are used not only oranges and apples and apricots, and walnuts. If you like to experiment, try to add the prunes. The effect is truly stunning! Guests with great pleasure eat delicious and ruddy dish made with your hands.


  • 250 grams of apples
  • one duck
  • sweet pepper - to taste
  • Prunes - optional
  • three small orange
  • 150 grams of dried apricots
  • salt
  • 50 grams of walnuts (pre-peel and chop them)
  • one onion onion
  • granulated garlic (if using fresh, is only three cloves)
  • fresh herbs (dill or parsley)
  • 25 milliliters of olive oil

Cooking method:

Washed carcass necessarily well dry, then rub it carefully (not only outside, but also inside), spices and table salt. To fit such a tender meat seasonings like paprika and black pepper, marjoram, coriander and thyme. You can finely chopped fresh basil - it will give the dish a special piquancy and flavor. As for garlic, then take a granular or fresh. Depending on this, there are two options: cut it into small pieces and mix with stuffing or crush with a press and rub them the bird.

Go to the next stage where you need to clean the apples and oranges. When you manage, cut them middle-sized cubes and apricot - medium pieces. If you use damson, we recommend pre-soak it in hot water (at least ten minutes) - then it will be softer and juicier. Now grind the nuts, some cooks fry them in a dry pan. Combine all ingredients for the filling in a bowl and mix lightly seasoned with salt. Stuff the bird with the mixture, sew thread that fruits do not fall out, put on a baking sheet, treated with olive oil, and submit it in the oven. Dish baked for at least two hours at a temperature of from 200 to 220 degrees.

Periodically watering duck juice, which should stand out from it in the process of cooking. Almost at the end of lay next to the carcass sliced ​​apples and oranges, as well as pre-treated bulbs that should be divided into four parts and lightly sprinkle with sugar.

Serve on a large dish a beautiful plate and garnish with fresh chopped parsley or dill and roasted fruits. Served with mashed potatoes cook or boil rice. And for those who are kind to her figure, make vegetable salads, for example, Chinese cabbage with corn, peas and butter, tomatoes and cucumbers. You can put on the table pickles. We wish you good mood, hungry and grateful guests! Believe me, bird, stuffed with fruit, leaves no one indifferent, so it should prepare it for the next holiday!

 Duck with apples and oranges: holiday recipes

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