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  • Braised meat in tomato sauce hedgehogs
  • Meat hedgehogs in the oven with white sauce
  • Meat hedgehogs, cooked in a creamy garlic sauce

Meat hedgehogs - is one of the favorite foods of children and adults. However, not everyone knows the rules of their recipes and cooking. In fact hedgehogs so named because they figure sticks out like a needle. These recipes have come to us from the ancient Chinese cuisine.

In the 18th century hedgehogs prepared as a full meal for Chinese citizens, because the meat was very expensive for ordinary Chinese people. Now, of course, this dish is available vsem.Takie recipes can be found in various books, but every woman is doing well on its own.

 stewed meat hedgehogs

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Braised meat in tomato sauce hedgehogs

This recipe is quite common in our country. This recipe sharing and grandmothers and mothers, it is passed from generation to generation.

For the preparation we need: 1 kg of meat, 150 grams of uncooked rice, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, a pinch of pepper, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil for frying in a pan.

For the sauce: 2 large carrots, 2 onions, 3 large tomatoes, a pinch of salt, herbs (parsley, chives, dill). Greens can take and dried, if the street winter.

Stuffing is best to do yourself, but if you do not have time, then you can buy a ready market. In the store it is usually long, so sometimes stale, and the market for 10 rubles, you can ask for a kink in the minced meat.

Figure need to boil until soft. Take the raw rice, pour into a small saucepan and pour 1, 5 servings of water. Rice can not be washed in stores usually sell rice, which has been treated with steam. Once the water boils, diminish the heat to low and cook until the water has evaporated. You can not salt. Figure get a little undercooked, and that's good. After all, we will then extinguish our hedgehogs and risinki must reach readiness already in minced meat, then they will swell and stick out like needles.

When the rice is cool, you need to mix it with the meat, add salt and pepper to taste. Add 1 egg to hedgehogs do not fall apart in the pan. Then we form the hedgehogs, and while we sculpt them, turn the pan to slightly fry them. In a frying pan pour a small amount of vegetable oil and put our meat in the pan hedgehogs. You can use butter, but it is full of carcinogens, so on the advice of nutritionists will fry them in vegetable is. Fry them for about 5 minutes on each side. The main thing is to form a golden crust. Once hedgehogs fry, we put them in a small saucepan.

Now you need to cook the sauce. To do this, we take the carrots, three on her grater, finely cut onions and tomatoes. Fry the carrots and onions in a skillet, then add the chopped tomatoes and go to simmer until the tomatoes become very soft. At the end you need to add the chopped herbs and cook for 5 minutes, now mix all our fried, it can be added to the hedgehog. Pour the water so that the hedgehogs were completely in the water. Put extinguish the small fire. Simmer about half an hour. Hedgehogs are ready! The recipe requires feeding hedgehogs with potatoes and gravy from under them.

 the process of cooking meatballs with rice
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Meat hedgehogs in the oven with white sauce

This recipe is considered to be more refined, because this recipe is based on the sauce, which is not so easy to prepare. For the preparation of hedgehogs in the oven need such products: 1 kg of meat, 150 grams of uncooked rice, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 150 grams of cheese to brown.

For the sauce: 1 tbsp. tablespoon flour, 1/2 liter of broth, a pinch of coriander.

Also, take the stuffing, add to already cooked until half rice, lepim hedgehogs. Fold them into the gratin dish. Turn the oven to 180 degrees. And we begin to prepare the white sauce.

2 tbsp. spoon flour we need to fry in a dry frying pan until then, until the flour will become beautiful copper color. Now pour in a broth and stir well to avoid lumps formed. When the sauce begins to thicken slightly, add a pinch of coriander in it. And the sauce simmer until until it will acquire the consistency of thick cream.

Now pour the sauce hedgehogs and put the dish in the oven for about 40 minutes. For 10 minutes until cooked sprinkle with grated cheese. As soon as the top golden brown, hedgehogs ready! They can be served with steamed vegetables and fresh salad, but you can as a separate dish. I am sure it will be necessary when applying to sauce hedgehogs right on the plate; then the taste will be more tender, and hedgehogs are still fragrant. And do not forget sprinkle with herbs hedgehogs, and the more the better. The taste of this totally messed up.

 meatballs with green onions
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Meat hedgehogs, cooked in a creamy garlic sauce

And this is the fastest and easiest recipe hedgehogs.

You will need: 1 kg of meat, 150 grams of uncooked rice, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt, herbs (dill and parsley), 500 ml of fresh cream (preferably rural), 2 cloves of garlic.

All we do exactly the same as the previous recipe dictated to us, that is, cook until half cooked rice, mix it with the meat, add the egg shape our hedgehogs. We fry them in the pan for 5 minutes on each side.

Next, we need 2 cloves garlic, finely cut or rub on a very fine grater, add chopped garlic cream and mix thoroughly. Then all this splendor pour into the pan to the hedgehog. And our meal simmer for 20 minutes. At the end add the chopped herbs, and simmer another 5 minutes Serve these hedgehogs need it too, with gravy!

Toppings for hedgehogs - this is the simplest combination, which can be imagined, but what tasty obtained when you put them in his heart and soul.   But still there are hedgehogs mushroom sauce and hedgehogs in sour cream, and more. Usually recipes for their preparation do not differ much from those that have been written above. The whole point is that they need to always add a variety of sauces.

And the sauces - this is an art! Especially if exactly sure what the ingredients are suitable for a particular sauce. And if you are constantly experimenting, trying new recipes, reading recipes on the Internet, collect recipes with friends, you can pass the most enviable cook that even such a simple dish as ordinary meat hedgehogs, can turn into a masterpiece of culinary art!

 The best recipes of meat hedgehogs

 ready-made spaghetti


  • What is spaghetti and how to prepare it?
  • What to choose on the shelves?
  • Just the process of cooking

The menu includes absolutely every housewife spaghetti, and it does not matter, it is for the first time at the stove or feed an entire family for many years. Spaghetti are universal and inalienable menu item, they can be served with meat, with a side dish of vegetables, with a variety of sauces, or even without all as a separate dish.

They, like other pasta, cook fairly easy, but also easy to spoil them.

If you know all the nuances that can stand in your way during cooking, your spaghetti will be extremely tasty from time to time. So, how to cook pasta correctly? Let's deal with this issue together.

 ingredients for spaghetti with sauce

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What is spaghetti and how to prepare it?

Spaghetti - a kind of long pasta with a round cross-section. Undoubtedly, the birthplace of spaghetti - Italy, in Italian cuisine, they are used very extensively and form the basis of many dishes, they are even considered to be a symbol of Italy. Fans of this dish, if possible, you should definitely visit the Museum of spaghetti, it is located in the town of Pontedassio, near Genoa. This museum contains hundreds of different recipes for condiments and sauces. It is worth noting that the most frequent method of supplying a spaghetti with tomato sauce, although the possible recipes for the sauce has more than ten thousand. In Italy the production of spices to the paste is considered one of the most revered science and masters of this highly valued in society.

Another interesting fact about the pasta: in all 20 regions of Italy, this dish is served in different ways. Most of the areas bordering the sea, so there is spaghetti usually served with seafood, the rest of the country is dominated by seasoning made from fruit farming and agriculture. Very popular is pasta with minced meat. So, we found that the most popular and win-win options for spaghetti sauce - a sauce made from all kinds of seafood sauce with minced meat and vegetable sauce.   But it does not limit you, and you can choose any other prescription or even come up with something of their own, a totally new that will make your lunch or dinner truly special.

 Cooking spaghetti
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What to choose on the shelves?

Spaghetti should be long enough before their usual length was 50 cm, with the time of their shortened twice to save space for storage. When selecting a product in the store, in addition to external distinguishing features, it is important to pay attention to the composition. High-quality pasta prepared exclusively from durum wheat, although manufacturers can still cheat and add to the flour of low grades, so you should opt for a well-known manufacturers, they somehow are unlikely to spoil his name.

 Spaghetti with sauce and parmesan cheese
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Just the process of cooking

So, choosing the right pasta, you can start cooking. To start with the number. If you are going to serve them with the sauce as a starter, it is enough to boil 50 grams of dried product per person. If they will be the main course, then take 100 grams each. Now, put a pot of water on the fire. Water should be a lot, for every 100 grams of pasta should account for about 1 liter of fluid. Many are wondering whether or not to add the olive oil to the water to boil? Here works the same rule as porridge, which the oil will not spoil. The worst of it is definitely not.

We bring the water to a boil, salt and sink to the spaghetti, do not need to break them, just put in a pot, and after a while they soften and immerse themselves in the water. They need to stir often so they do not stick together. And now the most important question: how to cook them at the time? Here already all depends on the pasta itself, usually indicates time on the packaging, but still it is desirable to try them on taste.

Spaghetti decided to leave a little undercooked. It is believed that they have to walk on its temperature after draining. Pasta cooked, are now empty and leave them for a minute that it drained the remains. There is a myth that if you rinse the pasta with cold water, then they will not stick together. Remember once and for all: do not need. While our spaghetti is not cooled down, lubricate them with oil or butter. If you did everything right, and so they do not stick together, and they need to be fed hot, not cold.

One last tip for serving. If you're ready for them to apply as a paste, it is best to mix the pasta with the sauce to the pot in which to cook the sauce. Mix everything in a bowl, of course, much easier, but it will taste better. Follow our advice and believe: All guests will be satisfied. Cook with pleasure for themselves and their loved ones.

 How to cook spaghetti?