crab salad with cucumber


  • Green crab salad
  • Crab salad with fresh cucumber
  • Salad with crab sticks, cucumber and rice

Want to cook fast and easy salad, but do not know exactly what? Then stop for a crab salad, for example, a salad of crab sticks from the cucumber. The recipe of its preparation is simple, the ingredients available and the time it takes quite a bit. However, still some effort will have to make: by itself does nothing. By the way, the recipe crab salad can be supplemented at its discretion, can be used fresh or pickled cucumber, crab sticks or crab meat. But the basic recipe will still be the same.

Green crab salad

This recipe is very simple lettuce with cucumber and crab sticks. Lettuce turns easy and "spring" due to the large amount of greenery, but at the same time nourishing due to the presence there of crab sticks and green peas.


  • Packing of crab sticks
  • Fresh cucumber;
  • Half of the cans of green peas;
  • A bunch of green onions;
  • A bunch of lettuce;
  • A bunch of parsley;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Sol.


Greens and my cucumber, were dried and finely cut. Diced crab sticks. Mix all ingredients, salt and dressed with mayonnaise.

 crab salad with cucumber

Crab salad with fresh cucumber

The recipe for a hearty lettuce with crab sticks and cucumber.


  • Crab sticks (package);
  • Fresh cucumber (1-2 pieces);
  • Eggs (4 pieces);
  • Onion:
  • Salt;
  • Mayonnaise.


Boil hard boiled eggs, cool and clean. Sticks thaw. Cucumber wash and peel (if desired). All the ingredients are cut into small cubes. Onions chop. Mix everything together, season with salt and season with mayonnaise.

Salad with crab sticks, cucumber and rice

And this is a recipe for a festive salad with crab sticks. In such a "part of" crab salad with cucumber most well known and popular. But most importantly - it's easy to cook!


  • Crab meat (packaging);
  • Rice (half a cup);
  • Fresh cucumbers (1 pc.);
  • Eggs (3 pcs.);
  • Onions (half of the head);
  • Mayonnaise.


To start a decoction of rice (rice should be crumbly!), And wash out his cool. Crab meat we shall cut cubes (small). Decoctions, cool and finely cut eggs nashinkuem half the onions. And at least we shall cut small cucumber. Salad Put the layers in a salad bowl or on a platter (a cake), promazyvaya each layer with mayonnaise:

  • crab meat;
  • rice;
  • cucumber;
  • bow;
  • eggs.

And to create a full image of a festive salad with crab sticks decorate its greens, eggs and cucumber (leaves, flowers, twigs).


As one of the options for such a festive salad can make a salad with canned corn. Cooking it should be just like the salad with rice, only rice to replace corn. And in this case, the salad can not stack layers, and simply stir - turn out not less tasty.

Anyway salad with crab sticks (crab meat) and cucumber - a win-win. Cucumber makes it fresh and light, and crab sticks - hearty. Prepare this salad with rice, egg, corn or green. Cook on health and fun, and enjoy your meal!

 Crab salad with cucumber - a recipe for holiday and everyday

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 Salad beauty of oatmeal


  • Salad beauty of oatmeal with milk
  • Salad beauty of oatmeal in a hurry
  • Salads beauty cereal and yogurt
  • Office version of lettuce Beauty

Oh, girls! If the world save the beauty, the beauty of the carry this to the world we are! We bear strongly, persistently and without effort. And I must say that we have only taken the baton from their mothers and grandmothers (and even grandparents) who are not as much as we were puzzled to save the world. Well, this is our share. But we must pay tribute to our predecessors, they gave us their experience and simple but effective help - beauty recipes.

What's newfangled diet and heaped technique, when there is available and proven over the years means! Such as, for example, a well-known salad beauty of oatmeal. You, of course, have heard of this wonder drug. And, mind you, not a means to lose weight, but a means to preserve and increase the beauty. After all, beauty - is not only a normal weight, and excellent skin and hair, the freshness, vivacity and good mood. And, of course, health. The finding is of such beauty and help us famous salad. So let's quickly learn how to cook.

Salad beauty of oatmeal with milk

This salad is great substitute for the morning porridge. It is said that eating breakfast portion of salad of beauty, staying well-fed until dinner. Try it.


  • Dry oatmeal - 2 tablespoons;
  • Milk - half cup;
  • Fresh apple - half.

Take a small bowl and sprinkle it flakes. Milk boil and pour their cereal - let cool slightly. Apple Wash, peel and cut half of it. Cut the sliced ​​half apple into small pieces and add to the flakes. All mix and eat.

Salad beauty of oatmeal in a hurry


  • Dry oatmeal;
  • Fresh apple;
  • Boiling water;
  • Med.


Two tablespoons of cereal pour a half cup of boiling water, stir and leave to cool. Fresh apple wash and grate. Add the grated apple to the cooled down flakes and season with honey to taste.

 salad of oatmeal

Salads beauty cereal and yogurt

A great alternative to milk dressing. This option is probably more useful as preparing cold way.


  • Oatmeal (2 tablespoons);
  • Kefir (half a cup);
  • Raisins (tablespoon);
  • Walnuts (tablespoon).


Nuts chop. Raisins rinse and pat dry. Mix the cereal with raisins and nuts and fill them with yogurt. Salad you can eat at once, but you can give it a long time - flakes swell and become softer.


This salad is convenient because it is possible to prepare the foundation for the future. Prepare the right amount of raisins and nuts and mix them with flakes and keep the "blank" in the refrigerator. In the morning you will just pour a portion of it and pour yogurt.

Office version of lettuce Beauty

If you intend to multiply its beauty and during the lunch break at work, then try this version of the salad.


  • Fruit Yogurt (1 cup);
  • Oatmeal flakes (2 tablespoons).


Mix the cereal with yogurt. That's all you need to express variants of lettuce. By the way, a box of cereal, you can keep on working, and yogurt to take with you (and each time - different).

Strictly speaking, the proposed salad recipes beauty - this is only a basic component. As you can imagine, its main ingredient - dry oatmeal. Clearly, dry chew them will not, so you should soak the cereal in milk or water. If you are on a diet, it is best to use water or yogurt. If weight loss - not the main goal, then feel free to dilute the salad milk, fermented baked or sweet yogurt. However, almost all milk drinks are ideal for this purpose.

Add a salad of dried oatmeal any useful: raisins, dried apricots, prunes. Fresh fruit is also not to be redundant. Also mentioned apple beauty can make a salad with pears, strawberries, kiwi and even banana. Nuts also choose to your taste: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews. Honey, if you do not cause allergies, feel free to add to the salad. Just do not mix it with hot milk or hot water - by heating the honey loses its beneficial properties.

So make a salad to your taste, and eat it for breakfast (optional), lunch and dinner (optional). Within a month of this practice you will find that the skin became clearer, stronger nails and hair healthy. And be sure to improve the general condition. Do not believe? And for good reason. Try it and see for yourself.

 Salad beauty of oatmeal - a means-tested for years

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