salad of celery root


  • Salad "Average" of vegetables and celery root
  • Salad "Orange" with celery
  • Salad of celery root at home
  • Salad "Nourishing"
  • Salad "Spring mood" with apple, cabbage and celery
  • Salad "Meat"

Salad of celery root - this is not only extremely tasty, but also healthy dish. The healing properties of this vegetable has long argued and proved the leading medical researchers and nutritionists. Firstly, it increases both physical and mental activity of man. Eating such food, you become more energetic, cheerful, you have activated internal reserves, and there are forces. And that, you see, is very necessary in modern life, with its rapidly changing events, a constant rush and lack of time to rest. Second, celery root and stems - an indispensable tool in the fight against excess weight. They take toxic substances from the body, thus purifying it and acting positively on the general state of a person. Doctors recommend eating this vegetable to people who have problems with high blood pressure.

We have listed not all the healing quality of celery. As the saying goes, "better to see once than to hear a million times." Therefore we suggest not to guess, but just try to cook some delicious and, most importantly, useful salad.

Salad "Average" of vegetables and celery root

Many of the very notion of "celery root" causes no associations other than growing in the near vegetable garden. But do not jump to conclusions if you have not tried this salad. It is ideal for those who prefer a simple, useful and healthy food.


  • spices - optional
  • three tablespoons of mayonnaise salad
  • 500 grams of celery root
  • two large tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • one bunch of lettuce (we will use for serving)
  • Sea Salt - a pinch or two (at your option)
  • a few branches of fresh parsley

Cooking method:

With a knife, clean the celery root peeled, then cut into very thin strips, and so he was not darkened, sprinkle with a little lemon juice. The remains of the last connect with mayonnaise and mix well until smooth. Then add the vegetables and stir again. Some like spices, while others, on the contrary, prefer to do without them, so peppers and salt to a dish to your liking.

Ever wonder why the lunch and dinner in a restaurant much nicer than at home? It's all about the atmosphere and serving. To meal I was not banal, and feast for the eyes, put on a beautiful plate of lettuce as a "socket", after the top in the form of slides - a salad of celery. Sprinkle everything with fresh chopped parsley. As decorations can also use chives, dill, and the like.

This low-calorie dish turns out, so is suitable for those who are on a diet and watching your figure. Furthermore, mayonnaise it can be replaced with vegetable oil or low-fat sour cream.

 salad of celery root

Salad "Orange" with celery

We offer to master another simple dish with celery root, apple and orange. Despite the fact that the product you need is not so little, the preparation of this salad does not take long. It can take with you to work or give the child for lunch at school.


  • one large sweet orange
  • seasoning - optional
  • young celery root - four or five pieces
  • two small apple
  • red and yellow bell peppers - all on one piece
  • four large spoon gourmet mayonnaise
  • low-fat sour cream - three tablespoons
  • salt - to taste
  • half a lemon (you need its juice and zest)

Cooking method:

Peel juicy apples and celery root. Last cut into thin strips, and the fruits - small cubes. Sprinkle all freshly squeezed lemon juice. Remove the orange peel and release it from the white film, then cut into pieces of mullions. Now connect one bowl all ingredients and season with a little salt or Italian salad with spices, then add the sauce. To make it, mix low-fat mayonnaise and sour cream.

Your culinary masterpiece is almost ready, there was only serving. To do this, cut into thin rings Bulgarian sweet peppers and place several pieces on each plate (number of persons) in the form of multi-colored cylinder in the middle is a little sprinkle the finished salad. Now rub on a small grater and lemon zest with orange garnish.

If you're expecting visitors and do not know what to cook, then combine this salad with chicken (or other poultry) and fish dishes. And your holiday will be able to glory!

Salad of celery root at home

When you want a quick snack, do not need to run to the nearest kiosk for tasty, but such harmful hot dog. Firstly, it is not known from which and the conditions under which it was prepared, and, secondly, this food is hard to digest and stays in your body in the form of extra grams, which can later lead to overweight. With this recipe you can make a delicious and light dishes in just a few minutes.


  • small celery root
  • ½ of the medium lemon
  • a little salt (add in its sole discretion)
  • Fresh cut greens
  • one chicken egg yolk
  • two tablespoons of hot mustard
  • 100 milliliters olive (better refined) or other vegetable oil
  • one tea (without top) spoonful of sugar
  • ground pepper (black) - optional

Cooking method:

Remove the celery and peel rub it on a grater; so he has not got an ugly brown, sprinkle it with plenty of lemon juice, season with salt slug, cover the dish and leave for about 30 minutes. Because of this vegetable will become softer, will provide its own liquid, and your salad will turn out very juicy. At the end of half an hour press celery and place it in a separate bowl, sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Now came the turn of the sauce: To prepare it, combine a few tablespoons light mayonnaise, chicken egg yolk, olive oil and spicy mustard (beans can use it more fragrant and much tastier). You should also add a little lemon juice or vinegar to replace it - thoroughly mix all ingredients and pour over salad. Optionally you can add freshly ground pepper and a pinch of sugar. Your dish is ready! Agree, it is healthier and more appetizing than fast food, the quality of which is very doubtful.

By the way, if you're really hungry, make this salad with boiled chicken. It will give you a hearty and extra energy boost that will last until the end of the day.

Salad "Nourishing"

This recipe, which includes chicken, walnuts, celery, grapes and more - a storehouse of health, energy and good mood. In everyday life, we rarely pamper yourself and your family with unusual exotic dishes. People used to eat dense and standard: pasta, burgers, soups and the like. And sometimes the soul requires variety. But, unfortunately, do not always have time to cook some specialties. Therefore, this salad - what you need. You can do it in just ten minutes, but it will get a huge pleasure.


  • small celery root
  • chicken - 100 grams
  • 30 grams of natural (no additives) yoghurt
  • 20 grams of walnuts
  • freshly ground pepper (black) - at your discretion
  • 50 grams of iceberg lettuce
  • salt - to taste
  • 50 grams of a large sweet grapes (seedless take)

Cooking method:

First boil the chicken in a little salted water. If you are in a hurry or do not want to wait a long time, buy a ready-made chicken in the store. To this end, suitable for both boiled and baked.

Free peeled celery root and rub into thin strips on a fine grater and cut in small pieces iceberg. Clean the nuts, and then grind them. When the chicken is ready, let it cool, and then tear his hands on the small scale fiber or cut with a knife. Connect in a deep bowl, all of the above ingredients, a little salt, if desired season with black pepper. Grapes can add whole or split it into several parts. Now pour yogurt salad and mix well. As a suitable decoration fresh parsley or dill.

If you like mayonnaise, you can use it in tandem with low-fat sour cream for the filling dishes and walnuts, if possible, replace with cedar, Pecan or almonds. This chicken salad - a tasty and healthy lunch.

 salad of celery root

Salad "Spring mood" with apple, cabbage and celery

"Spring mood" - a salad quickly. This dish with apple, celery root and cabbage and carrots, will become the perfect complement to a juicy steak, baked chicken or meat.


  • one large sweet apple
  • 100 grams of celery root
  • one small bunch of green onions
  • 100 grams of ordinary fresh cabbage (can be replaced Peking)
  • 150 grams of gourmet mayonnaise
  • Iceberg lettuce - on request
  • two small carrots

Cooking method:

Initially, clean the celery root from a thick peel, then cut into thin strips or grate. So did with a carrot. After shred the cabbage and onion half rings, and turn sweet apple with a knife into small cubes. Now connect all products, a little salt, if desired, add seasonings and pour the mayonnaise, mix well. Put on a large plate of green leaves Iceberg, and the top slide - ready appetizing salad, sprinkle with nuts for beauty or onions.

Salad "Meat"

If you make a salad with meat, it absolutely does not mean that it loses its nutritional properties. No need to use beef or pork. Walk around the chicken or boiled chicken.


  • 300 grams of chicken
  • celery root - 150 grams
  • two small pickled cucumbers
  • lemon juice - one spoon (dining room)
  • two large tablespoons light mayonnaise
  • a pinch of salt
  • a little mustard (recommended grainy)

Cooking method:

Cook the chicken, then cool and cut into thin slices. Remove the celery root peel and grate the flesh is grated (sprinkle a little lemon), and cucumbers, freeing them from the pre-seed, cut into strips. Connect a separate piala mayonnaise, lemon juice and fragrant grain mustard. Pour the mixture of lettuce, salt and mix well. The resulting dish is put in the refrigerator for ½ hour - it is saturated and will taste even better.

Salads with celery cooked with fried chicken, bell peppers, fresh juicy apples, crackers, and other ingredients. For the filling suitable mayonnaise or olive oil, it is possible to mix the fine cheese and low-fat sour cream. A Provencal herbs and special seasonings give your dish an unforgettable aroma. The main thing - cook with pleasure!

 Salad of celery root

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