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  • Duck with tangerines and green salad
  • Duck with kiwi and mandarin oranges
  • Duck with mandarin and almond
  • Duck breast with mandarin oranges and beans
  • Duck with mandarin slices, thyme and juniper

Italian cuisine a few centuries ago, it was presented to the world a true masterpiece - it was the duck with mandarin oranges. Catherine de Medici when she married the French governor, took with him to France, some favorite recipes. Since then, the most talented chefs of the world are at odds about who to assign credit for the creation of a magnificent bird with a combination of citrus. Let the debate goes on as usual - we just will prepare a wonderful dinner, not venturing into the maze of history.

Duck with tangerines and green salad

To arrange a holiday, you will not need to spend a lot of time and money - just inspiration and proven recipe. The secret of its success lies in the fresh grass. Sage leaves are full of fragrant oil and arugula, besides being an aphrodisiac, is indispensable for slimming ladies. This natural energy, because it is a source of vitamin C, and iodine. As you can see, this recipe, besides the luxury of taste, has a huge advantage. Let's get down to his performance!


  • duck medium size
  • onions and red - 1 head
  • rhizome leeks
  • carrots - 2 pieces
  • mandarins - 4 pieces
  • Fresh sage - 9-10 leaves
  • Garlic - 1 clove
  • bunch of fresh arugula
  • olive oil - 4-5 tablespoons
  • balsamic vinegar - 1 tablespoon
  • Mild mustard - 1 tsp

Cooking method:

By itself, the recipe is very simple, so let's start with the most important - a duck. Carcase need to wash and remove the remaining feathers (if necessary). Excess fat in and around the tail cut off. Experienced cooks are advised to cut the entire tail, as there is odorous iron. Extreme-third of the wings also be deleted.

Fresh sage leaves, rinse thoroughly pat dry on paper towel. In a mortar, pour 2 teaspoons of salt, add the sage and carefully grind to a paste. This aromatic blend thoroughly rub the duck both outside and inside. Tangerine cut in half and place inside. Leave to marinate for half an hour the bird.

In the meantime, enjoy a vegetable. Pay special attention to the bow-poreyu - between its layers of sand often delayed. Cut the upper part of the leaf, root, stem, cut into 4 cylinder and wash under running water. Carrots clean using peelers and the same root cut petals. Peel onions and red onions, cut into half rings, garlic crush a large knife. When the vegetables are ready, come time to start bake dishes.

At the bottom lay utyatnitsu vegetables. On top of this "cushion" will recline duck stuffed tangerines. Warm up the oven to 180 degrees advance and send it our duck for 2 hours to bake. From time to time, look down and check how a bird behaves. When heated with too much fat, drain it, but do not pour. Duck fat is known for nutrients.

When will take place 2:00 cooking, check the bird. If the meat is easily separated from the bone, our deliciously smelling duck ready. Came proper feeding dishes. Arugula, rinse, place in a colander and dry, constant shaking. Then take a bowl, combine the ingredients for the sauce: balsamic vinegar, mustard, olive oil, juice of half a tangerine and a pinch of coarse salt. The remaining half of tangerine divide into segments and cut each in half.

Getting the most inspiring lesson - the creation of a masterpiece. Take a large flat plate, place the beam obsushennoy arugula, pour it generously sauce, sprinkle with sliced ​​tangerines and place on top of a tidbit duck. It is also possible to sprinkle salad dressing. As you can see, it does not take a lot of cooking time, and the dish downright exudes a rich flavor and vitamins. Bon Appetit!

 delicious recipe for duck with mandarin oranges

Duck with kiwi and mandarin oranges

Are there in your home trophies in the form of a wounded game? The man is proud of his position earner and you are left alone with the tough wild duck? Do not despair! Cook poultry until it melted in your mouth - it's not a problem if you have the right recipe. We are ready to gladly share it with you. Let's cook together tender and juicy duck.


  • duck medium size
  • 2 tablespoons liquid honey
  • 5 mandarins
  • 3 kiwis
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • 40 ml of soy sauce

Cooking method:

Duck should be carefully plucked, gutted and cut off the excess fat. Rub the skin of pepper and coarse salt, let stand up 2:00 in the refrigerator. After a time, mix the soy sauce, honey and juice of 1 mandarin. Rub the skin of poultry marinade and leave for another half hour. The recipe goes into a stage of baking. Turn the oven to 180 degrees. Until it reaches the desired temperature, get stuffed duck. Kiwi and tangerine peel and cut into large cubes. Stuff of the carcass, and seal the opening with toothpicks.

Prepare the dishes, which will be baked duck. Transfer carefully to the bird and send it in the oven an hour and a half. Periodically check, because the duck skin can be burnt. If all of a sudden it happened, cover the bird with foil and place on the bottom of the oven bowl of cold water. The cooking time depends on the duck age and weight, the average is 1, 5-2, 5 hours. Once the meat is easily separated from the bones, the duck is ready. Serve it with your favorite side dish and you can be sure that this recipe will save even the toughest bird. Bon Appetit!

Duck with mandarin and almond

Many do not like duck for its odor. And in vain, because rid of the smell - this thing for 10 minutes, and as a result you get a healthy dish that is easy to prepare. Let's put this recipe in life, and you get a fragrant dish without a trace of odor.


  • duck weighing about 1 kilogram 5
  • almond flakes - 100 grams
  • tangerines - 15 pieces
  • butter - 30 grams
  • half a lemon
  • cognac and light wine vinegar - 2 tablespoons
  • sugar - 50 grams
  • salt, ground black pepper

Cooking method:

To delete a specific smell, dilute the vinegar in half with water and using a folded napkin wipe bird. After 10 minutes, rinse with water. Blot excess moisture with a paper towel and rub the inside of the carcass with salt and pepper.

Take utyatnitsu and fry it until golden brown duck. Remove the pan from the heat and pour it in the following composition: brandy, juice of half a lemon and mandarin 4. Season with salt and pepper bird, starting two peeled tangerines and submit utyatnitsu stew over medium heat 40-45 minutes. While preparing the duck, do not forget to water it formed juice - do it from time to time.

When the duck is cooked, remove and clean from the mandarins. In utyatnitsu certainly have plenty of hot sauce, so you should take his improvement. Add sugar and vinegar and stir into the pan and lower the duck. Generously sprinkle with almond flakes bird, surrounded by peeled tangerines and then send it to stew for 15 minutes. Duck will look luxuriously, if you put it on the green lettuce leaves and garnish with whole peeled citrus. Bon Appetit!

 juicy duck with mandarin recipe

Duck breast with mandarin oranges and beans

This recipe is very suitable for novice cooks and bachelors. Duck breast - recognized by all delicacy. And besides, it is surprisingly quick and easy preparing!


  • 2 duck breasts
  • beans broccoli - 300 grams
  • mandarins - 3 pieces
  • olive oil - 4 tablespoons
  • green salad (mixture) - 200 grams
  • honey and vinegar - 1 tablespoon
  • salt pepper

Cooking method:

Wash duck breast and make the incision in the skin at a distance of a centimeter apart. Artillery knife carefully so as not to penetrate the skin to the meat. It contains large amounts of fat, and it is very necessary for us, because it is necessary to fry the breasts on a dry surface. Heat a nonstick skillet or utyatnitsu breast skin and lay down, press down with a fork. Fry the meat should be fast, just 3-4 minutes on each side, and then immediately move the pan in the preheated oven. Literally 7-8 minutes - and you can get. Cover the breast with foil - let rest while you are busy with further preparations.

Recipe gradually coming to an end. In boiling salted water, blanch green beans for 5 minutes. In a separate bowl, mix the sauce. To do this, squeeze the juice of 2 tangerines, pour olive oil, vinegar and honey. Thoroughly mix all the wooden spoon. Do not use cupro-nickel plated and devices - from the vinegar they darken.

Remove the duck breasts and cut the fibers on the plate thickness of about 1 centimeter. On a plate lay washed salad mix, boiled beans, peeled tangerines and duck breasts. Now generously pour sauce dish. Hopefully, mouth-watering taste of duck fillet with mandarins to your taste. Bon Appetit!

Duck with mandarin slices, thyme and juniper

Aromatic, gentle, nourishing food - this recipe was created just for gourmets. Juniper berries have a unique bright taste and lends a touch of thyme. Hot and spicy dish will be enjoyed by your guests and loved ones.


  • large duck
  • 4 Mandarin
  • thyme - 4 sprigs
  • 5-6 juniper berries
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • ground black pepper - 1 tsp
  • lemon
  • balsamic vinegar
  • coarse salt

Cooking method:

The first thing you need to cook a fragrant paste for rubbing the ducks. In a mortar crush the juniper berries and thyme leaves. Stir to large salt, pour the balsamic vinegar (literally 2 tablespoons) and olive oil. Stir with a spoon and pour emulsion fresh lemon juice. Be sure to strain the juice, if you got there bone citrus. Duck Wash, trim excess fat and rub in a mortar Get sauce. Place the bird in a deep dish and send it in the fridge - let it be fed with aromas of a few hours.

Tangerines scald with boiling water to wash away the natural wax. Cut them into large slices straight from the peel. Stuff the duck and sew the incision strong thread. Put the bird breast down utyatnitsu, close the lid and put on half an hour in the preheated oven. First, set the baking temperature by 170 degrees and 40 minutes to pick up the 190. So propechetsya meat evenly and do not dry up. Do not forget to duck to water formed juice every 20-30 minutes of cooking. When the duck is ready, let it cool a little and clean from tangerine slices. As a side dish, boil rice or mashed potatoes. Bon Appetit!

Sure, duck with tangerines will be a real gem of your cookbook. Features such as a specific smell of meat and stiffness, can be easily corrected. Cook the bird, and your guests will once again see what you first class hostess. And, of course, add the selected recipe for his love and sensuality - then even the everyday becomes a holiday dinner!

 Duck with mandarin: recipe extravaganza of taste and color on your desk

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