how to become a confident and raise self-esteem

What is confident woman? Straightened his shoulders slightly proud posture, confident step in a soft gait, smooth, pretty hard and piercing eyes .... Looking at her on the street, you hear the melody of Elvis Presley, and it seems that it is ideal. The men watched the such persons. She loves sport, and always knows what he wants. Here lies the most-most. It is important to choose and at the same time to know what you want. Do you want to become self-confident, successful and modern women. Close your eyes right now and imagine yourself be what you would like to be!

Who do you see: Angelina Jolie, Angela Merkel, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman? You can, of course, be a copy of one of them, of their idols. You can even decide to take a desperate step and go to a plastic surgeon, but you need to understand that you get from a clone. Men who will be on hand for the appearance not see your soul, and it is so important.

Yes, and the owner of the "star" of external data you must have an original character. Let's try again present, but now itself. We have to see it yourself and those qualities, which we did not have enough in life, raising self-esteem. What you want to be? Such yourself and imagine: a confident, strong and sensual at the same time, capable of decisive action, but ready to compromise.

 how to become a confident and raise self-esteem right

How to develop confidence and self-esteem improve

Psychologists say that uncertainty may arise in humans in early childhood, but may appear in quite conscious age, usually from the ridiculous phrases minor offenses and the like. You can delve into the reading of Freud, Ebbinghaus, Aristotle, you can use the professional help of a psychologist, but you can just send all to hell and become self-confident. How to raise self-esteem? Prompt, to learn, to make!

The first weapon confident person - a smile! Yes, yes, the usual smile - is a powerful weapon, the right of ownership which opens up new horizons. This does not mean that you need to escape to a nearby dental clinic and create a perfect smile. Look at the six-month babies have only two tooth, as a rule, but how much charm! .. The secret is simple - just a sincere smile. Conclusion: always smiling nadoiskrenne, even if you have only two teeth!

Those psychologists after some of the experiments have concluded that women who are wearing sexy underwear, confident no matter what you are wearing on top. So you need to buy the most daring, sexy, candid underwear, and always set. If you have a stunning French lace bra and panties in Cheburashka is not surprising that the feeling will be, like Cheburashka in lace, with a corresponding self-esteem. How could it be otherwise ?!

Generally, there are a few rules to be followed by absolutely all women:

  • We do not wear a "bag" with a hole for the head

If you put on top of free cutting, the bottom has to be a tight fitting. If the shirt tight to the body, the bottom can afford flared. Welcomed slightly bared shoulders, because we have an amazing underwear and nothing bad will happen, if the fragment is visible, but the smallest. If you can not even teach yourself to combine things in current trends, should not give up and overwhelm the cabinet shapeless things classic black. Look in the mirror. What color are your eyes? Choose tops, dresses and blouses all shades of that color, and be sure it will suit you. Pay attention to the appearance of celebrities outside the red carpet. Or, as the protagonists dressed in romantic movies, a figure that is similar to yours, and then just get the same clothes in stores.

Often, owner of magnificent forms can not afford to retreat from the classics of the far-fetched reasons, but simply to say - because of low self-esteem. Yes, it is far-fetched! Whoopi Goldberg has, in your opinion, an ideal figure? But the lack of "magazine" form did not stop her from becoming the stunning actress with infinite charm and millions of fans! Anfisa Chekhov, too far from 90h60h90, but there is a man who walked past it did not turn out. Stunning, sexy, confident and cute at the same time, how can it miss? You can transfer these stories endlessly, but when reading these lines, you absorb a third giant sandwich, then it is a problem.

  • Eat right, beautiful, tasty

"You are what you eat! "- A very accurate description of the man's inner world. You ever seen a slender, beautiful woman, carefully pushes a huge hamburger, izmazyvaya thin graceful fingers into the fatty layer of mayonnaise, and the dropping out of the mouth pieces of lettuce? No, I hardly ever see! Food - a philosophy of the soul! If you distribute to the "soul" of the morning fatty sausage with ketchup, where the soul you sing?

But the toast with cheese and a cup of natural coffee - this is what we need. Add lettuce and a slice of cucumber .... See the difference? That's her soul feels. Love burgers? No one is forcing them to abandon. Baked patties no worse fried in a pan, but much more useful! Try different recipes, and get rid of pests direct: mayonnaise, "buns, tarts" butter, heavy cream, sour cream ... and so on. Do you like chocolate? Go to the bitter. You can start with 55%, it's a little more sweet, and further increase the percentage. Generally exclude from the diet of sugary soda. It provokes thirst, and does not quench it - it has long been for anybody not a secret. So, raise self-esteem, calories - to decline!

If you do not deal with hunger and can not cope with them, we begin with a simple. Before each meal drink a full glass of water immediately notice how your appetite diminished. We accustom ourselves to this day. For clean water your body will thank you immensely. According to statistics, about 78% of people in the world suffer from dehydration! And it is not the people of Africa, and we are with you. How much plain water you drink a day? A glass or two if not any, at the rate of two liters per day. Man at 70-80% water. Tea, coffee, juices do not replace the water! We drink a lot of good clean water!

Make a habit of the house there is a knife and fork. Put in front of a mirror and look "from outside" how beautiful you look during the meal. Do not like correcting errors nravitsja improving technique!

  • Speak nicely

Remember the wisdom of "loudest barking pooch. Silent and vyderzhka- hallmark of the breed. " Always spoke quietly. There are small and simple secrets of oratory, as beautiful and coherent to say. Imagine that you - the leading news and read the article again, but loudly, with expression; You can look at myself in the mirror at this point, or even record the reading on the recorder. The third time, you most like the sound of your voice. Train, and you do not notice, you start to talk as in everyday life.

And, of course, we read the classics! Vocabulary should allow you to articulate thoughts. No words-parasites, and even more swearing! You want to be heard - shout want to be heard - speak softly! The interviewer will instinctively listen to the quiet sound. Do not forget that silence is gold, and successfully inserted into the conversation the phrase can refer to your side's fortunes.

Once Faina Ranevskaya, I met a young, talented aspiring actress, made her a compliment, saying that she looks good. Actress in response said that she would like to reciprocate the compliment, but, alas, it would be a lie. You know how to respond Ranevskaya? The phrase: "Do you tell lies, as I did! "And a brilliantly avoided embarrassment by using the phrase sounded successfully!

  • We care for themselves

It is not even a rule - it's the law! As Coco Chanel once said: "Hands girl - it's her business card, neck - her passport, chest - a passport." And it does not say that now the roads manicure and a beautician can be ruined. All you can do yourself, and no worse than in beauty salons. Clear lacquer will give a healthy shine neat clean nails. Three aspirins with a tablespoon of water - is a simple and inexpensive way to get rid of the small red rash on the face, and in fact only need to mix the ingredients, put on your face and wash off after 10 minutes. Nothing complicated, right?

Desire - a thousand opportunities, unwillingness - a thousand reasons. What should always be a separate item of expenditure in the budget - a hairdresser. Hair should always be stacked. After a quality haircut good master even a hastily assembled in the tail hair will look stylish. Another rule of thumb: the hair should be only on the head! The body can be extremely fragrant body lotion. And if the winter outside, it does not give us the right to ignore this rule. It does not matter that no one can see. It is important that you see it for yourself.

Here, for example, you are all so, ignore this rule, crosses the street on her high heels and stumbled tuck leg. A crowd gathers around to cause "fast". Coach Comes with a red cross on the sides and comes out of it that's your dream man in a white coat. It catches you in his arms and carries on the couch ... .chto is asking, and, while you breathless and without hearing a word of his uniform, looking into the depths of his bottomless blue eyes, he rolls up his trouser leg to you, and then ... oh, horror! You say it is unlikely? Not only, but still likely. We must always be ready for any turn of fate!

As long as you do not like herself, no one will not do this. Love yourself such what you are. If you do not like the reflection in the mirror because of the extra kilos, it does not matter, choose a gym close to home. Expensive? So do the exercises at home by yourself. Laziness? So, turn on your favorite song and dance! Yes! Dance! And it must be an energetic dance. The excuse "I do not know," there is also misplaced. We do not live in the Stone Age. Writes to the lessons of modern dance, amaze your home, and also improves self-esteem!

In general, the perception by others always have to look "through fingers", especially if you want to raise self-esteem. Once Faina Ranevskaya (hope that she was confident in myself 200%, no doubt?) I said, "I do not care what you think of me. I do not think about you at all. " So let us not reinvent the wheel, everything is thought out to us.

Make it a rule every morning over a cup of coffee to read a couple of wise sayings of great men, and follow their advice. After all, we know exactly what we want! To be successful, and therefore self-confident! Let's say you do not go out of my head kind of problem, you just can not deal with it. So, we go from the back and if we can not change the situation, change the attitude towards it. This will help you become a confident person with high self-esteem.

Now let's close our eyes again and imagine yourself be what we can be right now, reading these lines - quite a confident person. Look at yourself. Beautiful, glowing in the sun hair, which develops wind confident, flirty look from under lush eyelashes. Graceful fingers with perfect nails naturally hold a handbag, so that combined with a light stylish dress, hiding an amazing sexy underwear. Elegant tripping and always - a genuine smile. Yes, this is a new you, the one who managed to raise the self-esteem!

Remember that really strong, confident people are always a big heart full of love. Do not be afraid of change, love all around.

Feel free to change something in your life, especially if you want it the heart and soul! Each time leaving the house, believe that today is a miracle will happen in your life, even if small, but still a miracle. Stop ... .a why should it not be great?

 We know how to be confident and raise self-esteem!

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