how to learn to speak properly


  • What distinguishes a good speaker
  • Silence is golden. Beautiful speech - a lot of gold
  • Nightingale is filled, but the audience there
  • That's the whole science - the use of health

The ability to correctly and beautifully clothe his thoughts in verbal expression, to bring it to one or more of the audience - it is very expensive stoit.Takie abilities are valued and admired among the people. There are lucky having this talent from birth, helping them to be successful in all spheres of life.

Other people have to care about how to learn how to talk and express their thoughts beautifully, learning the secrets and nuances of oratory and skill. In order to develop the skill to talk nicely, competently and correctly, you should show patience and perseverance, and the first fruits of applied effort will not make yourself wait. You can enjoy the full result, when will develop the skills of communication and eloquence to perfection.

What distinguishes a good speaker?

In each of us lives a small speaker who has something to say to listeners. But to make it a truly unsurpassed master of the words may be only a certain set of qualities:

  • erudition and erudition. Large vocabulary and appropriate knowledge - without these attributes, it will be quite colorless and inspiring others
  • clarity and intelligibility of the spoken words. If your diction is poor and the students have to make considerable efforts to good to hear you, you are expected effect of his speeches do not get. Or you do not get the one that you expected
  • self-control and feel the audience: at the right time to keep the excitement and appropriate - to give his speech, the necessary emotional. You are working on a rumor of his interlocutors, and in the end to touch their souls. Always remember this!

 learn to speak properly

Silence is golden. Beautiful speech - a lot of gold

To each of us learned how to speak correctly, beautifully and convincingly, you need to stick to just a few recommendations and rules. It is not too burdensome for the time and physical costs, does not affect your budget and will bring you a lot of all sorts of additional bonuses. For example, expand your horizons and areas of interest, you will find many like-minded people and make new friends and girlfriends.

Methods, exercises, techniques, methods - will be fully prepared

To learn how to speak correctly, need to improve the following:

  • Breathing

Begin your workout is with his performances. Correct breathing will be delivered discreetly while casting lengthy dialogue, when there is a danger that you will not have enough air. Typically, this happens if breathing breast. It is easily identified by inhalation. If during your breasts lifted it, then your breath is breastfeeding. We need to learn to breathe the diaphragm, to put it simply - the stomach. Technique here is quite simple. Start slowly inhale air, let your belly is rounded and expands like a balloon. Check the following point: your shoulders should not move and climb. For a moment, hold your breath in at the point and start to breathe. Soon you'll do it automatically.

  • Diction

Proverbs and tongue twisters - that's your first assistants for its development. If you want to complicate the training, then put in your mouth nuts. This method is used by all the people, speaking to an audience, if they are important to them it was clear to the audience. We are not just talking about a radio announcer or the TV. Politicians, teachers, singers - all of them important to have a perfect diction.

  • Timbre, tone and speed of speech

The voice of a man - a real musical instrument. It is possible to play a musical work, if the one who will play, has a skill. Begin to learn your voice - make the audio and listen to it carefully. How has the timbre of your voice? Do not unduly harsh? It is possible that you need to give it more melodic. What is the volume and emotion inherent in your voice? Maybe we should speak a little softer or louder, a little slower or faster? What makes the voice of the extra touches? Certainly, it is the ability to add emotion into spoken words. Make sure your speech is not monotonous and indifferent - you want to be listened to, but not asleep.

  • Word - is power

So, to be the most powerful in eloquence, it is necessary to know a lot of words. You are probably faced with people who spoiled the impression about yourself before an audience when he was unable to pick up the necessary words, mumbled something unintelligible, making long pauses in unsuccessful attempts to better express their thoughts. Or worse - used vocabulary trite clichés and stamps, countersigned offer words-parasites and did things like that, very negative impact on his performance.

You will be able to avoid a similar fate is very simple, but the most effective way. Read books. Fiction, especially the classics, not only helps to increase vocabulary, but also enrich you culturally. You will gather for themselves a lot of useful knowledge from other areas, which is a clear advantage. Tell yourself that you will now collect new words, like a collector. Or like the rich man who puts a coin in a piggy bank. Do not forget to use dictionaries, encountering an unknown word. This will not only secure in their minds its sound, but also learn its fair value.

  • Self-confidence

Stop thinking that your speech is not perfect. In fact, the surrounding occupied not only the constant tracing defects in your speech. It is an illusion. Especially if they are due to obvious reasons: your excitement, for example. But believe me, for you will be the best if you are able to gather the strength to pull myself together and easy to start a conversation, speech or talks with the audience. The more you practice, applying their skills in practice, not in theory, the faster you will receive confirmation that you have everything turns out perfectly. You have become a virtuoso - so rejoice the same!

  • Written speech

The reality now is that we do not always carry out dialogue with interlocutors through personal contact. We are many, and often it is necessary to use a virtual communication with other people. We visit the forums and other online sites, sit in chats, send emails, chat on social networks and programs of sending quick messages. Make it a rule in this communication always follow the rules correctly and beautifully rechi.Pravilnoe spelling, literate style, the use of punctuation marks and other subtleties make it enjoyable for your companion, even in the virtual space.

 how to learn to speak correctly tips

Nightingale is filled, but the audience there

You proved to be a diligent student, used all our tips and tricks honed his talent beautifully and correctly speak simply of the ideal, but there is something strange. You a little uncomfortable with this, but at some point there is even a deep resentment. Apart from whether you have the ability to speak correctly and beautifully, you should have some more useful skills have lots of fun with other people. Look closely at their behavior, characterized by a sudden you some mistakes, which we will tell you now. They are strongly influenced by a desire to communicate with you from the people around them, but to fix them yourself is not difficult.

  • Bird-talker

You have discovered the wonderful world of words. You are so eager to use their knowledge that any communication with people is transformed into a personal statement. You do not hear and do not listen to anyone except the person. Fountain your eloquence is inexhaustible in the literal sense of the word. But interlocutors would also like to speak, and you deprive them of the right to their verbal flow, in which they are just afraid of drowning. Remember that communication provides an opportunity to communicate and the right to vote to all panelists. Do not break them. Otherwise, you really will soon begin to talk only to itself.

  • I refuse to say in the absence of his lawyer!

You are interested in communication with counterparts that your dialogue with the parties resembles interrogation. You ask one question after another, which may discourage the unprepared person. Perhaps we should for their part say something funny or interesting to the interlocutor did not work for you misconception. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity to show their skills of a talented orator.

  • We have nothing to talk to you

You find a great topic for conversation in the usual circle of friends. But you have trouble if you have to come into contact with strangers or unfamiliar people. You start to lose, inwardly asking yourself what you can talk at the moment, does not occur to any one bright idea. And then it hangs awkward and painful for all silence. Remember, there is always the neutral topics that can safely get into embarrassing to discuss even with strangers. The books that you keep reading, movies, travel, culture, and more. Oh you, you probably have something to tell the world, and most importantly - it's as nice and right now you can do it.

  • I understand you perfectly

You are in full confidence that you are with someone on the same wavelength. Catch on the fly of his thought, the word literally tear his lips. You feel real excited about what is happening. What can not be said about your opponents. Do you think that they continue to think, but it may seem that you are rude to interrupt them and give them say a word. Perhaps you would have invested much more eloquent than my own thoughts into words, but nowhere do it for conversation. After all, he does not ask you about this service.

  • Is my point of view, and all other than it - wrong

You have the words of such capital and knowledge, it is involuntary is impressive to anyone lucky enough to talk with you. Only recently, you notice that intercourse was less. Think about it: maybe your interest in sharing knowledge and defend their point of view in any, even the most unpretentious conversation tiring your listeners? "Hold your horses," the next time you talk and talk not about the latest research in genetic engineering or nuclear tests, and on a sunny day and the fresh wind. It is desirable that you are the listener, not the narrator.

  • Sad, bored, gloomy

Have you noticed one day that there are people who are guaranteed to make others like warm fire in the cold? They have fun with them comfortable with them positively. You are now able to speak beautifully and wisely - to say so joyful, interesting and bright threads. Watch the audience: if you see that the issue has exhausted itself, then move on to discuss something else, not musolte subject and do not pour from a sieve to infinity.

That's the whole science - the use of health

As it turns out in the end, learn to speak properly maintain a beautiful and elegant conversation, mesmerized the audience with their sweet words - not such a tricky science. All in your hands, ladies. Although it is not entirely accurate. It is better and more correct to say - in your mouth.

Put your thoughts, your feelings in your voice, vesting them in words in question. Let your interaction takes great mutual pleasure to all who had the good fortune to talk to you before, and who will in the future. Using our tips, you will surely earn a reputation as an excellent companion that knows how to beautifully and accurately express their thoughts and listen to the interlocutors.

Perhaps, before the glory of Scheherazade did not give you no rest day or night. Now, you really could make it a very strong competition. Continue to hone his oratory and on, because the ideal is unattainable, but the pursuit of it so exciting! In our life, everything has meaning, no wonder they say that words can hurt or even kill. Let the words that you use, sow only good, eternal and wise in the hearts of the people they are!

 Thoughts aloud: how to learn to speak correctly?