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Ask any girl, whether she had any idea of ​​how to be a perfect man, and she immediately nadiktuet you an impressive list of qualities that she wanted to see in their representatives. But imagine, men also have your list, and they are also clear about what should be the ideal woman. Therefore, we should not relax, staying in full confidence in its irresistibility. Want to know how you meet the male ideal of women? Then let's get down to studying the parameters that guys dream of seeing in girls.

9 ways to become the perfect girl

"Tell me, my dear, how you treat me? "Or option:" Do you love me? "This is our favorite question. We want everything to sort through, and our relationship - too. But when guys hear these questions each time they frown, roll their eyes, sigh, as if to say, "Lord, again! Let us not now, huh? "It was with you? Just say - you're not the first woman who asks her about this man. And he - not the first guy who responds this way.

But this does not mean that they do not care about your relationship. Men think about them constantly. They talk about us with your friends. But this does not mean that they are seeking just to catalog all that they feel towards us. They do not know how to express their attitude words. They just do not know what to answer our questions. They do not understand why we doubt (as - by their logic - to be out of our problem) in their love for us. They, unlike us, do not "love the ears", and therefore baffles our desire to again and again hear the words of love.

Of course, they always go to meet us if they understand what we want from them. But we need to know what they expect from us. And they are willing to share their expectations. So, once psychologists have interviewed quite a large group of men, asking about what they would like to see their women. Answers are given anonymously, so we were particularly frank. Get the "cheat sheet" that will help you fulfill your dream guy. According to the man!

"Laugh often, and that you will conquer us! "

Only twelve percent of men believe that a woman's appearance is more important than her sense of humor, intelligence and gentle disposition. A vote for this "trio" of more than seventy-five percent of boys! And a sense of humor - the most important quality, they say. On of laughing or smiling Woman easier to pay attention than gloomy or too serious. And laughter serves as a sort of "mental matchmaker": laughing girl - so she likes me. In addition, laughter - a sign of intellectual compatibility.

Actually humor performs three functions. Firstly, it helps to relieve awkward situation. Second, it defines a community of interests, "You, too, love this cool comedy? "And most importantly, it brings people together. For a smiling girl is not afraid to go, it starts to get angry and literally showering you with his contempt. Boys, too, is quite vulnerable, they are afraid of being laughed at first the girl and then friends.

So take note of this and go for it, raise their sense of humor up a notch. Use laughter wisely (as paradoxical as it may sound)!

 what should be the ideal woman

"Support when we were overtaken by a failure"

Men want to see next to a partner, not an educator. More than sixty-seven percent of men want to ask us to put an end to this "Mamochkin efforts of" when we fix our collar they are not allowed to ruffle your hair, straighten out when they say "I put" not "I put on." They expect us to very different care!

The guy wants to close was a girl who will always take his side and will support it. Then it is easier to admit that they can not determine the decision, and that they are ready to accept our help if a certain situation or event is too depressing them. In other words, they expect us to help them to correct the situation when there are some problems, but not engaged in their education and to correct deficiencies of character.

Bring him hot broth to bed when he gets sick, to cheer him up and make believe in themselves when he was working on a complex project, help him to feel safe when there is a problem - and then your guy always wants you to be close with him! And if you begin to control and take care of, like a mother hen, it will soon run away from you.

"Respect our friends"

You are smart enough to not be jealous of the guy to his friends? It is very good! Very often, women require guys stopped all relations with all of his friends and spent all his spare time exclusively to them. Anyway, it said eighty-three percent of the men surveyed! Now imagine if the guys have demanded the same from us. Could we stop to chat with their friends, classmates, former classmates, siblings, and so on? Would we throw lesson shaping or oriental dance, ceased to go to courses embroidery ribbons? Hardly! So why do we demand it from others?

I must say that the girl in love for some time, ready to dive into his life with his head, forgetting even about girlfriends. But the guys are arranged differently. They are very important to maintain relationships with their friends. And it is very important that we are not just tolerant of their friends. They need us to respect their friends. So, wrap into their heads that we do not have to love the guy friends, but we have to respect their friendship.

"Consider our mood"

Men are not immune to mood swings, they just hide it better. When it seems that the guy responds to somehow wrong, as usual, it is not worth it immediately offended, turn away, sulking, ostentatiously wiping tears. This, by the way, only more will bring him out of himself, if he is not in the spirit. Better to just say, "You look upset, and not the same as always. What happened? "If he starts to pour out his soul to you, listen to it carefully. Just do not be tempted to enter into a dialogue with it. In most cases, the guy you need to simply listen and given the opportunity to speak out.

Guys want us to be empathetic, but not intrusive. For them, the possibility of simply talk about their problems most often enough, they do not expect that we will try to solve them. And even more so in any case can not afford to statements like, "I told you so! "Or" I knew it would happen that way! "Otherwise you'll never live to see the revelation of her boyfriend.

If you are unable to support the guy, he will tell you about the problem, try it just to distract from it. Thirty-two percent of men admitted that they expect help from us to forget, for example, about a quarrel with a friend or a beating that gave the boss. How to do it? Offer him cook dinner together, or watch a good movie. The more attention it will give some work together with you, the less he will think about an unpleasant incident. And there emotions slowly subside.

"We also want to hear compliments! "

Guys love that we love them, muscular body. But they are very hopeful that this is not all, for what we love them. Every guy wants to hear that, no matter what it looks like, there is something deeper that we find in them sexually, whether it is the way he tells a story, or how it touches you when meeting . They want to know and hear that we consider them intelligent, courageous, fearless ...

Only eight per cent of men said they would like to hear compliments their physical qualities; and sixty-six percent want us to talk about other qualities that they clearly possess. So do not skimp on the praise! Be with the sincere and specific: "I like the feeling of security that I get when you're near me," "You are so smart! I think there is a book that you could not read. " And every day, tell him what he is extraordinary. You get a great bonus: he never wants to lose such a unique girl who sees so much appreciates all its advantages!

 what an ideal woman

"Do not be afraid to show your love"

Ninety-seven percent of men are unanimous in their desire to have a girl who is ready to show them your love, even in public. Of course, this does not mean that a girl should be, for example, publicly "passionately" kissed. But! Extremely attractive guys think a woman who quite confident in their sexuality, to always "warm" fantasy satellite light kiss while walking or resting in the car hand on his knee, yes, even "fire" in a hot look across the table while at a dinner party with friends.

We often go on about the long-established traditions that dictate that girls should be modest, must not allow ourselves anything extra. Who would argue! By promiscuity and today nobody is going to call upon, and modesty can decorate and modern girl. But today, while yet very different, and our men expect us to sexuality. And each of them (at least, admit it to ninety-seven percent!) Would not give to another girl who knows how to make his blood boil!

"It really gets us! "

If we are really talking about sexuality, let us know the most secret desires of guys who deal with intimate relationships. How can we get the guy admiration recognize you the best? Looking for something new - for example, new positions for sex - it is certainly good. Various experiments with toys and all kinds of lotions and lubricants can also be fun, or at least interesting. But what causes the admiration of men now, so this is our unbridled enthusiasm during sex.

Perhaps that is why eighty percent of men said that the girl who "just is", without causing them any desire to continue close contact with her. A fifty-seven percent of boys said they had not been published in time sex girl and no sound at all "sexy nerd!" In fact, your unrestrained passion can help the guy to feel a lot closer to you emotionally, more than a third of men called the most important part of the unforgettable sex.

"Respect our feelings"

"We are jealous" - say the guys. "And we have to admit it. We hate that his line, but we really do not like it when you crossed the line of what is permitted. " At the same time men are not hypocrites. They understand that there is treason, and there is also a simple flirtation. Seventy-nine percent of them do not mind if it ends just flirting. But they strongly object when it comes to exchanging phone numbers or even caresses and kisses.

In general, the guy even flattered if she attracts the attention of other men. "Oh, it is really interesting and attractive! "- He told. So the guy usually does not mind if she talks to other men. But only under one condition - if it will not behave overtly seductive.

Learn how to keep a man's environment, if you want to become the perfect girl. Visiting the company together with her boyfriend, do not be afraid to joke with the other guys, smile at them, and even to dance in an embrace. But it keeps between himself and the other guys invisible distance, which can be cross only one person out of all who are there. And always keep eye contact with her boyfriend.

"Your ambition - the best aphrodisiac! "

There is nothing sexier than a successful woman. Eighty percent of men say that they are simply one gets the idea to inspire a woman who seeks to make a career. But if you learn in high school or have begun to professional growth, it will be very difficult to synchronize your free time. Try at least one day a week to devote to your relationship. And when you spend romantic hours alone, direct to your conversations away from problems at work or university. Your guy wants to feel that your relationship is a priority for you when you are together.

And one more thing. If you earn a lot more money than he does, it's very cool, and it will respect you for it. But just do not advertise the difference in your earnings! Men always seek to dominate, and your income will serve as a good incentive for him to advance at work. But if every time you will emphasize its financial insolvency (compared to you), then it is very much will sting your guy. Then do not be surprised if one day he will leave you.

 what an ideal woman through the eyes of men

Is it possible to be perfect for everyone?

As you can see, not only we have our own ideas about the ideal partner - men too are no exception. Of course, it is very useful to learn about their preferences and try to make them fit. But you must not forget that the concept of an "ideal" - a matter of taste. Your idea of ​​the perfect can be radically different from the representations about it from other people. Thus, you should try to be perfect, but only as it seems right to you, not the way you talk about it by someone else.

Be yourself! Never changes because of pressure on you to other people. If one of the guys starts to criticize you, just ask yourself the question: "Do I trust this person? Should I listen to his advice? "If you answer yourself these questions" yes ", then proceed, taking into account the measures voiced criticism. And if you answer "no", then simply shake off the criticism sounded. Most likely, he was just jealous of you, that's trying to confuse you!

Finally, never changes for the sake of his friend, if you do not think that something in you is wrong. If a guy does not appreciate you for who you really are, he will never love you truly. He always finds something to complain about. Then just keep your eyes open so as not to overlook the very thing of beauty and a single guy who will take you to the most perfect girl in the world!

 Wishes men: what should be the ideal woman

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