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  • So, first - the right meat
  • What types of steak?
  • Basic rules for the selection of meat
  • Chilled or frozen?
  • Getting cooking
  • Choosing the right cookware
  • There are three main types of roasting

Yet Engels once said that a person could not be a man without eating meat. Forgive us are vegetarians, but it's hard to argue. Meat - supplier of the most important nutrients needed for normal functioning of the human body in the first place - full of protein, rich in essential amino acids more than vegetable proteins, which, moreover, is more easily absorbed and enhances the absorption of vegetable protein. Meat contains so we need minerals and vitamins. For example, vitamin B, deficiency of which leads to serious illness, is contained only in the meat and other animal products.

Today we talk not only about meat and the perfect meat, how to cook a steak.

This steak is one of the oldest dishes recipe kotopogo podckazala cama ppipoda. We will not go too much into the history of the origin of the steak, the more it polna legend, ranging from ritual sacrifices in ancient Rome and ending reckoning steak to American culture. Absolute truth is one - thousand years later, the steak has become a kind of cult, from the selection of meat to feed it to the table. Steak - not everyday foods. The recipe involves cooking the steak special conditions and, last but not least, a special atmosphere. Often confused with the usual steak or chop meat in French, in the mistaken belief that it is an ordinary piece of meat roasted on an open fire or on a griddle.

What is easier - take a piece of meat and roast beef steak. But only at first glance, this dish seems like a simple task. The recipe is really not so difficult. But it is not so simple. We will tell you how to cook a steak at home, armed with a few rules. What does it take to get the perfect steak - tasty, fragrant and juicy?
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So, first - the right meat

Favorite steak is steak, ideally - from the meat of young bulls. The classic recipe involves the use of meat breeds Hereford steers or Agnus. However, the taste of the future depends not only steak or less on the rocks as the method of fattening animals - grass or grain. Since grain is rich in protein, this diet promotes the formation of muscle fibers, thin layers of fat. Such meat is called marbled. It is more gentle, although less aromatic than meat from animals reared on grass-fed.

Steak translated to English sounds like "cutting", ie it is sufficiently thick piece of meat (portion piece should be a minimum thickness of 3 cm) cut severely in the transverse direction from the portions of the animal carcass, the muscles that have not been involved in motor activity. It is considered the most tender meat. However, just such neogrubevshih parts of the carcass of the animal is small (no more than 7-10%), and that is why steak is considered a delicacy.

For example, from the pulp of the sternum or leg decent steak cook exactly impossible, whatever magic was no recipe. The most suitable for beef steak is meat from the back and loin. Choose those parts of the carcass, which do not have strong muscles and tendons. Depending on what part of the carcass was a piece in modern culture for stakes identify several main types of beef steak.

 Steak on the grill
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What types of steak?

Rib Steak - Steak, which is the basis for a piece of meat from the chuck portion of the carcass, having a plurality of fatty streaks, as well as possible contributing juicy dish.

Club Steak - a piece of meat for such a steak cut in the area of ​​thick edge length of the back muscles, has a small rib bones.

Tiboun steak (steak or T-bone) - used portion of the carcass in the thin edge of the eye muscle and fine cutting edge, on the border between the dorsal and lumbar parts. Piece cut out in this way consists of both two kinds of meat for stakes - EP fillet on the one hand and the T-shaped pits on the other.

Porterhouse steak and striploin steak - steak from the lumbar part of the back, but in the first case we take a piece of meat in a thick edge cutting, and the second - in the area of ​​the head of the tenderloin.

Raundramb steak - steak used for such a piece of the upper hip portion of the carcass.

Filet mignon - steak not for meat lovers "blood" as used for the preparation of his most tender and lean meat - a cross-section of the central part of the thin sirloin.

Chateaubriand - prepared from thick edge of the central part of beef tenderloin. At its core, this is a great filet mignon, which is ready-laid on a plate in length, then cut into portions.

Tornedos - used small pieces of thin edge of the central part of the tenderloin, as a rule, for making medallions.

Skirta steak - for the preparation of the steak cut of meat taken from the flank (the steak is not that the most gentle, but very tasty).
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Basic rules for the selection of meat

When selecting meat, remember that color it should be bright red, from red to dark red, but pink or burgundy. Meat for steak should be mature, but not old or young. The recipe for success - do not use steam beef. Fresh-cut chunks of meat from the carcass would have to rest, stand them in the refrigerator for a couple of days at + 2 ° C, while of them spilled blood. During this time, enzymes found in meat gradually loosen muscle tissue, and beef will be more soft, tender and juicy.

When selecting meat, pay special attention to its resilience, the meat must be sufficiently dense composition. To determine whether a steak soft finger pressure on raw meat, if the finger is formed by immersing a deep pit, which after releasing smoothly leveled, taking the starting position, then the meat is good. Not too fresh meat resembles a sponge, with pressure on his finger fossa not straightened.

 choice of steak for cooking
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Chilled or frozen?

Experienced cooks argue that with proper defrosting is quite difficult to distinguish the taste what meat was taken for the preparation of the steak - chilled or frozen. Suffice it to properly defrost meat, observing some basic rules: do not defrost in any case no meat at room temperature or in the microwave (even in defrost mode), or under cold running (and especially hot) water.

In such an emergency defrost frozen liquid crystals just tear delicate meat fibers. Defrost meat - this is a slow and natural process that must occur at a temperature close to 0 ° C as possible - in the main compartment of the refrigerator. And even if it will take you a long time, that's the best meat will retain its nutritional value.
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Getting cooking

Meat should be thoroughly clean, decisively cutting off from it all the film and the upper tendon, then washed, preferably with a brush, then it should be put out to dry in a colander or on a cloth for 10 minutes.

Recipe proper cutting simple. Chunks of meat for the steak should be cut severely across the grain. This pazdelka pozvolit zhapu meat during cooking pavnomepno ppoxodit through volokna, byctpo evenly nagpevaya myaco do tempepatupy necessary. The pieces should be in a thickness of from 3 to 5 cm. For the preparation of steaks for frying will be sufficient to 3 cm, and when cooking on charcoal piece thickness may reach 5 cm.

Remember that meat for steak in any case does not discourage, because the way it loses not only its structure, but all the juices.

In addition to the meat for cooking beef steak you need to stock up on any vegetable oil (preferably olive) and a set of spices or herbs. Spices give the opportunity to enjoy a true taste of the meat.

To the meat has turned air-tender and bright school, it should be pre-marinate. There are many ways of marinating the meat for steak. This process lasts for about 10-12 hours. Dishes for marinating should be porcelain, glass or ceramic, always with a tight lid. A traditional recipe marinade - a mixture of olive oil, wine vinegar (or lemon juice), soy sauce, salt and spices.

An important tip: when cooking salt marinade, use a small amount, so the meat does not lose its juiciness and will be more tasty. Better dosolit steak during cooking, or even at the end.

 Steak with Vegetables

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Choosing the right cookware

The second rule for a perfect steak, excluding choice of meat, a choice of dishes.

For cooking you need a frying pan. Ideally, this should be a special grill pan. However, it is quite suitable common "grandmother" cast iron skillet, which certainly exists in every kitchen. Electrical utensils for cooking a steak is not very suitable, as in this case, you will be more difficult to control the desired temperature.

Frying pan for cooking steak should be well red-hot. The oil is poured onto the already-heated dishes. Remember that the pan warmed to the desired temperature in the event that when laying on her steak hear the characteristic hiss. After contact with a hot surface of the pan, the meat browned crust is formed, which prevents the leakage of juice and through which the steak is juicy. If a piece of meat is thick enough, it is possible by means of special pliers to fix the piece perpendicular to the pan, thus sealing the edges of the steak.

To get the perfect steak not cook at the same time on the same frying pan more than one piece.   As putting some meat pan is cooled, the crust on the surface of the meat for a long time is not formed, meat, respectively, losing juice and steak get dry, tough and tasteless. During cooking, you should carefully monitor the oil. If it begins to foam, an urgent need to increase the heat to avoid boiling allocated meat juice, which is sure to remain within the steak for a crisp.

Using a recipe, you can cook at least three different beef steak, differing in degree of juiciness. Depending on the duration of the retention of meat in a pan steaks can have different degrees of roasting.

 properly cooked steak
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There are three main types of roasting

Rare Degree or steak with blood, obtained by roasting the duration of 4 minutes, two on each side. Ready steak with a temperature within 45 ° C to 50 ° C. In the meat, in this case it succeeds to receive only a crust.

Medium roasting degree characteristic of spedneppozhapennogo meat with pink meat juice, the duration of the roasting is about 8-10 minutes. The temperature inside the steak is from 55 ° C to 60 ° C. At a degree Medium achieved perfect tenderness and juiciness of meat.

Well Medium degree of roasting achieved by roasting steak for 8 minutes in a frying pan and 4 minutes in an oven preheated to a maximum temperature. The meat thus obtained deep-fried, the internal temperature of 65 ° C to 70 ° C.

Ready steak easily checked by pressing a finger at him. Steak with blood will be soft, well done - a solid, and the steak medium degree of roasting is a cross.

And the last rule that applies equally to all meat dishes - removing the meat from the heat, let it "rest" ripen for about 5-10 minutes, so that all the juices, highlight during frying could be distributed evenly throughout the piece. If you start to cut meat at once, the juice runs out and the steak will turn dry.

Once the meat is ready, "rested", it can bring to the table on the heated plate. As a side dish to the steak is perfect garlic bread and vegetables in any form, but in small quantities. Remember that the steak - the king on your desk, does not detract from his focus garnish.

And on top of creating an appropriate atmosphere - lay up a bottle of dry red wine. Now you know the recipe for the perfect dish. You will find the perfect evening!

 Beef steak: the secrets of the perfect recipe