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What is the cashback site?

Literally translated as sashback refund. In the area of ​​e-commerce cashback means a return to the buyer of a part of the money spent on the purchase of goods.

At its core is a bonus program. The main difference is that the buyer some time after purchase gets no Point or bonuses that can be spent only in the particular online store, but the real money.


How it works?

Cashback service concludes with online shopping a partnership agreement under which the service receives from the store a percentage of each purchase to attract customers. Having to buy a percentage of cashback service gives some of it directly to the customer. The basic condition for working is that no purchase is made directly at the store, and through an affiliate link that gives cashback service.

More details about the operating principle keshbeksaytov read here.


For residents of the CIS countries the best option among cashback site will Among the users, he introduced himself as a reliable service by offering relatively high interest returns.

How to start working with

First of all, on the site you need to go through a simple registration process. To do this, click on the blue button "registration".

In the window that appears, enter your email address and password or log in using already registered accounts on services, indicated in the left pane:

That's all, now you can begin to enjoy the benefits of cashback service

How to buy?

The site is very well structured, and to find items of interest without any problems. From the home page you can go to all available to buy online stores with the ability to return the money:

 Available online shopping

The advantage of the service is that all the available products are divided into categories, so you can find interesting items at the most affordable price and with a high return:

 Categories Stores

For example, buying photoepilator Lumea IPL SC1981 in the store for 10990 rubles using cashback service, you return 143 rubles.

 Buying photoepilator

After the product has been selected, you need to link to a store and make a purchase. Already for some time after successfully carried out the purchase on the account in your account will be refunded part of the money that can be displayed on a bank card, Webmoney, QIWI or Yandex.


Compared with other cashback-services, offers the most favorable terms for their customers:

  • The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is only 500 rubles;
  • Very easy to find the catalog;
  • Profitable affiliate program with which you can receive 15% cashback every customer acquisition;
  • Operational support;
  • The highest amount of the refund.

All the advantages and benefits of buying through cashback sites are undeniable. After all, you can not only save on the low prices in online stores, but also to get pretty big cash payments and saving even more. In addition, the site can continuously monitor current and the most favorable discounts and promotions, which offer more than two hundred shops available.

Why pay more? Come and get your cashback!

 Step by step instructions for working with the cashback site

 Jewelery with precious stones
Jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones can be a great addition to any image, but their ability to influence the fate of the human condition and makes it necessary to select stones with care. The fact is that the wrong choice of stone could bring bad luck to its owner, and vice-versa by selecting the appropriate jewelry box can improve the course of his life and inject a lot of pleasant moments.

One of the most popular is the distribution of stones for zodiac signs, according to which the stones of Pisces, for example, differ from the stones of Aries, because different effects on members of these or any other signs.

The dependence on the sign of the zodiac stones

Zodiac constellations and the gems are interrelated things as a man wearing "their" stone brings the owner of such a benefit in the form of jewelry happiness, prosperity, love and luck.

The realization of such a relationship has come to people in antiquity. Even before the Christian era in the written sources of Ancient Egypt referred matching stones Zodiac.   Although at the time such knowledge could get only the rich people who are able to turn to astrology. Fortunately, any modern man can easily find all the information gathered by experts in the area for many hundreds and even thousands of years.

How to choose the right stone?

To make the right choices in the modern variety of precious and semi-precious stones, you must determine what minerals are suitable for a particular sign, for example, if your sign - Pisces, Libra, and so on. D., And then to study in detail their properties and characteristics.

It so happens that a stone is very pleasant, but the list he was not recommended. In this case, you can still afford to wear, unless contraindicated by horoscope.

All of this is because "your" stone will be inherent advantageous properties particularly hard, while the paste is contraindicated jewelry lead to conflict zodiac sign and his performance with a precious stone.   The consequences of such a confrontation can be pretty dire, reducing the amount of vitality in man and attracting negative situations, worsening his condition. For this reason, more and more people around the world tend to approach the choice of ornaments with due care, with an emphasis on their respective constellations of the zodiac in which they were born.

 How to choose a stone for the zodiac sign

 Fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2014

Autumn and winter is just around the corner, so it's time to update the wardrobe, choosing a new fashionable and warm clothes. In this article we will tell you what model will be relevant in the current season.

General trends

Design autumn-winter collection is a reinterpretation of the old culture or old clothes, which is reflected in all the lines and details. The logical consequence is a trend to reconstruct images from the past. More destinations - asceticism, graphic quality, androgynous image, while the foreground is constructivism, with its emphasis on tailoring and dress code. Choosing geometric lines cut, you will be in a trend fall or winter 2014.


Stylish casual wear autumn-winter season is done in beige, pastel, browns, going through its regular birth emerald green color. You are practical enough? In this case, Svetlana Zotov and other designers are advised to wear a white, black and gray clothes - regard it as a coat, fur coats and down jackets and trousers, sweaters, dresses, accessories. What you can find a compromise between the beautiful bright colors and timeless black and white? Fashion experts recommend pay attention to the ruby ​​red and dark blue colors.


If you do not like clear graphics and geometric cut, not necessarily to buy things just because they are now in vogue. You can take other trends and simply place the fashionable accents. What options are available?

Firstly, it is a fairy tale. Fabulous elements, the characters and landscapes are now allowed not only in children but also in adult clothes. Such prints look equally good on dresses and sweaters and coats. Second, the cell looks beautiful - in the form of geometric patterns and simple Scottish cage. Choose those suits - and you'll look Super stylish. Thirdly, fashion trends autumn 2014 offer us the fur. It is as coats and jackets to dresses, even skirts. Jung - color kolorbloki rather than plain skins. Fourth, we recommend to pay attention to ethnics, and knitted tunics and dresses. These things look or smart, colorful, unusual, or soft, comfortable, feminine, but they are always relevant. And the last, the fifth bright motif - a leather dress. Fine models look nice and emphasize the dignity of the female figure.


 Fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2014