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  • Ten basic qualities that attract men
  • What should be the ideal woman in marriage

We are surrounded by so many men, and each of them usually has its own idea of ​​what should be real women, and that he generally like them. Each of the guys a hundred percent sure that his opinion - the most correct, and moreover, it is not subject to appeal! But the real question is whether it is possible to select a particular type of woman that men prefer more than others? And what attracts guys? In other words - what is it, the ideal woman through the eyes of men?

Ten basic qualities that attract men

There are certain characteristics of the appearance of the women who are able to attract the attention of boys. Let's see what kind of features:

  1. Hair Color Women

    Somehow, it is believed that the guys prefer blondes. It is very doubtful! Generally, the color of the hair of women is not a determining factor. The fact that there are other features of her personality that are more important and are really able to attract most of the men. But if we speak about the hair, then - you will be surprised! - Most men are attracted to brunettes.

  2. External prettiness

    Of course, it's no secret that men love with their eyes, and above all they value a woman is on the external parameters. Slim, long legs, breast size, expressive eyes - all of this is subject to instantaneous evaluation. I must say that most men do not pass indifferently by the blue-eyed stroynyashkoy with magnificent breasts and long legs ...

  3. The harmonious appearance and sense of style

    It is not necessary to have all the above parameters to interest the guy. Men like it when a woman looks neat, and all the elements of her clothes in harmony with each other. Clothes should not be too flashy or expensive, but it is important that it was you. And let us think that men do not understand anything in fashion or style of clothing; but if you look is stylish, it certainly seems interesting to any guy.

  4. What smells like a woman

    The smell is very important. No man comes to the delight when a woman feels the smell of sweat. Perfume with a pungent odor is also unlikely to cause his interest in you. But a gentle trail of subtle flavor is able to make a man fall into a trance!

  5. Independence

    A woman who wants to attract the attention of men, should create around himself an aura of success and satisfaction with their lives and careers. Guys do not like ladies who constantly complain about life and endless tales about the vicissitudes of his destiny trying to squeeze out a tear of pity interlocutor. A positive attitude to life in a woman attracts a lot of men, and if it is also a fascinating and has a smile that reveals her white teeth, it finally won the heart of any guy. Smiling optimist any man would call his ideal.

  6. The woman's body

    The man is hardly interested in an unfamiliar woman who has insufficient or overweight. Unfortunately this is the case. In the view of man a woman's body should look harmonious. So he always like to admire a woman who takes care of its shape and takes care of the body.

  7. Makeup

    Guys do not like when a woman uses too much makeup, but also completely without makeup it will not seem to him attractive. We just have to find a middle ground and apply make-up as much as it is necessary to hide flaws and highlight your most attractive features.

  8. Zest

    It is no less important for women than good looks. It should have a peculiar, subtle appeal, charm which belongs only to her. This could cause an interest in it, because a woman is hard not to notice.

  9. Features of its identity

    The nature of women is also very important for men. Men do not like envious and evil women who never fail to wash up bones around as soon as they will have the slightest opportunity. Men also do not like it when a woman talks too loud and shrill voice. Most guys will never be treated with interest and respect for a woman who swears or uses obscene words. The eyes of men the perfect woman will always be the one that is always friendly, kind, gentle and feminine. And - must be able to maintain a conversation. Contrary to popular belief, men do not like glupyshek.

  10. Understanding

    Oh, it's one of the main qualities that we look for in a man! Be the eyes of men the ideal woman is always humble and understand them with their chores and hobbies: cars, passion for sports, work or other things. Men like gentle and caring women, who can be relied upon, by any chance something will develop not as we would like.

What men do not like us? They do not like it when we become selfish spenders tend to idleness, and when we are too indifferent to it or, on the contrary, constantly climb with tenderness and syusyukanem. Woman, believe men should have self-esteem. And still it is from time to time to get a little inaccessible, otherwise you can lose all its appeal to the stronger sex. And yet - the guys like women with a good sense of humor.

The list goes on and on. It turns out that to be the ideal woman is not so easy but you have to do everything possible to its cultivation, to as close as possible to the masculine ideal.

 the ideal woman for a man

What should be the ideal woman in marriage

As you know, so far we have talked about the attractiveness of strangers or unfamiliar guys women. And if a man and woman living together - which, in the opinion of the partner should be an ideal life partner? If we asked them about this, here's a list of them to us are as follows:

  1. It must help men look good

    The realities of modern life is that today man has to look perfect. The better it looks, the more successful it seems to others. But to maintain the image of their own men have not yet learned. And because they believe that women are well versed in fashion and cosmetics, that they expect from us that we will have to help them look younger, healthier and more stylish. Women need to help them to choose a good quality cream or a shirt, and buy them Mighty leather wallet, and not another dress for myself. As it turns out, men appreciate these women, and in turn, they are always ready to substitute his shoulder when the need of a purely male help.

  2. We should not forget about his personal life

    When a woman is completely immersed in family chores and taking care of her husband and children, she very quickly ceases to seem to him an interesting person. Today, it is the same as yesterday, a month or a year ago. A man gets bored with it, and my wife is losing its sex appeal in his eyes. A man wants a woman to constantly fueled his interest, and this should be constantly changing, constantly in a state of progress. And they do not mind that the wife had her own personal life.

    In this case, personal life has a broad meaning which includes friends, family, fitness, various interest clubs and so on. In short, personal life - it's what gives us the ability to communicate outside the family and get some new experiences and emotions.

  3. It should be feminine and to be modest

    Men argue that modern women are not always able to see the difference between femininity and modesty, firstly, between femininity and debauchery second. That is why, according to our husbands, we look either too constrained and restrained, which makes us quite uninteresting, or, conversely, begin to dress and behave quite neprilichno.Chto regard to the latter, the men do not like excesses, we often allow ourselves.

    Bare bellies, too low set jeans pile of rings, earrings and visyulek here and there, make-up, like a clown's make-or war paint African tribes, shapeless baggy clothes or, conversely, too tight tight places, that would be better not to emphasize - too many errors, we assume! Much more like our guys, when we skillfully hide their extra folds and emphasize the attractive curves, and excess paint and trinkets not detract from the true appeal of its features.

  4. Best woman the one that was able to stop the pressure on her man

    Perhaps, one hundred and ninety men are willing to say that their women are constantly "press" them. Speaking of which, they mean endless reminders about what they should do, and then demanding a full report on the implementation requirements. Yet they are very annoying when we constantly require them to regular calls and SMS messages. We want to keep the men under constant supervision and control, and it is very much their angers. And if they do not comply with our demands, it is not because they forget about it. The thing is that they do not consider it important.

Of course, if you take into account all these factors, of which we could tell our men, you are still unlikely to become an ideal for men. It's only the most common features, and every man is still there and his personal idea of ​​the perfect woman. And if he once chose you, so you personalize it for him ideal. But do not get complacent and rest on its laurels! Unfortunately, too often the words "I'm tired of you! "Become an integral part of the active vocabulary of our men. Think, perhaps you should reconsider your lifestyle and attitude to the man you love? To permanently stay for a woman dreams of his ideal woman.

 The ideal woman through the eyes of men: make up a collective portrait

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