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  • Pilaf with tender pork and vegetables
  • Pilaf with a modern twist with raisins and meat
  • Pilaf "Uzbek motives"

Traditionally referred to as pilau oriental dishes. Variety of options for classic dishes is able to surprise even gourmet present. Each recipe has its own "highlight". Usually pilaf made from lamb, pork or beef, at least - of the chicken or meat, and experimental cooking do not forget even about seafood and fish parts. However, such combinations have appeared only recently.

In Uzbekistan and the Caucasus to use a special flavor spices: turmeric, rosemary, thyme, cumin, red and black peppers. Usually dish made in a cauldron over a fire - that is to say, a classic of the genre. Of course, home to such a method does not pribegnesh, so come to the aid of the hosts special Stewpan or pan with a thick bottom. Today, let us consider a more modern way of cooking foods - in this section we'll show you how to make a pilaf pork multivarka.

Easy-to-use kitchen appliance - a real godsend for women. Firstly, thanks to non-stick coating, you save on oil, and thus keep health and shape intact. Indeed, in multivarka dishes can say reach in its own juice, and the products do not burn, and obtained tender and soft. It boiled soups and porridge, stewed vegetables. Here's one important point, which allows you to save a lot of time and effort: using multivarka, you do not have to wash the mountain of dishes. After all processing steps - from frying to cooking - the ingredients go directly into the instrument. It can prepare almost any dish.

Now back to the eastern kitchen: thanks to the instructions below, you can easily make a pilaf with pork in multivarka. You will see that the dish not in the least give in to its analog, cooked over a campfire. We will consider several options for meals: from the Uzbek classical to more modern mix of products. After all, you see, is not always in the fridge there special seasoning, and the lamb, which is a traditional recipe pilaf, quite fat, so is not suitable for every stomach. So let's modernize dish, and what happens, you will see, in fact, having mastered one of the suggested cooking instructions.

 pilaf with pork in multivarka

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Pilaf with tender pork and vegetables

It's no secret that today the figure is one of the main products that are widely used in a variety of nationalities. On average, this cereal is present in the diet for more than 60% of people worldwide. From it is prepared various dishes: from salads, soups, cereals and ending with a delicious dessert. Today we will talk about authentic men is familiar to almost everyone.

Traditionally for cooking pilaf pick juicy and fresh lamb. However, having decided to learn this recipe, do not forget that the meat is very fat, so the dish turns out extremely hearty and heavy on the stomach. Not every body responds well to such food. In order not to risk any of their health or well-being and well-being of their loved ones, use for domestic purposes more "gentle" with no less tasty recipe. Let's make pilaf based on pork, if you have multivarka, be sure to cook foods in it, otherwise take the usual pan.


  • 1/2 kilo of fresh scarlet pork (try to choose the meat with a minimum amount of fat)
  • 450 grams of rice Round
  • two or three medium carrots
  • red onion (meaning sweet Crimean) - one piece
  • 45 ml olive oil (if it is not there, take the usual vegetable)
  • 0, 5 teaspoon barberry
  • the same amount of cumin
  • pepper (red or black) - optional
  • three cloves of garlic
  • Salt - to your personal taste

Cooking method:

First, let's make a little excursion into the framework of the culinary business. The following information is useful not only for cooking pilaf - for whatever rice dish you take, remember that the first thing cereal should be thoroughly washed. There is even a special "rule of seven waters". Pour the grits in a bowl and waters it with cold running water until until eventually the liquid is crystal clear. As is known, first the water is cloudy with rice, white.

Another way to rinse cereals - in saline. To this, add the purified water sodium chloride (based on 1000 g of rice take large spoonful). Through such simple manipulations meal or as it is called, the powder contained in the product, will go along with the liquid. Then pilaf are guaranteed to get a delicious and crumbly, otherwise it can have an unpleasant, slightly bitter flavor.

So let's perhaps proceed directly to the cooking procedure. After thoroughly wash out rice one of the methods described, fold it in a colander, wait for it to drain. In the meantime, pay attention to the rest of the ingredients. Carrot peel and onion and garlic - from the husk. Then chop the first two products in small blocks of equal size. Turn multivarku mode "Roasting", pour into it a little oil and sprinkle vegetables. Browning them for five to seven minutes with constant stirring.

When they become softer and acquire a different shade, type of pork dish, pre-washed and dried well. Chop it into large chunks and cook for about a quarter of an hour under the lid open. Once manage, pour in multivarku purified cold water, which should fully cover all the ingredients. To your taste with salt dish, then add the spices. Feel free to experiment with the latest, departing from the classical formulation. However, in the traditional version to give afloat aroma and special taste dried cumin is used quite a bit of black pepper, barberries, and marjoram, a little less - turmeric.

It's time to switch the device to another mode called "quenching." Close the lid and continue cooking utensils dish for about 40 minutes, at the end, enter into it washed and dried rice cereal. By this time, some of the liquid has evaporated, so you'll have to pour a little water, which should ideally cover the ingredients are only one centimeter. Otherwise dish come too "wet" and sticky, and we do not need.

After adding cereal dish cook for fifteen minutes. Then type in a few whole cloves of garlic and mix. Close the lid and let afloat for some time afterwards. If you exactly follow the instructions and have done everything correctly, the dish will turn out crisp and incredibly fragrant. Serve it with fresh vegetables, herbs and red dry wine. Wining and dining soul!

 delicious pilaf pork multivarka

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Pilaf with a modern twist with raisins and meat

Let's stick to the classic recipe and make pilaf, so to speak, with a modern twist. Replace the traditional pig-meat ground beef, so the price of the product output will decline significantly. This method of cooking pilaf suitable for emergency cases when a catastrophic lack of time, and to leave his family members do not want too hungry. In this case, the cooking process is reduced by about fifteen minutes, maybe more. Let's see what happens.


  • Fresh pork or ground beef (you can use a mixture of two types of product) - 650-700 grams
  • 125 grams of white onions
  • fine table salt - is put to taste
  • bay leaves - optional
  • several small pinches of black pepper
  • big orange carrots
  • 0, 5 heads of garlic
  • Three to five grams of turmeric
  • 35-50 grams of golden raisins
  • 1/3 tablespoon paprika
  • 20 ml of refined olive oil

Cooking method:

That is the first thing with which to start, how to wash thoroughly with rice cereal, while with her will not drain the crystal clear water. After flip the product in a colander and let it dry. Then, to your taste with salt and pepper and minced miss it two or three times through a meat grinder. So you get rid of unwanted lumps, so the dish will more tender and juicy.

Remove the onion and garlic peel, carrots clean from the skin. Then rinse under the tap raisins and fill it with boiling water, remove the side for a quarter of an hour. Berries must insist, as they soften enough, get rid of excess fluid and squeeze them with a special paper towels. Now proceed directly to the cooking: in preheated multivarku, working in the "Baking", pour specified in the recipe amount of vegetable oil.

Then chop medium diced onions and carrots, pour them into the bowl. Without closing the lid, cook vegetables until until they change color and become soft. When this happens, add a previously prepared stuffing. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally weight wooden or silicone spatula - made of special material, they do not scratch the surface of the refractory Multivarki.

As soon brighten the stuffing, combine the above ingredients are already prepared with rice. Mix the mass of active movement, then fill it with hot water to make it a one-two centimeters of covered products. Focusing solely on their taste preferences, salt and enter all the dried spices, except for the ground paprika. Regarding the spice note that fear is not to overdo it, because it turns fragrant pilaf surprisingly appetizing.

At the end, add the raisins, then fold the cover and continue cooking utensils dish, remaining in the same mode. About half an hour, add the garlic, peel and chop previously it into large pieces. A little more, and fragrant, juicy, thanks to a little sweet golden berries, minced meat pilaf can be served. We hope this will have modernized the recipe to your liking.

 delicious risotto with pork in multivarka

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Pilaf "Uzbek motives"

Finally we propose to consider the classic recipe is incredibly fragrant and hearty pilaf. Only if the traditional form it is made from lamb, then we take the pork. And if you want to use both types of meat in equal proportions. Also, the food comes the peas - it must advance as soon as possible, for example, the night before, soak in cold water. The product must be well soften regard to spices, we added barberry, red pepper, cumin, which are used in Uzbek cuisine. Of course, in an ideal dish cooked on the fire, but it's not going to take out the family especially the nature to taste pilaf? Therefore we suggest to do it in multivarka, it will be even more useful.


  • carrots - four pieces
  • 550 g of rice any
  • olive oil
  • 60 g peas
  • Three large onion bulbs
  • 600 g fresh pork tenderloin
  • a small handful of soaked raisins
  • barberry, and red pepper
  • Garlic - optional
  • cumin and salt

Cooking method:

Do not forget to pre-- for a couple of hours before the start of preparations - Peas pour cold water. Otherwise, it will remain firm and spoil the future pilaf. Then rinse under the tap rice, while he will not be draining clean, clear liquid. Remember the following rule: buying meat for the Uzbek dishes, take the product at the rate of 1 kg for four or five adults. Then it will look like, and hearty traditional dishes.

First, rinse the pork, then dry it with a towel and cut off the excess fat, then chop into large cubes. By the way, open a little secret: pilaf cooked much faster if you hold rice cereal for about an hour in cold water. You'll see how much it will save your precious time. Now prepare the vegetables: carrots refined to cut into thin strips, and onions - diced medium. If using garlic, remove its husk after each clove with a knife, divide into two or three parts. Do not add too much, otherwise the flavor of garlic pereb'ete taste of the pilaf.

When the deal with all the preparations, turn multivarku mode "Roasting" and pour it in a few milliliters of oil. We recommend to buy refined olive oil, as compared to other types of plant product, it is considered more useful. Pour into a bowl onions, browning it with constant stirring. When he becomes lighter and softer, enter the carrots. Continue to cook in the same mode, turning occasionally the ingredients with a spoon.

Then comes the turn of the meat - add it to the dish and cook for at least 40 minutes. When you manage, pour boiling water products, which should cover them completely. Attention now is the time to enter the peas and spices: barberry, bitter red pepper, cumin, do not forget the salt. Even if you're a little too far in the latter, it does not matter. All surplus absorbs rice cereal, which, incidentally, is laid at the very last moment when zirvak - so-called mass of fried vegetables and meat - is almost ready.

After adding rice kitchen appliance, switch mode "Quenching", close the lid and wait for 45 minutes. After this time, check pilaf - croup should get loose. Make it a shallow recess, pour into it pre-soaked raisins, then add a few cloves of garlic. If you notice that the water is completely evaporated, add about 1/4 cup of the hot liquid.

By the way, if you make a pilaf pork or beef, you can simmer it on a meat broth. Then he received a hearty and rich, but with lamb experiment is not worth it in itself is enough fat. To mitigate this effect, it is recommended to submit a dish with lots of greenery, such as dill or parsley. Often put on the table a bowl of pomegranate grains or wine vinegar. The acid will help remove excess fat.

It argued that pilaf - entirely masculine dish, which should prepare and head of the family. Maybe it is, but in our latitudes much of the responsibilities in the home is a woman. Therefore, if you want to taste the delicious dish, not necessarily wait until your man will be up to the plate. Surprise him with fragrant, crumbly pilaf on the basis of pork cooked in multivarka. If you do not have such a device, take the pan from the usual dense, thick bottom. We hope these recipes will take root in your family. We wish you success and exceptionally successful culinary experiments.

 Recipes pilaf with pork in multivarka for every taste