how to prepare a delicious risotto with pork


  • Where first appeared pilaf
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  • How to cook a real pilaf?

It is known that one of the "royal" oriental dishes is risotto. This dish is loved by the majority of people of any nationality. Species pilaf enough. The Tajik kitchen, for example, there are more than a dozen of his species.

To pilaf pork turned out crumbly and delicious, there are certain rules to be followed to achieve the best results.
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Where first appeared pilaf

Pilaf - so ancient dish, the first time it is mentioned in the epics and folk tales of Central Asia. The famous ancient physician Abu Ali Ibn Sina recommended this dish at some minor ailments and diseases. While plov was considered an expensive meal on the table of the poor appeared rarely. A wealthy people treated them proud of their guests. In Uzbekistan, a dish of rice and meat are called "bollards oui". Linguists believe that this phrase refers to the Greek language in which the word "poluv" that is diverse composition. How true this hypothesis is difficult to say, but against it in favor of the fact that a national Greek cuisine dishes such as rice, and there was not.

Each favorite food or drink have a legend that tells of their origin. It did not escape this fate and pilaf. The most beautiful story of his appearance belongs to the Uzbek people and has its chronology from the time of the Bukhara khanate. It tells the story of unrequited love to the son of the ruler of Bukhara daughter of a poor craftsman. From the melancholy prince stopped eating and sleeping. To find out the reason for this state of his son, the governor called Ibn Sina. He quickly realized what the deal here, and told a man who knew the city, listing the names of its neighborhoods. Himself physician all the time watching the pulse of Prince. When he was named areas, where his beloved, a young man became agitated and pulse of his participation. In the same way it has been found and the artisan. To restore power before the wedding, Ibn Sina prescribed the Prince is "oui burns." So it began its march across the country famous Uzbek pilaf.

 how to prepare a delicious risotto with pork
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How to choose a rice pilaf

Rice is the main component of any pilaf. The meat for this dish, you can choose anyone, including chicken, you can also experiment with rice. Competent hostess knows that if you do not understand the varieties of rice pilaf instead you can cook porridge. But if she wants to make a crumbly delicious pilaf pork, it is best to choose a long-grain rice. It was his most often used in Uzbek cuisine. Very good in pilaf varieties like Khan and Pakistan. Dish, which provide a regular roundish figure will be more sticky, but no less delicious.

When choosing rice should carefully examine the package in the presence of a rice crumbs and powders. Please be aware that this fragile varieties of cereals are not suitable for pilaf. It would be nice to get acquainted with inscriptions on the package. This will help to avoid mistakes and not to buy a parboiled rice. Dish with them will be bland and tasteless. If steamed semolina, reported inscription Parboiled. In eastern countries believe that the best choice would be a yellowish, slightly coarse-transparent figure.
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Methods of preparing rice pilaf

To prepare rice pilaf pork need either raw or in the jump. There is no doubt that in any of the variants of the rump should go through and rinse well, changing the water several times. With the laying of uncooked rice difficulties no one there, but with the soft things are little more complicated. The fact that in some types of pilaf (often as he prepares at home), pre-boiled rice until half. To do this, pour cereal plenty of salted boiling water and cook on low heat for long, just 10 minutes. It can be cooked in a mixture of water and milk in a ratio of 50:50. In some cases, add boiling water required prescription butter. This method is suitable for the friable pilau.

If the dishes selected Khan and Pakistani rice, for it has its own, special way of preparation. First of all, cereals should be rinsed thoroughly and go through. Then, you need to take the pot and put on her bottom 2-3 tablespoons of salt, wrapped in a piece of cloth. It should not have villi and coloring components. Then on top of this bundle is filled and prepared cereal poured cold water. All this is infused at least 8-10 hours. After this time, rice removed and well rinsed. Now he is ready to tab in rice, which will turn out very tasty.

The most delicious rice, according to the East, is obtained as follows: cereals sorted out, washed and soaked for 20 minutes in cold water. Then, the rice should be allowed to dry out, which he throws in a colander. Further, it should be mixed in a cauldron with hot oil and roast thoroughly until the grains have some transparency. Then, when the cereal podostynet, it is necessary to fill in salted boiling water or meat broth, boiling, too. It is necessary to respect the proportion of 1: 1, 5, where the last digit indicates the amount of water. Then a few minutes rump should cook on high heat, after having put on the cover of the cargo proved. Then fire and Bates cooked rice as long as all the liquid has evaporated. In Central Asia, we believe that this will be a real pilaf.

 pilaf pork with crisp rice
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Select pork pilaf

To make the house a real plov, you need to know what part of the carcass is most suitable for this purpose. The best option would be to choose the flesh in which he lived and little fat. Pilaf with pork on the bone has a peculiar taste and aroma. Perfect for this dish neck or podsheek. Some housewives prefer to make pilaf on pork ribs. In short, you can use any piece of meat, which is not too much fat. Fresh pork has a pink color. If the meat looks a bit dried up, and has a thin crust, it does not mean that it is not suitable for human consumption. However, one must note that it was no different color stains. When applied to fresh pork hand, it should remain virtually dry. In the event that visible mucus, then the meat is better not to buy. You also need to pay attention to the smell.

To meat retains all of its palatability, it is necessary only to defrost at room temperature and not under warm running water. Pork is often quite greasy, so all the fat, and the film should be cut. If there are veins, they too were removed. Then fillets are cut into small pieces. If the ribs are chosen, they should be rinsed and chopped to in pilaf did not come across tiny fragments of bone. Before laying the meat should wash and fold in a colander, as moisture frying pork with spices is superfluous.
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How to cook a real pilaf?

To prepare pilaf with pork need cauldron or pot with a thick bottom and the walls. Suitable thick-walled and deep frying, and roasting pan with non-stick coating. Very good risotto with pork obtained multivarka. Every housewife knows that this dish can be prepared in many ways. How to make delicious risotto with pork properly, there is no single solution. There are many recipes very decent food.
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Seasonings and Spices for pilaf

So what seasonings and spices to use depends on the recipe pilaf. The Uzbek cuisine is very respected cumin and Barberry. No one dish in which there is rice and meat can not do without them. If we look at the recipes of European orientation, not east, there is more common ground black pepper and pepper, paprika, coriander, bay leaf. Many people like to make pilaf pork with the addition of dried fruits. In this case, it has a very unusual taste and excellent aroma. Condiments and spices, which are sold in glass containers, have a high quality, so they are a bit more expensive. You can buy ready-mix and seasoning for pilaf, but they do not suit every woman, and not all the recipes are suitable. The finished dish is often sprinkled with herbs: coriander, marjoram, basil.

Simple recipe for pilaf with pork

In this dish is only the flesh of pork, boneless. It should be clear from the film and cut too soft and thin fabric. These scraps are useful afterwards. Then pork must be washed, dry and cut into small cubes. To save time, you first need to do rice. Rump washed and boiled water poured at room temperature for 40 minutes. Water is necessary so that it protrudes slightly above the rice. While it swells, engaged in vegetables and meat. 1 kg of pork is necessary to take 350 grams of rice, for 0, 5 kg of carrots and onions, clove of garlic, 2 tomatoes and 3 tablespoons of tomato paste. Since this recipe pilaf pork quite simple seasonings and spices are taken by those who taste the hostess and her home.

Onions cut into large, half-rings, carrots - julienne. Many rub it on a grater, but for pilaf is not acceptable. Tomatoes with a sharp knife, remove the peel and carefully cut them into cubes of medium size. Garlic should be cleaned and left whole cloves. In this recipe, there is a little trick: cut the onions and carrots to mix. Next taken dishes, in which decided to cook rice, on its bottom is filled with vegetable oil, preferably olive. His need to 250-300 g in boiling oil laid out a handful of onions and carrots, roasted. At a time when the vegetables begin to brown in a frying pan to put scraps of meat. This is something they should be very well fry. Then the oil is completely free of all ingredients that are simply thrown away.

It is the turn of pork, which at the same strength heat for 20 minutes with constant stirring fry. Then laid the remaining onions and carrots. The pan was covered with a lid and leave the meat stew with vegetables for 7-9 minutes. Then add tomatoes, mixed, and the mixture was again quenched products under the lid for 5 minutes. Now you need to pour into the pan of boiling water so that it performed on the products on the thickness of a little finger. Once the water boils, spread tomato paste, salt and pepper. All this mixture of products you need to cook for 10-15 minutes. During this time you need to cook selected spices and, after the desired time, add them to the pan with the garlic cloves. After 5 minutes of extinguishing laid out rice, which should be leveled. Now you need to make the most of low heat and cook risotto for 20-25 minutes.

 pilaf recipe at home

The complex recipe pilaf with pork

This method of Oriental cuisine connoisseurs. It deliberately undisclosed amount by weight of the ingredients, but the laws are explained, the knowledge of which will help to make the house a real eastern pilaf crisp pork. Meat, carrots and onions should take the same amount, and rice may be taken in 2 times more than pork. This dish must be present black cumin, dried barberries, paprika, turmeric and salt. Relish in the right amount of pre-mixed.

As in the previous recipe, rice needs to be soaked cool boiled water for at least 40 minutes. In large kettle pour oil should be taking into account the fat content of meat. If it is lean, the oil needs to substantially greater. It is to be ignited, but not overheat. Determine the readiness of oil can be so: it is necessary to put a half a small onion and wait until it browns. Once that happens, we take out the onions with a slotted spoon. And lay the pork cut into pieces.

While the meat is roasted, cut julienne carrots, and onions - semirings. Pork sure to stir occasionally. After 10 minutes of roasting the meat and add the onion is preparing to purchase gold. Now you need to put the carrots and cook it with onions and meat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. The mixture of products is poured boiled water so that it covers them for at least 1 cm. That is now in a cauldron called zirvak - sauce pilaf. We must let it boil, add spices and put Fig. Kazan covered with the cap, the fire decreases, and after 20 minutes of crisp risotto is ready. To the table it is served on a large platter open. Now that you know how to cook pilaf pork home.

 How to prepare a real tasty plov