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  • Choose a wallpaper style
  • Choose the wallpaper on the mind
  • Choose the wallpaper color
  • Choose the wallpaper on the drawing

Do not you think that the selection and gluing wallpaper - this is one of the most enjoyable moments of any repairs. After all the dirty work has been completed, and there comes a time not so much repair as design and decoration of the room. However, this pleasant moment can be overshadowed. We will not list all the possible force majeure, and will focus only on one of those moments - the confusion and the inability to choose a wallpaper for your particular room. We are often long and painful decide which to choose wallpaper for the bedroom, living room and what for, that is more suitable for the kitchen, and that hallway.

Indeed, with the current range of wallpaper choices to make rather difficult. However, being able to understand the varieties of building materials and in the rules of interior design to choose wallpaper for any room is simple enough. You need to properly assess the size and location of the room relative to the cardinal, to take into account its functionality and geometry. Perhaps this is all that will help you to choose the wallpaper for the room. For example, let's try to figure out how to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom.

Choose a wallpaper style

Of course, if you adhere to certain stylistic solutions, the important role in his incarnation play wallpaper. By and large walls and wallpaper, which they plastered, can be considered the basis of interior design direction. In any case, the tone is set by them. So, consider the style, choosing wallpaper.

  1. Rustic style (Provence, country) - plain wallpaper natural shades of white and beige pattern in the form of bricks or like faded flowers.
  2. Empire style - free soft dark colors (bordeaux, natural wood), low-contrast image as monograms.
  3. Classic style - Wallpaper green colors with gold or bronze figure in the form of floral ornament, stripes, monograms.
  4. Hi-tech - metallic, white, black, gray wallpaper, no pattern, texture.
  5. Ethnic or antique style - Wallpaper light colors (white or beige), drawing or let's say a very rare and contrast or texture, or pattern.
  6. Japanese style - plain or beige wallpaper pattern with imitation bamboo or wood, branches and flowers picture Cherry characters.
  7. Avant-garde style - any bright colors in any combination, a rainbow spectrum; Picture - stripe, abstract images.
  8. Shabby chic - pastel-colored wallpaper with a floral pattern and imitation abrasions.

In short, choose a wallpaper that matches the color and pattern of a certain interior style - an important condition for a competent and harmonious interior design bedrooms. So first decide with the style, and then to select and purchase the wallpaper.

 some choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Choose the wallpaper on the mind

Today the assortment of wallpaper gives almost unlimited possibilities for interior decoration. You can select any wallpaper, ranging from the cheapest paper and finishing with the most expensive natural. Note that the bedroom is one of the few rooms in the house where there are any appropriate wallpaper, regardless of their type. Nevertheless, to be able to understand the proposed range of wallpaper still need. After all, every kind of wallpaper has its pros and cons.

Paper wallpaper are popular due to its cheapness. They do not mind change, if you suddenly decide to issue a bedroom in a different style or acquire furniture, which they will not be in harmony. The second of a definite plus - environmentally friendly. Still, the paper refers to the natural materials. However, they can be considered a minus fragility. In addition, paper wallpaper will look flawlessly only on perfectly flat walls, and will last for a long time only in the bedroom, used mainly for its intended purpose.

Vinyl wallpaper - finishing material of higher quality, but also a relatively low price. Firstly, they will last much longer than paper wallpaper. Secondly, they will hide minor irregularities on the walls, and thirdly, fit into any style. And if you are not severely strapped for cash, prefer vinyl wall paper. But note that this stuff is bad "breathes", is therefore considered not suitable for the bedroom.

Textile wallpaper today considered almost ideal for sleeping. They, of course, much more expensive than paper and vinyl, but also serve as a very long time. Textile wall light resistance, and therefore suitable for a very bright room. They are also environmentally friendly, which makes them appropriate for the room in which we rest and gain strength. One only disadvantage of textile wallpapers - this selectivity. Not every interior style tolerate the presence of such a finishing material. Anyway, in the avant-garde and modern styles of interior textile wall do not fit.

Non-woven today are at the peak of popularity. Their main advantage - the ability to change the color of the walls, not perekleivaya wallpaper. They will also be able to hide small bumps on the walls and fit for decoration of bedrooms in classic and contemporary styles.

Natural wallpaper have drawbacks in addition to high (sometimes prohibitively high!) Price. In all other respects they are the most appropriate choice. In addition to the undeniable environmental, presentable and durability, they also possess a high sound insulation.

In general, as we have said, for sleeping suit almost any wallpaper, available on the market today. Naturally, to consider options for washable wallpaper for the bedroom is not necessary. This material is for registration of a kitchen, bathroom, utility room. With a choice of vinyl wallpaper is also no need to hurry - think about their poor ability to pass air. But disclaims vinyl wallpaper is not necessary. Perhaps, in a spacious and well-ventilated area, they will be completely out of place. But all other types of wallpaper, you can choose according to price, color and pattern.

 How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Choose the wallpaper color

In fact, it is assumed that for the bedroom to choose only bright wallpaper. However, as they say, the owner of a gentleman, and you need to focus primarily on their own experience. Even lovers of bright colors is to abandon the screaming wallpaper colors and very dark shades. Bedroom - a place of rest and relaxation, while the dark color is depressing, and the bright colors excite. Even as a place for sleeping lovemaking Psychologists do not recommend flashy and very dark wallpaper.

Let us consider the conventional wisdom that the best choice for the bedroom - pastel-colored wallpaper. Classic colors of the wallpaper is considered to be all shades of beige, cool blue tones, milky peach, lilac and olive. These colors will not tire the eye, not perevozbudilsya nervous system and will blend in with any furniture. However, when choosing a color, consider the size of wallpaper bedroom and its illumination.

For example, for the bedroom, oriented south direction, recommend choosing wallpaper cool colors (blue, olive, purple). For the northern rooms, on the contrary, you should buy wallpaper warm color palette (beige, peach, terracotta milk). And remember that cold tone longer appropriate in a small bedroom, and a wall in a large room is better to paste over wallpaper warm colors.

By the way, visually change the geometry and size of the room help and the combination of different colors of wallpaper and wallpapers. And hanging on the walls of plain pictures, paintings and panels always seemed to revive a boring plain wallpaper in any color. But the wallpaper with a pattern must be chosen carefully.

 what color to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Choose the wallpaper on the drawing

If the question, what color to choose wallpaper for the bedroom, you have already answered, it is now necessary to determine a pattern. Just "I like it" - no reason for the selection. First, do not forget the stylistic design of the interior bedrooms. Second, consider its geometry - room size, ceiling height, as well as the ratio of the width and length of the room.

Wallpaper with a small figure visually reduce any room, so for a small bedroom is better not to choose these wallpapers. But also a major figure in the small room would not be appropriate. Because for a small bedroom is better to choose plain wallpaper. If the room is very spacious, you can use the Image panel type or paste over the wall wallpaper with various different patterns. By the way, this technique will allow the zoning room. Vertical stripes visually raise the low ceilings and panels to help their visually omitted.

"Extend the" wall in the bedroom will help narrow pattern of horizontal stripes. Moreover, it should not be that contrasting stripes. The effect of horizontal stripes can give orderly repetition of prints and drawing, simulating the texture - jute, bamboo, stones. Ornamental pattern can also expand the narrow room, if it is stretched horizontally.

However, the classic pattern wallpaper option for the bedroom was and remains a floral design or floral pattern. So, if you stick to the classical canons of interior design, choose wallpaper with such a picture - can not go wrong.

So, choosing a wallpaper for the bedroom, keep in mind, first of all, their views. Then select the color, giving up too bright and very dark shades. Then identify with the light and dark colors - to the north and west rooms, choose a warm color of the wallpaper, and for eastern and southern cool shades. Next, define a pattern of wallpaper, depending on the size and shape of the bedroom.

And now the big problem of choice in front of you will not stand. Are you sure you can make your choice is correct, because you know how to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom. Good luck!

 How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

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