salad with pork


  • Meat salad with pomegranate seeds
  • Meat salad with radish and eggs
  • Salad "useful" with meat and pickles
  • Salad "basket" with meat and vegetables
  • Salad with corn and meat
  • Salad with sauerkraut and meat

Meat salads are good that, at first, very quickly prepared. They can be done in just a couple of minutes: cleaned, cut and mixed. Secondly, this is a great dish for the holiday table - it is a delicious and very satisfying, so guests surely will leave satisfied and happy. We will tell you some interesting and simple recipes that will help diversify your ceremony or daily menu. Now you can prepare the salad almost every day.

Meat salad with pomegranate seeds

Let's start with a very simple recipe. This salad of soft, tender pork meat - perfect for lunch. Of course, an adult male is unlikely to be fed such meal, so they feed their child or a favorite. If you want to cook this dish for a romantic evening, apply to his hot juicy chicken steak and good wine.


  • 200 grams of pork
  • two large carrots
  • two eggs
  • salt and spices - optional
  • walnuts
  • half pomegranate
  • gourmet mayonnaise

Cooking method:

The initial stage - cooking pork, carrots and eggs. When this procedure is completed, prepare all the ingredients for the salad. To do this, finely chop meat, vegetables and eggs rub strips on a coarse grater. In this sequence lay out all the products in a nice salad bowl, each layer of lubricating mayonnaise. Add salt to your liking. Then clean the pomegranate and walnuts, grind past hands. Sprinkle them meal, pour on top of pomegranate juice. Now you can sit at the table - bon appetit!

Prepare salads not only walnuts, and peanuts are also incredibly delicious combination is obtained by adding prunes.

Meat salad with radish and eggs

We offer another simple dish with pork meat, chicken eggs and radishes. This dish is suitable for everyday use. It is lean, in addition, a set of products is accessible to everyone. As the filling is used vegetable oil, but on request it can safely replace mayonnaise.


  • radish - 100 grams
  • a few feathers green onions
  • 100 grams of boiled pork
  • green beans - 80 grams
  • salt - to taste
  • two eggs

For the filling:

  • 20 grams of normal vinegar
  • the same amount of olive oil

Cooking method:

About an hour before cooking put the stew on low heat in a little salted water for meat. Then let it cool and cut into thin strips, radishes - slices and chicken eggs - small cubes. Finely chop green onions, drain the water from the peas. Once in a separate bowl combine all the products, salt and season the salad dressing of olive oil and vinegar. If you like spice, you can add special seasonings and freshly ground pepper (black is recommended).

 salad with pork meat

Salad "useful" with meat and pickles

This meat salad lovers of salt, because it consists of pickles. The special flavor of the dish gives garlic, walnuts and "share" with you health.


  • 500 grams of cooked pork
  • eight pieces of pickles
  • three cloves of garlic
  • four boiled eggs
  • mayonnaise and salt - to taste
  • one cup of peeled nuts

Cooking method:

Pre-cooked meat, disassemble into small fibers can chop knife. After lay it on the bottom of the dish, which will serve the salad on the table, and brush a thin layer of low-fat mayonnaise. Then lay out the next "floor": for this clean cucumbers peeled and seeds, cut into thin strips and mix with chopped garlic cloves. Now turn the eggs: Remove them from the shell, grate and place on top of the previous products. Do not forget to lubricate each layer of mayonnaise, salt to at its discretion. Repeat the sequence several times.

Now you only decorate your meat salad. Peeled walnuts grind with a knife and fry in a hot pan without oil, then sprinkle with their meal.

Salad "basket" with meat and vegetables

Such a set of vegetable meat will not leave anyone indifferent! Salads like this look great on a festive table and eaten by guests in one sitting. Try it!


  • Three large potatoes
  • pickled cucumber - two pieces
  • 100 grams of carrots in Korean
  • 300 grams of lean pork
  • salt - to taste
  • any hard cheese - 150 grams
  • as much pickled mushrooms (we used mushrooms)
  • bulb - three pieces
  • low-fat mayonnaise - at your discretion
  • olive oil
  • fresh dill (can take frozen)

For the marinade:

  • salt and sugar
  • one cup of warm water
  • Lemon - one piece

Cooking method:

Make the marinade - Mix lemon juice with water, sugar and a little salt. The resulting mixture was put finely chopped onions. Put the stew tender meat.

Clean the skin of potatoes, remove the cheese from the excess and rub the tip of both products on a medium grater. Incidentally, this salad can be prepared with both raw and cooked vegetables with.

When the meat is ready, chopped it into small cubes to cut cucumbers and mushrooms - circles. Now grease the edge of dishes with olive oil and sprinkle with crushed fennel. This also lay mushrooms, pickled onions, 1/2 of the grated potatoes and lubricate all mayonnaise. The next layer consists of boiled pork, pickled cucumbers, onions and potato remnants. And willing to stage - the Korean carrots and cheese. Salads that use mayonnaise, experts recommend not salt, but if you choose to enter this ingredient.

Dish soak for four or five hours - at this time put it on the balcony or in the refrigerator. Then cover the top plate and quickly turn. As such, serve the salad "basket" on the table!

 salads with pork meat

Salad with corn and meat

Salads, meat can be prepared from a variety of products. If you are hungry, have a look in the fridge, maybe you can find a little canned corn, some eggs, croutons. Use this recipe, and within ten minutes you will be satisfied.


  • six boiled eggs
  • bulb - two pieces
  • 400 grams of sweet canned corn
  • boiled pork - 300 grams
  • mayonnaise and salt - to taste
  • little crackers

Cooking method:

Pre-cooked meat disassemble hands on fiber, eggs cut into cubes and onions thin half-rings. With corn, drain excess liquid and connect in a bowl all the ingredients. Then, a little salt and add mayonnaise, just before serving - crackers, all carefully mix. Recent nasushit can own in the oven or in order to save time in the store ready to buy.

Salad with sauerkraut and meat

Did you know that sauerkraut can be added to salads? In combination with pork, potatoes and cucumbers becomes quite delicious and satisfying dish, which we are presenting to you and.


  • 200 grams of meat
  • four large potatoes
  • sauerkraut - 200 grams
  • two pieces of pickles
  • two small bulbs
  • boiled carrots - three pieces
  • Packaging of mayonnaise

Cooking method:

Already cooled down boiled meat cut into small strips, clean the skin of carrots, potatoes and onions. Cut the vegetables ready middle-sized pieces in a deep bowl and combine with sauerkraut, tuck all light mayonnaise and mix.

As you can see, this salad is ready in no time.

The above meat dishes are a great source of energy and vitamins. Take the salad with them to work, let the children to school, and no one in your family will not starve.

 Salad of pork meat: a hearty and appetizing

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 salad oil


  • Salad "Exotic"
  • Salad "Star of the East"
  • Vegetable salad "Reminder of Summer"
  • Salad "Soviet" with mushrooms
  • Salad with chicken, celery and sweet apple
  • Unusual salad with strawberries and duck meat
  • Salad with chicken liver

If rumbling in the stomach, dizzy from hunger, and strength to prepare lunch sorely lacking, then the best option - to make a salad. What could be easier?

This dish is always possible to cook in a hurry: just take available in your refrigerator products (chicken or tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, olives and olive trees, in general, all that is available), mix them and pour uncomplicated dressing, such as a vegetable oil and lemon juice. And the problem is solved hunger, at least within your apartment. Of course, fill feed a healthy adult man in this dish, most likely, will not work, but for the girls - at the time. Let's look at some simple recipes that will help you become a real cook in just ten minutes.

Salad "Exotic"

If you want to treat yourself to a custom, exotic cuisine, try to prepare a salad with oil, soft Feta, pumpkin and olives. Recipes of dishes completely different, but this is among the best.


  • 100 grams spinach
  • 170 grams of feta
  • five tablespoons of olive oil is not bitter
  • wine vinegar - 1, 5 tablespoons
  • a third of a tablespoon of cayenne pepper
  • pumpkin - 700 grams
  • 25 grams of green olives, pitted
  • shallots - one piece

Cooking method:

Take a small pumpkin and cut it into medium-sized pieces, then pour the olive oil and season with aromatic spices, and then send it in the oven for 25 minutes. The optimum temperature - 200 degrees.
Today, cooking sources offer various recipes salad dressings, ie, starting with the easiest (mayonnaise, sour cream normal) to complex combinations, preparation of which takes more than one minute of time. Sauce, offered by us, has an unusual delicate flavor, while done very quickly: finely chop shallots, pour the remaining olive oil and add the vinegar, then mix thoroughly.

Finishing Stage: Put dark green spinach on a plate, crumble hands Fet and decorate baked pumpkin. Now pour the sauce, add the olives (can use whole, or split them into two halves) and stir. Your dish is ready! Bon Appetit!

Salad "Star of the East"

Often, simple recipes, consisting of conventional products, in practice, are the most extraordinary. Dish "Star of the East" is one of them. Try this combination: sweet peppers and eggplant, ripe tomatoes and onions, seasoned with oil. If you went for nature and going to make a barbecue, do not forget to prepare this salad. It perfectly complements the taste of juicy meat.


  • four small eggplant
  • one large sweet pepper
  • three ripe tomatoes
  • one garlic clove
  • four tablespoons of olive oil
  • Cumin - one teaspoon
  • salt - to taste
  • 15 grams of fresh greens

Cooking method:

Washed eggplant notch on both sides of the knife (you can do in a few places with a fork punctures) and send it to the heated oven. Bake at 180 degrees until they are soft enough, and their skin is not blacken, then remove the vegetables and let them cool. Regularly look into the oven, otherwise, if miss a moment, and eggplant become fleshy pulp. When they are cool, remove them peel and cut into cubes. Finely chop fresh herbs (parsley or dill), and chop the onions thin half-rings. Remove the peppers and cut into the middle with the tomatoes into small pieces. Combine all vegetables in a bowl and pour sauce. To prepare the filling grind the garlic and mix it with spices and olive oil.

 salad oil

Vegetable salad "Reminder of Summer"

With the arrival of autumn frosts clearly felt a longing for the warm sun, salty sea and fly. But do not be depressed, delicious food can work wonders - it is uplifting and banishes apathy. So look for interesting recipes and cook delicious unusual dish. You may approach this salad - products included in it, is very simple and certainly there in your refrigerator.


For the salad:

  • one large cucumber
  • 160 grams of ripe tomatoes
  • one clove of garlic

For the filling:

  • 10 grams of normal (or wine) vinegar
  • three tablespoons of vegetable oil negorkogo
  • a few feathers of fresh green onions
  • pinch of salt
  • ground pepper (black), and sugar to your taste
  • grated horseradish - 20 grams

Cooking method:

Deep bowl in which to lay out plan to prepare a salad, garlic clove pre rub. Then, the dish will become light and unobtrusive flavor and aroma of garlic, and be able to appreciate even the opponents of this vegetable.

Now, cut into thin slices of ripe tomatoes and cucumber - diced, finely chop green onions feathers. In a separate piala combine vegetable oil, wine vinegar or plain, slightly pepper, posaharite and salt, then pour the mixture already prepared foods and sprinkle with onion and grated horseradish on a small grater.

We recommend using olive oil: First, it has a delicate taste, and secondly, it is very useful - a beneficial effect on hair and skin. Be healthy!

Salad "Soviet" with mushrooms

Sometimes simple recipes familiar to everyone since childhood, are able to "tune up" in a new way, if you add them one or two unusual components. We offer you a well-known salad, complete with pickled mushrooms and potatoes, which in this version sounds like a salad "Soviet".


  • 50 grams of green peas
  • 200 grams of potatoes razvaristoy
  • two large carrots
  • 90 grams of white onions
  • 250 grams of pickled mushrooms
  • 10 grams of fresh parsley
  • black pepper - optional
  • vegetable oil - 100 grams
  • one spoon (tea) sugar
  • Salt - to your taste
  • 150 grams of sweet boiled beets
  • 120 grams of pickles
  • 50 grams of vinegar

Cooking method:

Approximately forty minutes before cooking, boil the beets, carrots and potatoes, then cut them into small cubes, and pickles and pickled mushrooms - medium slices, onion - thin rings.

Now make the sauce. To do this, connect negorkoe oil with a little sugar, pepper and salt, mix well. A few spoons pour the beet, which keeps in a separate bowl (so she painted the other products), and leave it in this state for ten minutes. Then smiksuyte all ingredients, add the filling and finely chopped greens. Pour the vinaigrette into a beautiful salad bowl and garnish with mushrooms. These recipes are always reminiscent of carefree childhood!

Salad with chicken, celery and sweet apple

Recipes from celery are good not only ease of preparation and exotic taste, but also useful qualities possessed by this vegetable. It helps in the fight against excess weight, is capable, if not completely solve the problem of high blood pressure, or at least reduce the number of attacks. Doctors strongly recommend that enter into your diet root or celery stalks. Of course, not necessarily to use them every day, but occasionally, with love cooked dish will make your body a little bit stronger.


For the salad:

  • small celery - one piece
  • large sweet green apple
  • sea ​​salt and sugar - to your taste
  • juicy lettuce (iceberg recommend that you use)
  • a boiled chicken breast
  • Radishes - one beam

For the sauce:

  • Olive (choose not bitter) oil
  • small lemon

Cooking method

Using a knife or a special device for cleaning vegetables with celery, remove the peel, then rinse under running water and boil, then did the same with the chicken. Once both products are ready, cut celery middle-sized cubes and meat "disassemble" into small fibers. Peel the apple, remove from it unnecessary midway and rub strips. After connect all the products, salt it and add a little sugar. To make the sauce, mix enough olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The resulting mixture fill the dish and mix well.

It remains to organize a beautiful pitch. To dish looked impressive, lay on the bottom of the dish leaves of iceberg, and the top - your salad. As decoration, use radish, cut into thin rings and chopped fresh herbs.

Recipes healthy dishes of celery can be found in any printed source for cooking and, of course, we: follow our publications.

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Unusual salad with strawberries and duck meat

Recipes for salads sometimes the imagination - the most seemingly incongruous things united in one dish, give rise to a variety extravaganza of aromas and flavors. This duck-strawberry version will take its rightful place at the head of the festive table. Try to cook it - will ensure that your guests will love it!


  • 200 grams of duck fillet
  • 50 grams of fresh strawberries (in extreme cases, can replace it frozen)
  • 50 grams of lettuce
  • 0, 5 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • Salt - to your taste
  • one big spoon of olive oil
  • special seasoning and ground pepper (black) - optional
  • a bit of powdered sugar
  • one tablespoon of soy sauce
  • vegetable oil - for frying

Cooking method:

To fillet as best you can fry and left school, do it a few shallow cuts. Then marinate: for that special sprinkle with seasonings for poultry, pepper, table salt and pour soy sauce. Leave to infuse for ten or fifteen minutes. Then fry the duck meat in a frying pan with sunflower oil until golden brown honey (it takes about five minutes), bring to full readiness in the oven at 160-180 degrees (at the time about a quarter of an hour). Then remove the meat, allow it to cool and cut into thin slices diagonally.

Tear lettuce hands, and fresh, scarlet strawberries with a knife, divide into four parts. At the center of the plate, which will serve the dish, place slices of duck on top - the remaining ingredients. Pour oil and balsamic vinegar, a little salt and sprinkle a small amount of powdered sugar. Optionally you can add lemon juice. Voila, a festive dinner was ready!

Salad with chicken liver

This warm salad can be served as a separate dish. If you are planning a romantic dinner, take him a bottle of cold white wine. The products are designed for a large portion.


  • 100 grams of fresh chicken liver
  • 40 grams of lettuce
  • vegetable oil - 30 grams
  • 20 grams of carrots
  • 40 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • 75 grams of potato
  • 10 grams of olive oil
  • salt and pepper - at your discretion
  • low-fat cream - half package
  • 20 grams of Dijon mustard
  • small cherry tomatoes and fresh basil
  • Parmesan cheese - 75 grams

Cooking method:

Cut large pieces of chicken livers and fresh mushrooms, carrots grate, and tear the lettuce into strips. Served in a potato-cheese basket. For its preparation Mix equal proportions of grated potatoes and flavored cheese, which previously lay in a circle on a piece of parchment and send it to ten minutes in the oven. A suitable temperature for this - 180 degrees. Then use an inverted bowl desired size Give weight form of baskets and form the edges. When the dough has cooled, fill the container mushrooms, lettuce and carrots.

At the end, add the warm chicken livers. Before that, fry it in a pan with olive oil, mustard and low-fat cream. Garnish the dish with miniature tomatoes and fresh basil.

Choose recipes juicy light salads dressed with vegetable oil - they are easily digested and do not spoil the shape.

 Salads with oil: an unforgettable taste

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