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Modern life - a series of changing events, a constant race, whose purpose - to earn more money to "make" a name for himself, to reach professional peaks. And if before such thoughts and actions were inherent exclusively to men, today joined in the game, and the fair half. The woman has not only performs the role of guardian of comfort and home, but also successfully and harmoniously goes through life as a support for her husband, serving in a particular company, the daughter of parents and mother to their children.

And all of this takes time and effort. It is not surprising that women come home and want only one thing - to quickly get to bed. But here there is one of the key issues: how to feed the family? It is clear that to get involved delights and prepare original dishes - is to spend a lot of hours near the plate. In this case it is better to resort to the "fast" cooking. Here come to the aid of golden fried ravioli recipe. They are absolutely not necessary to mold yourself - just buy frozen food in the supermarket. Then there will be only send them to the pan, make a fragrant sauce and voila, dinner on the table.

Simple dumplings every day

This recipe is suitable for everyone, and for women who do not have time to prepare original dishes, and students engaged in their studies, and even for men - for singles, far from the cooking. We will tell you how to cook fried dumplings quickly and without any financial cost. Moreover, in this case does not even have to knead the dough - enough to buy a frozen ravioli, tortellini or other khinkali. It is very simple and yet delicious. Offer see this in practice.

Ingredients (per serving):

  • 25 pieces of frozen dumplings all
  • water - half cup
  • black pepper (meaning ground)
  • two tablespoons of olive oil
  • salt - to taste
  • Ground paprika - optional

For the sauce:

  • 20 grams gourmet mayonnaise
  • one garlic clove
  • 15 grams of parsley

Cooking method:

First, remove the dumplings from the freezer and allow to thaw slightly, then put in a hot skillet with olive oil and fry over medium heat. To your taste, add a few pinches of salt and a mixture of freshly ground black pepper and paprika. When the product will acquire a beautiful golden brown color, turn them over to the other side of the spatula, and continue to cook. After a few minutes in a bowl pour boiled (but not hot, and cooled) water, cover and hold on stove until the liquid is completely evaporated. Once manage, turn off the burner and as the product cools down, get the sauce.

For such dishes fit any dressing, for example, tomato, sour cream, based broth with spices and so on. We offer the most simple recipe: Pour into a bowl the mayonnaise, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and dill, a clove of garlic and then enter, peeled and crushed with a special press. Mix the ingredients with a spoon. Now lay ruddy dumplings in portions of the plates, garnish with sauce and invites everyone to the table.

Of course, each recipe is unique, however, is not always possible and it is necessary to follow the instructions completely. After all happen and force majeure, so you may not sin afford a little Carta. So, instead of olive is fine fragrant sunflower oil and the traditional set - black pepper and paprika - to replace other seasoning. Great flavor and an unforgettable taste of the dish give basil, cilantro, oregano, which are used in dried or fresh. And if the magic of cooking sauces have no desire, post dumplings with ketchup, mayonnaise or special salad dressing.

 fried dumplings recipe

Dumplings "Student" in a pan with cheese

We offer another quick recipe for the lazy, which is especially useful to young people. Probably, each current or former student is familiar with such dishes as ravioli. After all, it is easier to prepare: Frozen food thrown into boiling water, add salt, then merged the water, put a piece of butter, sprinkle with spices - and not have to worry about dinner. But there is another version of this dish. It's as simple, and the result is not less than appetizing. At this time, we will fry the dumplings with cheese.


  • 200 grams of frozen dumplings store
  • butter - 15 grams
  • salt
  • 50 grams of cheese ("Russian", "Dutch" or any other)
  • if you wish, freshly ground pepper (black) - optional

Cooking method:

First, bring to a boil the water. After add the ½ tablespoon of salt (for small pots) and vsypte dumplings. Boil until half, they should be, which is about five to seven minutes. Then fold the product in a colander and let it drain. In a hot skillet, melt the butter piece and here lay the dumplings. If desired, enter a bit of spice. It can be sweet pepper or black pepper, dried dill or basil. When the product lightly browned, remove them from the heat and spread on plates in portions. Now rub the grated cheese and sprinkle it over the hot dish. If you are not able to buy "Russian" or "Dutch", take the usual processed cheese.

The dish had you prefer? Well, next time try to diversify it by replacing a delicious cheese sauce. We offer a very simple recipe for mustard dressing: combine into a bowl ten milliliters of pre-boiled cooled water, vinegar (quite large spoons), mild mustard, a small pinch of salt and black pepper. Mix ingredients and serve the sauce with the fried dumplings. Another no less appetizing option - ketchup, combined with mayonnaise and fresh chopped herbs. Products are connected in a ratio of one to one.

 recipe for fried dumplings

Dumplings "Home", fried in a pan

Finish lazy and begin to improve their culinary skills. If the previous dishes were very simple to prepare, something about it will have some work to do. Do you want to learn how to sculpt dumplings? No problem, this will help the next recipe. As you have probably realized, finished products not boiled and fried in plenty of oil that is deep-fried. Dish turns out very tasty, ruddy and crisp.


For the dough:

  • small spoon of salt
  • 180 milliliters of water
  • Half a kilogram of flour sifted
  • one egg
  • a little less than ½ cup vegetable oil

For the meat filling:

  • 500 grams of beef
  • salt
  • 400 grams of onion
  • Black freshly ground pepper - a few pinches

For the sauce:

  • 15 grams of acute ketchup
  • the same amount of mayonnaise
  • 10 grams of dill

Cooking method:

If you decide to file a fried dumplings to your child, then use the shopping is not recommended. It is not known from which meat producers make the filling, how long the product was stored in refrigerators in a supermarket and so on. All this may mean for the baby intestinal disorder. Agree, it is better to spend a few extra minutes at the stove, than after berating yourself for negligence. The more that a recipe that is offered, it is not difficult.

So, first you need to knead the dough. To it came a gentle, sift through a sieve into a deep bowl of white flour and make a recess in the middle. Now dissolve in warm water and salt, and here also enter pre-beaten egg. Mix the ingredients with a spoon so that they become a homogeneous liquid. Pour it into the flour and whisk gently working from the bottom up, knead the solid mass. To get rid of lumps, a few more good mix the dough by hand. Then, in time, remove it aside for proofing.

You have 30 to 40 minutes to make the stuffing. In this recipe includes beef, however, is quite suitable for stuffing chicken or lamb. At this point you choose: men love a hearty and women, in contrast, prefer a light and non-greasy. Chop the meat into large chunks and grind it with a grinder. Then clean the onions from the husk, cut it into pieces and together with the beef again pass through a kitchen appliance or a harvester. In this case, the filling will more tender, juicy and free of lumps. On its own taste with salt, enter the two pinches of black pepper and carefully knead by hand.

It's time to sculpt dumplings, so sprinkle work surface with flour, roll out the dough on it in the not too thick layer (about one millimeter in height). Products can be of any shape. Traditionally it is considered circular, which is extruded using a conventional glass tumbler. We propose to do otherwise: the knife cut the dough into squares with a side of no more than five centimeters. In the middle of each, place a teaspoon of ground beef with a slide, turn the product in half and carefully connect the corners, crushing them with your fingers as tightly as possible.

If it was an ordinary recipe at this stage would send the dumplings in boiling water. But we are preparing a completely different dish. Therefore it is good, heat a frying pan, pour oil into it and wait until it starts to boil slightly. Then fry the product in small portions until golden brown. It remains to make the sauce: combine the mayonnaise into a bowl of ketchup, condiments ingredients chopped dill. There are plenty of filling stations and supply options of foods. So it can be decorated with yogurt or sour cream, and some housewives prefer to pour fried dumplings hot meat broth.

 how to cook fried dumplings

Dumplings "In Chinese" double meat

It turns out that the first fry dumplings learn Chinese - precisely because it is so delicious dish came into use modern housewives. Its main advantages include ease of preparation and cost-effectiveness. In addition to its preparation does not necessarily have a great culinary talent, experience or be a genius, because fry dumplings very simple.


For the dough:

  • 0, 5 small spoons of salt
  • flour - 500 grams
  • 200 milliliters of water
  • Seven milliliters of vegetable oil

For the stuffing:

  • 250 grams of pork
  • Beef - 250 grams (if you choose to replace it with lamb)
  • pepper (just two small pinches)
  • Three medium onions
  • ground ginger - on request
  • salt

Cooking method:

Sift in the flour well-scrubbed table, then do it in the funnel. In a separate bowl, mix the water and the salt, here also beat the egg and add the vegetable oil. Mix ingredients and pour the liquid into a makeshift mound. Start gently kneading the dough, gradually collecting flour from the edges to the middle as long as the leaves dense homogeneous mass. It is in any case should not stick to the table or hand - this is a sure sign that the dough is too liquid. In this case, you need to add a little more wheat product.

Now is the time to start filling. This recipe includes two kinds of meat: beef and pork. The first can be replaced by lamb, which certainly will appeal to your man. Chop food into large pieces, and grind them in a meat grinder (if you have a food processor, use it). Then just miss them a second time, only adding the sliced ​​onions. Minced salt and pepper to your taste, then mash well with his hands.

Roll out the dough using a rolling pin into a thin cake. Then, by applying a glass or cup is not too wide neck down, cut out circles. Stuff each stuffing and tucks around the edges. Note that on the one hand you need to leave a small hole - then fry better products, and meat is moist. Red-hot frying pan and grease it with oil, then lay out the ravioli (seam should look up). Make a small fire, otherwise the dish will burn. Once it is well browned, pour a little water in a bowl and cook dumplings for a buried cover five or six minutes. Serve the dish with sour cream or cream. If you are willing to experiment, add the water two or three pinches of ground ginger. It will give a special piquancy and flavor.

Dumplings in fragrant sauce

Despite the fact that the preparation of ravioli - this procedure is fast enough, many people prefer to buy items in the store. It's easier and faster. Most people are used to cook the dish in salted water and serve it to the sour cream, sprinkle with spices or herbs. We offer a break with tradition and a little soriginalnichat. How to act, tell the following recipe.


  • three red and two yellow sweet peppers
  • ½ kilo store dumplings
  • Two pod hot red pepper
  • two onions
  • salt
  • three large tablespoons of dry wine (red, use only)
  • Eight milliliters olive oil
  • spices - to your taste

Cooking method:

First, boil in lightly salted water frozen dumplings. So they do not stick together, they constantly stir and cook for no more than five minutes. After fold and wait until they will drain. Now we need to make the sauce. To do this, peel and chop the onion into small cubes. Then remove the core from peppers and cut them into medium-sized pieces, and red sharp vegetable knife, divide into thin strips.

Pour all ingredients in a saucepan with warm olive oil and cook on minimum heat for four minutes. Then season with salt and season with spices and pour here is a dry wine or vinegar, depending on what you decide to use. More short extinguish his creation under the lid closed. When it is ready, to shift into a separate bowl, and in the remaining oil Brown the dumplings. Serve the dish with steamed vegetables, if desired pour it with sour cream.

As you can see, even the most common and known to all the dish can be transformed beyond recognition. Thank cooks China, who first took a chance and fried dumplings. Now, do not have to starve: buy or make yourself dumplings, select the recipe - with tomato or cream sauce with vegetables or other - and cook dinner for the whole family. We wish you a good appetite and appreciative eaters!

 Fried dumplings: a recipe for bachelors and not only

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