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In a day when the whole family is waiting for dinner, hoping to see on the table something very tasty, every woman should pay attention to is not a new, but very satisfying and healthy dish, known as stuffed chicken.

In the use of meat, whether it's chicken or chicken, it is not necessary to convince anyone, and if you stuff the bird and roast whole, your household more than once asked this dish "encore". In addition, the stuffed chicken will not break the diet for those who adheres to a diet and the control over your menu.
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We buy everything you need

Giving Directions husband, you need to sharpen knives, unanimously decide to dump chicken buckwheat and go buy the missing ingredients.

Young, weighing 1, 5-2 kg, chicken, without bruises and bruises, carefully choose a store or on the market, paying attention to the integrity of the carcass, and only fully convinced of its excellent quality, we buy. We take into account that will be used in the stuffing 200 g of buckwheat, at least 1 head onion 1 medium carrot, 0, 5 teaspoon pepper 3 cloves of garlic and 200 g of mayonnaise.

 stuffed chicken in the oven
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Stuffed, baked in the oven whole

Next, we have to carefully go, wash, cook the buckwheat and mix with fried onions and carrots, add salt to taste minced. Hen finally waited for our attention and after the adoption of its water treatment is ready for further processing. Processing suggests that chicken should lose their wings, and bones that after baking in the oven allow to divide it easily into portions pieces of an ordinary knife.

But part with chicken bones and still retain its integrity only in experienced hands, so if the stuffed chicken is still not your thing, do not take chances. Place the carcass on the cutting board breast side up, with a sharp knife make a cut from the bottom up to the neck, remove excess fat and unwholesome, and again rinse thoroughly inside and out. Next, finely chop the garlic, mix it with mayonnaise, and you have a sauce, which is necessary to coat the inside of the carcass, and after 20 minutes, beginning already cooked buckwheat stuffing.

To stuffed baked chicken was not revealed in the oven, you can sew or staple wooden toothpicks, prihvatyvaya edges together skins and meat. Lubricate the remaining sauce on top of chicken entirely and leave it to rest for half an hour. Meanwhile, we Preheat the oven to 200-220 degrees, and trust it to bring our meal until tender. But the chicken should not be left unattended, to monitor the process and regularly watered roasting carcass stand out juice. Taking the time to bake depends on the size of the chicken and the individual characteristics of your oven, so completion is determined by piercing and transparency emerging in this juice.

Make sure the stuffed chicken is ready, remove it, put in a dish, put in the center of the table and invite her husband and children, who from the smell coming from the kitchen, broke out appetite. Everything happened, dear mistress, accepting congratulations and thanks for a delicious lunch!

 Farshiruem and bake the chicken yourself

 Sweet pilaf


  • What is the right pilaf
  • Spices for pilaf: European or Asian
  • Few of the proportions of rice and water

This dish is popular today as pilaf, rooted in the prehistoric past so that at least a century to determine its origin can be very arbitrary. Assuming that the most common recipe for plov "come" to the beginning of the cultivation of rice in the Middle East (II-III century BC), in China this culture began to grow much earlier.

Yet Chinese traditions rice consumption has nothing to do with pilaf, especially if this pilaf with raisins.

Most likely, the birthplace of vegetarian species is India, where the slaughter was equivalent to killing a person. And in the meat brought into the recipe Persians.

 pilaf recipe with raisins

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What is the right pilaf

Today, there are thousands of recipes pilaf, and determine which one is the right one, is unlikely. Judging by the title, the main ingredient of the dish - rice, because the name is translated "cooked rice". Many nations, like the dish is called: India - floors, in Bulgaria - pilaf in Uzbekistan - burns. Getting to the preparation of dishes such as pilaf with raisins, you should understand that it is not so important, what foods contain the recipe, as the technology of cooking . As Russia moved from the Uzbek pilaf, according to the Uzbek recipe, it consists of two components: zirvak (mixture of onions, carrots, meat, fruits, spices) and the fact of the rice.

Sweet pilaf with raisins can be cooked like with meat or without. Even if the dish is meat, especially in the cauldron with hot oil is sent to the bow. Since Uzbekistan plov prepared on cotton vegetable oil, then decided to throw the original small whole onion, which is brought to the black and absorbs the odors of oil.

Sunflower oil, alas, can not be overtempered so. So just fry onions, sliced ​​rings or half rings, until golden brown. This will determine the color of the finished dish. Some prefer the first thing fry carrots, which takes about as much rice. And it is also true, because this vegetable also contributes to rich yellow color plova.Tolko after these two ingredients put meat, if the recipe initially assumes its existence. If not, then you can add spice to pilaf. Perhaps they have a home in the mix, store-bought. However, getting them to pay attention to the composition. For European manufacturers sometimes added to the set of something totally unrelated to the real seasoning for pilaf. Although no accounting for tastes.

 pilaf recipe sweet
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Spices for pilaf: European or Asian

Traditional oriental pilaf involves the addition of cumin (Zera, zry) in the form of whole grains, berries, barberry, turmeric, cloves or whole heads of garlic. The main thing - do not overdo the seasonings. At the same time it is added and pre-washed raisins. Some recipes recommend browned ingredients add water and boil for about 5 minutes, but this is not mandatory. When an elderly zirvak prepared with meat, then, of course, he needs more time to reach the pre-alert after frying. But pilaf without meat does not require additional cooking, because all the components are prepared quickly. And from saturated spice zirvak already spreads the fragrance of grace. It remains only to send rice.
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Few of the proportions of rice and water

With him you would begin, not in the sense of self cooking and preparation for pilaf. After all, unlike the usual pilaf from cereals to rice to steam rather than boil until viscosity. Therefore the rump should be well washed, wash it with a sanding "dust" to grain purchased translucency. Usually it is sufficient to prevent the rice under running water or three times to change the water in which the rump must lie 2 hours for the swelling. There is no need to fill in rice with hot water, and so he, after 2 hours, excellent condition will reach 20-25 minutes. Although the recipe with such advice is not uncommon.

Many are concerned about the proportion of rice and water. And indeed, after the real pilaf distinguishes friable structure, which make possible far not every owner. It is better to be guided not by the volume of rice, but by far exceeds the level of the liquid surface of the rice. The water should cover the rump of only 1 cm. Experts recommend to bring water to a boil first, a powerful fire, and then turn down to the poor. Sometimes it seems that the fluid is small, because it is rapidly evaporated under vigorous boil pilaf. But we should not rush to refill more water. Better puncture and gently push the rice, making small holes to the bottom of the cauldron. After 8-10 minutes, the recess should be completely level and made elsewhere. So gradually figure comes to readiness. Yes, and stir risotto is strictly prohibited.

You should not rush to remove the sample. Even turning off the stove, you need to wrap a towel around the edge of the cauldron cover, giving a pair to go. Let the finished dish then another 10-15 minutes - then rich, crumbly pilaf provided.

The recipe for this simple vegetarian pilaf is called Bukhara, its spread nicely on a platter (lyagan) slide and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. From the aesthetic appearance, too much depends. Despite the fact that the dish has a sweet taste, it is usually eaten with a salad of radish. Do not forbidden to dream and to add raisins or dried apricots pumpkin. Pleasant taste gives the quince. And if a vegetarian pilaf satisfy even chickpeas, the benefits of his peers will not.

 Traditional pilaf recipe for a sweet tooth