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  • Cheese omelet with shrimp and spices
  • Eggs for real men
  • Useful scrambled eggs with green asparagus
  • An unusual combination: scrambled eggs with avocado

In modern life, with its hectic time to eat, not to mention its preparation, are sorely lacking. Today, most people come back quite late from work when the first thing I want to do - is to dress and dine.

And here there is a dilemma related to the fact, what the dish preferred. Of course, suffer similar issues mainly girls, because they no longer worry about her figure, than the representatives of the strong half.

Nutritionists argue that the most useful version of a light snack at night - scrambled eggs with milk. According to experts, a few hours before bedtime should take protein foods - cheese, eggs, fish, chicken - which is well absorbed and does not stay on the body in the form of extra kilos.

Make an omelet - more than a simple task, especially if the hand is an original and easy recipe. We will teach you to cook extremely appetizing and nutritious meal for just fifteen minutes, so now do not have to go to bed hungry.

Cheese omelet with shrimp and spices

If we are talking about dietary dishes, first of all look at the recipe, which is useful every girl watching over her figure. To bring the weight back to normal, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself diets and fast, the most important thing - to normalize the diet and eat the right foods. So, fast carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal and other cereals, proteins such as fish, meat and eggs, it is recommended to eat for breakfast.

Do not make large gaps between meals, snack yogurt, yogurt or vegetables. And dinner is better to prepare a light, delicate omelet. It can be baked in the oven or fry in oil in a frying pan. The first option is more useful and less caloric. What is the recipe I choose? You decide.


  • sea ​​salt - to taste
  • Six eggs home
  • 250 grams of small peeled shrimp
  • eight grams of fresh curly parsley
  • chili powder
  • 15 ml of milk
  • half a lemon or lime
  • 15 grams grated Parmesan
  • tablespoon olive oil
  • seasoning - optional

Cooking method:

Let's try to make a delicious omelet in the oven. So, in order not to lose wasting precious minutes, turn on the oven and preheat it to 220 degrees. In the meantime, enjoy a preparation of other products: rinse and dry the herbs, chop after her thin strips, or simply tear the hands.

Peel the lemon peel and squeeze the juice out of it - will need about two tablespoons. With shrimp, remove the peel and rinse thoroughly under running water, fold in a colander and let drain. Then divide the sea inhabitants in two equal parts, one of them cut to pieces, and the other - leave just like that.

Milk should not be icy, therefore please remove it from the refrigerator. Then connect with the eggs, add to the severity of chili, a few pinches of salt and your favorite seasonings. You can make a mix of several spices - will approach dried rosemary, marjoram and basil. Each family has its own recipe, thanks to which it obtained food fragrant and delicious. Thoroughly whisk whisk the resulting mixture, at the end, enter the fresh nectar.

As for cheese, it should grate. After connect cheese and whole and chopped shrimp to the above products. Optionally, you can pour a few pinches of lemon peel. Stir the egg mixture and pour it into the heated skillet with olive oil. Once the omelette is enough to grasp and bottom covered with a crust, turn off the burner and move the dish in the oven. The oven baked dish for another seven or eight minutes. Once cooled cut it into portions, garnish with parsley and boldly proceed to the meal.

With the "sea" omelette perfect blend vegetable salad and cherry tomatoes. By the way, if desired, you can slightly change the recipe, such as this: shrimp, chopped into slices, mix with egg-milk mixture and bake in the oven. The remaining whole seafood fry in a pan with butter. For flavor, add seasoning Serve on a plate with scrambled eggs. Bon Appetit!

 how to cook scrambled eggs with milk

Eggs for real men

The following recipe is useful to everyone. Working women who simply do not have time for culinary creativity, will be able to use it to prepare a quick and satisfying meal for your lover. The tormented near the stove, inventing original dishes, the best 20 minutes omelet bake in the oven, and all the rest of the time to dedicate a loved one, or to spend it usefully. Enjoy this recipe and men who have not yet met their life partner. Diced vegetables, fry sausage and whisking eggs, you get a delicious dinner and stay hungry.


  • four sprigs of dill
  • five spoons (tablespoons) of pasteurized milk
  • salt
  • Three hunting sausages (optionally can use sausage, hot dogs, sausage or jerked Varenko)
  • one sweet peppers (yellow)
  • homemade eggs - six pieces
  • small purple onion
  • 80 grams of lard
  • two big juicy tomato

Cooking method:

To make an omelet, you have two ways. The former is more time-consuming, but the result is stunning. Separate the yolks from the whites, spreading them in a different bowl, whisk each ingredient separately. After both pour the mixture into a bowl, add here the warm milk, place a few grams of salt and seasonings to your taste.

Mix thoroughly with a mixer or whisk foods for four to seven minutes. Thanks to this simple procedure will omelette is very lush, gentle and beautiful. You can cook it in another way: The following method is more popular. Simply connect one dish milk, whole eggs and whisk.

When you manage with the egg mixture, do some other products. First, cut the bacon on medium-sized cubes and fry it in a frying pan with a thick bottom. The fire should be minimal, in such circumstances, the fat drips out better. Cooking fat is recommended for no longer than five minutes.

After this time, lay him sausages, cut into thin slices. Some use the normal onions, but if possible take a sweet purple. It will give zest to the dish and an unusual taste.

Clean the vegetables from the husk, and chop thin half-rings. Likewise proceed as pepper, but first remove from his heart. Tomatoes cut into medium size pieces. Now send the products to the pan with meat ingredients, slightly increase the flame and continue to cook.

Three minutes later, when the vegetables are soft and let the juice, fill them with egg mixture. Cover the bowl with a lid and cook an omelet for a while. Before serving it cool and sprinkle with finely chopped greens. The recipe will make delicious meal and save valuable time.

Useful scrambled eggs with green asparagus

All dishes are unique and are good in their own way. So give the citrus fruit fresh omelet, milk helps to prepare a magnificent and attractive to look at the product. Scrambled eggs on the water is obtained is not so beautiful, but less caloric. Its way better to bake in the oven.

In autumn and summer, rich in tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, you can make the dish with vegetables. There are many solutions, so you can only choose your own. Now let's look at another recipe - despite its simplicity, the omelet turns gentle and incredibly delicious.


  • a little less than a cup of milk
  • 200 grams of juicy green asparagus
  • olive oil - eight milliliters
  • tablespoon of sour lemon juice
  • a pinch of salt
  • Parmesan - 100 grams
  • five large eggs
  • fresh greens - optional

Cooking method:

Omelets can be done in the oven and in the pan, there's every woman arrives at its discretion. Let's start cooking: first thoroughly washed asparagus dry with a paper towel or normal tissue. Cut off the bottom of about two centimeters from the top of the stems, clean skin. Now, bring to a boil the water, slightly podsolite liquid and place it above ingredients - vegetables simmer for about five minutes. Then fold the asparagus and let it drain.

It is necessary to prepare the mixture for the future of the omelet: Beat the eggs with the milk, a small amount of salt and spices to the air condition. Chop as finely as possible fresh herbs and cheese rub strips. If you decide to bake the dish in the oven, preheat it to 200 degrees, then lubricate the inner walls of bakeware olive oil, lay on the bottom of the asparagus and pour all the egg mixture.

Send the product into the oven, and when it was seized and the omelet is almost ready, sprinkle it with Parmesan, herbs and soak in a hot oven for a few minutes. Just before serving, sprinkle the dish fresh juice.

 omelet recipe with milk

An unusual combination: scrambled eggs with avocado

We have somehow mentioned about the existence of a rather unusual dishes - eggs and avocado. Surely not every tried this dish. Original combination of fruit with cheese and onions creates a truly unforgettable taste, which you can enjoy forever. Want to give it a try? Then take the following recipe on a note, moreover, that it is very simple and does not require any special culinary skills.


  • average Avocado
  • four yolks and the same protein
  • slightly pasteurized milk
  • pepper (preferably black, if you want to give the dish sharpness, take the chili)
  • 100 ml cream
  • cheese - 100 grams (recommend the use of elite class - Edam, Parmesan)
  • 45 grams of butter
  • fine salt - at your discretion

Cooking method:

First of all, cut the avocados are not too large cubes, then place them in the melted butter in a frying pan. Fry until the fruit is soft and acquires a light brownish-golden hue. Do not forget to add pepper and salt to your taste. You can add a pinch of dried fragrant spices.

Cook the sauce for omelet not too difficult: chop the onion purified thin half-rings, and then briefly in a skillet stew with fat sour cream. Season the gravy with spices and mix well. While it cools, make an omelet: for this in a different bowl, whisk the egg yolks and whites into fluffy mixture, and then connect it to the milk, salt. Pour all in a pan and cook the thin omelet.

While still hot, place avocado slices on top, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese and roll up into a roll. Before serving, cut it into pieces and put on a table with a delicious cream sauce. As you can see, from the usual eggs, you can make a custom omelet. Fantasy modern chefs knows no boundaries, the results of their work and practice are presented on this site. Learn recipes and experiment with us!

 Scrambled eggs with milk: trendy recipes with health benefits