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The benefits of chicken meat has long been known, much has been said and to list all the advantages of the meat of these birds can be infinitely long. One of its main advantages, chicken meat - low-calorie? and it can be prepared from a great number of dishes. You can adopt a recipe for a national cuisine, you can invent your own, as a huge number of possible combinations.

With chicken combines almost all spices and are available in almost all ways of cooking.

The oven in a pan over an open fire, and just over the famous boiled chicken. Chicken can be cooked burgers, chops, soups (mostly soups, purees most delicious are derived from chicken broth). One of the most delicious recipe options of chicken, marinated in yogurt and baked in the oven. The chicken in the oven - always a safe bet. This recipe - the recipe is very easy to prepare, which, moreover, the most common use, affordable products. The recipe is nothing exotic, but the taste turns soft, thin, with a slight acidity. Products - at least, the result exceeds all expectations.

You can use the whole chicken carcass, you can take the parts that are best for you to taste. But we must remember, chicken breast low in calories, but most of the meat is dry. Chicken Drumsticks are generally juicier, and more calories. Well meat chicken legs, compared with the breast, more rigid.

 cooking chicken in oven
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About roles and interaction

Recipes, in which the preparation of the products implied in the oven are good that the meat turns juicy and soft. Sauces and marinades not "collapsed" and impregnated meat, giving it new flavors, well, adjust the oven temperature is relatively simple. But back to our recipe of chicken marinated in yogurt and baked in the oven. The dish is a simple, tasty and satisfying. Meals on kefir get easy and low-calorie.

To cook the chicken in yogurt, we need:

  • Actually, the chicken, approximately 1 kg. (You can chop the carcass into pieces whole, and thus each of eaters will find a favorite piece of, well, may be separately prepared breasts, legs or filet).
  • Kefir, a half-liter - l (the number of yogurt varies depending on the size of the chicken. It is important to completely cover the meat yogurt, but it is closed, it is not necessary to the chicken in yogurt swimming).
  • Salt (to taste, if you like is not particularly salty food, you can not salt at all, seasonings give enough salinity).
  • Seasonings (you can take a ready-made seasoning for chicken, you can dry oregano or basil, or you can simply black pepper or red pepper or a mixture).

 chicken baked in the oven

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About nuances in its sole discretion

Well, now it's time to cook. You need to cut the chicken into pieces, add salt (or salt, as you like), roll in spices, put in a deep container (you can just take a form that will bake in the oven), leave to marinate. For the period of pickling is better to put the meat in the refrigerator. Time, by and large, is not limited, but at least two hours. You can, for example, marinate the chicken in the morning, leave for work in the evening to return, but "blank supper" is ready and waiting to be quickly transformed into a most delicious dinner.

You can, by the way, before you roll the meat with spices, sprinkle it with lemon juice. Though the recipe uses yogurt, too sour product, lemon juice spicing, well, "sour" at the lemon and yogurt is different.

Baked chicken in an oven preheated to 180 degrees-minute until golden brown, which is about an hour, but not less than 50 minutes. The exact cooking time again depends on the power of your oven and the amount of pieces into which you cut the chicken. Fillet cook faster than meat on the bone. It turns out hearty, delicious and beautiful dish. Served with rice is perfect (no matter how corny it sounds) or bulgur (but do not need to be washed before cooking, otherwise it will taste like barley).

 The chicken in the oven under a kefir marinade

 pilaf with chicken


  • What is the pilaf?
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  • How to cook risotto in pots

What is risotto? This is one of the most popular dishes is not only the eastern and European cuisine. Many housewives are trying to please their households these tasty and varied dish. Pilaf can be prepared not only in a cauldron, utyatnitsu or in a saucepan on the stove, and oven, for example, chicken pilaf in pots. From this taste pilaf not change, but will only become more intense.
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What is the pilaf?

In cooking, there are many recipes for plov, which always consists of two parts: obligatory grinding parts and "zirvak" or, as it is called, "Gara".

Cereal part often consists of rice, but can also be used in corn, wheat, peas. Zirvak can consist of meat, fish, game, vegetables, dried fruits and spices, and even pieces of minced meat wrapped in grape leaves.

Importantly, before you start to cook pilaf - find the right variety of rice. This is to ensure that the dish turned out crumbly, but in any case not stuck together. It is best suited for cooking brown rice pilaf, which contains the B vitamins necessary for the normalization of the nervous system. The composition pilaf include nutrients, such as animal and vegetable proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Carrots, which is inextricably linked to the pilaf, contains beta-carotene, which is so essential to our body for normal visual perception.

 pilaf in pots
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According to nutritionists for pilaf with chicken

Rice contains starch and protein mucus that coats the stomach, and therefore it is useful in gastritis and indigestion. Also in rice many trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Onions, who all love to add in rice, rich in vitamins A, B, C, potassium, calcium and magnesium. And it stimulates the appetite and reduces swelling. The very same chicken is no different from the cholesterol content of beef. Most dietary product is a white boiled chicken.

Pilaf Chicken in a pot is useful for people of reduced supply and for the people in the diet that are deficient in vitamins, carbohydrates, trace elements. If a person is suffering from diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, if he has a sick liver, pancreas, stomach sick, it is not recommended to use this dish. For children under the age of five pilaf recommended in limited quantities.

If you use this pilaf, and it is a high-calorie, 150 grams a day, it will not affect the body weight change. But it in no event it is impossible to include in a diet for weight loss because it contains a lot of animal protein. And frying best for refined sunflower oil or olive oil or melted butter to prevent the formation of carcinogens, which are harmful to health.

 delicious pilaf with chicken in the pot
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How to cook risotto in pots

When cooking any dish in the oven in the pot, it is very convenient for housewives, because they do not need to be distracted by something to stir, and the fear that it will burn. Consider two recipes cooking pilaf of chicken in the pot.

For the preparation of the meals we take a cup of rice and two cups of water, chicken; but if not, then chicken thighs or whole leg and remove the meat from them that there is no seed; for zazharki we need one onion and one carrot. And prepare vegetable oil, salt and spices, such as saffron, cumin or curry. The number of products every woman chooses itself, everything depends on the preferences of the family. Spices also chosen depending on the tastes. Thus, we begin to cook.

Fig previously must be rinsed in water and optionally soak for thirty minutes in hot water. Then zazharki made of carrots and onions. To do this, wash and clean the vegetables, then you must carrots grate, chop the onion. Then zazharku fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. If you like that meat was not only the stew, it must be pre-fry, but before it cut into small pieces.

For the first embodiment of our cooking pilaf in pots impose equal amounts Fig. Then fill it with water, remembering that the ratio of rice and water - 1: 2. On top of the fig spread evenly sliced ​​chicken meat, salt and add the spices. Then we put in the oven of a cold for thirty minutes, closing pots caps. Why in the oven of a cold? Because pottery can not be put in the preheated oven, and can only be in the cold. Half an hour later we obtain the pots out of the oven and add the top zazharku. Then again, put in the oven, after five minutes, it shuts down and keep our pots without taking out of the oven for another ten minutes. All our first version of pilaf ready, bon appetit.

Let us turn to the second embodiment of the preparation of delicious pilaf. Chicken meat we cut pieces and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Then, the prepared meat and prepared zazharku spread evenly in pots. Put the rice on top, too, in equal amounts. and fill with water again, not forgetting the rice and water ratio of 1: 2. Water is poured so as not to mix the rice with other ingredients, i.e. it should be in the top. Then add salt and spices to taste. Cover with lid and leave the pots in a cold oven for half an hour. Then turn off the oven and leave to reach our meal. That's it, bon appetit.

 Chicken pilaf in pots: recipes