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  • Sweet pilaf rice and dried fruits
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Pilaf is so loved that the fantasies of its preparation are endless in the world there are a thousand and one recipe for pilaf. Classic and sweet pilaf with dried fruit can be divinely prepared in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, but also Turkmens and Kazakhs consider him a national dish, and almost reached perfection in the culinary cooking. Pilaf, despite the solid principles of cooking, in different versions and the process flow is very different taste.

  1. A combination of two major products one by one. The first and basic product - cereal, its presence in consistently pilaf. Traditionally this figure, but is used and peas, and wheat, and corn, and a mixture of different grains. The second component of the dish (zirvak) can be meat, beef in grape leaves, fish, chicken, vegetables and dried fruits. From spices in a dish placed only saffron, cumin, hot pepper and barberry. And in any case - coriander, bay leaf and celery.
  2. Technology of preparation: one of the two parts separately preparing pilaf and stewed cereal (not cooked).
  3. To choose and cook the rice. Suitable only strong and transparent medium-grade rice are low in starch - Jasmine and Basmati, devzira, scald, Bela Alang, dastar-Saryk, Barakat, Akmarzhan round Krasnodar. Long grain, wild or parboiled rice pilaf will not do.
  4. The amount of water to extinguish not much and not enough. More than necessary, and rice will turn to mush, a little - a dish foothills.
  5. Dishes. Pilaf recipe contains any condition - cast iron cookware with thick straight-walled, thin-walled enamelled or will not do.

 pilaf recipe sweet

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Sweet pilaf rice and dried fruits

Pilaf with dried fruit - it's tasty and very helpful. Figure on 80% consists of complex carbohydrates, 8% of the essential amino acids for humans. B vitamins are composed of rice - the food for the central nervous system, lecithin - for the brain, potassium - for the heart. But rice does not contain gluten, which makes it universally useful.

Dried fruits - the dried berries or fruits in the sun or in the dryer. They contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, long stored at room temperature. Fresh fruits and berries dry second only to the content of vitamin C, most of which is lost during the drying process.
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Simple recipe

The recipe for a popular and simple. To cook pilaf with dried fruit, you will need: rice - 2 cups, dried apricots, raisins, prunes, dates, figs (by half a cup each), ghee - half cup of sugar, and salt.

  1. Melt in a cast iron pan melted butter.
  2. Add dried fruit butter, simmer 20-30 minutes.
  3. Sort out and wash the rice.
  4. Put the rice in a stewed dried fruit, salt and cover with cold water, the amount of two fingers above the rice, put sugar. Do not stir the rice and dried fruits.
  5. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low.
  6. When the water evaporates, collect rice from the edges to the center slide.
  7. Cover pilaf lid, wrap the pot in a blanket, to insist 10-15 minutes.
  8. Remove the lid, cover the pan with dish and rapidly turn it upside down to dry fruits appeared at the top of pilaf.

 simple recipe for sweet pilaf

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Armenian recipe

This holiday recipes. To prepare the Armenian pilaf need: rice - 2 cups, dried apricots, raisins, prunes and figs, pitted, figs, almonds (half a cup of each), ghee - half cup sugar, salt, 1 ch. L., Pita bread.

  1. Pour into a cast-iron pan (cauldron) 6 glasses of water (3 times more than rice), put on fire, bring to a boil and add salt.
  2. Figure bust, wash and soak for 2 hours. The water was drained, the rump drain.
  3. Figure fill in boiling salted water, stir and cook for 10 minutes until half.
  4. The water is drained Figure recline in a colander and rinse with cold water (Fig then turn crumbly).
  5. In a cast-iron pan (cauldron) put pita bread, pour it on top of the oil.
  6. Share on pita half rice, smooth and pour butter (2-3 tbsp. L.), Put the second part of the rice and then pour the oil.
  7. Cover the pan with a lid and set fire to a minimum.
  8. Dried fruits wash, add the almonds and put them in a sieve for 30 minutes in a water bath under the lid closed.
  9. Steamed dried fruit and almonds are put in a pot, pour the remaining melted butter and mix.
  10. On the dish lay broken into pita on pita bread - rice, rice - dried fruits and almonds.

Bon appetit and good health!

 Sweet pilaf rice and dried fruits

 delicious risotto with turkey


  • Choose rice pilaf
  • Choose and prepare turkey
  • Cooking pilaf with turkey

Pilaf turkey has a distinctive taste and is loved by many. Because turkey - a dietary product, this dish will be useful to those who for health reasons can not eat fatty foods, as well as wishing to lose weight.

Therefore, to know how to cook risotto with turkey meat, should every woman, because there is seldom a woman who does not want to lose a few extra kilos. You can take any one you like the recipe and cook delicious and healthy pilaf.
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Choose rice pilaf

To instead pilaf not turned porridge with meat, need to know what rice is suitable for this dish. Buying cereal in the store, you need only take the transparent packaging, which can be seen, whether the package of crushed grains and starchy dust. This figure is not suited to rice, because it is very brittle. To this dish best suited grades with solid oval grains which differ in some transparency, have an average length and contain a small amount of starch. Good in pilaf and long-grain rice.

If you buy a Thai variety of cereals, then it is possible to prepare any dish east. This figure does not fall apart, does not crumble and has a pleasant milky in flavor. It is important that this variety is not subject to grinding and polishing, which allows the grains to maintain all the useful properties of the grains. When you purchase is necessary to see whether the packaging labels Parboiled, which means "subjected to steaming." This figure should be avoided for pilaf, since it will not have the inherent taste of the rump and flavor. But some like it was his mistress, because it is easy to cook, never stick together, do not fall apart and pilaf he gets crumbly.

 pilaf recipe for turkey
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Choose and prepare turkey

The turkey tastes like chicken, but it has some kind of flavor. This product is a dietary saturated and a large number of useful proteins and mineral substances, including amino acid, which stimulates the brain.   Of particular value attached to its hypoallergenic turkey, so it is perfect for children and people suffering from various forms of allergies to foods. Turkey, you can even give the kids the first year of life.

Choosing a bird in the store, it is advisable to take it fillets without skin. If you decide to buy a carcass, it must be well-fed, have a thick breast and legs, covered with a light-yellow skin. It is important that the bird had no dusky expressed or yellow spots. To ensure the freshness of the carcass, it is necessary to put pressure on her finger (if the product is not very frozen), and if the resulting cavity is quickly restored, the product is fit for human consumption. To determine which part of the bird to fly, you need to look into their favorite recipe.

When cutting a whole fillet is necessary to pay special attention to the legs, as they are a large number of fairly strong veining, which should be carefully selected. Then turn out the small fillets, are perfectly cut into pieces a la carte. The rest of cutting the turkey is not much different from the chicken: it can also be chopped into small pieces, but the skin it is necessary to remove them.

 how to cook risotto turkey
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Cooking pilaf with turkey

Classic recipe

In order to prepare this extraordinary tasty dish, you will need:

  • 0, 5 kg of turkey fillet
  • 1, 5 cups of rice
  • Dried plums - 10 pieces
  • seedless raisins - 2-3 tbsp. spoons
  • medium-sized onions
  • 0, 5 cups of melted butter
  • 10 pieces of chestnuts
  • saffron, cumin, red pepper
  • salt to taste

First of all you need to cook a turkey breast: defrost, rinse and put in the container, which decided to cook pilaf. It should be noted that for this purpose, suitable only thick-walled dishes: kettle, roaster, deep frying pan. The meat you need to boil, remove from broth and cut into small pieces. Then Let us rice. It needs to go through and rinse thoroughly. Then cereal laid in broth so that the liquid was 50% larger than rice. And cook it until tender.

At this time, in a separate pan and melt the need to warm up a little, put in a peeled and chopped chestnuts, raisins and plum. This mixture of products you need to fry for a few minutes. Then again on a separate skillet passeruem chopped onion half rings with caraway seeds, it all added to the first pan. During this time, cook the rice (that is, it absorbs all the broth), it is necessary to pour the saffron tincture. On the rice dish is laid slide on it - pieces of turkey, and on them - dried fruit and butter.

Recipe for pilaf with curry

Pilaf with turkey curry. It will require jasmine rice. Another feature of this dish is marinated turkey. For this purpose the poultry is cut into small, not more than 2 cm pieces of white and semi-sweet wine is poured, which is kept not more than an hour. This recipe allows you to cook spicy and delicious pilaf. We need:

  • Drumstick or turkey breast - 1 kg
  • Rice - 1 kg
  • Vegetable oil
  • Tomato paste - 1 tbsp. spoon
  • Bulbs average size - 2 pcs.
  • A small head of garlic
  • Curry powder - 1 tbsp. spoon
  • Carrots medium size - 4 pcs.

The preparation of this dish begins with cooking zirvak - gravy. Onions cut into half rings, carrots - julienne. The container in which decided to cook rice, you need a good warm up the oil in the quantities that it was enough for sautéing onions and carrots. Initially, the pan or kettle is put onions and fried for a couple of minutes. Next to it is added to the carrots, the fire added and the mixture is roasted to a state of semi carrots. Next, add to the vegetables marinated turkey, the product mixture is brought to a boil and the fire diminished. Then laid tomato paste, curry, salt in an amount such that zirvak turned slightly salty. Close the pan with a lid and leave the food to stew for 10 minutes.

Then in zirvak need to drown the whole, not peeled clove of garlic and top with washed rice. Groats to be leveled and fill with water in an amount such that it covers the rice on the thickness of a little finger. In order to evenly distribute the liquid over rice, pierce it with a wooden stick in a few places. Then close the lid and the dishes for 15-20 minutes pilaf languishing on low heat. As it should be ready to mix.

 How to cook a delicious pilaf with meat turkey