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Task humidifier is quite clear from the title of the instrument. Humidifiers are working in a confined space - in the office, room or classroom. For their installation is not required to carry out complex installation work; all that is required to make to its operation - is poured into the water tank and turn the unit into a wall outlet.

You are concerned about how to choose the right humidifier to the warmth and comfort in the house to accompany you all the time? Each model of humidifier is designed for day and night operation. Running a humidifier emits noise is very low, so close to him, you can sleep peacefully. Therefore, the device can be safely installed even in the nursery.

Once you have selected a humidifier, you must determine the optimal suitable place to install it. Experts believe that it is best to install a humidifier near radiators for the rapid spread of moisture flow of warm air. A comfortable humidity level for humans is in the order of 40-60%.

Humidifier - a necessity in the nursery

Perhaps the most pressing question - how to choose a humidifier for a child's room. After all, by maintaining an appropriate level of humidity depends directly on the health of the child, especially in the winter when the air is too dry batteries literally.

Physiological characteristics of young children (especially grudnichkovogo period) is an incredibly sensitive and delicate mucous membrane and skin. Dry air, which reigns in the winter nursery carries a great danger to the child's health.

Before choosing a humidifier for a child's room, study with experts of the models that will maintain the level of humidity in the room at the proper level. It is worth noting that some moisturizers in addition to its direct functions can clean and ionize the air. Such models are recommended by experts for the premises which are designed for a child's room.

 How to choose a humidifier

Humidifiers with ionizer

Recent research scientists have proven that our body can fully absorb oxygen from the air only enriched the negatively charged air ions, in other words, of the ionized air. Lack of ionization causes people regularly anoxia, malaise, fatigue, decrease in performance. In addition, weakening the immune system, people lose attention and starts to hurt a variety of diseases, including swine flu.

Why and how to choose humidifiers with an ionizer? First of all, for the prevention and control of influenza epidemics. In many institutions, including schools, kindergartens and clinics, is actively used this instrument. There are several models of humectants, which ionize the air, saturating it with active oxygen, and yet their construction include ultraviolet lamps, through which decontaminated air and harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed.

Having established in the office or at home humidifier with ionizer, you can not be afraid of infection and will always feel great.

Humidifiers with cold steam

The operating principle of the humidifier with cold steam can be compared to a basin filled with water - the water is gradually evaporated yourself. A prototype of an advanced model of humidifier - a basin of water, over which waved a towel. Thus, the humidification is due to natural evaporation, but sometimes the fans are inserted in the model to accelerate the process. On such models have rarely opted humidifier buyers because of their low efficiency and effectiveness, which can be compared with a large aquarium. Cold steam humidifiers are often not equipped with humidistat, since it makes no sense to somehow influence the natural process of hydration.

Humidifiers with hot steam

The next type of humidifier - with hot steam. Work such humidifiers on the principle of a boiling kettle without a lid. Water is evaporated by heating. Compared with cold steam humidifiers models with hot steam more efficiently. On top of that, fans of aromatherapy can treat themselves to their favorite flavors. Most manufacturers are convinced that the heating of the water in the humidifier in the spray destroys harmful microorganisms pair. It is worth noting, in this case - the same thing, and they write about the cold steam, as if the microorganisms are killed by chlorine contained in tap water. Marketing works in mysterious ways ...

Before choosing a humidifier for the home with hot steam, check out the potentially dangerous moments in the course of its operation. First of all, these humidifiers are a greater threat to small children, who can simply get burned with hot water. On top of that when using the device emits a loud gurgling noise that makes it difficult to use while sleeping.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

At the moment, experts say the most effective humidifier ultrasonic humidifiers. The water in this unit gets a small vibrating membrane, passing through which water forms a cloud of dust in the apartment divergent naturally. Humidifiers with cold and hot steam is much less efficient than an ultrasonic humidification patterns, so the leading manufacturers abandoned the production models of the first and second types.

The application of ultrasonic humidifier may be noted only one drawback - the formation of white coating of lime on the dark furniture. The steam humidifiers all salts from water vapor deposited on the walls of the device, while in the ultrasonic humidifier water forcibly broken into dust, which carries all trace minerals and salts. Water dust cloud settles on furniture and dry leaves on its salt deposits, which result in a whitish bloom.

But do not for this reason the choice of the right to refuse a humidifier with the ultrasound system. After all, the number and intensity of salt deposits is directly dependent on the hardness and quality of water poured into the tank. Therefore, different people leave mixed reviews about the ultrasonic humidifier. In order to combat this phenomenon proven manufacturers produce special cartridges with fillers, softening hard water. The cartridge is a small bright bead ion exchange resin. This granule is 1-3 months, depending on the quality of water used. Continued use of the cartridge economical place to buy bags of granules, and filling their own instrument.

Should I use distilled water for humidification?

A larger number of big-name major producers in their operating instructions clearly stipulate that the humidifiers must be poured only tap water, or in a tank can breed bacteria and is a "flowering" of water. This fact is not mentioned a small Chinese producers.

The next reasonable argument to acknowledge a simple calculation: in the room of 15-20 m2 with a regular airing of a day and consumes about 3-4 liters of water. We think you will agree that spending in an amount distilled water is cumbersome for your wallet.

 humidifiers how to choose

Efficiency Humidification

We have discussed with you how to choose a moisturizer for the house in general and Nursery in particular, the principles that guided in choosing a model type of the device. Now, in general outline the effectiveness of using a humidifier.

Global lack of any humidifier is that, in practice, their range is usually limited to 1-1, 5 meters around the device. End of the room are almost de-moisturized. Sellers prefer to remain silent this fact. The reasons for this phenomenon is quite simple. Since the humidistat is built into the air humidifier, the humidity level it measures only around the device. As a result, when the testimony of the device object is achieved, it is automatically switched off and the humidity measured at the other end of the room, he can not physically. Imposes another factor - in the room air is mixed by natural convention, cold - goes down, and the warm - up, and horizontal mixing of air from one corner to another does not take place.

Based on practice, a humidifier must be placed at the head of the bed, but some moisturizers at night emit loud enough gurgling sounds. It will not be amiss to put on moisturizer large fan, which can effectively disperse the moist air around the perimeter of the room. Another option - to close the sealed room that is gradually fed with moisture like a greenhouse. All three are quite compromised.

But the fact remains - often for the full room humidification simple household humidifiers enough. To solve this problem requires bulky device, allowing you to install powerful fans and bulk tank. Often the devices of this size are no longer conventional humidifiers and air cleaners are having a built-in moisture. These cleaners are mainly produce expensive known manufacturers, so their cost is much higher than normal moisturizers; However, we should recognize that they are worth.

If you have not yet decided which to choose a humidifier, the best solution to the problem would be the air purifier with a built-in moisture, which is relevant to use all year round. If the budget does not allow for capital investment, it is best to take any ultrasound device for humidifying the air. All ultrasonic humidifiers general principle. The cost of specific models depends on the design, build quality, popular brand and the availability of additional functions.

When using a humidifier should take into account the simple physical laws. In physics, the humidity is a relative value, is directly dependent on the temperature. For this reason, any open doors or ventilation of the room will result in a reduction of moisture present in the air it. In the bedroom with the window open damper is unlikely to raise the level of humidity to the level of above 30%.

 a humidifier choose

Featured manufacturers humidifiers

Once we have clearly defined what a humidifier choose, is "run" by brand manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market with the best hand.

One of the world's best manufacturers of devices for humidification experts believe the Swiss company Plaston, which owns two brands - Air-o-Swiss and Boneco. A large share of attention paid manufacturing humidifiers Boneco, among which the most successful model is considered Boneco 7135.

Nice design and high quality assembly of parts different humidifiers from the company Electrolux. Those who are not happy with a classic design Boneco, individual exterior design suitable humidifiers Electrolux.

In Russia and the CIS countries the popularity gained another brand - Aircomfort. The models of this brand distinguished by the abundance of minor features and good design. In addition, the manufacturer offers good quality at an affordable price.

Of all the above brands have a special love of the Chinese, who prefer to create copies of well-known brands, enjoys brand Boneco. Such an analog will differ from the original model build quality and durability. The level of efficiency of humidification will be approximately the same.

The best independent Chinese manufacturer is the brand of Cooper & Hunter, is a good combination of good quality and low cost.

Among the manufacturers of cleaners, humidifiers today lead and Sharp Daikin. Despite the fact that the function of moisture in these models is a byproduct, they solve this problem perfectly. Differences as moisture in these models is not all differences are in the cleaning system.

Sharp models have a classic filter HEPA, deodorizing filter and an ionizer. Compared to models Daikin photocatalytic filter are combined with a proprietary system streamer discharge Flash streamer, which allow to hold odors, dust and allergens, as well as effective in killing viruses, including the swine flu virus.

We hope we have shared with you a sufficient amount of information, and now you know exactly how to choose a humidifier. We wish you health and comfort at home and at work!

 How to choose a humidifier?

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