how to quit smoking

So you want to learn how to quit smoking. And it's already causing a joy as the first step towards liberation from this unpleasant habit made - a desire. We will not be long and tedious to describe why smoking is bad - and the Ministry of Health to cite - you probably already know all this yourself. You may be plagued by doubts: can dramatically quit smoking, get better, and so the fear ... Here are some facts that will make your desire even stronger and fiercer:

  • your skin is dull and fade due to spasm of blood vessels and lack of oxygen;
  • the load on your heart is enlarged, it quickly wears out, and this significantly reduces the length of your life;
  • the brain is also experiencing a shortage of oxygen, which is why getting worse your memory, thinking and decreased concentration;
  • there is bad breath, inflamed throat, teeth and yellow eyes blush;
  • if you are pregnant, you should not even wonder whether it is possible to quit smoking during pregnancy. It does not just possible, but necessary! The harm from cigarettes in almost all cases, much more than the harm of smoking cessation (the opposite effect can be only if you are a smoker with twenty years' experience, and you already have a physiological dependence on nicotine - in this case, the question of smoking cessation should be discussed with your doctor gynecologist);

What's stopping you to quit smoking?

You're better than we know that smoking kills, and not only drop by drop, and not just a horse. But each of you certainly something interferes - you are concerned about a variety of real and imaginary consequences of your potential quitting and therefore doubt whether it is possible to quit abruptly. Do not deal with these fears and obstacles, it is impossible to go forward. So let's meet them face to face and overcome them!

Foremost among the obstacles to smoking cessation takes the fear is easy to recover. It is especially peculiar to us women, because we are more likely than men to care about their appearance. But the fear to get better, you can drive out, if you think that the weight gain is usually small - only two to four kilograms (everything that is typed over, usually refers not to the abolition of smoking, and to excessive thrust has everything that is not nailed) .

The damage caused to health by smoking, is much greater than the harm from the alleged "get better." But nothing of the damage to the exterior, we do not say anything, because smoking - a wrinkle, a terrible complexion and staleness, odor from hands and clothing, as well as graying hair and accelerated aging. And remember, smoking - is harmful to the thyroid gland, and the longer the delay the cancellation of his, the greater the likelihood it will be then easily recover.

The second fear is that without a cigarette, you will not be able to carry out some important or familiar to you the action. For example, you will not be prepared to fall asleep quickly, without inhaling, or you will not be able to quickly calm down. Indeed, for the first time certainly will. However, having gone through some difficult weeks, you will notice that the dream came back to you, but you are better to sleep and wake up - cheerful; and with respect to the nerves - you simply become less experience, and do not have to settle down quickly with the help of cigarettes.

The third fear is that you are afraid to break away and immediately start smoking again, that you will not succeed. This is the normal state before a complex and important issue. But think, really frustrating is the failure of the campaign to quit smoking? No! Disruption - it's just frustrating and if you do not resist and smoked a cigarette - this is nothing to worry; Only thirty percent of the people throwing the first time.

It is important to immediately realize that this failure mean to you. For example, even one mistake you perceive as a disaster, which immediately makes you a complete loser? Or this cigarette represents the impossibility for you to quit smoking, and as a result, permission to return to the bad habit? In any case, if such a failure occurs - forgive yourself and realize that one cigarette - this is not the end of the world, and you can still keep smoking in the past.

 is it possible to dramatically quit smoking

Quit smoking yourself

With fear you understand and come closer to to quickly quit. It remained for the small - just take, and easy to give up smoking. There are many ways to help a person quit smoking: the electronic cigarette, nicotine patch, coding, etc. ... About them, we will not write, but if they can help you - be sure to use them! In this article we will focus on the more psychological self-help techniques that will help you find the answer to the question whether it is possible to quit smoking:

  1. Properly prepare to quit smoking. Make a list of arguments that will help you gain a foothold in intent on giving up smoking, for example, "I'll be free of the expensive and harmful habit" or "I will be cleaner and fresher", each day fit into a new item. Announced his decision to his closest friends and family members. Invite them to join you can even make a bet (of course, if it is for you to be a motivator, not a barrier to stop smoking). For the first time organize the space around them: remove from sight all that recalls smoking, for example, ashtrays and cigarettes, less communicate with smokers. Of course, you can not always avoid smoking, but the first month - the most difficult, so it is especially take care of yourself during this time.
  2. Listen to yourself. Of course, many psychologists recommend to quit smoking once and for all, but in each case, all individually. If you find it easier to phase out cigarette - for God's sake, but you must understand that in a certain amount of time, you will not be smoking at all.
  3. Encourage yourself financially, for example, are deposited in the treasury of the money you would have spent on cigarettes. Create a list of things that you would like to buy (well, if the first purchase will be a month after quitting smoking - it will be a great encouragement for you for a month without cigarettes).
  4. Use autogenic training. Every day, several times repeat the magic verbal formulas such as "I have a strong will and strong character", "I deeply disgusted with the taste of cigarettes," "I can not live without tobacco", "I gave up smoking", etc. You probably know the saying of the man, whom a hundred times called a pig, and one hundred and first he zahryukal. The same will happen to you once you stop smoking, and quite easily.
  5. Talk to those who have already quit smoking. You will be able to share with them your problems, and he might tell you a way to solve them or just talk about their experiences and the difficulties he faced. In any case, it would be sensible to support you.
  6. The main instigator of smoking - stress. During the first month, minimize strain and protect yourself from unpleasant experiences deep. Use a variety of methods to deal with stress: sports, hobbies, activities, and a change of scenery, a relaxing bath and meditation, etc. ...
  7. For many people, smoking is associated with psychomotor features: something pull in your mouth, chew, hold hands, etc. ... Keep this in mind, and if you also have these needs, satisfy them. Occupy your hands beads, charms or equipment for hands. You can also take and mouth, for example, eat apples and drink water (this will also be useful for the organism). Just remember that chew something must be non-nutritive: First, nicotine speeds up metabolism, and after quitting it is a bit slower, and secondly, at your hands and mouth there was a lot of free time that they would be happy fill in chips and sunflower seeds. But precisely because of these things people quit smoking, and may recover. So come up with something useful or harmless substitutes for smoking.
  8. Give yourself time. It sounds corny, but it's a fact. During the first month without a cigarette the way we still includes cigarettes and tobacco, as Our memory is full "pictures" of scenes from our past: I have friends in the bar - smoke, I'm at home watching a movie - I smoke, I drink coffee - I smoke, I'm standing in the street - smoke and ... But gradually over time, we are experiencing more and many different situations and images, including the new us without cigarettes, built in memory and replace an image with cigarettes. So we are gradually getting used to the new image of himself smoking. So try to try as much as possible just to quickly erase the image of cigarettes from your life.
  9. Keep a journal. During the first month as detailed as possible to write him all the events, as well as the associated feelings, emotions, and, of course, the desire to smoke flare. It certainly will occur - be prepared for it mentally. However, you have all the power to deal with it. After each day of analyze, in what circumstances would you like to smoke, and that helped you to cope with this desire. And if suddenly there was a failure - which is not enough to cope. Consider your mistakes and a lack of resources and the more they try to avoid. Then you ever leave the ranks of female smokers.
 How can I quit smoking easily and permanently

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