causes of alcohol dependence


  • We all just want to party!
  • When can we talk about this terrible diagnosis as alcoholism?
  • Psychological work with dependent personality
  • How to start the healing process?

We believe that the treatment of alcohol dependence, we need not ever. But try to understand why the alcohol begins. Constant stress, boredom, incomprehension, resentment, find yourself feeling lonely and so from day to day. And so I want to party! And then there's good name is familiar sit in a cafe on the weekend, to relax and, of course, drink. Why not? After all, you can finally afford it!
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We all just want to party!

This is how the stereotype of rest, which is impossible without alcohol. And indeed, at first it helps a person think that life takes on new colors, there is a feeling of euphoria, as if the problems are solved by themselves. He was good. And of course, he will remember this way of getting new experiences and willing to resort to it again and again.
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When can we talk about this terrible diagnosis as alcoholism?

And starts working mechanism of alcohol dependence. What happens next? And then alcohol becomes habitual. A mug of beer at a party, a glass of wine in the restaurant, a glass of brandy with a friend. Yes, and society support, offering live fun and easy and not think about the future. All the here and now, just do what you enjoy! That is the consequence of the fun may be the need for treatment of alcohol dependence.

What if the next holidays long time, even before the weekend is still far, and now suddenly free evening. After all, you can just sit at home, relax, take a bottle of wine ... you notice how increasing the number of alcohol required? This is a major trap addiction: to have fun, you need to constantly increase the dose. But man does not see any problems for yourself. After all, no one wants to admit that he had become dependent on alcohol.

Symptoms of alcohol dependence

The main feature of alcoholism - is the availability of traction, do not desire to drink to have fun, but simply to somehow live on.

Alcohol becomes a core value, forcing the sphere of interests of family, friends, career, and all the plans for tomorrow.

As a rule, first raised the alarm relatives. The problem according to one person becomes a problem that prevents many others live, not for nothing that there is a concept of co-dependency. The relatives of alcoholics simply have to build their lives in view of the situation. Endless conversations with addicts trying to reach his mind, treatment in specialized clinics. Here are just a narrowing of consciousness sick man (alcoholism - a chronic disease) does not see anything other than alcohol. The main desire alcoholic - to be drunk. Changing the identity of: aggression, the constant lies and apathy - the characteristics of the alcoholic. Any attempts to help are perceived as violence, invasion of privacy. Therefore, it is important the motivation of a dependent, so it must be the desire to get rid of alcohol voluntary slavery.

 permanent hangover is a sign of alcoholism
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Psychological work with dependent personality

Firstly, it should be understood that the dependence is the physical and psychological components. Getting rid of the alcohol dependence - is a complex multilevel process. Treat Alcoholism starts with cleansing the body of alcoholic poison.

But if the physical addiction can be managed with medication, the psychological dependence on the person will require changes with regard to his personality. It requires a conscious desire to change and the forces for the implementation of its decision. He literally have to learn to live again. Step by step walk to freedom from alcohol. To do this will need to find new values, change habits and, finally, to answer the question: why should I drink? What is it gives me a drink?
You will need to learn to be honest, especially with yourself.

What are the psychological causes of addiction?

As a rule, tend to form depending on people who can not cope with their feelings and emotions. Psychological trauma in childhood, lack of love, lack of confidence, low stress tolerance - these are the psychological conditions that can cause alcoholism.

Dependency becomes a kind of psychological protection, which allows you to silence the unpleasant and painful inner experiences. Rather than sort out their problems and learn to deal with them, one pretends that any problems do not exist. It creates the illusion of an easy life. Here are just a relationship eventually turns into more of a problem than all those on whom people sought to escape. Shattered relationships, health problems, feelings of guilt and lack of prospects for the future - that brings with alcoholism.

 alcoholism treatment at the psychotherapist
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How to start the healing process?

The main thing that needs to be done to get rid of dependence - is to see the life without alcohol. What will it be? It will be different, it is not necessary to idealize it. In life there is a place difficulties, bad mood, setbacks and losses, as well as the joy and pleasure. And one of the greatest pleasures - is to look at all the events with sober senses, make informed decisions, to build their lives. To see all the diversity and beauty of existence!

After all, the main value of life - is freedom. And so foolish to voluntarily give it up.
Each new day - a little holiday. And a man is always a choice: a holiday of freedom or dependence?

 If a holiday every day, or whether you need to treat alcohol dependence?

 the causes of drug addiction


  • The drug is not harmless
  • How to destroy drugs
  • Drugs in the past - a reality?
  • Marijuana: smoking or non-smoking?
  • Prevention and promotion - a weapon against drugs

On the problem of drug addiction can talk endlessly, referring to different aspects of this disease, an unhealthy desire, criminal activity. Everything depends on the approach and point of view on a very complex subject. However, important thing: every year it becomes more and more addicts. The worst thing is that it is mostly young people, often teenagers do not suspect what awaits them in a month or two after the first joy-pills or injections.

It is believed that most involved in drug addiction, children from dysfunctional families, marginalized youth, already has criminal experience, or adults who have experienced severe shock and break morale.

However, this view is only partly true. Drug addiction does not choose who to ney.Otprysk successful top manager or a difficult adolescent single mothers. Before the first dose equal to all. It does not really matter, "grass" or it was just "gerych." Irreversible processes in the brain begin almost instantly. Question one: how much time will pass from the first dose before the first withdrawal. Is it possible to get rid?

 receiving serotonin and dopamine with the drug, the body ceases to produce their own, which, strictly speaking, lead to addiction
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The drug is not harmless

if drugs are divided into several categories. And in virtually every country has its own definition of prohibited and allowed to use drugs. In Russia, as in other CIS countries, the spread of cannabis - a criminal offense, not to mention the cannabis and other, more powerful drugs derived from opium.

At the same time smoking marijuana in the Netherlands it became part of the national culture. And Holland is not the only one. A number of countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia have legislation reservations concerning marijuana.

However, almost all over the world are united in their opinion with respect to opiates - a whole group of drugs derived from the opium poppy. He also serves as a raw material for drugs: morphine, known to all for many years was a member of painkillers. Now replaced by non-addictive derivatives: morphine, codeine, papaverine, and others. But in the capable hands of a cure for headaches is able to turn into a drug.

Therefore, the list of prohibited and seemingly innocent drugs, the treatment of which is limited, is growing every year. This whole war traditional pharmacists and "black" genii, constantly deducing new formulas.

A similar situation and with psychotropic drugs. They have become reliable allies of drug traffickers. There are chemicals that break with the first use of the right connections in the brain, and the man almost immediately sits down to "wheel."

The most controversial drug considered to be a mixture of tobacco, the fight against which all is more like a war with windmills. While officials are making another malicious formula in the list of banned substances, the alchemists of our time creating a new one. Alas, it is possible to punish the very few, and in any case the punishment is much more humane than the flour on the fire medieval gold producers of mercury. And they are not collected and maimed lives.

 successful drug treatment takes place in several stages
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How to destroy drugs

Modern classification of dubious means of gaining buzz in Russia and CIS countries looks as follows:

  • categorically banned substances, which include opioids (mainly heroin), cannabis and psychotropic substances;
  • narcotic drugs and psychotropics, the circulation of which is restricted and controlled by the relevant authorities;
  • psychotropic drugs, whose turnover is also limited;
  • substances used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

This is speaking the language of bureaucrats. Each of the groups of drugs - a time bomb. The object of the defeat - the human brain. In the role of clockwork - the type of drug, the duration and scope of its use. But the result is almost always the same - an explosion. And death. Sometimes fast. Sometimes long and painful. It all depends on the strength of the body a drug addict, family involvement, are constantly struggling with the terrible disease that has affected a loved one. Sometimes the agony lasts for several decades.

But can we call it the existence of a normal life? The unmistakable answer to give the eyes a drug addict, not even mutilated black saucer pupil dilation. If people find the strength to give a dose, it is always with him, in his mind. He knows exactly what awaits him after the promised injection, inhaling or tablets. And forget about this feeling can never, even for a minute.

 treatment is the same and the therapist

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Drugs in the past - a reality?

The media occasionally slip optimistic stories about cured, such as heroin addiction - one of the heaviest. But these are isolated cases, and mind, consciousness, perception of the world, one crippled, never be the same. It would not be so bright shining sun, as it was "before". Do not be so fervently pounding rain as it was "before". Do not be so contagious laugh child as "before". Everything will be different, and will be seen through the film negatives experienced, absorbing light and a sense of the joy of life.

Otherwise, why after prolonged treatment, years later, there are failures and drug addiction again loudly declares itself? The whole life of a drug addict ensued - a struggle with himself. It is important that a number of people were loving, ready to support and not to rebuke, in time to lend a hand and help to give up "call a friend".

And who is this one? In the language of the thieves and the police - "huckster." Seller "fool", as are called drugs. Underling in a huge mechanism of criminal business, penetrated into all spheres of society: from the bottom to the marginal successful leaders.

And if disadvantaged children caught in bad company and trying to keep up with their peers, dutifully draw suffocating vapors toxic glue "Moment", the "golden youth" glamorous track beleyshego inhales cocaine. But as a boy with dark wet basement majeure, blinded by the lights of a nightclub, he begins his journey to nowhere. Of course, if there's no will of those who will be able to stop. Just can you?

Discontinuing the drug problem lies not primarily in the physical and psychological dependence. Every drug has an effect on the production of serotonin, which is often called the hormone of joy or happiness, that's not quite true, but the bottom line reflects. Contact with the blood of this just a neurotransmitter causes pleasurable sensations of pleasure, good mood, positive thoughts and paints the world in bright tones of optimism. Another victim of drugs - dopamine, which has similar features.

Getting serotonin and dopamine with the drug, the body ceases to produce their own, which, strictly speaking, lead to addiction. Until now invented an antidote that can once and for all force the addict to forget the moments of happiness experienced during the first period of drug use when the euphoria extraordinary rise and delight - the main sensation.

But is not given to a person suffering from drug addiction, to find a worthy equivalent to the removal of withdrawal symptoms - symptoms of physical dependence on the drug. "Breaking" is inevitable in the cessation of forbidden pleasures source. The hardest survive the abolition of the drug heroin addicts. They are concerned about the constant availability of spare dose.

However, and cheaper drugs, usually homemade origin, place of "production" can be any food, causes severe withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes breaking lasts up to six months! Completely remove the pain is almost impossible, even with replacement therapy. As it is impossible to return at least glimpses of the joys of life. It has to deal with the description of their condition addict receiving treatment: a sense of doormat in a public toilet, dirty, smelly, useless.

 fully recover from addiction is possible only with a very strong desire of the dependent
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Marijuana: smoking or non-smoking?

If the names of hard drugs such as heroin, "screw", "Shirky" or cocaine itself sounds ominous, the "shalakury" as they call themselves smokers of marijuana, convinced that their innocent passion does not lead to serious consequences. However, this is one freaky misleading. At first, beginners smoke laughing confident that they can quit at any time, whenever they want, and do not notice how they become dependent.

Here it is possible to draw an analogy with alcohol or tobacco. But if the presence of these bad habits allows a person a long time to be socially adapted and useful to society, the drug, everything happens very quickly.

Here, lovers of marijuana look like a kind of intermediary, on the one hand, smoked, caught his share of buzz and live without a new dose of a month or two. However, like any other drug addict, he does not notice the moment when the month is reduced to two weeks and two weeks - to one. In many cases, smokers 'grass' end of heroin and other hard drugs. Only this time, the transition from one quality to another takes longer.

You can indefinitely to refer to the experience of countries where so-called soft drugs legalized or decriminalized. But so far nobody has been able to prove that marijuana use has beneficial effects on the human body. This addiction may not expressed so vividly and terrifyingly.

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Prevention and promotion - a weapon against drugs

Another extremely unpleasant aspect of drug use - the spread of serious diseases among drug addicts. Often, the victims are virtually incurable infection of any innocent people. Among the diseases of the palm belongs to:

  • hepatitis C;
  • AIDS.

On the risks posed these diseases, says a lot. The main thing - that they are incurable. The risk can be anyone. The viruses are transmitted through sexual contact and through blood. But if personal life - it really is a personal matter and people should understand that it can wait if unprotected intimacy with an unknown partner, with blood as the intermediary between the carrier and the victim of the situation is more complicated.

For example, you can completely protect the child from the fact that he accidentally prick syringe used freaky? A wild cases podsovyvaniya needles into mailboxes or podkladyvanie seat in public, alas, is not the fruit of a sick imagination, and the harsh reality ...

Effective weapon against drugs while nobody has invented. All sorts of bans, criminal liability, compulsory treatment, early death do not stop no producers along with distributors or drug addicts.

Further involvement in drug abuse can be countered only by a healthy lifestyle and promoting the dangers that pose the forbidden substance. It's a lot of work, hard work, demanding maximum return rather than performing for ticks.

We all know that a healthy lifestyle - this is good. But it takes work on a determined effort to exercise, self-discipline. It is important that this process began in the family and the child saw before my eyes a good example of their parents, who support in kindergarten and school. And then we will have the hope that our society will be more healthy in every sense of the word, and the curve of newly identified drug addicts will go down.

 Addiction is invincible: myths and reality painful dependence