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Acute bronchitis - an inflammation of the bronchi, occurring in the first place because of the ingestion of infection or virus.

Less common cause may be allergic or chemical factors, even a fungal infection.

If too cold, wet feet, the probability of the disease will increase significantly. That is why the most ill in autumn and spring. Predisposed to acute bronchitis people with chronic nasal infections, such as sinusitis, rhinitis, sinusitis. Very often the flu, acute respiratory infections, whooping cough, measles, bronchitis occurs. The appearance of the disease contributes to alcohol consumption and smoking. Also, the development of acute bronchitis can cause irritant action of essential oils, toxic gases and dust.
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Acute bronchitis does not develop immediately. First, there are early signs that go into a more complex form, if time does not begin treatment.

  1. First, runny nose, hoarseness in the voice, throat starts to tickle. Chest appears mild aching.
  2. Then there is a general malaise, sore back muscles, weakness.
  3. The next stage - a rise in body temperature.
  4. A sure sign of the disease is developing a cough. As a rule, initially dry, painful. Because of bronchospasm cough becomes paroxysmal.
  5. After 2 - 3 days, when the patient coughs, phlegm starts to move away, the mucosa with an admixture of pus. Now cough becomes less painful. It begins the path to recovery.
  6. With prolonged paroxysmal cough begins dizziness and headache.

Cough - a protective function of the body, it helps cleanse the bronchi by mucus, sputum.   During the illness of accumulated mucus in the bronchi, which irritates the mucous membranes of the trachea, larynx and bronchi. At the moment of irritation of the mucous membrane mucus causes severe breath and then exhale jerky. At the beginning of the exhalation glottis is closed, so in the bronchi dramatically increases air pressure and at the time of expiration, this gap is opened with force.

The clinical picture of acute bronchitis has three phases:

  1. Midst
  2. Intoxication
  3. Resolution

The first phase - the height of the disease. During this period, growing clinical signs: dry cough, runny nose, fever, headache, and weakness.

The second phase - intoxication, poisoning the body begins when waste products of the causative agent (bacteria, virus), as well as toxins produced by the body of the patient. During this period, it begins to cough up phlegm.

The third phase - the resolution of the disease. In this phase of recovering the function of the respiratory tract.

The disease can be mild, moderate and severe. All depends on the resistance of the organism and the activity of the causative agent (microorganisms).

The diagnosis of "acute bronchitis" set, based on common symptoms described above. However, only when there is no change in the light detected radiologically. Therefore appointed physician in this case an X-ray light allows to exclude other serious diseases. For example, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.

By the end of the 1st week of illness symptoms begin to fade. However, the cough persists longer, up to 10 - 14 days. Finally the air-conducting ways and bronchial mucosa are cleaned after 2 - 3 weeks.

 drug treatment
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Drug treatment of acute bronchitis

Treatment of acute bronchitis complex and is aimed at:

  • the fight against the virus infection;
  • restoring patency of the bronchi;
  • Addressing the negative influencing factors (domestic and industrial);
  • a full course of treatment to prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form.

Treatment medicines prescribed to patients, depending on the symptoms of the disease. This makes the only doctor. Appointed antipyretics, anti-inflammatories and painkillers. If both amazed nasopharynx and throat are very useful aerosol formulations, such as kameton, ingalipt, kamfomen; Splashing 3 - 4 times per day. They contain streptocid, menthol, norsulfazol, camphor, etc. Aerosol preparations have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and mestnoobezbalivayuschee action.

It is necessary to take vitamins A, B, C, 3 times per day.

If symptomatic therapy is ineffective, there is a purulent sputum, the prescribed antibiotics. This tetracycline Biseptol, semisynthetic penicillins, etc. They affect the bacterial flora. Also, to suppress microbial used sulfonamides. Alternatively, they are administered in combination with vitamins A, B, and C (1 mg. To 100 thousand. U antibiotic). Antibiotics in this case is the prevention of pneumonia.

Antibiotics do not completely eliminate bronchospasm and restore patency of the bronchi. For this reason, if necessary, prescribers that extend bronchi. This can be ephedrine, aminophylline, etc. izadrin.

If the inflammatory process and can not be prolonged antibiotic therapy, it is recommended to combine it with the introduction of aerosol prodigiozan (using ultrasonic nebulizer). Assign 4 inhalation, 2 times a week for one inhalation using 1 mg. drug.

For medical rehabilitation use warm alkaline inhalations with sea salt or mineral water, for example, "Essentuki" or "Borjomi".

For the general strengthening of the organism and its hardening recommend ultraviolet irradiation, ionotherapy and electrophoresis on the chest. It is used a special method of physical therapy, it consists of breathing exercises and sound, special training. A stay in a sanatorium or rehabilitation of country offices is very conducive to the recovery of patients.

 Treatment folk remedies
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Treatment for bronchitis traditional methods

  1. At the beginning of the disease is very good effect gives mustard, banks, hot foot bath.
  2. Cough soften alkaline inhalation, excessive drinking of tea with lemon, hot milk with soda or "Borjomi".
  3. Gargle with warm water and baking soda solution, iodine, salt.
  4. Very useful cranberry juice. Boil water, pour off and cranberries. A few minutes later, when the berries swell, crush them. This Morse all the vitamins remain.
  5. Use herbs and fees, which have antipyretic, diaphoretic and expectorant.
  6. Drink vitamin charges.

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Treatment of acute bronchitis in children

Dear parents, please note that acute bronchitis in some cases can give complications and develop into pneumonia or bronchiolitis. There are certain signs pointing to an unfavorable course of the disease, when you should contact your doctor:

  • Consistently high temperatures above 38 degrees.
  • The general condition of the child severe, lasting more than 3-4 days.
  • Shortness of breath at the kid: 60 breaths per minute in infants under 2 months, 50 breaths per minute in children from 3 months to a year and 40 breaths per minute in children up to 3 years.
  • With inspiration drawn much skin on the intercostal spaces

In these cases, the child should be immediately hospitalized.

 Treatment of acute bronchitis

 feeling guilty


  • Why do we feel guilty
  • How to get rid of the guilt

There is hardly a man who never in his life did not feel a sense of guilt. But what it actually is? If you take the Dictionary Ozhegova, there is given the following interpretation of the word "wine":

  1. Reason, the source of something negative;
  2. A misdemeanor crime.

We will not consider a situation where the offense committed, the error or a crime requiring repentance and atonement, redress, remedy the situation. Guilt is a signal that a person has done something disgraceful. It helps to repent and possibly fix the incident. In this sense it is very useful feeling, like the voice of conscience, which helps a person to change, to become better. With such a feeling of guilt all clear, let's not talk about it right now. We turn to the state when people cut themselves some obscure others and himself suffering. What could be the cause of these feelings?

 This sense of guilt

Why do we feel guilty?

Since childhood, we used to hear senior call to conscience, when it had exhausted all teaching methods. "Aren `t you ashamed? "- Criticized both at home and at school. And indeed ashamed that had not five, and four, that classmate jumped a few centimeters farther than you managed. Then shame that not received the certificate with honors.

Then ashamed of her friends, because she married a very good, but a simple guy, not an oligarch. It is a shame that you live in a small apartment, not a huge cottage ... It is a shame that the child trio of English ... Gradually, it grows into a painful feeling of guilt for all and to all. "All because of me, I'm bad, I bring some unhappiness", - thinks the "guilty". Again, trying to please everyone, and again someone is unhappy husband, children, mother in law, family, boss, neighbors ...

When a person has put himself into such a state, it is very easy to manipulate. Calling in the victim a sense of guilt (perhaps not consciously), a "kith and kin" pursues its goal: to force unconditionally obey, to dictate its rules to require more attention. One of the proven and their favorite methods - comparison with those who, in the opinion of the manipulator, better than you.

For example, for both cheeks gobbling up your soup, the husband says, "Tatiana prepares with beans. It's delicious. " And that phrase is enough to have the whole day bad mood. With some skill, bordering on art, relatives can turn everything on its head: "Because of you I have a headache because you have not passed the exam!" And sometimes you may suddenly find that your benefactors you ascribe disadvantages.

Guilt easily cause and without words. There are families in which one of the relatives constantly blowing, she walks around the house with an injured look. And you have to guess what the guilty, otherwise peace in the family did not prevail. At work and at home have tried and tested method: do not speak good words, and do not squander praise. You try, perform a difficult task, and instead of a proper assessment of your work -lish discontent and new instructions. Whatever you do, it is not so.

Close people - the most sophisticated tyrants. The hardest thing to understand that you manipulate when it makes a mother. She's worried about you and thinks that you certainly should be ashamed for having failed to comply with at least one of its ten tips do not come home when it considers it necessary that married not for the person for whom, in her opinion it was necessary to go ... She presses the pity, then the conscience.

Especially difficult when the mother raised you alone, without a husband. The endless series of accusations dominate the phrase: "I could have married, but for you ..." "I could have, as a mother, ask, but ...." It turns out that the only reason you have all of its failures. You are required to comply with any of its whims. And yet, no matter how hard you try, you still - ungrateful daughter. Guilt is sometimes a substitute duty. This often happens in marriage: love is gone, and nothing binds the marriage, but the couple are living together.

There are some people who claim to life through the humiliation of others. They are specifically looking for ways to get you to dig into their own imperfection to the time to rise above you. And the guilty person easy to manage. It turns out that the blame for everything, is responsible for everything. Surrounding easily shift their responsibilities on you, and hence responsible for their execution. You can blame that not cope with all the problems; All your fault increases.

And you're go, bending under this load, to forget the desires: nothing would be desirable, if only all behind. Always think about your imperfections. You already start to enjoy this status. The constant feeling of guilt makes your life meaningful. You depend on her as a smoker - a cigarette, the patient - from medicine. You tend to exaggerate their faults. What effect will this self-flagellation?

 constant feeling of guilt

How to get rid of guilt?

If you do not stop, then you will be an inferiority complex, loneliness and depression. And where it will lead, no one knows: the disease, heavy drinking, or something worse. Therefore we can not give in to the manipulator, not to be in complete dependence on him. We must learn to distinguish between real actions for which you need to answer the imaginary fault.

We need to take responsibility only for the fact of what you can control, change. You are responsible for the consequences of their thoughts, actions and deeds. Your right - to be treated or not treated, learn or not to learn. You decide how much you have children. Is responsible for his family, faith. But why do we need to take on the challenge of your grown children or her husband? To take on the problems of other people, you take on yourself and guilt. You can gently advise, disinterested help, but do not make decisions in place of relatives.

Guilt comes one. His eternal companion - an insult. It is an emotional experience when a person unjustly deprived of anything. How are they related? Ridiculously easy. Vanya is not praised for dinner pies Thani. He said that my mother tastier. Tanya had a feeling of guilt because of the fact that she could not cook delicious cakes. And she was mad at Vanya, because he has not praised cakes and Vanya had a feeling of guilt for what he had offended Tanya. Suffers hurt suffers blame - both suffer. How not to recall here the words of a classic: "All this would be funny if it were not so sad." Very sad because of such nonsense sometimes break up the family.

What is the sense of guilt - the voice of conscience or spiritual masochism? We use the term "masochism" in the religious sense, that was until the 19th century, psychologists have not yet given it a different meaning. At that time he meant "healing." It was believed that through the pain and cruel self-torture of the soul comes enlightenment and redemption. Perhaps, at some subconscious sense of guilt pushes the person to self-education through the heartache, called by the people "samoedstvom." Just outside the spiritual culture for the good it does not.

Human nature is another feeling, which helps to carry the moral control of the actions. It is the conscience. Linking the emotions and the mind, the voice of conscience helps to maintain the dignity and humanity in the most difficult situations. Some psychologists and psychotherapists develop techniques get rid of these pesky feelings. Easy amputating guilt and conscience, you get a free, no one and nothing is obliged. But it's too extreme and painful condition.

There are many trails and paths that lead to healing. This visit to the theater, museum, reading good books, meeting interesting people, travel. Maybe we should change jobs, find something for everyone. It is best to treat nature: good just to walk in the fresh air or to work in the garden. Sport activities also help to refresh the mind and think positively.

"Why look for the causes of their errors, to re-stuck feeling guilty? "- With regret, you exclaim. And if you find in your heart the love that forgives and understands? Sincerely wishing to establish a good relationship, you will not be offended by trifles and can simply and easily tell your loved ones that you do not like. Love will save you from the wrath and indignation, sorrow and sadness, jealousy, and other passions.

And you will not be sensitive to her husband's remark about the same borscht. Rather, a smile of his inability to make a compliment. Mom will be glad to see you confident and calm. Chief, scolded you on the planning meeting, not wait tears and guilty look. You fix all that is required, without resentment and mental agony. And no guilt - it is no longer disturb you ever!

 Guilt - the voice of conscience or spiritual masochism?