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  • The similarities and differences of all the recipes of the world
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The unequivocal answer to the question, when people began to prepare a dish like chicken in sour cream now can not give one. One thing is clear, that no sooner appeared than chicken, sour cream, and fire. Charles Darwin, for example, believed that humans domesticated chickens around 3,000 years ago, and now there is evidence that this happened about 8,000 years ago. Some also may fare affairs and sour cream. On the one hand, it is believed that the cream appeared in Russia about 3,000 years ago, and in Europe - and did after the Second World War. On the other hand, cream - is not nothing but a fermented cream, which were removed from the milk soon after the domestication of cows, and this event, according to recent data, there are also about 8,000 years.

I imagine that for at least a year after the cream of these no one never sour, it is simply impossible. It is also hard to imagine that in the same year, any owner has not come up with the idea at least to smear the chicken before cooking or during his sour-cream. It turns out that the recipe for this delicious food, there no less than 8000 years old!

From ancient times until the end of the last century, the chicken was not an everyday dish. It is often not prepared and mostly on holidays. Chicken meat is considered a delicacy, it was reserved for children and convalescent after a long illness. And so on, to eat chicken every week, nobody even dreamed of. Smetana in the houses did not have too many: a bucket of milk it receives only about a liter. She ate with vegetable and flour dishes, meat and poultry added often, so this dish is chicken with sour cream, widely regarded as exquisite.

 chicken in cream sauce with vegetables and garnish
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The similarities and differences of all the recipes of the world

Chickens and cows are almost everywhere, so the recipe of chicken with sour cream exists in each locality, and not one, but usually several.

But only two main ingredients - a chicken and sour cream. Species heat treatment, without which the chicken is cooked, too little:

  • poaching and cooking (cooking in hot, but not boiling water)
  • roasting,
  • stewing and vexation (long stewing over very low heat)
  • baking,
  • burning (grilling on the grill, skewers or skewer).

Yes, and with sour cream can be a bit: You can marinate in sour cream, sour cream sauce can be made, and there is a recipe creation by using sour cream crisp. It is called gratinating. When gratinating one product covered by another, which melts in the preparation, and thus creates a crust, which is like a lot.

So only five basic recipes. A variety of seemingly due to the fact that in each area, as additional ingredients commonly added in this area spices, vegetables, and even fruits or berries.   The only additional ingredient, which is everywhere and is used quite often - this meal. It is added to thicken the cream sauce and gratinating, to sour in the heat did not have time to drain from the chicken to complete baking.

 classic recipe of chicken in cream
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5 basic principle of recipes and spices

Knowing the basic recipes for chicken in cream sauce, can be particularly easy to please the home and visitors spicy chicken in cream sauce in French, adding white wine and nuts at the end of cooking, gourmet chicken in cream sauce Italian, adding basil, oregano and tomatoes, exotic chicken sour cream in the Indian adding curry and saffron.

If you add the olives, you will have a Greek dish. And putting chopped pickled cucumber in sour cream sauce and sprinkled with cranberries or lingonberries chicken during baking, you can get a Russian holiday dish. You can make chicken spicy oriental by Mexican, Spanish or Thai chicken skewers marinated in sour cream. Chicken in a cream sauce with garlic being prepared in many countries - like garlic and use almost anywhere and are usually added at the very end of cooking or frying oil. Now we have access to almost all the spices of the world, and many of them have long been used throughout, so choose a nice and interesting combination - a matter of personal taste and imagination.

Recipe chicken stew in sour cream sauce

It is the most common recipe, since this preparation is obtained not only gently braised chicken with creamy taste, but delicious sour cream sauce, which you can eat anything you want. Sauces everything and always ask more, so the most successful chicken, braised in cream, one in which a lot of gravy.

Simmer chicken with sour cream in two ways: with a preliminary frying in a pan or not. With advanced frying it is fragrant, and the gravy is golden, but a bit fatter by oil used for frying. Chicken braised in cream, without browning, will have a more delicate taste and white gravy (if you do not add coloring spices). If you want to focus on the aroma added spice, cook without browning. Salt should be added during fire in the middle of cooking. If you add in the beginning, the meat will be harsh, but if in the end - bland.

To extinguish without roasting chicken (whole carcass or cut portions) to put in a saucepan, utyatnitsu or kettle, pour a little hot water, put the chopped onions and roots (if included in your plan) to cover the lid, so that was a small hole, and put on a small fire for 30-40 minutes. Water should be added as boiling. If you add spices at the beginning of cooking, the chicken filled with their fragrance, if at the end - will only fragrant gravy. Sour cream should be added for a few minutes before the end of cooking, after mixing it with flour (200 g sour cream - one tablespoon of flour) and diluted by half with water or cold milk.

To extinguish a preliminary roasting is necessary on a heated pan pour a little oil, put chicken pieces so that they do not touch each other, and lightly fry them on both sides over medium heat. When roasting, you can add finely chopped onion and roots. Then add a little water, reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes, covered with a lid. Sour cream mixed with flour and dilute with water or milk, add before the end of cooking. If you do not put the flour, the gravy will be more liquid.

The recipe for roasting chicken marinated in sour cream

Sour pickle in the first place, does chicken meat more tender, and secondly, gives a creamy taste, and in the third, sour cream helps improve the rapid penetration of aromatic substances contained in the spices. Marinate preferably not less than 30 minutes before frying. And even better - for a day. The marinade is prepared without salt. Salted chicken should be immediately before roasting. Fry the marinated chicken should be on the hot frying pan with oil until golden brown on medium heat.

Recipe baking chicken in sour cream

Baked whole or pieces of chicken with a nice sour cream crust looks very elegant on the table and one of its kind can create a festive mood. Bake as you can in the marinade, and without it. Do it on a baking sheet or pan in the oven or in the oven, in Aerogrill in multivarka. Chicken before baking need salt, and if it is not marinated in advance, then rub and spices. Coat with sour cream, to which is added a little flour, put on a baking sheet (you can "plant" and a glass jar, standing on a baking sheet or in a frying pan, into which poured the water and added spices) and put in the oven, preheated to a temperature of 200 ° C.

Around the chicken is desirable to put the vegetables or fruit: suitable apples (with them perfectly combines cinnamon) and quince. The oven should be from time to time to open and sour cream to lubricate the bird, which added to the flour and spices and vegetables or fruit juice to water formed. For 15 minutes until cooked must not only lubricate the sour cream chicken-flour mixture and pour it vegetables or fruit. You can then sprinkle with cranberries - is incredibly elegant. In Russia and in Germany and in the marinade and mix for gratinating add mustard and mustard meal gets the flavor. Cooking time - from 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken.

Recipe firing (grilled) chicken

In this way the meat was prepared back in the days when there was no fire-resistant utensils. It is popular and now - a rare departure for nature dispenses with kebabs or meat on the grill. Chicken marinated much faster than meat, and sour marinade it will be softer than in any other. And if you add the mustard in the marinade, then it will just melt in your mouth (mustard softens the toughest meat, not to mention the chicken). Lubricating the chicken during cooking sour cream and flour mixes, you get not only a beautiful and tasty crust, but also save the juicy chicken.

Recipe cooking and poaching chicken in sour cream

Boiled chicken with cream sauce may be dietary meals, and holidays. To prepare festive meals you need to boil the chicken in a little water, remove bones, pour chicken broth very strong and put in the cold for freezing. Mix grated on a fine grated horseradish with sour cream and spices and put it on a frozen chicken in aspic.

For the preparation of dietary dishes need to boil the chicken, pour almost all the broth, add sour cream diluted with water, mixed with a small amount of flour and warm (not boiling) on ​​low heat. Salt and spices to add is not necessary - this dish without them has a delicate creamy nutty flavor. Poshirovannaya chicken in cream store more nutrients than boiled - so cook meat the ancient Indians.

 Chicken, fire and sour cream!