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  • Cooking pilaf in a double boiler

The purpose of this article - to explain how to cook risotto in a double boiler. This cookware is useful because you can get ready-to-eat foods that keep all their qualities and are a dietary food. Just how useful a dish, steamed, every woman knows. But not everyone is familiar with how to cook risotto in multivarka. Some also do not assume that this whimsical dishes like rice, you can use this not so long ago appeared in our kitchens for cooking apparatus.
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Choose products for cooking pilaf

T Lawn components of any pilaf - rice and meat. That they should focus on when purchasing products.

If desired food recipe provides for certain varieties of rice or meat, you should buy it of them. In all other cases you need to be guided by the following rules: rice pilaf should not be fragile, in a package shall not be any crumbs and dust from cereals. It is best to choose rice with grains elongated, yellowish and slightly transparent. White and roundish grains often have high starch content and cooking stick together and boiled soft. This cereal is good for porridge. If the package is written Parboiled, then this rice pilaf and steamed is bland and tasteless, but the dish will turn out crumbly.

As to how the meat is preferred for pilaf, we all know that this lamb. However, the fit and the other: pork, beef, veal, chicken, turkey. Often the recipe specifically indicate which one to buy. When choosing meat to pay attention to the color, the smell, the presence of dusky spots. Every housewife knows how to distinguish the fresh product from damaged: you have to press a finger on a piece of meat and see how quickly align fossa. In fresh product it happens almost immediately. However, the store pieces of meat are often sold in strongly frozen. Therefore, there should be a criterion for selection date printed on the package.

So what seasonings and spices are necessary for pilaf, will prompt the selected recipe dishes. The most commonly used cumin, including black, barberry, black and red pepper, bay leaves, curry. The finished dish is sprinkled with a variety of herbs: basil, cilantro, marjoram. In some cases, add dried fruit, ate it includes the recipe pilaf. To prepare this dish, you will need onions, carrots, garlic, tomatoes. No matter what dish will cook pilaf in a cauldron or a double boiler, the product composition remains unchanged.

 pilaf recipe in multivarka
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Cooking pilaf in multivarka

Prepare a tasty and healthy dish for a couple, with equipment such as multivarka - simply and quickly. This unit has various modes of cooking, the amount of which depends on the model of this miracle technology. If the "Pilaf" No, you can cook in the "Bake." You will also need Mode "Hot" and "Parboiled rice." Multivarka is an apparatus consisting of a bowl with a certain amount of non-stick cookware, heaters, electronic control unit and a tight-fitting lid. Pilaf Multivarki can be prepared in two ways.

Classic recipe

First of all you need to prepare food: meat washed and cut into medium-sized pieces, onion cut into half rings, and carrots - julienne. At the bottom of the bowl Multivarki need to pour oil and put it all prepared, that is, meat, carrots and onions. All this should be mixed in a bowl. Then set the "Baking", which will last 40 minutes, and periodically open the lid and stir the food. So zirvak cooked - meat-based pilaf. After the beep signal that mode "Baking" has finished its work, you need to put in a bowl of washed rice, salt, spices and seasonings. Then the boiled water is added in an amount such that it covers the pre-uniformly distributed in volume cup Figure 1 cm. Then the lid is closed and set to the mode "pilaf" "Baking" or other, which has a cooking temperature not lower than 180 °.

Simple recipe

It is largely similar to the first method of preparation pilaf and has only a few differences in the way done zirvak. Here, in "Baking" first for 20 minutes with constant stirring roasted meat, onions and carrots are added later, and the product mixture being prepared 15-20 minutes. Rice, salt and spices are added in the same manner as in the first case. The rest of the process is similar to the prescription №1.

 pilaf recipe in a double boiler
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Cooking pilaf in a double boiler

Given that multivarok in our kitchens is not so much a pressure cooker - something common, the pilaf is often prepared in it. It is known that the utensils for cooking on a couple has several branches - cups, which are installed one above the other. Water is poured into the lower compartment and the upper lid tightly closed. Cooked in a double boiler dishes have many advantages: they are juicy and tasty and retain all their nutritional properties. Dishes are a couple of diet, healthy food. To prepare the risotto in a double boiler, you will need:

  • meat (lamb, beef, pork) - 150 g
  • Rice - 200 g
  • medium size onion - 1 pc.
  • Cumin, spices, salt
  • quince - 50 g

Rice should go bust, rinse thoroughly, changing the water at least 7 times, and soak in boiled water at room temperature for 4-5 hours. Water should be podsolit. At the right time the meat is cut into pieces a la carte, which should roll in a mixture of spices, cumin and salt. This recipe allows not only cutting carrot sticks, and circles. Then we deal with quince. Because it is necessary to remove all the seeds and partitions, and cut into thin slices. Then cut the onion half rings.

The lower compartment steamers filled with water. And in the upper stacked prepared for cooking pilaf products in the following order: meat, quinces, carrots. Then you need to lay on top of gauze products, and put on her swollen figure. On top of it all the same need to sprinkle some salt water. Then the lid is closed and when there is a timer, it is set to 2:00. Periodically, you need to shift the pilaf (not stirring) spatula so that it steamed evenly. 15 minutes before end of cooking should be chopped onion half rings fry in a pan until golden brown. It was then added to the rice, which is thoroughly mixed.

 How to cook risotto in a double boiler and multivarka

 how to prepare a delicious risotto with mushrooms


  • Cooking culinary masterpiece
  • Options for cooking pilaf

When it's time to mushroom, appeared on our table delicious food - fried mushrooms, pickled, salted.

Unfortunately, much less we prepare pilaf with mushrooms and, in the meantime, this recipe will help diversify our menu for lean table, it is ideal for women who are watching their figures, as well as for vegetarians.

Traditional pilaf made from fatty meats - lamb or pork, so many women are forced to give up this dish because of its high calorie content. Pilaf with mushrooms is absolutely devoid of this shortcoming, as the mushrooms themselves are low in calories, and it is not preparing to animal fat and vegetable oil. In its taste no fat has no effect, on the contrary, the mushrooms give it a wonderful flavor and aroma.

Prepare this dish can be not only in the mushroom season, and at any time of year, because it turns out delicious whole mushrooms, and they are on sale is always there.
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Cooking culinary masterpiece

How to cook mushroom risotto? The recipe is simple. Take a large onion and carrots, wash, clean, shred and passiruem them in vegetable oil. Mushrooms clean, wash, cut into middle-sized pieces and fry until soft.

Mix the mushrooms with vegetables, put in a cauldron, add the washed rice, salt, pepper, to taste add spices - turmeric, saffron. Fill in the cauldron boiling water in a ratio of rice to 2: 1 and put on a small fire. When the rice will absorb almost all the water you can bring plov to readiness in the oven.

In the finished risotto with mushrooms to taste add the greens - parsley or dill, and to add spice to it, even in the raw rice before adding the boiling water, put a few cloves of peeled garlic.

Number of products depends on the number of consumers - a family of 4-5 people is enough 0, 5 kg of mushroom and 1, 5-2 cups of rice.

If you want to cook risotto with forest mushrooms, fresh or frozen, do not forget to pre-boil them, boiling dried mushrooms to soak in the milk. Mushroom broth use for cooking pilaf.

 delicious risotto with mushrooms
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Options for cooking pilaf

You can vary this recipe, if you cook the mushroom risotto with vegetables, for example, add the canned corn and green peas.

By season in this recipe, you can add pepper, eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkin. For this purpose it is necessary to wash vegetables and clean if necessary, cut into small cubes and put out the oil.

Adding vegetables to risotto enrich our diet with vitamins to boost nutritional value and digestibility of food.

If you want to cook risotto with mushrooms for children, do not put garlic, do not overdo it with spices - children love the natural taste of food. But vegetables can not feel sorry, even if the child does not like them, with pilaf, he will eat them more than usual. By the way, you can add vegetables in general, meat, rice.

The "children" pilaf recipe can be added and dried fruits - raisins, prunes, dried apricots, in the dish will be slightly sour taste, maybe your kid it will be enjoyed. But remember, children up to 3 years, pediatricians do not recommend eating the mushrooms, even the mushrooms, so be careful.

Prepare for your loved ones a variety of dishes, cook them with love, your children will remember for a lifetime special "mother's" flavor of the house.

 Simple recipe for mushroom pilaf