Salad Venice


  • "Venice" with sausage and Korean carrot
  • "Venice" with smoked chicken
  • "Venice" puff
  • "Venice" with tuna
  • "Venice" with pineapple

Recipe salad Venice is known in at least two ways. Moreover, each of these options can be exercised in a variety of interpretations. The first version of the salad is quite simple: it includes the recipe ingredients that do not require advance preparation, but because this salad can be prepared, as they say, in a hurry. The recipe for this salad, of course, is more suited to everyday menu, but it can also be used for the holiday table.

But the second recipe includes a lot more ingredients that require more time to prepare the salad, but the result is worth it! However, we offer both versions of lettuce in different versions. And you just have to choose a recipe and prepare a salad.

"Venice" with sausage and Korean carrot

This recipe is from the category of corn salads. Cooked very quickly, it turns light and nutritious at the same time.


  • 200 grams of smoked sausage any
  • 200 g of Korean carrots (not very sharp)
  • 200 g of low-fat cheese
  • Big cucumber
  • Jar of sweet corn
  • Mayo


Cucumber my (optionally cleaned from skin) and cut into thin long cubes. Also chop and sausage. Planed cheese on a coarse grater and corn merge with the marinade. Korean carrot, cucumber, sausage, cheese and corn spread in a salad bowl, add the mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. Salt and spices in this salad does not need to put as Korean carrots and sausage salad will give the already spicy taste.

"Venice" with smoked chicken

Another simple recipe for corn salad. From the preceding it differs only part of the smoked chicken salad and fresh carrot.


  • Canned corn
  • Smoked chicken fillet
  • Fresh cucumber
  • Raw carrot
  • Cheese
  • Mayonnaise and spices


Separated from the seed chicken and cut the meat into cubes thin. Cheese and carrot separately planed on a coarse grater. Cucumber cut into strips, and corn merge with the marinade. All prepared foods we put in a bowl, put the taste of salt, pepper and mayonnaise, and salad mix thoroughly.


Pre-fill with mayonnaise and salt do not need this salad: cucumber juice and salad will "float". Do this just before the "exit" dishes to the table.

 Venice salad recipe

"Venice" puff

Salad recipe that is the best fit for the solemn feast. Lettuce turns quite unusual and diversifies the already overexposed traditional menu festive table.


  • 400 g of white chicken meat
  • Fresh cucumber
  • 200 grams of prunes
  • 300 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • 200 g of cheese
  • 3 potatoes
  • 3 eggs


To start broths and chicken to cool, and then separated from the bones of white meat and we shall cut it into cubes or cubes. Potatoes and eggs well cooked and let them cool completely. Will cut the potatoes, eggs, chop on a fine grater. Prunes soaked in boiling water and leave for about fifteen minutes and then wash out and dry it. Mushrooms will wash, we shall cut into small pieces and fry in vegetable oil and place them in a colander or sieve in to stack the fat. Cucumber and cheese pass through a large grater.

We spread the salad layers:

  • Prunes cut into small pieces
  • chicken meat
  • mayonnaise
  • mushrooms
  • eggs
  • mayonnaise
  • cheese
  • cucumber

Decorate the salad mayonnaise mesh.


The top layer can not put grated cucumbers and cucumber into thin rings. Himself salad can be assembled in the form of split or file portions in the clear wine glasses or ice-cream bowls.

"Venice" with tuna

Recipe version of this popular fish salad. Interestingly, he also that is not dressed with mayonnaise and a specially prepared sauce.


  • Bank of canned tuna
  • 4 fresh tomatoes
  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 eggs
  • Olives
  • Parsley and onion

For the sauce:

  • 4 teaspoons vegetable oil
  • Half a tablespoon of lemon juice
  • The juice from the canned tuna


Boil potatoes and eggs, cool and clear. Potatoes cut into cubes or cubes, eggs are crushed, using a coarse grater. Tomatoes cut into small slices or cubes, mash with a fork and fish, pre-draining liquid from the jar. For the sauce, mix the oil with the liquid from canned and lemon juice. Puts layers of lettuce:

  • potatoes
  • tuna
  • eggs
  • tomatoes

The layers are laid until the end all the prepared salad products. Each layer pour sauce. Decorate the salad greens and olives.

 delicious salad Venice

"Venice" with pineapple

Quite an unexpected recipe, given that are included in this version of the salad is not only familiar to him prunes, chicken and cucumber, but also with cabbage and pineapple.


  • 200 grams of chicken meat (breast can be smoked)
  • 200 g of fresh cucumbers
  • 100 g of fresh or canned pineapple
  • 100 grams of prunes
  • 100 g fresh cabbage
  • Mayonnaise and salt


Pre-boil the chicken and give it to cool in the broth directly, then it will turn out juicy and tender. Prunes pour boiling water and leave for fifteen minutes or twenty. Meanwhile, cut the chicken into cubes, cucumber and pineapple, cabbage shinkuem. Prunes are washed, were dried and finely chopped, too. Then we put all products in a bowl, add salt and mayonnaise and mix. Serve salad, pre-cool it and decorate with greenery.

As you can see, all the proposed options for you salad called "Venice" is not just different, but sometimes very different. What is considered a real recipe - just do not tell anyone. In many restaurants the salad under this name - all culinary experiments chef. For example, the menu of one of Moscow restaurants in the composition of this salad was listed veal, apples, mushrooms and cheese and cream sauce seasoned it. However, the most famous recipe of this salad - a variant with corn and sausage, or chicken and prunes. And what is the recipe like you - decide. Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field!

 Salad Venice - so different recipes

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 Salad with beets and prunes


  • Simple salad of beets and prunes
  • Salad with beets, cheese and prunes
  • Dessert beet salad
  • Salad with beets, dried apricots and prunes
  • Layered salad with herring
  • Beet salad with mustard sauce
  • Meat salad with beets and prunes

Prepare a salad of beets afford even novice cooks. Special skills are not required for this, and a great result guaranteed. Especially if you make a salad with beets and prunes. We just need to properly boil the beets and, of course, choose the appropriate recipe. Recipes of the salad we offer your choice

Simple salad of beets and prunes

The most that neither is a simple recipe for which we will need these ingredients:

  • Prunes - 5-6 berries
  • Beet medium size - 1 widget
  • Salt and mayonnaise for refueling


Boil the beets. This can be done in two ways. Just cook beets for two hours, until it becomes soft, and boil it until soft, then cool under running cold water. You can certainly buy already cooked beets. So, with cold boiled beetroot peel and cut the pulp in small cubes or cubes. Prunes pre-soaked in warm water, and then give it to dry, and cut into cubes, too. Cut the ingredients we put in a salad bowl, add a little (one or two pinches) of salt and mayonnaise. Mix salad and begin the meal. When preparing this salad in advance, then add salt and mayonnaise in it just before serving. Otherwise, beets will depart with water, and a salad will turn liquid.

Salad with beets, cheese and prunes

Also quite a simple recipe, which differs from the previous one only by the presence of the cheese in it.


  • Prunes - 5-6 berries
  • Beet medium size - 1 widget
  • Cheese sausage - 100 g
  • Salt and mayonnaise - to your taste


Boiled until soft clean beets peeled and cut into slices. Prunes (if mild, just washed, if hard, then pre-soaked) finely shinkuem. Shred cheese on a coarse grater. Then we add the beets and prunes in a salad bowl and mix the cheese with mayonnaise and salt. Refill salad cheese and mayonnaise sauce and serve.

 salad with prunes and beets

Dessert beet salad

Dessert, oddly enough, can also be made from beets. For him, we need these ingredients:

  • 1 large beetroot
  • 5-7 prunes
  • 1 handful of walnuts
  • Sour cream and sugar


Boil until half cooked beets, and then remove it from the peel and cut into circles or semicircles. We spread the beet slices on a greased baking sheet, sprinkle with sugar, and send in the oven. Bake the beets over low heat until the sugar has melted caramel. While beets baked, shot nucleoli walnuts and cut into two halves prunes. Cooked beets from the oven, spread on the ice-cream bowls, pour the sour cream and sprinkle with nuts. On top decorate with the halves of prunes.

Salad with beets, dried apricots and prunes

The original recipe for beetroot salad with dried fruit and nuts. Try to cook.


  • 2 medium size svekolki
  • 1 handful of prunes
  • 1 handful of dried apricots
  • 1 handful of shelled walnuts
  • Lettuce
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Salt and mayonnaise


First, boil, cool and peeled beets. While she cooked, soaked in warm water and dried, clean and chop nuts. Then fine-cut into small pieces and dried apricots prunes, garlic and shred the beets on a grater, and my obsushivayut lettuce. In a bowl, mix the beets with dried fruits, nuts and salt, add the mayonnaise and mix. The bottom of the salad bowl lay flat green leaves and put them pile salad. Decorate his whole nut halves.

Layered salad with herring

A more sophisticated version of the beet salad with prunes. For this salad will take the following ingredients:

  • 1 small herring
  • 1 small beet
  • 1 head of onions
  • 1 handful of prunes
  • Vinegar
  • Mayo


For this salad, too, we use boiled beets, which are crushed by a coarse grater. Herring Burke: exempt from the skins and seeds, and the resulting fillets cut into small pieces. Then shinkuem onion finely and fill it with vinegar for ten minutes. While marinated onions, prunes, cut into small pieces and begin to lay the salad layers:

  • prunes
  • beet
  • mayonnaise
  • herring
  • mayonnaise
  • bow
  • beet

On top decorate with lettuce and mayonnaise mesh serve.

Beet salad with mustard sauce

A very interesting in its composition salad. For him, using such ingredients:

  • Prune
  • Potatoes
  • Pickles
  • Beetroot
  • Onion
  • Sweet Dijon mustard
  • Mayonnaise or unsweetened yogurt


A couple of small svekolok boil, give them cool and clear skins. Two potatoes my, clean, cut into cubes and cook until tender. Three small pickled cucumbers cut into slices and cut into cubes beets. Bulbs and prunes finely shinkuem. For the filling, mix one tablespoon of mustard with two tablespoons of mayonnaise or yogurt. All components of the salad we shift into a bowl and dressed with mustard sauce. Serve immediately to the table.

 delicious salad with prunes and beets

Meat salad with beets and prunes

Gourmet recipe is very tasty and filling salad. And if you feed it in batches in transparent glasses, it would be an ornament to any holiday feast.


  • Any lean meat - 300 g
  • Processed cheese - 2 pieces
  • Quail eggs - 6 pieces
  • Beet big - 1 piece
  • Prunes (chopped) - half cup
  • Walnut (shredded) - half cup
  • Garlic - 2-3 cloves
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Mayo


Boil the meat, eggs and beets. The meat is cut into pieces, beet and cheese (individually) were ground on a grater, nuts shot, garlic cut into cubes, prunes cut into small pieces, and egg slices. Salad laid layers, seasoning them with mayonnaise, flavored with salt and pepper:

  • meat
  • garlic
  • beet
  • eggs
  • prunes
  • cheese
  • nuts

Before meal salad cool a couple of hours.

Prepare salads, on weekdays and holidays. Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field!

 Salad with beets and prunes. Choose a recipe

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