Wrought iron beds

Every woman aspires to arrange bedroom in a refined style, filled with extraordinary decorations and unusual furniture. Special romanticism different wrought-iron beds, giving the interior space weightlessness and airiness. Thousands of variants of products already invented forging masters is constantly supplemented with new projects carried out on customers' designs. Variety of colors allows Beds forged products successfully entered into any interior, decorated in the style of timeless classics and modern minimalism.

The bed consists of a metal frame, which is attached to frame oval, rectangular or circular shape. The design of the product depends on the backs of the frame structure. Rounded lines flow into dozens of bizarre curls, ornately intertwined with each other and give the impression of light floating in the air. Reliable product does not look massive, and therefore does not take up much space in the bedroom. More rigorous geometric proportions backs kept in wrought-iron bed with rectangular frames. However, the furniture does not become less attractive.

To wrought-iron bed was a real decoration of the bedroom, you must carefully consider its design, paying attention to every single detail. The beauty created from small things, which should not be neglected. On the basis of floor space, selected the optimal size of a wrought-iron bed. Commensurability this product with the environment plays an important role in the design of the bedroom. Massive double wrought-iron beds are made for spacious rooms, where they look elegant and natural. For small and has chosen miniature products which do not take away from the premises any excess centimeters, but provide comfort during sleep.

In order to maintain the unity of style in the interior of a bedroom is used and other forged products, emphasizing the beauty of an elegant bed. Looks great in fishnet framed mirrors, chandeliers, ottomans, nightstands, tables, manufactured combines elements of artistic forging with alternative materials as glass, bamboo, vines, wood, leather.

The special piquancy to the interior of the bedroom give forged candlesticks, figurines, souvenirs, reminding women about the exciting journey and intriguing encounters. Lovely heart things create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in one of the main rooms of the house.

 Wrought iron bed - a subtle romance in the interior of the bedroom

 color combination in the interior of the living room


  • Selection of colors depending on the destination living
  • Color and lighting
  • Role of color in the interior
  • Fashion trends

Since the repair in the living room, it is necessary not only to consider all the details of the interior, but also to understand what principles should guide that room was cozy and comfortable. The main role design plays in the creation of a combination of colors. After all, the effect of different colors on the human psyche has long been verified by research.

For example, there are shades, can calm and relax human. Or vice versa - cause headache and irritation. That is why the combination of colors in the living room should be chosen carefully and positively affect both the hosts and guests of the house. There are three main types of combinations of colors and shades in the interior:

  • Analog

In this case, the interior combines shades located in a palette, for example, blue and purple shades wall. You've got to remember - choose one thing: either cool colors or warm. Very nice and suddenly looks the combination of red and yellow colors;

  • Monochrome

Here the basis of a single bright color (eg green), and all the interior details include shades: green, turquoise, beige. That is, it turns a living room in one color. Darkest - floor, the average brightness - the walls, the most light - ceiling. In such an interior must be present conflicting bright accents: lamps, vases, ottomans. In general, the combination should not be lubricated;

  • Contrast

In this case, playing on the contrast of colors in the interior. For example, white walls - cherry furniture. Or chocolate walls - turquoise furnishings. Thus quite convenient to divide the room into zones (if necessary).

 a beautiful combination of colors in the interior of the living room

Selection of colors depending on the destination living

Of course, the choice of colors for the design of the living room and must proceed from its purpose:

  • Direct appointment

The room is used only for the reception. Experienced designers are advised to use in the interior of heavy curtains, massive upholstered furniture, pictures on the walls. You can use a golden finish and bright colors. The room should be comfortable and relaxing, and long-term communication. It is appropriate in this case will look arches, stucco and even false columns.

  • The combination living room and bedroom

Given our small apartment, such a combination is not uncommon. In the afternoon we take the guests in the room, and at night the room is transformed into a sleeping area. And the main thing here is to understand how to use color intelligently divide the room. It is best to play on the contrast of light and dark shades. For example, a sleeping area made into pearl or pale turquoise, and the living room - in coffee or burgundy. Naturally, it would be appropriate to make a partition and using curtains or glass door on rollers.

  • The combination living room and dining room

In this case, it is not recommended to draw the room in any color. It is better to choose something more original and striking. For example, a dining room in bright colors, and a living room in orange and terra cotta.

Color and lighting

The combination of colors in the interior is largely depends on the lighting. It is necessary to consider both the location of windows and artificial light. The windows face south and the sun was a frequent guest? So, choose cool colors: ideally will look blue and green shades.

If the sun's rays rarely get into the room, even in the interior there are warm colors: burgundy, yellow, sand, peach. You can apply the gold and red colors - they are perfectly combined with each other in the living room and create a sense of celebration.

 the right combination of colors in the interior of the living room

Role of color in the interior

Before you choose a combination of colors and to realize their fantasies into reality, see the effect of each shade on the person. This will help you make the right choice when you make room.

  • Green

Soothes, it embodies the freshness of nature and gives room. But remember, only soft shades of green would be appropriate in the living room. Too sharp and bright colors can cause a migraine;

  • Red

Strong, vigorous, exciting. In the living room is not recommended (except for contrast and a small amount), but for the kitchen area (at the combined site) - this is what you need;

  • Brown

It gives a sense of orderliness, self-confidence, security. And absolutely all shades of colors have these properties;

  • Yellow

Cheerful and joyful color, which in any case give a good mood. It is appropriate and in the living room and in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Successfully combined with sandy colors, as well as peach, beige and coffee;

  • Purple (magenta)

Has to communicate, is soothing and calming agent. Kitchen is not usually used, but in the interior of the living room will be an excellent complement to general style;

  • Black

It evokes sadness can trigger depression. In no case can not use it in the interior in its pure form, is allowed only with a combination of bright colors: white, sand, yellow, beige;

  • White

Neutral color blends perfectly with all shades. It can be used both independently and as a decoration. Suitable for any room.

Fashion trends

Of course, should not blindly comply with every whim of fashion. But to know the major fashion trends in the design of interior design is necessary. So, this year, leading all shades of blue. Despite the fact that this color is classified as cold, it can be noble and deep, have a warm energy. Blue combines well with yellow, beige, peach, pink and gray.

Not losing ground and pearly shade - during the last 3 years, he is a constant favorite with designers. By the way, in the interior of the living room a shade will look best. Lilac color is also popular. The combination of color with blue, gray, brown or gold will look like in the interior of the living room is not only fashionable, but also comfortable.

Another current color - chocolate. Moreover, no coffee or tea, namely chocolate. Surprisingly, but the furniture in this color is able to give any room a luxurious look. Especially it is indispensable if the walls of the living room are decorated in bright colors. In this case, not only the furniture, curtains and can have a chocolate group. This combination of colors in the interior has to rest, it gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.

When choosing colors for the living room design certainly listen to your inner voice and remember that cozy and comfortable in the room should be above all to you. You can give free rein to their imagination and to realize the most daring dreams. But at the same time keep in mind what you'll be spending a lot of time in the living room, so do not need to create too rich interior. The overabundance of brightness will not add you a good mood.

Before we take up the design of the living room, talk to knowledgeable people, flip through magazines and catalogs. See how a particular color combination looks the part. Only completely sure of the correctness of his choice, begin to act. This approach will help you to create a comfortable and truly a home interior that you do not want to change for a long time.

 The combination of colors in the interior of the living room: it is determined with the choice

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