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  • Attention! Urgent track down the ideal
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According to some beautiful women, all men are equal and women from want "just one." What exactly is meant by this, the majority of readers, as we assume, can easily guess yourself. But in fact, all is not so simple and trite. Men are just as fiercely want to meet his princess, his ideal woman as the fairer pola- find her prince, a real man and the dream of their lives.

The ideal girl ... What it represents the opinion of the representatives of a strong half of humanity, what qualities distinguish it from all the other ladies and men make heart beat more often at one of its kind? After all, to be perfect in the eyes of the elect - a dream of 99, 9% of women at least. We hasten to reassure you, our dear readers, and to announce that the reason is not to panic. Ideals, preferences and views each individual, regardless of gender, age, education and political views may be antithetical, which gives us all a huge choice in finding the most suitable candidate to mate.

Of course, a collective image, a general idea of ​​what it should be, the ideal woman, laid in the very nature of men. Woman and man created it in such a way as to complement each other, not to be the likeness of one another. Therefore, women love men in courage, and by men appreciate our femininity in all its forms. In this article we will try as much as possible to tell you more about that to be the perfect woman for any man is not the most difficult, and even very pleasant.

Attention! Urgent track down the ideal

So, what qualities must have a woman that guys saw it as their ideal?

Physical attractiveness

Remember that most men perceive visual information. Saying that they like eyes appeared out of nowhere. It is not a hair or eye color, yet it is more a matter of personal preferences of individual men: some prefer blond curls, some juicy red curls, and someone is going crazy from the head of hair raven. Someone like miniature as figurine, girls, and someone will be delighted by the delicious as bun, ladies. But the ideal of women united by their personal confidence in their own external irresistibility that arose, of course, not in a vacuum.

Perfect girl always manages to find time for fitness to be in good shape. Sports activities for a girl the same usual thing, like washing hands or taking a shower, that is a perfectly natural state of things. They always give yourself time to do manicures and pedicures, pamper your skin and hair, choose makeup that can emphasize its individuality. True, we should not go too far - a beautiful wrapper without filling can only briefly to conquer a man's attention, and then he had to attend to further their search for perfection, which is equally beautiful on the inside and outside.


According to the majority of men, a woman who knows how to enjoy sex worthy of boundless love and admiration. Of course, the quality of the estimate is not everyone met on your path of life man, but for that one, whose ideal you strive to be, it will be important to know what you enjoy, sharing with him the bed of love. Few of the opposite sex attracts sandwiched, notorious lady, for whom sex is more encumbrance or obligation. But the desire to express themselves in sex sensual and passionate woman will be appreciated by a loving partner.

The ability to flirt, be moderately coquettish, again and again to be able to seduce a man of their own - all this creates an aura around the sexuality of women, attracting her man's attention and interest. The main thing, as always, to avoid excesses: plaque of vulgarity or immorality are more likely to push a man, or cause him concern only certain kinds.


Men still mesmerizing ability to cook something delicious, to create comfort in the house and keep it clean. Develop a love for cooking - and you will not rebound in admirers, one of whom will take all possible steps to be able to achieve your favor. As for comfort and accuracy, and we own nice to come back to a place that we do not only formally can call home. That's just as well for men - it will always be more to pull the house, where it is waiting for a charming hostess who made sure to feed your man tasty concoction will provide him rest and availability of fresh shirts in the morning, when he hurries to work.

Anyone familiar funny phrase that perfect girl can make out of nothing three things: to cook food, to create a beautiful hairstyle and make a huge scandal. As for the latter skills, we recommend yet to be restrained and express emotions more constructively, but the ability, even in a tight economy to create a culinary masterpiece and make sure that all pets were fed, deserves great admiration of the strong half of humanity.

The mind

Do not take it literally. Few of the men as a confirmation of your mental faculties require him to produce several higher education diplomas, the Nobel Prize or some other conceivable and inconceivable awards and medals. The perfect girl mind appears slightly different ways. In it lives a constant thirst for self-development and it is interesting to talk, discuss and learn something new. At the same time be smarter and better educated than their immediate partner is not required. Well, or you can cleverly conceal this, which is also a clear sign of the presence of considerable intelligence, coupled with tact.

Ideal for real women refuse to stay in place, rest on our laurels. They set themselves new goals, seeking new knowledge, develop themselves and involuntarily attracted to that their men. Thus there is no competition between the partners, there is no place rivalry; Conversely, communicating with each other, they get mutual pleasure from this, there is an exchange of information, knowledge and opinions. Many men say that the manifestation of the mind in their favorite lady adds that a lot of points in its favor.


The man wants to be sure the woman in himself. Perfect girl does not even come up with the idea of ​​treason their guys, this is a categorical condition in which men are unanimous. It relates to the most physical side of things, but also emotional loyalty and devotion to the representatives of the stronger sex to the lady of his heart is welcome, too.

Agree, the ideal woman is unlikely to be subjected to the dignity of his chosen test, commenting on the correctness of his actions and thoughts, and it does not matter, it happens alone or in front of witnesses. Even if it has a point of view somewhat at odds with his opinion, she was always able to show loyalty to her man. In the end, what difference who you are right? Diplomacy in the relationship is more valuable than the ability to insist on his own.


What girl is more likely to get the title of the ideal - one that always frowns, upset, even over trifles and always expect bad news and the news, or the one that is always set to a positive, is reason to rejoice even nothing, and her smile lights up, it seems all the space next to it? The answer is obvious, is not it? Too often, women prefer to be sad about, and without it, although common sense suggests doing the opposite. After all, men prefer not blondes and women with any hair color, which are able to experience life in a positive way and to paint it in a rainbow of colors.

Perfect girl realizes that while she is complaining about the life that passes by, and therefore need to learn to see the good and enjoying every moment and event. Especially since the majority of men believe that the need to safeguard and protect delicate floors of all kinds of trouble, but when it turns out that the troubles surrounding us from all sides, all confused, not knowing which of the bottom of the first to defend.


Men want to be the girl with whom they are in a relationship, trust them and rely on similar actions. Jealousy is able to discourage any man, even the love. If you are constantly looking for proof of his infidelity, his jealous, arrange debriefing, be sure of understanding on his part you will not meet. According to the unanimous opinion of women, the ideal and desirable woman of such behavior should not allow themselves. After all, a man tired excuses to explain and clarify the relationship to engage, and eventually he will go look for the girl more fit into his idea of ​​the ideal.

The converse is also true - the ideal girl would not feel the strength of the confidence of his men, provoking him by his actions fit of jealousy. She cares for his heartfelt feelings and self-esteem. She did not need proof of love, obtained in this way. She knows how to appreciate the trust that she has her man, and will not feel its strength, they allow themselves to do some short-sighted and unreasonable young lady.


We tend to think that this quality only comes to us over the years. Believe me, this is not always the case. In fact, many women have it fully into an early age. The men met in the presence of this young lady invaluable benefits immediately recognize that this girl - the true ideal.

Wisdom is given to a woman by nature, just someone starts to use these gifts later, and someone before. What is more obvious it is the perfect girl? For example, in the fact that these women understand the value of their relationship with a partner able to bypass acute angles in different situations, and most importantly, unobtrusive teach his companion. Begin to develop a female wisdom as soon as possible, to the rank of ideal girl was given to you with another youth.


All the girls remember that the strength of a woman in her weakness? The girl who allows himself to be naturally weak, defenseless, in the eyes of men is the real ideal, next to which it can actually feel the defense and lifeguard earner. What man would willingly give up these titles, which for centuries embedded in the very nature of it? In today's world, women are too often forgotten that such qualities in men awaken the desire to protect and nurture the owner of these virtues. After all, this is how we treat our ideals.

Some girls replace one concept to another, and instead of a sweet show of weakness and insecurity in front of men full infantilism, inertia and apathy. As reality shows, men react to such behavior is frowned upon. After all, they want to see next to a still adult personality, ability to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions, not the child, who must be a parent.


Men recognize that girl that pretend to be perfect, there must be some mystery. We are talking about a special charm, the woman seems to be open to you in full, and at the same time seemed to elude men, always leaving room for a tiny fraction of the secrets of a small stroke of understatement. The charm of these ladies affects men just the most wonderful way, how is the real magic potion. Therefore, every woman, to come closer to the ideal, should learn to respect the delicate balance between openness and light veil of mystery.


A girl who knows how to behave in society, educated and cultured, is admired not only in the eyes of men. Good manners will always find approval, especially in older people. The great thing that this quality can not be congenital, but it is so easy to create yourself! Everything is in our hands, most importantly - set yourself the task and start acting.


This is probably the simplest thing can be the perfect girl. It should be good to people, to the world, to himself. As it is estimated men? It is very simple: they listen, as we spoke of others, how to talk, communicate what we're doing and why. Remember that kindness manifests itself above all in the small details: Are you ready to feed a stray dog, visit an elderly relative, take products ailing friend. It is because of such trifles man is inside your complete image of that one day, perhaps even unbeknownst to himself, he begins to consider ideal.

 ideal girl what she

That never happens at the perfect girl

We have mentioned the most important quality for a girl character, under which most people consider you self perfection. But there are things that are not compatible with the concept of what should be an ideal girl. We are sure that you have no such features, and mention them except for the fact that you have an idea about them:

  • Envy

It is inconceivable that a girl is a real ideal, could feel for someone jealous.

  • Rudeness

This concept does not much fit into the concept of femininity, let alone the ideality in general it is not conducted.

  • Greed

If everything in the girl said that her priority is just getting material goods, and the soul - minor matters, the ideal of its very few people want to call it.

  • Arrogance

Men avoid contact with women who suffer from this disease, and evade these girls party. However, we believe that to you it has nothing to do.

  • Manipulation

Women by nature more subtle psychologists, than men. But if it occurs to use such powers for their own purposes, or to anything good will not result in similar behavior. The man eventually would guess that they skillfully manipulated, and you will cease to be considered not only an ideal, but a decent girl.

  • Vindictiveness

Only in books but the movies men love bitchy ladies, but in real life the situation is quite the opposite: like hell repels them. In their mind the image of the ideal woman is simply not compatible with the image of a formidable mstitelnitsy, which at any moment could bring down upon them a righteous sword to teach a lesson of some sort (sometimes even minor) mistake.

  • Unpredictable

Even despite the fact that men welcome women into the mystery, they clearly understand that, according to his idea of ​​the ideal, the girl can expect. It does not behave in a strange way to put it to a standstill by his behavior, and thereby put himself in an awkward or embarrassing position.

 what it ideal girl

The main secret

I'd love to read this article helped each of our readers to understand one important thing: you and that there is a real ideal girl, you just have to realize it, to believe and accept. With one caveat: the ideal - the value of a generalized and quite small achievable, but it is necessary to seek all his life, although initially each of us is beautiful with its uniqueness and individuality. Develop a need, as you are well aware, but according to his personality and not against it. It is better to know yourself, do not be afraid to look into his heart, to analyze their thoughts and feelings to decide what character trait needs to be developed. But this should be done only for their own sake, for the sake of his personality, and not for someone else.

Men seeking women and love, which combine features of a lover, the Queen, the mistress and the little girl. It is about the female representative of the tribe, which is able to maintain a balance of all these components, they readily say that it is precisely the real ideal woman. But there is one secret that we will discover. If a man fell in love with you, then, in his eyes, you are perfection itself, everything about you is perfect for him and change nothing. It should only afford to stay the same as in the very first minute of your relationship. It is many years allow you to keep in his heart the love and confidence in his choice he was not mistaken.