Depending on the causes of the Internet


  • How to recognize a relationship
  • Types and forms of computer addiction
  • Prevention and Treatment

With the development of information technologies, which in themselves are a boon, a man faced with a new challenge.

It turned out that the Internet, created in order to help and serve as a tool for work or school, and he can enslave the human and tighten up to the brutal depending on the worldwide web.

Many people underestimate the scale of the problem and it is in vain, because even psychologists and doctors have long sounded the alarm. Internet addiction is almost located in the list of mental illnesses and severe form of it be treated along with alcoholism and drug addiction.
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How to recognize a relationship

So how do you understand that Internet addiction is already possessed by you or your household, is there cause for concern? There are some signs by which you can determine whether or not a strong power over man insidious Internet web.

First, the walk across the expanses of the internet you prefer to any other type of recreation and leisure. Often, the time spent at the computer, flies so fast that, waking up, you are surprised to see: instead of the planned 15 minutes have passed for two hours. After connecting to the global network in the house began to ruthlessly accumulate outstanding time business, your performance is significantly decreased. If the Internet is not available, you do not know what to do, there is depression or irritability.

Internet addiction is also evident in the fact that the global network robs you not only a lot of time and money spent on the acquisition of more powerful computer hardware and pay for online purchases.

You take to heart the loss of rankings at various sites, painfully bad score or delete photos from friends in social networks. Constantly pursuing an obsessive desire to check email, look to your favorite forum, or a page on Facebook. If you find yourself above symptoms, it's time to begin the struggle for independence from the Internet.

The man, who is in the final stages of dependence, is no longer able to exist in the real world, outside their cozy little world of virtual. It will not work, take care of yourself, forgetting even to eat. Live chat disappears completely, friends and family overshadowed. A few years ago, America has shaken the case where a woman, fascinated by the computer game, I forgot about their own child - a 3-year-old girl died of hunger and thirst.

 addiction treatment at the psychotherapist
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Types and forms of computer addiction

The researchers of this problem are several types of such a relationship, each of which is caused by certain psychological conditions.

The first and most common type - is a constant virtual communication is not time-bound. Man endlessly hangs in numerous social networks, gets hundreds of friends. There is a substitution of real communication and friendship of their virtual counterparts. This Internet addiction, according to psychologists, is developed for those who have problems with socializing in real life. At risk - young people, people with low self-esteem.

The second common relationship - game. Gaining increasing popularity of online multiplayer games, allowing gamers often absent himself even half an hour. Battle, chase, fairy-tale characters are tightened to head in a virtual world that allows you to forget about the problems and troubles. Coming from the dull and heavy work or school, a man rushes to the computer to get into the world of light and pleasant victories and adventures, and falls into a heavy online gaming addiction. At risk - infantile, people with weak character who can not or do not want to overcome the challenges that confronts them with real life.

The third kind of addiction - sexy. It is expressed in the desire to obtain sexual pleasure, without departing from the monitor screen. This Internet addiction manifests itself in constant viewing of porn, and the pursuit of studies in virtual sex. The reason for this is often a dissatisfaction in your partner sexually, or lack thereof. The consequence - the destruction of the family and a complete inability to have a relationship in real life.

Another form of dependence on the global network - information Internet addiction. People exposed to it for hours wandering the vast expanses of the network, moving from one site to another without any need for it. Supercharged, information overfed brain eventually loses the ability to deep thinking and critical analysis.

You can also select Internet addiction to online games for money, in particular addiction to the virtual casino. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a real casino, but almost everyone can easily surrender to the game on numerous sites, yielding an attractive advertising.

 for addiction treatment is recommended more often distracted by more interesting activities
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Prevention and Treatment

Currently, there are clinics that are ready to accept patients who complain of Internet addiction, but, according to doctors who treated only a few. The rest either do not recognize the existence in his addiction, or try to get out of it yourself. In some countries, treatment is carried out very radical methods. Chinese experts, for example, used electric shocks. In Russia, everything is not so bad: as a rule, it is limited to the consultation of psychologists and exercise.

In order for Internet addiction did not take the better of you, give regular respite from the global network.   Turn off the computer on the weekend, read a book, have a picnic in the countryside. Limit time spent on the Internet by using a timer, you can also ask someone from their control you. You should not sit down in front of the monitor when the looming ahead of unfinished business. Make it a rule to go to the network only after the end of the planned work. It is important to detect psychological problems, because of which appeared and Internet addiction, and to understand them. Start the fight today.

 Dependence on the Internet: the signs, symptoms, treatment

 how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling


  • Paint or glue?
  • Types of wallpaper
  • How to hang wallpaper on the ceiling?

The word "repair" can cause in the minds of most of our fellow citizens resonance, comparable only with the thought of the end of the world. At the same time really want to live in a beautiful setting, which would please the eye. And here without repairs - anywhere. There are many steps in this process, which are traditionally considered to be complex, and one of them - is the repair of the ceiling. May come to mind different ideas, and sooner or later you will wonder: how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling?
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Paint or glue?

Generally, people choose between two options - wallpaper and paint. Stretch ceilings and other "quirks" of modern civilization will leave for another occasion. That painting Wallpapering traditionally are the most simple and low cost ways to refine the appearance of the upper tier of the apartment. But the choice will still have to do, and we want to help you with this.

The choice of colors on the market today is enormous: all the colors, textures and even compositions are available to the ordinary consumer. They look great on any surface, including the ceiling. Staining procedure is very simple - to cope with her and the child, if not harmful fumes in the process of staining. And the result will be a long time to please the eye.

But on the other hand, among the wallpaper there are more opportunities for the realization of their creative imaginations. You can select a product made from natural materials, and it is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Either it is possible to give preference to a modern version, which can be cleaned, repainted and perform other manipulations with them.

Still, it's better to opt for a ceiling: paint or wallpaper? Everyone decides for himself, setting priorities and selecting relevant parameters. We should not forget about the possibility of combining the materials through which you can create a unique and colorful interior.

 how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling
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Types of wallpaper

If you have decided in favor of the pasted wallpaper on the ceiling, do not take the time to run to the store for the first available product. First, you will be examined in what exist at the wallpaper. Putting them together, you will definitely be able to choose what is right for you. The main thing for pasting the ceiling is not the usual use, and ceiling wallpaper. They are distinguished by a specific manufacturing technology - two interconnected dense layer, which is applied on top of the pattern. What are they?

  • Paper. The oldest, simple and well-known variant. Wallpaper, which were papered room in your childhood, consist just of paper. Like any other thing, they have their pluses and minuses. The main advantage - it is environmentally friendly like wallpaper, because they are made from natural material - paper. Among the shortcomings can be identified small lifetime - they will hold on to your ceiling is not more than five years.
  • Fleece. Unlike earlier, the basis of their non-woven consisting of cellulose and synthetic fibers. Many people choose them due to the fact that the non-woven wallpaper is very easy to stick to the surface due to their specific structure.
  • Vinyl. They are made of a paper substrate which is subsequently coated with glue PVC. Due to its relief surface, vinyl wallpaper is very easy to hide cracks and other defects of any ceiling that is a significant advantage in making repairs in domestic homes. In most cases, they can be washed, so housewives prefer hang their kitchen or bathroom. At the same time it can be attributed to the shortcomings of low permeability, which affects the climate of the apartment (although you can try to find the same vinyl wallpaper, only micropores, and get rid of this minus).
  • Fiberglass. Another kind of modern, but eco-friendly wallpaper. They are produced by compression of quartz sand, limestone and dolomite. They repel moisture and prevents mold and mildew, do not accumulate on the surface dust and have excellent sound characteristics. All this allows the owner to save resources and nerve during harvesting. The main drawback - their high cost, because of which a selection can not afford each.
  • Liquid. A rather unusual but popular due to its properties option. With liquid wallpaper, you can decorate the room the most incredible way. High-quality products are made from natural and hypoallergenic materials. But their application requires some skill and knowledge technologies.
  • Cloth. Quite expensive, but elegant option. Watch the unusual and bright, so if you want to add zest to your interior, the fabric wallpaper give you the opportunity to do so. At the same time should be careful with their gluing.

It would seem, I chose the wallpaper - and the end of it, it's time to start wrapping. But do not rush, because it is very important and that will be located between the wall and the sheet. Simply put, you need to choose the right glue. Do not buy the first thing that comes handy - you risk instead of the beautiful ceiling to get something from the swollen blisters and peeled back the edges. Clay must match the type of material you selected the wallpaper. Ideal option when you buy two products from the same manufacturer that has to take care of you nothing to worry about. But even if this is not provided, you can always consult the label on the pack of glue, which will tell you what material corresponds to this product.

When you select should also take into account other parameters: the structure of the ceiling, the level of humidity and temperature in the room, the weight of wallpaper finally. Do not be tempted to buy all-purpose adhesive - in this case the quality of the repair will be significantly lower than if you choose the option that is suitable for your circumstances. So do not hesitate to consult a competent sales consultants who will help you choose exactly what you need.

 sticking to the ceiling wallpaper
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How to hang wallpaper on the ceiling?

So, you have decided with what the wallpaper and glue are most suitable to your ceiling. It remained for the small - to paste over it with them. To begin to don work clothes, as dust and dirt will be a lot.

You will need to prepare the surface in the process. It should be smooth, clean and dry before you start pasting. If the ceiling contains traces of old paint or wallpaper, they must be removed before repairing. In the case where the correct adhesive used, you only have to wet the remaining layers of paper on the surface, and they go away by themselves. But if it does not, then you should cut them in several places with a spatula or spiked roller. After this wet wallpaper warm water and baking soda, detergent or special solvent. The problem should be solved.

In the case when the ceiling is covered with enamel paint, there may be additional complexity. The fact that she keeps pretty tight and it is very labor-intensive to remove. Experienced repairers advised in this case to remove the paint, but only to wash the ceiling with soap, dried and walk on it "skin". And to verify the stability of the paint layer, use a simple way: apply a strip of adhesive tape to the surface and sharp tear it. If it will remain clean, you can start wrapping, but if not, then have to remove the old paint.

The ceiling can be serious irregularities. In this case, the question arises: what is better to resort, putty or primer? The first option is best used when the ceiling has a strong inclination or large defects. Excessive levels drop you have to align the surface with plasterboard. Primer is preferable in most cases, especially acrylic: wallpaper glued much better than her, it dries quickly, is non-toxic and breathable.

Before you begin to direct the process, make the ceiling layout - so you will be easier and faster to deal with the case. Panels of wallpaper pasting the ceiling should be parallel to the rays of the sun, that is on the line, mentally drawn from the wall opposite the window - so the seams will be less visible. On the surface (the longitudinal wall) the pencil mark distance corresponding to the width of the roll minus two to three centimeters. Do the same symmetrically on the opposite side. Use the marking line: drive in two studs on both sides of the room and pull it on them, parallel to the walls.

Because of the dry mixture somewhere in half an hour before the start of the process, prepare the glue. Of course, maintaining the aspect ratio, which can be found in the instructions. To avoid lumps, "untwist" a stick in a bucket of water to form a small funnel, which is recommended to pour the foundation for the adhesive. Do not forget to continuously stir until completely dissolved composition. Leave the glue to thirty minutes for the swelling.

Take this time to shearing wallpaper. Remember that every corner wall will need to make it overlap a half to two centimeters. Consider the stock in half a centimeter in areas where there is contact with the end wall. We must not forget that, after pasting a small shrinkage occurs somewhere half a percent of the total width of the roll.

You can now begin. If you are dealing with import and Non-woven wallpaper, they do not need to be impregnated with glue - in this case it is simply applied to the ceiling. But this paper require mandatory. Lay the cloth on the floor with the label side down and evenly apply a paste with a brush or roller from the center to the edge. Then fold in half otrez wallpaper, putting the wrong side inward. Wallpaper soak for eight to ten minutes, and on each canvas should take the same amount of time.

For the most wallpapering, you will need an assistant, one person has to stand on a ladder, and the second - give him the wallpaper, are at the bottom. It is necessary to align the end of the web from the line markings and firmly press it to the ceiling. Make a small overlap on the adjacent wall. Press the center of the web, and it rolled down toward the edges of the rubber roller clean. Firmly press the longitudinal edge to the corner. If there are extra areas, they can be cut with a sharp knife and a metal ruler.

Follow fabric glued next to the first accurate butt. Do not forget to flatten the wallpaper roll and follow the sizing joints. It is necessary to eliminate the differences in temperature and drafts in a room somewhere in the day. Look that the glue is not squeezed out of the joints. If he is of good quality, the next should not stay, but just in case, better to wet the excess with a clean cloth. Glued wallpaper does not have to "bubble up" and "wrinkle". Small wrinkles smoothed after drying, but should work with large - carefully detach them, and apply glue again.

In the corners of the exact position of the web, push a clean brush at the wallpaper and mark this place with a pencil. After separate this section from the ceiling and cut the "extra" part right at the specified label. Just do it quickly, otherwise the adhesive has time to "grab".

In this article we have tried to tell you about all the possible overcoming the difficulties that you may encounter when wallpapering the ceiling. We hope that the result will make you happy to discover the beauty. And a photo of your "ceiling" wallpaper will look worthy on any forum dedicated to "independent" repair!

 Everything you wanted to know about wallpapering the ceiling