quick recipe for pasta nautically


  • A bit of history
  • Main ingredients
  • Options recipes

Pasta nautically with stewed meat - tasty, satisfying and easy to prepare dish. This is an option when you need something to cook quickly, and it does not require any special expertise.

A set of products for this recipe is cheap, and you can feed these dishes at once about ten people. For hiking or visiting the garden better option than you can imagine. It is very common in our menu, but each must be present when their little secrets of its preparation.
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A bit of history

The story of this dishes stretches from the Middle Ages. In the long sea voyages and travels this dish was very popular, which is not surprising, because it is quite tasty and satisfying as its calorie content is very high. Ingredients was convenient to transport and store. Difficulties arise with the storage of meat, which is so transported in barrels in a saline. His soaked before cooking, resulting in the loss of taste. The problem was solved as follows: corned allowed for stuffing, adding all sorts of spices and mixed with pasta.

In Russia, this dish met in the first half of the 18th century. Since this food is firmly established in our menu. It has become a staple in the diet of sailors and soldiers, especially in wartime. But the classic version steel pasta with canned meat. Cooking meals further simplify and speed up as left caring for stuffing.

At the end of World War II, this recipe became traditional in Russian cuisine, it survives today and is still very popular.

 nautically pasta with stewed meat and greens
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Main ingredients

The main ingredient in a dish two: pasta and braised beef (minced). Spice - only pepper, salt and, as additives, onions.

Pasta can take any, any more than to taste. It can be spaghetti, spiral, feathers, bows, tubular pasta of all kinds, most importantly, that they were of good quality, made from flour of durum wheat. This product is not seethe and slipnetsya. It is believed that for the preparation of this dish is better to take the hollow pasta that the cavity was packed minced meat or stew, making the dish becomes much tastier.

At the present time for the preparation of pasta nautically difficult to find a decent stew. Choosing among all kinds of cans, stop for beef, made in accordance with GOST. It is best if you have a stew made at home.

Despite the simplicity of the dishes, it can be quite varied. Various pasta (spaghetti up by shells). Instead of corned beef or minced meat, you can add ground meat, chicken, sausages. And give a specific taste savory meat vegetables, condiments, spices.

 classic recipe for pasta nautically
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Options recipes

We offer you several options for cooking pasta nautically with stewed meat. They are designed for 4-5 people. Cooking Time - 20 to 40 minutes depending on the selected option.

Classic recipe

The easiest recipe with a minimum set of components.


  • pasta (spaghetti, lasagne, tubular) - 300-350 g of dry,
  • stew - 1 Standard Bank,
  • onion (optional) - 1 pcs.
  • salt, pepper, vegetable oil.


  • Pour into a pan of water in three times the amount in relation to the pasta. Season with salt and boil. Cover the pasta in boiling water and, stirring occasionally, cook. Drain through a colander or half-open lid;
  • cook until pasta, fry the onion in vegetable oil or fat portion of corned beef;
  • put the stew in the pasta, stir, hold it over low heat to melt the fat;
  • add the onion, pepper and cook for a minute.

You can fry stew with onions in a pan, it will be even tastier.

Recipe Italian

This recipe, following that with the help of some added components get real Italian dish tastes like spaghetti Bolognese.


  • Spaghetti - 300-350 g of dry,
  • stew - 1 Standard Bank,
  • tomato sauce or paste - 2 tbsp.
  • hard cheese - 60 g,
  • salt.


  • cook the spaghetti in the classic version;
  • put the stew for a minute to warm up with spaghetti;
  • add the tomato paste, pepper (optional - a handful of green basil), warm up for a minute;
  • put in a bowl. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Recipe vitamin or dietary

This recipe is characterized by the addition of large amounts of vegetables, which helps burn calories contained in pasta and stew.


  • pasta - 300-350 g of dry,
  • stew - 1 Standard Bank (beef only)
  • red pepper - 2 pcs.
  • carrots - 1 large,
  • onion - 2 medium,
  • celery - 1 stalk,
  • vegetable oil, salt,
  • fresh parsley - 1 bunch.


  • cook the pasta in the classic version;
  • fry in a deep frying pan or utyatnitsu shredded carrots, celery, bell pepper and onion for 5-7 minutes in vegetable oil;
  • put in the stew vegetables and cook for about ten minutes;
  • Add cooked pasta, stir for a minute to warm up with vegetables and canned meat;
  • pour finely chopped parsley, and stir 5 minutes to hold the lid dish.

Pick and choose what recipe is perfect for breakfast or lunch.   But do not forget that pasta nautically - nutritious meal, so do not cook them every day. Make up their own variations of the dishes. Enjoy your meal!

 Simple recipes for dinner, pasta

 spaghetti with sauce Italian


  • The basic rules of preparation
  • How to eat spaghetti
  • A few words about the "correct" sauce

500 years of the birth of spaghetti - a kind of a national holiday celebrated Italy just a few years ago. How many this product so much debate in the world, who invented this miracle cooking. His birthplace and called Mongolia, China and the Arab countries. Yet this global recognition and popularity earned spaghetti in Italian.

All Italians consider that pasta are good for health. And they are right, because our Russian pasta, noodles, pasta - everything that we called pasta, they simply do not eat. Our pasta made from soft wheat, and contain more starch than useful carbohydrates. Italian pasta is made from durum wheat. They are low in starch and high in fiber, which is very well removes from the body all harmful and unnecessary. On packs containing real spaghetti, it will be written «semolina di grano duro», which means that they are made of "proper" meal.

 spaghetti with sauce
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The basic rules of preparation

Spaghetti Italian - a concept quite widely. Italians there are many ways to cook this dish. To actually cook them as made in Italy, you need to know a few simple rules.

The main rule: Spaghetti in any case can not break.

Any Italian will tell you what is "blasphemy" is unacceptable, pasta always cooked thoroughly. Even if you do not have at hand a wide pan, you have to pack them in boiling water gradually. Choosing pasta Italian pay special attention to the fact that over their entire length is not present nepromeshannoy flour traces, as white pixels, and, of course, that in a pack there were no scrap.

Italian housewives know that in order to pasta were helpful for digestion and they are not tolstel, it is important they do not digest. Italians cook spaghetti all in the "tooth", leaving little undercooked, because they know that they will reach full readiness to plates already sauce.

In Italy, pasta washed with water is not accepted. Italians do it on purpose, so that they remained non-smooth surface, so the pasta will be better "cling" sauce. After cooking, they shift in a colander and wait for the water to drain, and then recycled back into the pan or spread into the deep or wide plate, depending on whether the prescription has been selected.
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How to eat spaghetti

I like to cook and eat spaghetti should be able to Italian. Children who are just beginning to comprehend the art of eating national product, give the fork and spoon with which they wind the spaghetti on a fork. Adults Italians do not need a spoon, they wind the spaghetti on a fork rather skillfully and without it.

The most common mistake that occurs with tourists and beginners Italian cuisine - it is an attempt as much macaroni to wind itself on the fork. The result is such a big coil of which can not be eaten at one time, and, according to the Italians, tear spaghetti - it is barbarism.

In restaurants or at official receptions, where the tables are too close to each other, it is better not to order spaghetti, if you have not fully mastered the intricacies of their eating. There is a high probability spray neighbor sauce and then a pleasant evening and the mood will be spoiled both to him and to you.

 Spaghetti with bacon
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A few words about the "correct" sauce

Spaghetti Italian would not be authentic if it does not pick up in the sauce. The Italians, there are many varieties of sauces, and almost every family has its own, proprietary recipe. There are classic, original sauces that maintain the tradition of a city in Italy.

The Romans, for example, offer a carbonara sauce, Naples residents prefer to serve spaghetti tomato sauce. There are garlic sauce, Bolognese sauce and a myriad of others. The northern regions of Italy are preparing this dish with mushrooms, cheese, olives and minced meat. The southern coastal cities and towns like spaghetti with seafood.

The only subtlety that you need to know: the consistency of the sauce should be uniform and should not be too thick. Recipe of this popular dish very much, and you can choose any recipe for themselves and their families.

It is worth adding that in Russia this product is very popular. Almost every hostess in the kitchen has left a couple of packs of pasta. The fact that in Russia called the pasta in Italy is called pasta. Pastes, there are hundreds of species. For example, our noodles - fettuccine, ears - orikiette, spiral - fuzili, horns - pasta. And only one type of pasta and Italian, and Russian are equally called - is spaghetti! Cook on health and enjoy your meal!

 Learn how Italians cook and eat properly spaghetti