how to get rid of cockroaches

Perhaps no worse than its neighbors in the house than the ubiquitous insects that make their way into all the cracks, hidden in every corner and do not go away so easily .  Among such "guests" are very popular cockroaches, and they settle close to someone with an ulterior motive .  The fact is that from a biological point of view, these insects are our symbionts, ie the organisms that coexist side by side, and bring some benefit .  Benefit is that cockroaches eat up our leftovers, clearing the way home .  Despite this, there are few people, grateful cockroaches, much more those who are tormented by the question how to get rid of cockroaches forever .  Naturally, cockroaches and bring harm - they are carriers of dangerous diseases, they can catch a small child and taste point of interest .  In the end, very few people like the neighborhood with similar aesthetic and moral point of view, because many cockroaches arouse contempt .  Therefore, all who appeared uninvited insects, dream about to poison cockroaches .

Cons application of pesticides in the fight against cockroaches

There is a great variety of control cockroaches: traditional malathion, chemicals, newfangled traps. And most of these methods, unfortunately, has significant drawbacks. You really get rid of cockroaches, but only for a while, cockroaches often just reduced in number, no more than that. On top of that the apartment can permanently settle the unpleasant smell from the chemicals that everything else is dangerous to animal and human health.

Many of solving the problem of how to get rid of cockroaches at home, include strengthening the fight against insects and forget about the fact that a pair of extremely toxic chemicals harmful to health: they weaken the immune system and reduces the body's ability to fend off disease-causing microbes and harmful effects. For this reason, a person can escalate any disease to which it is predisposed. Pesticides dry extremely dangerous when released into the mouth or on open wounds and scratches. The most common poisoning of varying severity receive pets and children. For example, your house cat washes tongue anything that gets to her feet, and her body weight is extremely low, so after baiting roaches she has a chance to be seriously affected, including death.

What you need to know about for successful control of cockroaches?

Before you decide whether to get rid of cockroaches, you must carefully examine all the details concerning the life of his enemy . Biological features of the cockroaches cause genuine interest. There are proven methods for destruction of cockroaches, absolutely harmless to humans and give a perfect result. These methods are based precisely on the knowledge about the individual characteristics of cockroaches, but they bring fruit only after 3-4 weeks. So please be patient and take note of some of the facts:

  • Cockroaches can live for a long time without food, but without water, they can not live under any conditions. If poluotravlenny, poludohly, crippled cockroach will crawl to the water, then it Koshcheev be immortal. Once the insect otopetsya it back on his feet alive and unharmed. Cockroaches are too small, so we can block them all approaches to the water, they have enough water in a flower pot or small droplets near the sink or on the floor, not to mention the toilet cistern. Therefore, do not expect that you leave on vacation, and your cockroaches will die of hunger without you - they have enough in the house drink, and eat, they go to the neighbors.
  • Rams incredibly curious creatures. To verify this fact, it is enough to put in the middle of the kitchen some bright object, such as a candy wrapper on the candy. If your house is a lot of cockroaches, they will not wait long. If the insect is not yet a lot, you have to wait for darkness. You will see small insects like pioneers, approaching an unidentified object and begin to explore it with their antennae.
  • Do cockroaches bad enough debugged system of notification of their relatives of the danger, they are not able to communicate to each other the complexity of life-personal experience.
  • The worst poison that can only come up with a cockroach - is boric acid. From conventional pesticides for the general targeting (as the destruction of cockroaches and bugs, cats and humans), cockroaches die an ordinary death at doses of prosperity. However, boric acid is not the case - the cockroaches suffer from her hell, all of their body covered an incredible unbearable itching. Even if the affected boric acid cockroach and not die, that one way or another to the place where he got infected, he had never come back. How to get rid of cockroaches forever? - That boric acid.

It is necessary to take stock and find out what are the methods of struggle with cockroaches can be used on the basis of the facts that we know about them.

The method of struggle №1

All afraid of big cockroaches, but few know how to get rid of big cockroaches .  In fact, the proposed method is very simple .  It is necessary to sprinkle all the sources of water in the apartment (in the bathroom, the toilet, the sink), as well as all the baseboards, garbage and air vents boric acid powder .  Strew the powder can heartily because it does not bear any harm to humans nor to his pets .  Boric acid solution some even mouth rinse .  This powder can be purchased at a pharmacy for mere pennies - 10 grams of the drug costs about 2-3 rubles .  To sprinkle the entire apartment, you need to stock up on 30-100 g of boric acid - the amount of powder will depend on the size of the apartment and the degree of personal hatred for cockroaches .  Note that when the insects feel boric acid, they will try to find the source of water, where there will be no obstacle .  In most cases, many of them are perfectly cope with this task .  Based on this fact should be kept in readiness a second method of controlling cockroaches .

The method of struggle №2

In this process, how to get rid of cockroaches running incredible curiosity insects .  It is necessary to take a raw egg yolk from the eggs and pour into a 30-50 grams of boric acid powder .  Ingredients stir until the consistency of thick gruel .  From the resulting mass sculpt balls with a diameter of about 1 cm, giving them to dry and scatter throughout the apartment, choosing a prominent place .  Require special attention kitchen, bathroom and toilet (in principle, these places can be and limit) .  Do not forget that the place should be observable not from the human point of view, but from the point of view of a cockroach - it may be the surface of shelves, cabinets, kitchen .  All that is above your eyes - this is the place for prominent cockroaches .  In the presence of flowers on the window sill, you can put beads on window sills .  At night, the most active researchers baleen, so the day you can clean your balls to the surface, where they bring you any inconvenience, and at night to lay again .

Cockroaches do not feel disguised boric acid, but it sure took a keen interest in the beautiful ball. As soon as the insect touches the subject of his cherished mustache - he is already doomed, if not to death, then the unbearable torment in the form of intolerable itching. Besides the cockroaches are not able to pass on their brethren, that the balls pose a mortal danger. Whether these insects have not reached its highest stage of development, whether they can not associate a beautiful bead with the consequences. And that means only one thing - your bait will approach new cockroaches, moving away from the ball terminally ill. If the patient comes into contact with a healthy cockroach, the latter also get infected.

At first you will think that you have not managed to solve the problem of how to get rid of cockroaches at home, and that insects simply do not care about all your tricks. They will be absolutely easy to crawl around the balls without feeling any discomfort. Please be patient - after a couple of weeks, you'll have to sweep the large number of dead insects, roaches and soon disappear altogether. If after six months you will meet again in his apartment with cockroaches, then the female managed to lay their eggs, and in the light of a new generation, which will have to fight the same method.

If after many years you have held a meeting with the unwelcome, of which you have already forgotten - just refresh the balls, because the top of the cabinets, they will not bother you, and your business will still do.
It often happens is that crazy cockroaches "fly" from the neighbors that they had just been poisoned by pesticides. In that case, if the duty balls will lie in its place, the cockroaches as well have run away back. Can effectively help and additional processing of boric acid powder all vents. For the full confidence of victory you can poison cockroaches proposed two ways simultaneously.

These recommendations will allow you to get rid of cockroaches, even if the house is infested with them. In addition, you do not cause any harm to himself loved not their precious children and pets. The method works reliably even in places where cockroaches have become an integral part of everyday life - in old houses, communal apartments and dormitories.

 how to get rid of cockroaches forever

Recommendations for the strong spirit

If you are among those people who decide to get rid of the black cockroaches, and how to get rid of cockroaches, by physical destruction of data of individuals sneakers, you should take into consideration the following fact. Cockroaches are extremely stable carry physical damage. That your actions have led to the death cockroach, you need not only to swat an insect, but also how to smudge it. Otherwise cockroach wakes up, limped to the water and come to life before your eyes.
Much better to enforce the following options - to beat a little cockroach, he was half-dead to. While he comes to life, you have to get it and sprinkle boric acid cockroach lethal powder. Let him go in peace to their relatives - a cockroach dies himself, and with his life will take the life of a few colleagues.

The modern market offers a great variety of alternative means to control cockroaches. We should talk about them in detail.

Alternative means of controlling cockroaches

If you still have not decided how to get rid of large cockroaches and their little cousins, offering you a lot of other ways and means to deal with the petition does not baleen guests.
Special gels are sold in large syringes - these preparations are fully ready for use. Check gel actually quite simple: the agent must be applied to small droplets along the skirting at a distance of 10 cm from each other. Process should be the entire perimeter of the room. Within 3-7 days the cockroaches disappear. The most effective gels today acknowledged gel "Raptor" gel "Killer" gel "Dohloks" gel "liquidators" and gel "Globol."

A cockroach traps look like small boxes round shape that has multiple inputs for cockroaches. In the middle of the traps is poison cockroaches get to it and then spread their relatives. This box can be easily attached using Velcro at any convenient place. The best results show such traps as "Raptor", "Combat" and "Raid".

You can use to kill cockroaches small cardboard houses. Inside a house, cardboard boxes full sticky, but the center of the box is tasty bait. Cockroaches crawling on the walk, like flies to honey, and eventually adhere to the cardboard and remain inside the house. Following comes another batch of cockroaches, and the fact that the inside is already stuck previous cockroach expedition newcomers does not stop. Human and animal such houses do not bring absolutely no harm. In practice, it does not matter from which manufacturer you purchased the house, cockroaches adhere equally well in all the boxes.

Aerosols are intended for spraying areas of possible accumulations of insects - door frames, cracks, etc. proved themselves from the best side aerosols "Baygon" and "Raid". If you decide to use sprays, then change them often to avoid addiction.

Crayons to control cockroaches processed baseboards, cracks and other "cereal" places. Processing of the apartment once a week. Typically, such treatment a month cockroaches disappear. You can use the "Titanic" or "Masha", about which the people have legends and anecdotes.

Fast means you can prepare yourself at home on the basis of the same boric acid. From mashed potatoes cook. Separately cook hard-boiled eggs, and cook for 6 hours. The ingredients are combined, serving delicious adding boric acid. The main thing in this recipe - do not feel sorry boron and eggs. From the mixture make balls familiar, it is important to make sure that they are well-blind. Balls are laid throughout the apartment, and after two or three days on the trail of cockroaches disappear.

Cockroaches are afraid of the cold, so winter can be opened wide the window when you leave the apartment. Frost will significantly reduce the number of insects.

If you live in the apartment cat, then there is hope that it is overfishing of some cockroaches.

If the attempt to get rid of baleen roommates knocked you out of power and did not bring the desired results, you can call a special service to combat cockroaches. Such a service within an hour will make the processing of the entire apartment, probably the traditional dichlorvos, after which the cockroaches will give you easy to live in for a year.

We wish you never met with cockroaches. And if they still have chosen your home, feel free to start a battle with them. We hope that our recipes and tips will help you win a complete victory!

 How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

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