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  • Femininity and appearance
  • Femininity and demeanor
  • The qualities that men seem particularly feminine

Each of us wants not just to be a woman - just because we have the appropriate signs sex - but still be present representatives of the beautiful half of the human race, to which would have attracted the eyes of all the surrounding men. I would like something desirable, but how to develop femininity, which is a necessary condition of female attractiveness, we do not always know.

Femininity has many different definitions. Every woman can have its own way to be attractive and charming, and each of these methods has the same force of impact on others. It is not necessary to be a sort of doll hair, dressed all in pink to appear feminine. You can be in life and a tomboy, and has forgotten about himself, to give all the attention and care to others woman, and it does not lose its appeal.

Nevertheless, in a society where the media are promoting a particular type of femininity, many of us have to make some effort to achieve this ideal. So why is it that a worthwhile endeavor?

 femininity how to develop

Femininity and appearance

Something to hide - of course, the appearance of a woman is the first criterion to assess the surrounding. Here's what you can do to learn to express their femininity with the help of appearance:

  • As often as possible to spend time with her friends

    Communicating with different women, you may notice different "versions" of female attractiveness. Observation of the various models of femininity to help you find new ways to self-image, and you will be much more comfortable to express and emphasize their belonging to the beautiful half of humanity.

  • Spend enough of time trying to learn and itself

    Yes, yes, do not be surprised! Each of us has a special features and qualities that make our unique attraction; but in the bustle of everyday life we ​​drive a beautiful stranger in the farthest corner of the soul and secret. Take time to do what you really like to do, hone their talents or interests that have so far been lack of demand due to a lack of time. Learn how to pamper and love yourself, and it will help you feel more comfortable in his own body. But in the end you will be much easier to express their femininity.

  • The work on their appearance, start with a trip to the hairdresser

    Color your hair or make a fashionable haircut. This change in appearance will change your self-image and will break old patterns of behavior. Seeing his reflection in a mirror image of the updated, you will feel the rush of sensations own appeal, and it will help you to become more feminine.

  • Experiment with makeup

    Just do not overdo it with bright colors - as close as possible to their natural makeup is the most delicate and feminine. To make any changes, try different shades of gloss and lipstick. It would be good at least once to use the services of professional make-up artist - so you could see how you can accentuate the best features of your appearance. And another tip: try to buy only high-quality cosmetics, which is well applied and does not harm your skin.

  • Take time for a quality and professional care for themselves

    Keep your eyebrows neat, do not let them become overgrown. Remove the hair on the face and legs, if you have them. Do not allow yourself to go with stale or unkempt hair. Always on time do not neglect manicures and pedicures.

  • If you want to look more feminine, we can not reconsider your wardrobe

    Replace fashionable elegant slippers are comfortable and cute shoes your heart. A baggy T-shirts, which are more suitable for men, replace light or pastel shades blouses. Wear those clothes, which will decorate and favorably emphasize your figure. If you emphasize their purely feminine curves and roundness, and not to hide them under the featureless clothing unisex, then you give her femininity opportunity to develop very active.

  • Be sure to add your image such detail as accessories - earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bags, key chains ...

    Even when you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt! Only, of course, comply with the measure and maintained the selected style.

  • Be sure to take care of the health of the body: eat well and exercise regularly

    Having a body with which you feel comfortable, you will not hide their femininity.

  • Watch your posture

    Keep your back straight, lower your chin on chest and make sure that your gait was graceful gait legkoy.O and would like to talk in more detail. You certainly remember Vera-secretary from the movie "Office Romance". It very accurately described the importance of graceful gait of female attractiveness. Owning your body is very important; and even if you are wearing a very nice dress and do her hair and make-up just on the highest level - it does not help you too, if you go as Lyudmila Prokofievna "skukozhilas whole, like an old ragged shoe, and - scratching work !!! "

Woman has to move quite differently. Showing attention to how to develop the feminine, you have to learn how to move. After a little practice you will be able to work out the "right" gait, and she quickly becomes the only acceptable for you.

 how to develop the femininity

Femininity and demeanor

In order to develop their femininity, you must understand that it has to come from within you. You can dress up and stay as dictates our female nature, but this is not enough. Put just a man, and will be seen per kilometer that it was a man. Why is that? Because the guy can not be faked purely feminine demeanor. We must recognize that in terms of psychology, and in terms of culture, women tend to possess unique characteristics different from those of men. Understanding this difference and help you develop your feminine nature.

Try to emphasize those physical and emotional qualities that distinguish you from the men. This does not necessarily mean that you have to dress provocatively, or vice versa, and to be constantly embarrassed shyness. Show your sensitivity, caring, empathy. As a rule, femininity is associated with kindness, compassion and desire to help others.

Pay attention to your manners, speech, and ways of interacting with people. Try to be more receptive and passive than active and aggressive. This does not mean that you can not express their opinions in dispute; just choose the way how you can speak more gently and tactfully any problem. And as often as possible smile. Ensure the correctness of his speech and refrain from using vulgar words or profanity - that will never allow myself a real woman!

Be natural in their behavior. There is nothing more beautiful and feminine than a girl who feels confident and calm. Do things that make you feel beautiful and happy. Listen to good joyful music that is uplifting. Read or dream in the park or in your garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers. Arrange gatherings with friends in a cafe or in the good candy. Let the will of their positive feelings and emotions. Agree, it is inherent in women easy and joyful perception of reality - here and learn to enjoy every little thing!

Do not forget to be weak and in need of care: men really like to act as defenders. Let a man opens the door in front of you or pushes a chair. Let it offers to help, and you accept it. If you are used to do many things for yourself, then call your next time your boyfriend or husband when you have to do something very feminine - for example, to move a sofa or hang on the wall with a photo frame.

No wonder they say that the power of a woman - in her weakness. It helps to be feminine is much better than the manipulative actions with the help of his sexuality. Allowing a man to help and giving him the opportunity to make you happy, you are sending a message that you are worthy of love, admiration and protection just because you - a real woman, able to assess the merits of his men. This is the most important sign of femininity!

 develop femininity

The qualities that men seem particularly feminine

Many women mistakenly believe that the appearance of beautiful women is the most important value for men. But the man primarily evaluates a woman on her personal qualities, when it comes to a serious relationship. What guys like? First of all - love and tenderness. Of course, men are very much focused on the physical pleasure of sex, but it does not mean that they do not seek and do not want love. A woman who pays too much attention to the sexual act, but it does not show affection, they will be considered nothing more than a sexual partner.

And the affection and love should be manifested not only in the bedroom. Tap gently hand man when you sit at a table facing each other. Give him a warm embrace. Correct overhangs his eyes or hair clean eyelash that fell on his cheek. Men really like is unobtrusive attention and expression of warmth and love!

Very popular with men and cheerful girl with a good sense of humor. If you do not take yourself or life too seriously and you know how to laugh at trouble, you guys are always attracted to you. And men love the playful women who like to fool around, regardless of their age. Young souls is a very attractive trait, and goes hand in hand with a sense of humor and the ability to have fun.

We could tell you about the other qualities that would be reasonable to cultivate to become more attractive. No because the limit! But of what you just read, it is enough to understand how to develop your femininity. Major landmarks on the road to improvement we showed you; and only now depends on you, how charming, attractive and feminine, you can be!

 How to develop femininity and charm

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