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  • History of the recipe befstroganova
  • Beef dishes - tasty and healthy
  • A classic recipe "stroganoff mignon"
  • Stroganoff recipe, according to the reconstruction of V. Pokhlebkin
  • Can I cook beef stroganoff in multivarka?
  • Stroganoff from the liver as an option meals

Food is known to be particularly tasty, one of the temptations that mankind must overcome in their lives. Overcoming this can be built in different ways - you can deny yourself even think about food, and it is possible to obey their wishes and prepare themselves and friends and relatives are very tasty and at the same time nourishing lunch or dinner. Everyone knows that now learn the basics of cooking from different cultures (Japanese, Italian, Chinese, finally) very easily, so you always have the option to surprise its guests.

But for this it is important to know their tastes. And if you are not familiar with all the invited people for dinner, the best option would be to prepare a classic dinner to include in the minimum proportions of something new, something that will surprise them. Lunch, as is customary throughout the world, must necessarily include a hot dish. It would be better if the basis for his mistress take the meat - pork, beef, poultry or fish. After all, as much energy as containing protein found in meat, you will not find not one other foods.

 recipe beef stroganoff with mushrooms

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History of the recipe befstroganova

The name of the dish is obtained thanks to Count Stroganov, who worked as a cook, in the XIX century has developed a recipe of cooking meat in a special way. The first part of the name of this dish - "Beef" - is related to foreign word beef, which translated from French and English means "beef". However, the requirement to use it when cooking beef stroganoff included a classic recipe of hot dishes, which invented the Stroganov.

And over time, chefs were replaced so useful for veal meat and then the turkey, chicken, and even on venison and even elk. Those who love seafood will be pleasantly surprised to see the restaurant's menu stroganoff squid or fish. Leaver, such as the heart and liver, also very often the main ingredient in the preparation of dishes such as beef stroganoff. In the world there are about 100 exquisite recipes.

 cooking beef stroganoff on a classic

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Beef dishes - tasty and healthy

One of the most useful types of meat called beef or veal. It is the fact that the meat of cattle filled with lots of protein and iron, which is why it is able to enrich the cells of the human body with oxygen, which contributes to the rapid recovery of strength and energy. Therefore, beef has advised those people who work in heavy industry, engaged in physical labor, as well as athletes. After all, the percentage of fat in beef is minimal. Collagen and elastin, the proteins that are contained in large amounts in beef, are the building blocks interarticular ligament, which is especially important for older people and, again, the athletes.

Many nutritional trace elements and minerals enrich the whole body and help maintain the immune system at the right level. Calorie of beef is about 218 calories and a half, and the nutritional value of beef has the following characteristics: 100 grams of protein. beef contained 18, 6 oz., and fat - 16 grams. Beef prescribed to people with reduced hemoglobin.

For centuries, mankind eats beef dishes, with the exception of the inhabitants of India, since Indian cow is a sacred animal that can not be beat, not what to kill and eat. In Russia it is accepted to eat the meat of cows and calves, while European cuisine finds cow's meat is second-rate and favors bulls. Nevertheless, the list of dishes that can be prepared from the meat of cattle is extensive.

These include meat and in French, and soups with beef, such as soup-grub, and Arabic pilaf Mac-Luba and schnitzel in Tuscan and basturma and beef with onions, mushrooms, and so on.. But most, probably, a popular dish in the world considered to be of beef stroganoff recipe is at the moment there are a great many - stroganoff chicken breast, from the heart, with mushrooms or mushroom sauce, beef stroganoff in Swiss and others. We consider the classic version of cooking beef Stroganoff.

 Beef Stroganoff with noodles

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A classic recipe "stroganoff mignon"

While the original version of this recipe was lost, it has survived one of its possible forms. In order to try how well cooked beef stroganoff was the first, you will need to complete an ordinary set of products included in the recipe. So, you need the following components:

  • tomato,
  • butter,
  • sour cream,
  • beef,
  • greenery,
  • onion.

Any recipe for this dish consists of two stages - roasting and stewing. Preparation does not take long, and you do not need to perform some very complex manipulation of ingredients. The most important condition, which must be followed, is that the meat is cut stripes, the length of which should not exceed 6 cm and a thickness of - 1 cm. This is necessary to very small pieces are not scattered completely in the cooking process, and too much time to boil.

Meat fried in a deep frying pan, as it should be enough (about 1, 5-2 kilo), especially if you are preparing for the holiday or dinner party. Fry the meat must be not very long (just 10-15 minutes) once with onions in butter. If it is digested, it would be too hard.

Another culinary secret is that you need to cut raw meat, not along, and across the grain. Once ready fried, meat sprinkled with spices, herbs and pour it all sour cream (some replaced it with cream). Then, depending on whether you have chosen in the meat, it is necessary to extinguish sauce approximately 15-30 minutes. Serve with hot cooked meal with a side dish (fries usually prefer, but some like buckwheat porridge). Another essential element of the set table when filing befstroganova are salted or fresh cucumbers. In order to reduce the calorie content of some use only boiled rather than grilled meat and vegetarian soy substitute for beef meat.

 Classic beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes

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Stroganoff recipe, according to the reconstruction of V. Pokhlebkin

As if you did not convince in a particular restaurant, but the true Russian recipe "Boeuf a la Stroganoff" has not survived to the present. For a variety of time periods created various versions of this dish, but they only led to the loss of integrity and "nature" dishes, especially if the recipe transformed abroad. As the ingredients in the composition thereof include mushrooms, pasta, and also various kinds of fish.

Nevertheless, the Soviet Cooking and historian William Vasilyevich Pokhlebkin managed to recreate the recipe that is to the maximum extent reflects all the features of the recipe meat Stroganoff. What is it different from all others? The first difference relates to the stage of preparing the meat. It must still fight off a piece, and only then cut into long slices. At this stage, everything is done in the same way as in the previous recipe (and a method of cutting and the size of the slices of meat). As for the other ingredients, you will need more:

  • onion,
  • butter,
  • flour
  • sour cream,
  • tomato paste,
  • salt,
  • ground black pepper.

So, going to the roasting of meat, all his pieces to be individually roll in flour. At the bottom of the pan Put the onions, sliced ​​rings, to create a kind of stand meat, because it should not come in contact with the pan.

Himself roasting step should not exceed 5 minutes, otherwise the meat will be juicy. But to focus entirely on the clock is not necessary to carefully watch the color of the meat, and once it is browned, it can be removed. And so all you need to fry the meat. Then again fill all the meat with sour cream mixed with tomato paste.

The amount of sauce depends entirely on your taste preferences. However, even if you are an ardent fan of spices and spicy dishes, here you will have to rein in their preferences, as in this recipe, the main thing - to enjoy the juiciness and flavor characteristics of the meat is.

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Can I cook beef stroganoff in multivarka?

Of course, you can. Moreover, the meat dishes are among the most suitable for this type of cooking equipment. In multivarka you can do whatever your heart desires - boil, fry, stew, soar. So, if you decide to cook beef stroganoff in multivarka, you will need:

  • beef - about a kilogram (although it all depends on how many people calculated dish)
  • 2 onions,
  • sour cream - about half a liter,
  • refined sunflower oil,
  • spices.

The washed properly the meat is cut into pieces the length of which does not exceed 3 cm and width - no more than 0, 5 centimeters. Multivarka need to put on the regime "baking", and then pour it into the oil and fry the meat for 20 minutes. During this time, the onion cut into cubes, and then adding it to the meat, fry the mixture for another 15 minutes. Then with the help of Multivarki cup (180 ml), pour hot water 2 standards in the onion and meat mixture and pour it all sour.

Multivarki mode remains the same, while exhibiting at the hot water for 45 minutes, and if the water is cold, it is not less than 50 minutes. After 20-25 minutes, do not forget to look into multivarku and add fluid if necessary. As soon as the time in the "baking" came to an end, proceed to flavorings - pepper, salt and add the necessary spice to your taste. Then we set the mode of "quenching" for 1 hour. Cooked dish becomes very juicy and sour cream in it performs the function of the sauce. Serve this dish with a side dish must be as basic as it will be too cloying and heavy for digestion and assimilation.

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Stroganoff from the liver as an option meals

In order to somewhat reduce the burden on the stomach, some prefer to replace the meat on a leaver. Well suited for this purpose the liver. For those who first associated with this product, it is useful to know that the liver must be pre-soaked in water (preferably the night before). The next morning again should wash the liver and can proceed to cutting.

For this we can use any of the above dimensions slices. Next, note the liver rub spices, salt and even sugar. After all the manipulations with the raw product of the proceeds to its roasting. The important factor is that in this case the liver fried without oil pan to dry for 4 minutes. Then add the onions and butter, fry for another 4 minutes. Then sprinkle the meat and onions with flour and fry it all for 2 minutes. The dish is almost ready. It only remains to fill all the sour cream (if it is too thick, add a little water) and put out all 15 minutes. When serving sprinkle the liver necessarily green.

For those who like to experiment, you can substitute sour cream or yogurt. It depends on how much you are concerned about calorie food intake. This sauce can get a little watery and thinner than sour cream. This option is the fastest (except liver preparation). Another advantage of this recipe is that the liver can be used very different (chicken, pork, etc.).

 The most famous and popular recipes of ancient Russian dish Stroganoff