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  • The color scheme of the living room wallpaper
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Most women facing arrangement of their own homes, a lot of attention to the room, which is called the hall or living room. Indeed, this area must fulfill several functions: it's going to the whole family can enjoy a holiday in the table and invited guests, friends here often drop to the evening tea and so on. And if the kitchen, many of us believe the main room of the house or apartment and its fireplace, the living room would be correct to call them my heart and soul. Therefore, I want to make a room and front door, and a cozy, comfortable and at the same time.

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to take care of "clothing" for the walls of your living room - wallpaper. They serve as an excellent background for other interior components, such as curtains, furniture, textiles and other necessary additions entourage. In addition, a properly fitted wallpaper able to hide small flaws on the visible surfaces of the walls and ceiling to visually expand the space, make it light, or vice versa, will give a large room cozy and bring it some elements of intimacy. Therefore, the solution of which wallpaper to choose for the room will depend on the goals that you set for yourself, and of the interior, which is planning to set up.

Even before you go to the hardware store or a dedicated lounge and appreciate the diversity presented there materials for finishing walls, you need to determine what will be the main color of your living room. Of course, his choice depends entirely on your personal preferences and tastes, but to make it the most successful, experts recommend the following tips.

First, familiarize yourself with how it interact and combine different shades, because you will want to this or that area in the room somehow stood out. Therefore, use a kind of wheel, in which the individual sector represented each of the twelve basic color. Those which are located in the neighborhood considered related. Their combination in decorating the walls of the living room will bring a sense of calm, peace and relaxation. It called complementary colors which are located opposite to each other. Their combinations are designed to fill the space with energy, power and movement.

Secondly, you need to consider what kind of color or combination of colors is appropriate to use in the design of the walls in the living room. It is very difficult to be in the room, the interior of which over time will only irritate, causing strange feeling of dissatisfaction. The reasons for this, you will not immediately understand correctly. And the blame for everything fails wall color. So, how to choose the wallpaper for the audience to always feel comfortable in it?

 What wallpaper to choose for living

The color scheme of the living room wallpaper

People feel the need for relaxation and recreation because of the hectic pace of life, it is better to give preference Beige. If living in your apartment has a small area and it gets little natural light, the color in combination with white or other pastel shades, make it bigger and brighter. Special solemn hall will give golden wallpaper, but they should not be abused, okleivaya wall completely. The winning combination will look just gold laconic brown or soft bezhem.

Yellow and orange color symbolizes the sun, energy and strength. Wallpapers of bright and rich colors are also perfectly suited for small dusky living, as do their walls bright and cheerful. If you aspire to the creation of a strict and generous interior room, use a combination of brown and beige, yellow or pale green. Such variations make a living wall is very impressive. But do not forget that the rich dark color is appropriate in large, bright rooms. In other cases, it must be properly dosed.

Wallpapers red shades chosen self-confident people. This color is a source of additional energy and passion. He dominates the design of the walls, gives the living room makes it a festive and elegant, perfectly combined with contrasting pastel colors. If you plan to create an interior room in oriental style, choose the wallpaper of red, black and white colors. This combination is considered very good for active zones is an apartment, which belongs to the living room.

Very interesting is the color purple. It would seem that it belongs to the dark shades, so relevant for the spacious rooms. But designers recommend to hang wallpaper purple walls a small living room. This paradox is due to the fact that this shade itself is a kind of expanding space, push the boundaries. It gives the audience similar to the precious casket, studded inside softest velvet. Agree, a successful hard to imagine an atmosphere of comfort.

But the wallpaper with blue, cold and rich in small rooms is better not to use. This deep shade as the sea, needs space. Romantic nature often choose sky-blue shades of the wallpaper, and for good reason. They perfectly expand the space and give rest. In such a light and gentle living even quarrels and clarify the relationship held in a calm tone as the walls themselves are calling for peace and harmony.

Green and all its shades represent the vital energy. In the living room, where it is used, is no place for negativity and irritation. Although Green refers to the colors Spreading space, it must be used with caution in small rooms. If you like this color, but the area does not allow the hall to use it in dominant numbers, when choosing wallpaper is better to provide for the possible combinations with other colors.

Classics of the genre have always been white wallpaper. This color gives lightness and airiness to any interior, but psychologists recommend using it in combination with other colors. And rightly so, because monogamous white walls are very similar to a sterile hospital interior. Classics of the genre is its combination with black. It is an excellent solution for creating ultra-modern interior.

 How to choose wallpaper for the hall

Drawings, prints and materials for modern wallpaper

Pondering the question of what to choose wallpaper for the living room, many women have lost not only in the variety of colors and patterns. It should be noted that the neutral and malovyrazitelnoe patterns on a light background gradually lost its relevance, replaced by more modern trends. For lovers of floral ornament should pay attention to their unique combination in a bright black and white. Well-look wallpaper stripes. If your living room needs extra height, select the vertical line, but too few to expand the narrow space horizontal help. The presence of bright bands will make the living element of playfulness and fun, classic combination, on the contrary, will add rigor and solemnity.

The walls of the small rooms on the area it is not necessary to make out the wallpaper with a large pattern or very small patterns. In the first case, this figure will be somewhat ridiculous to look across the small space, and the second - will make the room featureless. It is not necessary to abuse and overly colorful wallpaper, but if you still can not give them up, decorate it so that only one wall, the rest of the issue in a peaceful manner.

If you want to make your living room unique, use a wide range of designer wallpaper. Today they can be implemented most unusual patterns, ethnic flavor, bright illustrations, historical, and even art paintings of famous painters. You want to capture the imagination of visitors? Decorate the walls of variations "on a tapestry," made from textiles or have a beautiful embossed.

But designer wallpaper should be careful, as this requires a fashionable trend in the rest of the interior of the living room right to sustain a single style. If the walls in the room you plan to decorate with wallpaper, consisting of an abstract pattern, then the rest should follow a minimalist decoration. Ethnic image should highlight wicker furniture. If in your fantasy living room wall is decorated with wallpaper in the style of paintings of the Renaissance, make sure that the rest of the entourage and a consistent style, right shading exquisite paintings.

Trying to fully illuminate the question of what to choose wallpaper for the room, not to mention those who represent a variety of great photos. Modern technologies allow to give them a very realistic shape and volume, and this is not the posters, which once adorned the walls of our mothers and grandmothers. Mural at the present come to life just the same beautiful scenery untouched corners of nature. It is an excellent solution for the living room is now a popular ecological style.

Unusual colors perfectly set off the interior in minimalist or classical style. Fans of high-tech will appreciate panoramic views of cities and other urban plots properly adapted to these elements of glass and steel. Youth and glamorous real "stuff" happy to decorate the walls of the living room pictures of movie stars and scenes. Mural with reproductions of paintings will become a highlight of the interior in classic Venetian or French style.

With regard to materials of construction for a modern decor for the walls, by the most traditional ones include fleece, vinyl and paper. These wallpapers are long and firmly established themselves in the market and are very popular with customers. Very active in the production of "clothes" are used for walls and various tissues. This type of wallpaper provides two layers - basic and decorative. For the first use paper or nonwoven, and the second becomes the textiles. I must say that the wallpaper of silk, linen, velvet or cotton have excellent wear resistance, as have special protection, which does not allow them to burn in the sun and soak up the odors fade from dust.

But for those of you who are looking for new innovative solutions in the decoration of the walls, you should pay attention to alternative counterparts made from cane and bamboo fibers. Such materials are considered the most environmentally friendly and safe. Recently, the market of products for construction and decoration are increasingly found very unusual wallpaper foil, but not many of us is resolved to purchase them. The designers do not cease to insist that this material will become a universal solution for classic interiors, as well as for high-tech style.

As you can see, the choice of wallpaper today is really huge. The imagination of the buyer affects a variety of different materials, colors and patterns. This sea is very easy to drown, if not to listen to what you tell your own inner sense of beauty and harmony. Very often we choose interior influenced numerous tips designers, and later become hostage to someone else's taste. So first try to determine exactly what should be your living room, to the whole family in it was comfortable and cozy long winter evenings and on weekends. It was only after a clear idea about it takes for its clearance.

 What wallpaper to choose the room: beautiful walls - the key to a successful interior