a chicken in the oven in foil


  • Bird with cheese, potatoes and onions
  • Spicy chicken with potatoes
  • Chicken with sweet peppers and tomatoes
  • Chicken breast in mustard cream sauce
  • Chicken with prunes and walnuts

Especially for those who like to present a selection of cooking is very simple and accessible instructions to help you prepare an incredibly juicy, rosy chicken in foil. Each recipe is unique and suitable for special festive occasions, and for the more mundane events. For example, if your house is planned shindig, be baked in the oven whole chicken, pre-stuffed it with apples, prunes and nuts.

For a modest family dinner recipe is perfect with potatoes. The food leaves a hearty, with its preparation takes a minimum of time mistress. Each of the proposed food has its own "twist" and deserves to appear on your desktop. So read and learn, because now we lift the veil of secrecy and tell you how to make a delicious bird in foil.

 chicken in foil in the oven

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Bird with cheese, potatoes and onions

The first recipe is perfect fit into the everyday menu of every family. The great advantage of dishes - easy cooking. To the table appeared rosy tender chicken, you just rinse well carcass, chopped vegetables, all wrapped in the sleeve and bake in the oven dish. Not that chicken is considered a dietary product, and its meat is very tender and juicy, so also it contains many useful amino acids, protein and minimum fat.

You do not have to stand near the stove for hours on end, in addition, there is no experience quite unimportant cook, nor his ability. It is very simple and accessible, it is safe to call this recipe "lazy." Agree upon returning home after work, hardly anyone will want to devote themselves to cooking, there's faster to lie down and rest, but it is necessary to feed the family. For such cases, and will come in handy the next instruction. With it, everyone can quickly and easily bake chicken in foil.


  • 190 grams of cheese (choose the product at its discretion, a grade does not matter)
  • five pieces of chicken drumsticks
  • salt - to taste
  • large onion bulb
  • a pinch of ground pepper (preferably black)
  • olive oil
  • four or five potatoes
  • pack of seasonings for poultry
  • three cloves of garlic
  • 20 grams of green

Cooking method:

To begin, we note that the recipe - it's just a set of ingredients and culinary specific sequence of actions that respect the important, but sometimes they can be and to retreat. For example, for the products, there are no clear rules. We used the lower leg, because they are baked quickly and require no special cutting. However, you can take a whole chicken. Just be sure to advance her gut, rinse and dry.

And another important point - the seasoning. They add zest to the dish, so feel free to use them. Today, ready to sell special spices for beef, poultry, take them or other product of your choice. For example, it turns out very tasty, if you rub the chicken with a mixture of basil and oregano. This recipe is very simple, you do not even have to marinate the leg. Although there is a dish in such interpretations, but more on that another time.

So, the bird can be baked in a sleeve, but we will proceed in a different way - do it in foil. To do this, thoroughly rinse the chicken under the tap, where appropriate, remove the excess skin. Then clean potatoes peeled and onion and garlic - from the husk. The first vegetables cut into large wedges and other ingredients - small cubes. By the way, if you find a special press for garlic, grind it in the product. Stayed cheese? Rub it on a medium grater or chop plates.

We cook the bird in foil, so roll it in half and cover the pan. Put on paper a little olive oil. In a separate bowl, sprinkle chicken drumsticks spices, salt, garlic obmazhte and mix thoroughly. Now lay on the foil bow, gently spreading it over the entire surface. The second layer, add the potatoes, salted and peppered advance.

This also lay poultry products sprinkle with oil and gently wrap the edges of the paper. Cook the dish in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees. After about 40 minutes, gently expand the foil, sprinkle with cheese and chicken for another quarter of an hour, send in the oven. Just before serving, finely chop fresh herbs and decorate it hot, flavorful dish. Now that you know this recipe, prepare a hearty dinner will not be difficult. As a side dish for poultry, baked in the oven, perfect light salad or, say, pickles: pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and more.

 chicken in foil in the oven recipe
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Spicy chicken with potatoes

To recommend the next course possible to buy potatoes, it is much more tender and tastier. This recipe is perfect for lovers of spicy food, you'll see why later. Chicken, baked in the oven - perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch. Besides this culinary instruction it is always possible to use in an emergency, such as when the house suddenly descended on the guests. For emotional conversations you quickly prepare all the necessary products, screwed on them in foil and send in the oven. After 45 minutes, the dish is already possible to bring to the table together with some salad or vegetables. Agree, very convenient and easy. So take note on the recipe, it is useful.


  • 150 ml of vegetable oil
  • polutorakilogrammovaya chicken
  • 100 grams of butter
  • one onion
  • 100 grams of spicy tomato sauce
  • salt
  • small chili
  • 1,000 grams new potatoes
  • 65 grams of flour
  • Coarse black pepper - to taste
  • Dried spices choose at its discretion

Cooking method:

This recipe is as simple and quick as the previous one. But unlike his fellow dish, which now will be discussed, a very sharp and is not suitable for every stomach. If your body can not tolerate such foods can step back a little from the instructions - use a regular tomato sauce, chili and sweet pepper substitute.

Getting cooking, you start with the potatoes: thoroughly clean the tubers from the skin, rinse them under running water. As they dry up, chop into large pieces of chicken. If necessary, remove the giblets. In a separate piala combine the salt and the above mentioned amount of flour, mix the ingredients in the resulting mixture, roll the bird. Put it in a bowl, cover with plastic or cling film and send it in the fridge.

Pilled onion cut into thin half-rings. Now put the heat up a frying pan, pour in it after oil when it begins to sizzle, add a piece of butter and wait until the last melted. Chop diced chili peppers, do not forget to remove it from the pre-seed. Put the product in a bowl with oil, after two or three minutes here, enter a bow. Season with salt and a little pepper ingredients, focusing entirely on your taste. Once the vegetables are browned and become more soft, pour in tomato sauce pan and simmer the mixture, regularly working with a spoon. If desired, add dried spices, or a couple of laurel leaves.

There are very few, and the recipe will come to an end. Construct foil advance rolled several times, a kind of bowl. Put it in the chicken, potatoes, cut into medium cubes, here is pour hot tomato sauce. Wrap the foil and carefully secure the edges, so they are not explained in the most unwanted time when the dish will languish in the oven. Get him in a preheated 175-180 degree oven. The cooking time depends on the power of a particular plate, on average chicken roasting takes 40 to 50 minutes. When you manage to let the bird to cool slightly, then Put it together with the potatoes in a large bowl, pour the fragrant spicy sauce and sprinkle with chopped herbs. Serve with pita bread or fresh vegetables.

 bake chicken in foil in the oven
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Chicken with sweet peppers and tomatoes

Vegetables perfectly complement the flavor of the meat, and it does not matter what it is: chicken, pork or beef is tender. By combining products, you get the perfect combination. It is this recipe and propose to consider right now. To dish came out even more fragrant and caused appetite of consumers, to add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and basil, and lemon juice give slightly sour chicken. You'll see from such foods, no one can refuse. Moreover, it turns out the best of high-calorie, so eat with pleasure and do not worry about her figure.


  • large red bell pepper - one piece
  • the same amount of yellow peppers
  • chicken carcass (select a bird weighing up to one and a half kilograms)
  • 150 grams of green bell pepper
  • Six strong, medium-sized ripe tomatoes
  • Two purple onion
  • small head of garlic young
  • lemon
  • Three sprigs of basil and rosemary
  • 25 - 35 milliliters of olive oil (refined suggested to use a purified product)
  • pepper and other seasonings - optional
  • fine salt
  • two laurel leaf dried

Cooking method:

Agree, for each family, it is important to not only get the dish delicious and beautiful, but not time-consuming. Who wants to spend hours messing around in the kitchen? To save precious minutes suggested to buy already cleaned and gutted carcass, then you do not have to do it yourself. Wash it under running water, wipe dry with paper napkins, then treat with salt inside and out. Similarly, rub the chicken with freshly ground pepper, or favorite seasonings.

Remove the peel garlic, divide the cloves, then one peeled onions, cut into four pieces and lemon - for three. Shove the last two ingredients into a bird, here is add a little garlic and laurel. Thoroughly treat the carcass on all sides with olive oil and wrap it in foil, from which the pre-Construct similarity bowl. Wash sweet peppers, when they dry out, get rid of the core, extra seeds and chop the vegetables or diced medium rings, just to cut the remaining onions.

We will give useful advice on tomatoes: chicken will tender and juicy, if you remove the tough skin of tomatoes. Make it very simple: each vegetable notch, then alternately dip in the hot and cold water. Due to the extreme temperatures skins burst, and you will easily remove it. Garlic cloves grind using a press, basil and rosemary tear into small strips.

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, add here as peppers, tomatoes, sprinkle everything with salt, drizzle with lemon nectar, drizzle with oil. Then mix a lot with his hands and send it in foil with chicken. Carefully secure the edges of the paper so that it is not revealed, to shift the dish on a baking sheet in the oven and remove. The food is baked in the oven at 180 degrees. Before you get it, try a bird, if it is soft and juicy on the palate, turn off the oven and remove the product.

As you can see, the recipe is very simple, and the result works incredibly delicious. Make sure that you will only be able to practice, so do not delay the preparation of meals for a long time. For a hearty meal came, we suggest you make a side dish. Variants of the latter weight: it can be boiled rice, noodles, pasta, baked potatoes. The most low-calorie dinner - chicken with green vegetables (such as peppers, cucumbers, cabbage), or a light salad. Instead of bread advised to file a pita. The meat for this recipe turns insanely tender, tangy, salty and vegetables - soft and slightly sweetish.

 delicious chicken in the oven in foil
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Chicken breast in mustard cream sauce

Not all delicious difficult to prepare. Offer see this from experience, having mastered the following recipe. It is no big deal, so do not worry about your culinary experience - even if not a practicing chef, everyone will be able to bake delicious chicken breast. A set of products will not cause problems, too - all the ingredients are pretty cheap and readily available commercially. Serve with a side dish of rice or mashed potatoes. Well, now of talking straight to the point.


  • 280 grams of onion
  • one chicken breast (select larger)
  • 150-180 grams of carrots
  • One pickled cucumber

For the sauce:

  • 20 grams of soft mustard (you can even use a granular product)
  • black pepper (meaning Powdered seasoning)
  • 30 milliliters of fat sour cream
  • two small pinch of salt

Cooking method:

Take the breast, gently remove excess film from it, cut off the unwanted fat and bone and then a knife to cut into two fillets. In a separate piala prepare the sauce: it pour in a few grams of mustard, salt, pepper, sour cream and carefully enter the rub ingredients with a fork. In the end, you should come out perfectly homogeneous, dense mix. Coat the chicken it, then shift it into a deep container and leave to marinate for a while.

There are many variations on the theme threading: some of it is prepared soy sauce, others use a tomato, cream. Sweet Lovers surely appreciate the recipe, which is composed of melted honey and mustard. Therefore, if you want to experiment, select the appropriate sauce, do it, guided instruction, and rub them the bird. Such recipes - starting with the simplest and ending with the original, quite unusual combinations - in abundance on our website. So look, and bring them to life, and we are back to our bird.

How can smaller chop onions, then grate the cucumber into thin strips and pre-cleaned carrots. The red-hot skillet, pour a little oil, as soon as it is sufficiently warmed up, put the onion. Fry it on the minimum fire until it brighten and tender. When this happens, add the carrots. After about four or five minutes, enter pickle. Simmer vegetables with constant stirring, if necessary, can pour a little pinch of sugar.

Fold the foil, place it ¼ produced vegetable mass, add on top of chicken. Pour all the remaining sour cream and mustard sauce and cover the carrot-onion mixture. Secure the paper at the edges to left holes. Likewise prepare second fillet. Put kulechki with the dish on a baking sheet and bake it at 220 degrees, no more than half an hour.

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Chicken with prunes and walnuts

Last recipe, which now will tell, will be a wonderful addition to the festive menu. It does not matter, which is dedicated to the celebration - birthday, anniversary, anniversary, - chicken baked with prunes and ground nuts, will be enjoyed by every guest, you'll see. Most importantly, for the preparation of dishes do not need a large set of products, and you spend a little time. So why not experiment and get acquainted with a new dish? Perhaps it is long accustomed to your home.

Ingredients (per five large Adults portions):

  • salt
  • 200 milliliters of cream
  • bulb onion - one thing is not too big
  • 900 grams of fresh chicken
  • 19 ml of olive oil
  • 120 grams of soft prunes
  • a handful of shelled walnuts

Cooking method:

First, wash and dry the fillets well, after it lay in the hot oil and fry on both sides. To form an appetizing crust, do not cover the bowl with a lid. By the way, the meat should be slightly damp, because it will still have to bake in the oven. We took the whole fillet, if you wish you can cut it into large strips. When the chicken will be browned, add a little water in a saucepan and simmer briefly dish. Pour remaining liquid into a separate bowl.

Now, chop the onion half rings large vegetable peeled walnuts grind with a mortar. Pair them with the last ingredient and fry in a pan. This also enter with the remaining cream and chicken juice. Mix well, season with salt and a little pepper. The resulting mixture simmer fillets, then shift it foil with prunes, cut into cubes. Pour all the filling, wrap in paper, remove the dish in the shape and bake in the oven.

All the recipes offered on the site are very diverse, each dish is special, with its flavor and subtleties of cooking. As you can see, there is much to learn. Remember that there is no limit to perfection, open and explore new dishes with us.