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If you decide to gather a large company, it is recommended to prepare a fragrant pilaf Uzbek. If we talk about the classics, the traditional recipe includes lamb. However, please note that this meat is quite fatty, so the dish is not suitable for every stomach. In the case of binge eating may be heartburn, nausea, and other symptoms. To avoid trouble with health and not to disappoint guests, add to the dish of beef or pork, in rare cases, use chicken.

This cook Uzbek pilaf made with lots of dried spices. Often it is cardamom, cumin, coriander, turmeric and barberry, red and black pepper, saffron. At this point every cook at your own risk brings a dish "flavor". On our site contains the most detailed instructions to help everyone - and a newcomer, and professionals - to easily comprehend the art of cooking. Let's look at a few options pilaf. You may approach a recipe-based diet of beef and hearty lovers, fatty foods will certainly appreciate the dish, fried in lard. You can cook it in a cauldron, in a normal pan with a thick bottom, in multivarka and even in a frying pan with high sides.

Simple Uzbek pilaf "at home"

We decided to cook a delicious pilaf? The Uzbek version of the dish is, of course, is considered the most successful of all. Because of spices: Zira, saffron, dried peppers and others - dish turns incredibly fragrant and spicy. And the lamb, which is a major component of plov, dish makes a bold and very hearty. This product is perfect for a family picnic in the country or in the country. However, if you decide to prepare it at home for her husband and kids, we suggest a little bit away from the recipe.

Tabasco replace more tender, and instead take the lamb beef. Such meat is considered a dietary, so the children's stomachs certainly perceive it positively, without any consequences for health. Through innovation, we've made to the classic recipe, reduce not only the cost of meals, but the time of its preparation. That, you see, is good news, especially working housewives. So, in order not to wonder what in the end will turn out after all these changes, let's get down to the culinary action. Precisely follow the instructions, and after 40-60 minutes at your desk will smoke flavored, hot Uzbek pilaf cooked in a modern way.


  • a large piece of scarlet, juicy beef (if you want to add to the recipe and even pork, take 500 grams of each type of meat)
  • five to seven medium carrots
  • 0, 5 kilograms of parboiled rice (it is considered a dietary)
  • 350 grams of onion
  • fresh greens - optional
  • 250 ml of refined vegetable oil
  • salt - to your personal taste
  • a chili pepper - optional
  • Dried saffron and cumin - one pinch of seasoning each species
  • two or three heads of garlic (in this case to comply with the prescription unprincipled, because everyone has his own taste)

Cooking method:

To make a real Uzbek pilaf, have to work hard. In addition, the first time the dish may not be possible: some complain that not enough steamed rice, while others complain of stiffness and dryness of the meat. Traditionally, this dish is subject only to the true men. However, it is rather a prejudice - if desired, and if at least a bit of practice to master it would any woman. Only everything takes time, and when it is not, you can resort to the easier option - to prepare a "lite" Uzbek pilaf based beef. Take note of this simple and best of all, cost-effective recipe.

So, well-washed piece of meat dry with paper towels. Then chop it into fairly large pieces. Carrots and onions on clean skin, then the first shred into strips, onion and vegetable - semicircles. Ready-made meals can be from any rice, but professionals are advised to use parboiled - it is more useful and gives the product a special flavor.

Rinse under the tap rump, then fill it with cold water and remove the side. Through such simple action figure swells, infusions and much faster then come to Kazan. If you do not have such settings, take the pan from the usual dense, thick bottom. Red-hot vegetable oil in it, put it in slices of beef and fry them with constant stirring. By the way, if necessary, do not be afraid to change slightly the standard recipe for pilaf. For example, if the traditional performance of his adopted home cooking with oil, the lovers of the exotic may well add the olive product. Just keep in mind this caveat: unrefined slightly bitter. If you want to avoid this, buy refined oil.

Back to our meal: the recipe is gaining momentum, so that acting in accordance with the cooking instructions. When the meat will get a brownish-golden color and let the juice, add it to the onion, two or three minutes - carrot sticks. Make sure the ingredients do not burn, for that reduce heat to low. Weight should languish in their own juice, optional lightly salt it. Now clean from the husk of garlic cloves and divide each into several large pieces. When the vegetables are browned enough, place in a bowl the garlic, cut thin strips of red pepper and seasonings. Regarding the latter, here each family can have its own recipe. If you love to cook with fresh spices, take leaves of marjoram and basil.

Now pour hot water into the pan, it should barely cover all the ingredients. Simmer over low heat for a lot. When the carrot is soft, wash the rice, wait until it is well drained, and then send it to the above products. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally, make sure that the Uzbek pilaf is not burnt. To do this, blow off some hot water as boiling sauce. Proposed prescription under the power of every woman, this dish is perfect for lunch or dinner in a large family. It is very satisfying and incredibly fragrant, surely your family will be satisfied.

About half an hour pilaf check if rice and vegetables become soft and juicy, turn off the heat, wrap the pan in thick towel and let it brew for savory food. If we talk about the alcoholic beverages, then it is ideal for dry red wine or a strong alcohol. In the traditional version dish is served with a special sauce, the recipe of which you'll learn about later. If you do not want to prepare the filling, put on the table an ordinary tomato ketchup acute or more gentle. Each serving is laid out as follows: in the center of a plate sprinkle the rice in the form of slides, add on top of pieces of meat and steamed vegetables. Pour the hot sauce and call relatives to a meal. We hope the recipe for a delicious pilaf Uzbek with a modern twist is to your liking.

 Uzbek pilaf

Pilaf with lamb: a dish for real men

If you want to treat their men delicious cuisine, try to cook pilaf. Most modern housewives, by virtue of their employment and the constant lack of time, simply unable to devote themselves to cooking, prefer a simpler version of specialties. However, fried beef with rice and vegetables - this is only a parody of a real Uzbek pilaf.

In his classical performance recipe is full of secrets and nuances unique to him. For example, this dish is prepared from parboiled rice, and if we talk about the meat, then it is sure to be juicy and hearty lamb. "The highlight of the" Uzbek cuisine are spices - they give a special flavor of savory meat and pungent rich taste. The only thing that these spices must be purchased in specialized shops or at the market. In fact pilaf recipe is not so difficult as it may seem to some. The main thing - to get the necessary products and follow exactly the instructions below. Ready meals have at least 45 minutes, but, believe me, the result is worth it. You will see that all men will fall at your feet!


  • one kilogram of fresh, soft lamb
  • five to eight grams of dried barberries
  • 850 grams of rice (parboiled can cook out or regular)
  • 250-30 milliliters of vegetable oil
  • large spoon (with a slide) cumin
  • put salt to taste
  • 750 grams of carrots
  • Three or four large bulbs
  • six grams of coriander seeds
  • small dried chili peppers
  • two heads of fresh garlic

Cooking method:

Despite the fact that each individual recipe dishes has its own individual characteristics, generally the hallmark of the Uzbek pilaf is a lot of variety of spices. It is usually prepared with dried (this option is most common) or fresh spices. Let's look at the first option and take the coriander, cumin and Barberry. However, if you have a favorite seasonings, do not be afraid to break the recipe - add a couple pinches of flavor. Well, it's time to start a culinary work? Remember the correct order of the following manipulation, observing that, you will be able to easily prepare truly delicious pilaf Uzbek style.

So the first few times, rinse under the faucet figure, mind you, the last water should be crystal clear. Once manage, tilt the rump in a colander and let it drain well. Meanwhile, chop large chunks of lamb, then takes over the vegetables. Onion and carrot peel, the first cut into thin half-rings, and the last - thick cubes. Peeled garlic cloves split hands on. Note that the Uzbek recipe involves major cuts - all the ingredients cut into fairly large pieces. This is one of the features of a traditional pilaf. Usually add whole garlic, but if you want, cut each clove into several pieces or grind his press.

Pot, kettle and other utensils, which are planning to put out a dish, glowing red hot. Then pour the oil into it and turn the handle, spread it around the bottom. When it warms up enough, put a bow. As you can see, this recipe is different from the previous one, not only the necessary ingredients, but also the order of tabs products. Thus, in the first case it was necessary to first cook the meat, and the second - vegetables. Once the onions become translucent and acquires a brownish-golden color, to shift it into another dish, and place onion ingredient take carrot wedges. Constantly stir the mass of a spoon so that it does not overheat. If necessary, pour a little oil.

The average cooking pilaf takes from 60 minutes to several hours. It also depends on what kind of recipe you choose. Thus, the beef comes faster than the lamb, and the dish with pork or chicken takes a minimum of time and effort. Note that the pilaf is always on very low heat - this is due to the fact that he had to languish. In this case, the product obtained juicier, and rice and meat - soft. When the carrots will become bright, brownish-orange color, remove it from the pan and put in place the vegetable lamb pieces. Fry without cover, while they formed a crisp. After about ten to twelve minutes before enter the dishes cooked vegetables, cook a dish with regular stirring.

The recipe is nearing completion, connect one piala coriander and cumin, then mash them in a special mortar. The resulting dry mixture with barberry pour into the pan. Gently stir, lower the flame and continue cooking hobs. Pour boiling water products, which should cover them completely. Wait fifteen minutes after enter utensils well washed and pre-dried rice. Every cook your own taste, so the risotto with salt to your liking.

Divide red pepper into two parts, removing any excess seeds, chop into fine strips and add to the dish. If you do not like spicy food or it is contraindicated for health reasons you have to change a little recipe - Discard the last ingredient. Preparation of meals suited to a logical end: Put the garlic in a bowl, if necessary, pour a few milliliters of water, mix thoroughly products flatten rice, turn the fire on the average power and allow to reach afloat.

Stir it to the ingredients that are on the bottom, not burnt. When the liquid has completely evaporated, make the minimum flame burners, cover the pan with a lid and leave the dish on the plate for at least 20 minutes. Incidentally, you may add the garlic in the middle of cooking procedures as described above, and at the end. Make sure the excess water has evaporated, then press the cloves in the rump. The dish will be more fragrant. Well, another recipe for a delicious and hearty pilaf you mastered. Now you can safely move to the next level of excellence. With us you will learn many interesting things about the secrets of Uzbek cuisine.

 Uzbek pilaf recipe

Bold, rich risotto with bacon and lamb

One of the achievements of the Uzbek pilaf cooks is. It is an incredibly satisfying and flavorful dish gained a lot of fans not only in their home country, but also far beyond its borders. To become attached to it body and soul, do not need to be a real man - just love to eat. Do you want to try one of the masterpieces from the pen of Uzbek cooks? You do not need to go to a restaurant and leave a lot of money out there - try to cook pilaf on their own, we can help you with this.

Of course, it is better to do it on the fire, mixing food in a metal cauldron with thick stainless steel bottom. Therefore, if you are soon going to have a picnic, be sure to try the following recipe. At this time in the dish, along with lamb, added fat, which lends piquancy savory food. As a result, pilaf is a much juicier and more tender. This dish is perfect for a big friendly company - none of your friends will not stay hungry.


  • 180 grams of sheep's tail fat (it's a classic recipe, but if you do not find this ingredient, buy ordinary fat)
  • barberry, and ground red pepper - to taste
  • 1,000 grams of lamb
  • five mid-size onion bulbs
  • 280 grams of refined vegetable oil
  • 1/3 tablespoon cumin
  • 200 grams of orange or yellow carrots

Cooking method:

This recipe is more suitable for those who like a hearty and fatty foods. If you are not, but want to make a pilaf Uzbek motives discard fat. However, it will be a completely different dish. Well, let's get down? In fact, cooking procedure is quite simple, though time-consuming. To cook rice, you will need one and a half to two hours.

The first thing you need to chop all the ingredients. Pilled onion cut into thin polukolechki and carrots - small cubes. Whichever recipe you may use: pilaf with beef, pork or chicken - always carve the meat into large pieces. It is one of the features distinguishing normal from the Uzbek dish. Just before this necessarily a good rinse lamb and dry it with paper towels. Now, chop the bacon into cubes and send it to the skillet with hot oil. To cook until the product does not acquire the golden brown hue.

Put it into a bowl, and in the remaining fat Brown the half-rings of onion. After about three minutes, connect it with carrots and continue cooking at minimum fire. Comes the turn of lamb: Put it in a saucepan and simmer, stirring occasionally without forgetting dish. To pilaf turned soft and gentle, remember a little secret: obligatory pre-washed rice, soak in cold water. He will need about 30-40 minutes to swell and present. This recipe can be used not only for cooking pilaf, but for other dishes. Even if you just decide to boil cereals, hold it for a while in the water, then put in a saucepan. You will see that the procedure for cooking rice will be reduced by almost half.

Back to our courses: mash mortar spice and season them zirvak - so called weight of lamb and vegetables intended for the future of pilaf. On the taste, type a few pinches of salt, then enjoy a garlic: clean it with a knife and chop into large enough pieces. Put in a bowl and cover with boiling water, which should fully cover the ingredients.


  • Fifteen milliliters of olive oil
  • tablespoons soy sauce

Cooking method: