pilaf on fire


  • Pilaf "Original" with dried apricots
  • Beef pilaf with dried plums
  • Fruit pilaf without meat
  • Pilaf "in Samarkand" with chickpeas and lamb

We decided to go big and friendly company in nature? In this case, be sure to grab a kettle and cook fragrant pilaf on fire. The dish turns out very hearty, so no one will go hungry, neither adults nor children. We will help you to choose the most delicious recipe. For example, vegetarians are likely to come to the delight of vegetable dishes and fruit lovers will appreciate the pilaf with dried plums and apricots. Cook it very easy, the main thing - to observe the accuracy of culinary instruction.

If you want to dish came out in bold measure, take the beef or veal, otherwise it is better to use a lamb or pork. Each recipe represents a unique set of ingredients, which combine in a bowl, give birth to incredibly delicious and delicate dish. Let's look at some of the most interesting ways of cooking pilaf.
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Pilaf "Original" with dried apricots

To prepare a tasty pilaf on fire, do not necessarily have a great culinary skills - just choose the right one, detailed and intuitive recipe. We suggest to start with the classics of the genre: let's make the meat pilaf with the addition of sheep's tail fat and rice devzira. This dish belongs to Uzbek cuisine, thanks to the abundance of spices, it turns terribly fragrant and spicy.

At home, you can cook in the baking dish or pan with thick walls, is also a great option - use multivarku. This kitchen appliance is convenient because all the procedures - and frying and stewing and cooking - are directly in it. So when preparing meals to be completed, the hostess will not have to wash the mountain of dishes. Today, however, we will focus on "campfire" version of pilaf, so take a kettle, carefully read the recipe, buy the necessary products and go on nature. While the children are playing and talk to friends, you can cook a meal. You'll see, it's very simple.


  • salt - to your personal taste
  • 500 g of mutton juicy pulp
  • the same number of special rice devzira (this sort of cereals included in the traditional recipe, but find it difficult, in this case, add a normal rice)
  • Cumin - at your discretion
  • 400 g of orange or yellow carrots
  • 200 g of sheep fat (in the absence of such, it is recommended to cook risotto in vegetable oil)
  • four or five pinches of dried barberries
  • three large onion bulbs
  • 300 g of dried apricots presoaked
  • hot red pepper - a few pods (add optional)
  • 15 g of coriander seed

Cooking method:

The traditional recipe of eastern pilaf is based on the use of lamb. It is mainly the meat is added to the Uzbek, Samarkand, Turkish dish. The above dishes are varieties of plov. In fact, a lot of them and each of them has its own characteristics, they are usually distinguished by extremely certain seasonings and some ingredients. However, the procedure of cooking meals in all cases is the same: first you need to prepare zirvak, then fill it with rice, add water and leave the stew to simmer. Everything is simple and clear, see this can only be mastered dish in practice than, in fact, offer to do.

So, the first thing the night before or a few hours before the start of the cooking procedure, thoroughly rinse under the tap in Fig. First, he will have to go white water is cloudy, when it will brighten and become crystal clear, rump in a colander fold and wait for it to drain. As mentioned above, the traditional cooking of rice pilaf better devzira. Do not be surprised if it will come across small pebbles and chips: with their help purify the rump. Your task - to thoroughly wash it. Once manage, fill it with a new portion of lightly salted liquid and leave it for two or three hours to infuse.

Go ahead: clean from the husk of onions, then chop it as thin as possible, the best half-rings. Now, remove the peel and chop the carrot its medium-sized strips of the same size. Rinse under running water and mutton to cut it into small cubes, and the fat of tail - pieces. The recipe is gradually coming to an end, dissolve and put the fire to heat up the cauldron.

Pour into a bowl and bacon, stirring occasionally, heated with oil from it. Once the notice that cracklings darkened and acquired a brown-golden color, remove them with a slotted spoon and transfer to a certain time, a separate plate. It's time to lay the onion in the cauldron. When he starts to crackle and change color, connect it to the lamb and cook for a future zirvak - the name is the mass of vegetables and meat pilaf. Be sure to periodically mix the ingredients, otherwise they may burn slightly, and the dish will be ruined.

Once the lamb and fry thoroughly well covered with delicious crust, pour into the cauldron carrot sticks. Smooth it with a spoon, and within three minutes do not touch the dishes. When the vegetables are slightly darkened, active movements stir the mass and without reducing the fire, continue to cook for a while. We offer a variety of classic recipe, why use dried apricots. You can also make a pilaf with dried plums, raisins or dried fruit do without. At this point one enters the master in its sole discretion. Thus, dried apricots fill with warm water and let it stand for a while. When they are sufficiently softened, dry them with paper towels and cut into thin strips.

Let us spices: none eastern pilaf recipe is complete without cumin dried (usually add black, at least - yellow), barberry, and coriander seeds. If you do not find these ingredients, we recommend you prepare a dish with rosemary, thyme or marjoram. These seasonings too perfect "fit" in the meat pilaf recipe. So, join in a deep piala spices and grind them carefully mortar. The resulting mixture pour into the cauldron, as here, add table salt. Even if you slightly overdo it with the latter, do not panic, because then all the excess absorbs Fig.

Pour hot water products (need about two glasses), which should be boiled in advance. Now lower the flame and leave the risotto to languish without covering it with the lid. After about 40-45 minutes, when all the liquid has evaporated, dried and enter here the pour again washed and dried fig. Attention, spread it evenly over the lamb and vegetables in any case do not mix.

Now, pour into a bowl of boiling water a new portion, which shall completely cover all the ingredients. Put the lid on the kettle for ten minutes, then remove it and continue to cook fragrant pilaf. Ultimately, the dish should have crisp and tender, try cereal tastes: if it crunches, do it in the groove and pour a few milliliters (less than 50) of hot water. When finished, put out the fire and let stand for about half an hour afloat. Before serving Put it in the form of slides on a flat plate, top decorated with pieces of meat, dried apricots and vegetables.

Agree, the recipe is quite simple, the only negative - a fairly long procedure of cooking. However, the effort will be repaid with interest to you - all those gathered at the picnic will be satisfied for sure, no one would go home hungry. If you love spicy food, we advise to cook risotto with red pepper - put in the kettle several pods with rice. Also, for flavor, you can add a head of garlic. In general, "including" fantasy dish and cook with love - then it will just get incredibly appetizing. As a side dish served fresh vegetables and herbs, for example. parsley, cilantro or dill.

 pilaf on fire recipe
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Beef pilaf with dried plums

Pilaf on the fire can be prepared in many ways. For example, if you are a vegetarian, take a vegetable recipe, from which the meat is completely eliminated. You can make a dish with rice combined with fresh or dried fruit. Pick the dish, focusing on the taste, and our task to present to you the most original and interesting options pilaf. Let's look at one of them: offer to cook on a fire dish with prunes, beef and vegetables. Thanks saffron, barberry and Zira, it will turn out very fragrant, and turmeric give afloat appetizing brown-golden hue.


  • 1 kg long-grain rice good
  • Salt - to your taste
  • 1, 3 l of boiling purified water
  • 750 g of white onions
  • about a kilogram of orange carrots
  • 1, 2 kg young beef
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • five pinches of saffron
  • young garlic - one head
  • 200-250 ml of vegetable (refined) oil
  • cumin and Barberry - one tablespoon of each kind of seasoning
  • turmeric - to taste
  • 60-75 g soft prunes

Cooking method:

Each recipe pilaf, no matter what you take, begins with washing and soaking the rice. So rinse it under running water, when it will be perfectly clean, pour it in a bowl with cereals and remove the last of the way. Rice should have a good swell, it will take at least one and a half hours. With such a simple procedure you spend on cooking meals in much less time. By the way, to make things right, stick to the following ratio: per kilogram of rice taken a liter of warm water in which pre-dissolve a small spoon of salt.

Now, spread the fire and hang it on a tripod or a special circuit a small cauldron. As he warmed up, move on, following a recipe. Thus, pre-washed piece of beef dry with a towel, then chop it into cubes the same average. Prunes pour into a deep bowl and cover with hot water, then cover and remove insist. He must soften - when that happens, get rid of excess fluid and dried themselves cut into thin strips.

After examining the first recipe, you can make sure that you can prepare the risotto in the fat of sheep. In this case, the dish turns out very bold, so we decided to use vegetable oil. Pour it into a heated kettle as soon as it begins to sizzle, here lay the beef. Fry it until half with regular stirring. When the pieces of meat covered with an appetizing crust and darken, salt and pepper them. Then pour in a bowl on medium grater grated carrots, gently spread it with a spoon across the surface of dishes. After about seven to ten minutes, a vegetable becomes softer, it would mean that it is time to add the chopped onions.

While the ingredients are fried, boil water and make a special blend. To do this, connect one piala cumin - it is the second name of cumin, barberry and saffron. With the effort of working the mortar, grind seasonings, turning them into a uniform dry weight. Pour it into the cauldron, along with turmeric and a small amount of salt without stirring, enter prunes. Leave the dish to languish, and eight minutes later add the rice and pour swollen all the boiling water, which should ideally be only slightly cover products, towering over them for a maximum of 1, 5 cm.

Dial a little liquid in the spoon and try it on taste, if you think it necessary, sprinkle in a little more salt. Continue to cook while zirvak should be at the bottom of the dish, and figure at the top, so it is not necessary to mix a lot. While the water does not boil dry, add a clove of garlic in a large kettle, pre-clearing it from the husk. Share on vegetable cloves not necessarily put it whole. By the way, remember the rule: if you use the young garlic, add it to the dish with rice grains. But stale, that is, the older the product must be put in the dishes at the beginning, during the bookmark meat.

Half an hour later check pilaf, do it with a spoon or a small wooden stick recess. The water evaporates? The products are soft and juicy? Then, the dish is fully prepared. Remove it from the heat, cover and allow to stand. This is quite an original recipe for lovers of delights, do not panic experiments. Prunes give the meat a rich and slightly sweet flavor. To file a beautiful dish, put it on a slide, a large flat dish, sprinkle top of garnet grains. Bon Appetit!

 how to cook pilaf on fire
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Fruit pilaf without meat

If we are talking about fruit pilaf - if you studied previous dishes, we noticed that they comprised apricots and prunes - propose to consider another insanely delicious, but most importantly, easy and affordable to each recipe. This time we will do without meat ingredients that not only simplify the procedure itself preparing dishes, but also significantly reduce the cost of it.

You will need a set of cost-effective products and a minimum of time. Such a treat - perfect for a light lunch or dinner lean. Fruit risotto with apples, raisins and vegetables you can cook like at home in the pan, and the nature in a cauldron. Let's take a closer look at the latest case. So, carefully studying the recipe and implement it together.



  • 350-400 g of well-washed rice cereal
  • two medium onion bulbs
  • salt and sugar - to taste
  • big sweet apple
  • Dried or fresh basil - on request
  • and a handful of dried prunes soaked
  • 40 g soft raisins
  • ground ginger and turmeric - added at the discretion of the hostess
  • 50 g of dried apricots
  • 40 ml of olive oil

To apply:

  • 25 g melted honey
  • 10 g butter

Cooking method:

Probably, in the minds of almost everyone at the mention of pop images of fragrant pilau rice dishes with meat: beef, pork, lamb, chicken and so on. But in fact, if you delve into cooking, you can find a lot of the most incredible recipes of the dishes. For example, in the Italian interpretation, it is called "risotto" and prepared with peas, beef and lots of spices. We offer to expand your culinary horizons and learn another insanely delicious and very healthy dish - fruit pilaf.

To cook the meat does not need - thanks to seasoning the dish will turn out flavorful and apples, raisins and dried apricots will give him a little sweet taste. This risotto is perfect for an early breakfast, he will lift spirits and energizes the whole day. Serve preferably with a slice of butter or honey, pre-melted on a steam bath.

So dilute a small fire, and hang up the cauldron on a tripod can also be on the sides of the fire to lay down the bricks and put them in the bowl. As she warms up, get training products. First of all, clean the onion and cut it into small cubes. Dried fruits - prunes and raisins - decompose into individual bowls and fill them with warm water, cover with a lid. Products must insist, then they soften and pilaf will tender and juicy.

Apricots cut into thin strips, then takes over the apple: remove its peel and remove the core, get rid of the seeds. Chop the flesh remaining on the middle blocks of the same size. By this time the kettle should already be warmed up, pour in a little olive oil and wait until it starts to sizzle. Only then overfill the dish onion, fry it for no longer than four minutes. When it brighten and softened, pour into the cauldron apple slices.

Regarding rice, we note that it is recommended in advance - not earlier than two or three hours before the start of the cooking procedure - rinse under running water and soak in warm water. Krupa necessarily good swell, then pilaf not only get more tender, but also much faster to cook. So take note and use this rule. Returning to prunes and raisins: Drain the excess liquid from them, wash thoroughly dried, then wring it dry with a towel. Then cut into medium-sized strips and pour into a bowl to the other products.

A few minutes Ingredients cook, stirring occasionally their spoon. When the mass of the empty juice and become softer, sprinkle with sugar, sprinkle in a pinch of salt, enter the turmeric, ginger and, if you wish, pepper. A perfect complement pilaf will also curry. Now a few more times, rinse rice and dry it, throwing in a colander. After pour cereal into the cauldron with dried fruit and here is pour a little boiling water. It should be a few centimeters - not more than two - coat products. Place the dish in a few leaves of fresh basil or of dried and wait until the water has completely evaporated. When this happens, to extinguish the fire, tightly cover pilaf lid and leave it to languish for fifteen minutes.

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Cooking method: