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In multivarka possible to prepare a real eastern pilaf. This dish is like almost everything. It is tasty, satisfying and useful. To instead pilaf not turned porridge with meat, you need to know and comply with certain rules of cooking. Since the procurement process and finishing products serving pilaf on the table, you need to follow the instructions below. And then I will not have any frustrations in their abilities, any opportunities Multivarki. A home will be proud to tell friends what a wonderful hostess prepares a risotto.
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How to choose rice pilaf

First of all, you need to understand what is suitable for the present rice pilaf.   The first rule - you need to choose cereals in transparent packaging. In this case, it will become clear whether there is a package of rice dust and crumbs. If so, it means that this strain is not suitable, since its grain frangible and contain a lot of starch. He quickly fall apart, and the grains stick together. Excellent variety for pilaf - "khan" and "Thai."

This rice is delicious, and dish out of it turns crumbly. If the store is not large assortment of cereals, it can be selected by the following criteria: average grain size, a small transparent, slightly yellowish tint. This is the best option for this pilaf. The second rule - not to buy parboiled rice. The fact that the cereal is treated with steam, report writing on the packaging Parboiled. Good for pilaf and elongated figure, but in the case if its strong grain and several transparent.

What lamb choose

The next step is to buy meat, namely lamb. This is a very valuable product, which exceeds even calorie beef. Lamb also remarkable because of its negligible fat contains cholesterol, in comparison with other types of meat. Many do not like the specific taste and smell of mutton. But this is quickly and easily remedied: during cooking to put rosemary and thyme.

They are easy to cope with this drawback doubtful, and the meat is tasty and juicy, without any taste. For pilaf best suited vane and lamb brisket. The meat should have a pink color and a small amount of fat. If it is dark red, and the fat has a yellow tint, then the animal was old and poorly fed. This meat will be tough, wiry and require a lot of time to cook it.

On the choice of seasonings and spices

Seasonings and Spices that are used in cooking pilaf, typically listed in a recipe. But nothing will prevent hostess add your favorite seasoning a dish, despite the fact that they do not provide a list of products. Here, a wide field for experimentation with flavors that give spices.

However, in this case, the quality of the food will be different from the expected Formulation. This Uzbek pilaf is unthinkable without cumin (including black) and barberry. Often the finished dish is sprinkled with herbs: marjoram, basil, cilantro. In stores you can buy a ready-made set of spices for pilaf. In the case decided to use several individual spices and seasonings, then you should know that they are in a glass container better and more fragrant than in paper bags.

 delicious pilaf
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Cooking pilaf using Multivarki

Multivarka fairly new device on our Russian kitchens. Each of them included detailed instructions with lots of recipes that can be prepared using this technique. However, those who often uses multivarka, discovering new possibilities of this device, allowing it to receive, for example, a real Uzbek pilaf. To do this, just need to follow some rules, which are used during cooking pilaf in a cauldron, and take into account the particular Multivarki, in particular, its modes.

Simple recipe for pilaf with lamb in multivarka

For the preparation of this dish will need 2 medium-sized onion, 2 carrots, 1 kg of mutton, 1 kg of rice, the head of garlic, 50 g of vegetable oil, is highly desirable piece of sheep fat size of an egg. It will give risinkam amber color and unique flavor. Condiments and spices hostess chooses independently. In the preparation of any pilaf has a feature: carrots can be cut into strips or rings. But most of the recipes found in the cutting strips. Some housewives prefer to grate carrots on a grater, but this is a mistake. In this case, it changes the taste of food because shredded carrots too fast gives your juice.

The first step is to wash the rice well. In order to do this properly, you need to change at least 7 water. During washing cereals should not crush or rub your hands, you need to make simple stirring motion. When the rice is very clean and the water clear, it should be soaked in boiling water at room temperature for at least an hour.

Then proceed to the cutting of mutton. Pilaf used only pulp, and lived without fat. It can be replaced kurdjuchnyj. The meat is cut into small pieces and washed in running water. After that it should shift into a colander. As long as the water drains off, let us cooked vegetables. Onions cut into half rings, and carrots - julienne. Because it is desirable to prepare barberry spices, turmeric and curry.

Getting cooking zirvak. In multivarku need to put the tank and set the pilau "Roasting meat" .The that is needed for cooking, hard to predict. It depends on the juiciness of the meat and its softness. After 4-5 minutes of warm-up Multivarki (it is important not to overheat it) pour oil and wait until it is glowing. Then cut into pieces laid kurdjuchnyj fat. As soon as it begins to resemble the color of caramel, remove it with a slotted spoon. In boiling oil omit the half-rings of onion and stir it, expect when it becomes golden.

Then gently along the wall, so as not to change the temperature of the oil, lay out the pieces of lamb. For its preparation will need at least 20 minutes. Ready meat multivarka can be determined by the oil as soon as it becomes clear, then, came the lay spices and carrots.

Turmeric afloat give not only an amazing flavor and beautiful color. If you purchased dried leaves turmeric, need to treat them carefully: they leave on the palms of the bright yellow spots, which are poorly laundered. Once all the necessary spices, salt, carrots added to zirvak, in the former regime must continue cooking for another 10-15 minutes. If you add a teaspoon of sugar, it will help to reveal the taste of all those in multivarka products. Then he laid out a pre-reclined in a colander rice, aligned to the surface zirvak.

Further it is necessary to carefully pour the water pan, so that it covers the products are not more than the thickness of the little finger. To evenly distribute the liquid over a pan of rice have to pierce in several places with a wooden stick. In the middle of the "twisted" from the husk peeled whole garlic cooking. After that, the lid is closed and the mode is set to "Steam" 15 minutes. If such a function in multivarka not, choose another, suitable for cooking rice. After the signal that the regime of "Steam" has finished its work, you need to open the cover and then close it. Thus steam leaves the pot, but the mode "heating" does not need to disconnect. It will afloat "walk."

 recipe pilaf with lamb

The classic recipe for pilaf with lamb in multivarka

This pilaf, due to the composition of ingredients, you get a sharp and with a little sour. For its preparation will need: 2, 5 multistakana water, 1, 5 multistakana rice, 0, 5 kg lamb 1 medium size onion, carrot 1, 1 tomato, seasonings, red pepper, salt, 100 g of vegetable oil. First of all, prepare the vegetables: chop the onion half rings and carrots - julienne. In multivarka fry the onions until golden brown. To do this, the machine must be preset to "Bake." During zazharki onion cut into pieces of meat and peeled tomato. And we have also cut into thin slices.

Once it becomes clear that the onion is ready, laid out in a bowl of washed pieces of meat, carrot and tomato. Items in multivarka need to stir and close the lid. We reserve zirvak ready before the end of the regime. At this time, we prepare to tab Fig. It needs to be thoroughly washed in several waters, and fill with water at room temperature. After the clock signal to open the cover and put in multivarku salt, spices and rice. Do not forget that the recipe provides 1, 5 cups of water, which is added to the bowl with food. It is necessary to ensure that the fluid is uniformly distributed in the product mixture. After that you must install on multivarka mode "pilaf". Once the timer tone sounds, open the lid and stir the rice, and then leave it in multivarka under the lid closed for another 20 minutes.

 How to cook in multivarka pilaf with lamb meat