how to get rid of moles

If you still think that using mothballs you can avoid the scourge of moles, you are living in the last century. Naphthalene in this matter is absolutely useless. Likewise is pointless chasing butterflies flying around the house, as you will run for males which do not bring your things no harm. In order to pest control to be effective, it is necessary to begin to clearly define habitat moth. So, in this article we will talk about how to get rid of moles forever.

There are many species of moths: furniture, grain, cabbage, rye, wax, carpet (this kind got a second name "carpet beetle" because this moth loves to eat leather goods), food moths - how to get rid of all the pests there are so many recipes . Whole experts, there are about 30 species of these pesky creatures.

It is necessary to clarify at the outset that the mole - it's not just a butterfly with wings, it is also a caterpillar, and on top of the eggs. Therefore, once again, that the pursuit of butterflies - is, in fact, the destruction of harmless male, while the female, active lay in your cabinets testicles beautiful silvery-white. You will not be long when the light will be hungry gusenichka from which actually have patience to get rid of.

Kitchen mole

How to get rid of kitchen moths? - This question torments many people, faced with the unwelcome guests in their stocks a variety of products, cereals, nuts. The most dangerous mole for the kitchen - a grain moth. The victims of its larvae are most often dried fruit, flour and cereals. The most favorable conditions for kitchen moths are the lack of ventilation on a background of high humidity.

So, how to get rid of the grain moth? First we need to ensure secure storage products, namely, to move them in a tightly sealed containers, at least to tie in tight plastic bags. If the products were subjected to severe shock, it will have to part with them, sending them into the bin, because to make such products as food is hazardous to health. Those products in which insects have settled a bit, you need to carefully sort out and dry in the oven with the door ajar for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 60-70 ° C. If desired for these purposes may be used, and a microwave.

The next stage of study of the problem, how to get rid of the food moth: All cabinets and shelves, which were kept until now the affected products should be washed with warm soapy water and then wipe with clear water. After cleaning the cabinets every crevice and every groove need to miss the mark with a brush dipped in vinegar. Next cabinets ventilate up until they are completely dry.

We hope you will be able to now decide independently the question - how to get rid of moths cereals and other kitchen moths.

Room mole

If the kitchen mol mainly pursues only in the warm season, the room mole may annoy you all year round, regardless of the performance thermometer. Wool mole (it koshmovaya, Fur, felt) able to be fruitful and multiply 12 consecutive months. This kind of moth devours a lot of useful things: the fur, natural velvet, felt, feathers, wool, book bindings, wax ... the list could continue indefinitely. On the way to his "food" mole able to chew through plastic bags and synthetic fabric. Caterpillars room moths survive when the temperature drops to 0 ° C, and calmly go without food for a whole month. Each representative may be called moth longevity as mole lives about two years, having time for the considerable period of time spoil a lot of useful and necessary to man things.

This raises the natural question, how to get rid of the wax moth, wool and other beauties with stalwart appetite? Affected things, unfortunately, have to handle the fusion preparations based on dichlorvos, or in any way. At the moment, there is no more radical means by which to get rid of the moth caterpillars. In addition, dichlorvos is the only reliable means to combat carpet beetle.

How to get rid of the larvae of moths? As a precaution, you can use the fresh air and bright sunlight. It is not no secret that the moles are not afraid of those things, which are constantly used by man. Winter clothes that summer is stored in the closet, in the pre-need protection from moths. Before storing clothes should be thoroughly laundered and cleaned since gusenichka their meal moths prefer to start with sweaty, dirty spots, eating away the fabric completely with dirt. Purified wool and fur products are packed in plastic bags, the coat is best placed in the special case of thick paper impregnated with termite drug. Before you pack things, shake them well - not mole firmly attaches its eggs to the fibers of fur and fabric, so they are easy to fly off.

 food moths to get rid

Preparations against moth

Often you can find in stores means to destroy the moth in the form of classical tablets, sprays or plates. Probably the most economical option - a briquettes and tablets, which run on the basis of an alloy of camphor and naphthalene. Traditionally the tablet is placed on top of the cabinets. Since the pair of camphor and naphthalene heavy, they gradually fall down and do not let the butterflies moths lay their eggs on the deal with stored clothes in the closet. It would seem that these funds have checked more than one generation, and operates smoothly, but they are a direct threat to human health, especially with a strong concentration.

In modern antimolevyh plates no unpleasant odor. Manufacturers encouraging buyers in that such plates destroy mol and its larvae, as well as deter carpet beetle and carpet beetles. These funds will serve you faithfully for six months.

Perhaps Sami civilized means to solve the problem to get rid of moles, you can call the termite section.   Such a device can carry the aroma of chamomile, mandarin or lavender. There are also special sections to protect delicate baby clothes and things. To bring termite section in place, you must remove the protective packing tape, and then place the top section of the cabinet. Termite actions of one section is enough for it to spread to suicidal moths couple on 0, 5 m3. After 4-6 months, replacing the old to the new sections.

However, termite sections also need to be careful, there are warnings on the packaging that more than two plates in rooms up to 15 m2 can be used. This means keep out of reach of curious children's hands, away from food. All these precautions clearly indicate that these repellents are toxic and pose a danger to human health.

An alternative to chemical drugs can be natural products and traditional recipes used by many generations to destroy moths.

Folk remedies against moth

Yes, yes, you guessed it - the conversation we start with naphthalene. Our grandmothers more effective means of moth did not know, and nowhere could they know. However, as if they were disappointed to find out that naphthalene is able to scare away from clothes and things only butterflies moths, but not their larvae and eggs. In addition, recent research suggests that the volatile naphthalene classified not otherwise sufficiently strong carcinogen, which leads to the development of domestic animals and individuals at risk for cancer.

So, is how to get rid of the wax moth, food and other unpleasant representatives of these insects without risk to health? Effective natural repellents against moths are fir and lavender essential oils. Lavender flowers can be placed in a gauze bag and put on the shelves of the cabinet, or to hang in a place where the most is going to ask. Another option - a cotton swab that is soaked with essential Oils and placed on shelves where you store things. Mole does not like these smells and be sure to leave the house.

Butterflies and moths can not tolerate other smells: pepper, tobacco, strawberry soap, dried orange peel, garlic. Garlic - loyal assistant in solving the problem, how to get rid of moths cereals. Garlic cloves can be put in banks, where it is stored cereals, and there's never a mole starts. This insect can not stand, and the smell emanating from the leaves of house plants such as geranium and coleus ("Krapivka"). These plants require minimal care, and many of them are grown for insect control. Fresh geranium leaves from time to time to replace the old wardrobe.

However, resorting to herbal remedies, it is worth remembering that they serve only as repellents, meaning they repel moths moth, thereby protecting the things in the closet from the invasion of the flying pests. In that case, if the mole has already occupy your closet, no bunch of lavender you will not help. To combat the caterpillars and eggs of moths inevitably have to use chemicals.

We have tried to tell you in detail how to get rid of kitchen moths, and what should be done if the mole started up in things inside the cabinet. But the most important - is to prevent moles in your apartment, in principle, advance spending appropriate preventive measures. We wish to have in your home do not show up unwanted guests.

 How to get rid of moths in the house

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