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Nowadays, almost every person morning begins with a cup of coffee that can give vigor and high spirits for the whole day. And, then, as the coffee in the kitchen is no longer an exclusive rarity, but a vital necessity. For all lovers of coffee selection of coffee machines for home it is one of the, so to speak, burning, urgent tasks. The modern market offers a huge variety of different products. This carob phones and liquid-drop model, automatic and mechanical. Thus, the problem of how to choose a coffee maker - is easily solved, most importantly, decide on the most suitable option. As is well known, even the same kind of coffee, but prepared in different type of coffee machines will have still quite diverse flavors.

In any case, the choice of the coffee machine, primarily recorded your "coffee" preference. How do you want coffee to start each new day, treat your guests? Is this normal or espresso? A grinding - conventional or using premix? After all, every maker has its own principle of the beverage.

So, what's the difference between one model from another, and how to choose a coffee maker for the house among the many existing options?

What kind of coffee machine to choose?

Before you actually go to the recommendations which the coffee machine to choose, it should be noted, what is the similarity of all models. During beverage preparation the layer in contact with the coffee beans with hot water required. This is necessary in order to more fully disclose the flavor and aroma of coffee. The default value for the current models of espresso pressure is not less than 15 atmospheres. This criterion deserves attention, or cooked at a lower pressure, coffee is unlikely to be present.

At first glance it may seem that there are many different brands and options, but if you raise the question of how to pick a coffee maker for the household items in more detail, we can distinguish two main types of products: espresso and drip. Models of these groups differ not only in the way of creating pressure and additional functional equipment, aimed at the most comfortable operation by the user. For example, there are products partially or completely automatic, with different possibilities for the bean container, water. Drip coffee makers are the most easy to use, and lower the price. However, if the purchase an espresso grinder, it will be possible to cook and a wonderful cappuccino.

Thinking about how to choose a coffee maker, should pay attention to the combined model. They are convenient in that they are composed of locust bean coffee makers and coffee grinders. Thus, the process of preparing a beverage becomes even more simple. Combined coffee maker can brew about a liter of coffee so those who are invited drip or make a cup of delicious espresso. With separate devices whipped cream cappuccino. Acquire these models, mainly those who can not decide what kind of coffee they like that better.

 how to choose coffee

How to choose the type of drip coffee maker

As already mentioned, the most simple and relatively inexpensive is a coffee drip type. A method of preparing a beverage often called filtration. During operation of the coffee machine the hot water dripping coffee that reside in the bag or filter mesh. As a result of this flavored drink flows into the coffee pot. At the same time, it is believed that the slower the water flows through the coffee in the bag, the more it absorbs the taste properties, and the drink has pretty strong. At the same time, too slow dripping into the coffee pot, usually causes the cooling water, thus delaying the process of brewing. With the drip-type coffee machines can be prepared from 1 to 15 cups of beverage, wherein, fills one or two cups immediately.

Thinking about how to choose the right type of drip coffee maker, you should pay particular attention to the capacity of a particular model. It should be noted that the saturation of the drink depends on the time spent on its brewing. If you prefer strong coffee, it is best to buy a coffee machine with a capacity of about 800 watts.

In deciding what to buy a coffee machine for home, often guided and type of filter in the product. The filter is of three kinds. This paper (for single use), nylon (at least fifty-brewing), "gold" (filter coated with a special layer of titanium nitride).

In addition, the solution depends on the choice of the coffee maker and the availability of easy external indicator. His level scale is used to determine the amount of water to pour into the machine. Some models are equipped with a scale of compliance. It shows the number of spoonfuls of coffee, which is required for the preparation of coffee, based on the volume of water.

How to choose an espresso coffee machine

Translated Italian word "espresso" means "fast". The main difference between espresso coffee machines from the drop - in the processing of coffee powder. Instead of using steam of boiling water. It should be noted that the espresso is often called carob. This is due to the fact that the coffee powder poured into the brewing special horn. Thus, the material of the horn is made to affect the taste and quality of the finished coffee. It is believed that higher quality will be the beverage made from metal arms. In any case, the choice of application involves espresso coffee coarse. Grain before it was roasted by a special technology. Espresso is used for cappuccino. Get milk foam helps Mode "pairs". Tube with a nozzle is lowered into the vessel with the milk that flowed therethrough steam under high pressure, forming a foam.

In order to decide how to choose the espresso machine, you must first determine the type of product: it will be Steam-Espresso or Pump-Espresso. Of the appliance of the first type is that available in the unit water brought to a boil, and then turns into steam. Once the pressure has become sufficiently high, there is a valve opening and the water held in a container of coffee. Models of the first group are designed to prepare two to four cups of coffee. Besides, this is a low pressure, which means that the process of making coffee is rather slow.

More appropriate and perfect products are a group of machines Pump-Espresso. It is believed that choosing this type of espresso, you can get more fuel-efficient models. And since the entire procedure takes place under high pressure, the drink turns fragrant and rich. The principle of operation is that a strong electromagnetic pump quickly creates high pressure in the boiler. From a separate vessel, it is served cold water, which, after being heated, passes through the layer of coffee powder.

In deciding what to choose an espresso coffee machine, take into account the fact that the Pump-Espresso brews better coffee than Steam-Espresso, because what is going on maintaining strict temperature cooking. If you are a lover of cappuccino, then before pick carob coffee maker should ask how in vending model has a function of brewing the drink. In order to quickly and easily create required froth milk, these coffee makers are often equipped with additional nozzles and functional devices. Thus, the choice of locust bean coffee makers can be determined and the system frothed milk, which is of two types: manual and automatic.

If you stay at the mechanical, it must be understood that it is not so easy to make "real" milk foam, such as in coffee shops. The actual process operation "spumatore 'includes lowering the tube with a special nozzle into a container of milk. Thereafter, it drives the high pressure steam is produced and foam. In any case, the choice of locust bean coffee machines of this type require skills and practically sufficient fat milk. It is recommended to use milk with a fat content of not less than 3.5% or cream.

Automatic "kapuchinator" prepare the milk foam is much faster. To do this, pour the milk into the spaces provided, turn on the "cappuccino" and the foam will begin to flow into the cup. There are models in which you can set the preferred density foam. In any case, thinking how to choose carob coffee maker, should pay attention to the entire range of features of a particular model.

 how to choose coffee

How to choose a good coffee maker

Once you've decided on by a coffee machine to give preference (drip, espresso, or a combination), refer to the product specifications. At the same time, it should be noted that the lower performance capacity specified by the manufacturer, the more robust, full-bodied drink can be obtained. It is especially important to consider this when buying vehicles, which do not adjust the coffee fortress.

Thinking about how to choose a good coffee machine, pay attention to the most important components of the product. In the first place, to the filter. As already mentioned, it is of three kinds. Typically, the kit includes nylon. However, if you prefer a more long-term operation without frequent filter changes, it is better still to buy "gold".

The decision as to how to choose a good coffee machine also depends on the plate avtopodogreva. In the simplest models, the coffee will be warmed up as long as you do not turn off the coffee maker. Why do it? First of all, such a plate is provided for heating the pot. As you know, the coffee will be more delicious if it is not poured into cold and slightly heated crockery. Secondly, avtopodogreva function ensures that the coffee itself has been quite hot.

In addition, responding to the question of how to choose the right coffee maker, experts recommend to buy a model with an external water level indicator or the scale of compliance. Current models are also often equipped with a special coffee, which, if necessary, can be applied to the microwave oven. With regard to the flask, then its pen must be made of heat insulating material. You can also choose coffee machine with the system of protection of flavor. To this end, manufacturers are developing a special cover for the pot or change the design of the spout. Also, coffee pots are often protected against inadvertent transfusion. This technology provides for the automatic termination of the work, if your intention is to make coffee more than the stipulated maximum capacity of the flask.

It should be noted that when choosing a coffee maker for the house and pay attention to the drip mechanism. The function of this valve is to, if necessary, to pour coffee even if not yet completely ready remaining portions. When the bulb is taken out, the coffee from longer provided. Once the bulb will be put in place, it automatically clicks the shutter and the coffee will begin to pour into the coffee again. However, one must be prepared to ensure that if the bulb will be more than five minutes without operating the coffee machine, the coffee is able to break through the filter and leak from the tank.

In deciding what to choose for a coffee machine at home, it is important not to forget to check the presence of the cord compartment. If the cord is wound in a random order, that is, the risk of breakage in the bends. When normally functioning device for winding the cord breakage can be avoided.

Thus, as we see, the answer to the question of how to choose the coffee machine depends on a detailed study of the features and specifications of each product.

 How to choose a coffee machine: useful tips

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