choice of bed linen

What you should pay attention when choosing bed linen? Firstly, the density of the tissue. It depends on how much washes your laundry stand. The denser - more. New underwear should smell no dyes or chemicals. Otherwise, it will be much shedding and lose its color. The material itself should be pleasant to the touch, you also sleep on it.

The packaging product shall include the weave density, namely the number of threads per square centimeter. This is quite important, it shows a sufficiently high quality linen.

The classification is as follows: low density of twenty to thirty threads, below average thirty to forty, fifty or sixty average, above average sixty to eighty, eighty high-hundred and twenty and a very high stadvadtsati. The greater the density, the longer it will last you. It is also possible to determine the density of the material. Baptiste has a low density; lower-middle and middle materials such as linen and cotton; above average - a Turkish silk or synthetic fabrics; high - percale or Chinese silk and satin fabric and artificial; and very high - gloss, satin or Japanese silk. If you compare linen poplin with satin sheets and linen sheeting, it can stand in the middle. Lingerie from poplin sufficiently dense structure, but it is softer than calico.

The most environmentally friendly and much more practical material considered flax. It has a number of properties: warm in the cold season and gives coolness in the heat. However, it is easily wrinkled and difficult enough to stroke. Very durable and rather practical lingerie satin or otherwise - Egyptian cotton. Thick and shiny fabric, pleasant to the touch. However, the disadvantage of this satin - is its high price relative to other tissues. You can also advise bedding of calico. It is economically practical and quite beautiful. It is very popular because of its durability.

On examination, the material should turn underwear and see the quality of welds. Good clothes stitched seam special, if one seam, and edges are not podobranny, it says poor-quality linens.

And finally I want to add that about caring for linens knows every good housewife. From its purity it depends on the health of the entire family. However, you can save a little time and effort, if you choose the right underwear.

 And how do you choose the bedding?

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 how to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator


  • The causes of odors in the refrigerator
  • Secrets of the fight with an unpleasant odor
  • How to keep the smell in the fridge?

It does not smell, as we know, only money. Everything else has a dizzying aromas or a stunning scent (of varying intensity). Including ourselves, and our homes. The source of the odor in your home becomes all there is. And all this may one day to start a "bad smell". But if some sources are easy to eliminate unpleasant odors, for others, such as the refrigerator, you will need special measures. How to get rid of the smell in the fridge, if there suddenly appeared?

The causes of odors in the refrigerator

Why in the refrigerator, you may receive unwanted smell? Firstly, because it spoiled products. Or not deteriorated, and so to say, grown old. Examine carefully all the contents of the refrigerator. The reason can be a terrible smell and sour soup, and spoiled vegetables and raw meat and stale eggs or milk. Yes, and any other products. Get rid of all foul and continue the audit.

All the products are fresh, and the smell is still there? Perhaps his reason was the freshest ingredients: each of them smell good, but all together - not very. Conclusion: all products must be stored in the package.

If the refrigerator to defrost without your control (this, alas, it happens), it is likely that something natekla on the shelves or in containers. And now the smell is not as it should be. And the cause of bad breath can be a clogged drain hole for melt water. Yes, and a new refrigerator may also present an odd odor that you do not like. In any case, the refrigerator should be thoroughly washed. However, this does not always help. Bad breath is still, especially - in the freezer. To deal with it, use the secrets zealous housewives.

 get rid of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator

Secrets of the fight with an unpleasant odor

Secret one: "Fight fire with fire", or How to remove the smell in the fridge by other odors. Neutralize the smell will help the following means and methods.

  1. Vinegar and ammonia. The walls of the refrigerator wipe cloth or sponge dipped in vinegar or ammonia solution.
  2. Lemon. Inside the refrigerator to wash or wipe with a cloth, using water with lemon juice. Sliced ​​lemon leave for a couple of days in the refrigerator.
  3. Garlic and onions. Grate wall of the refrigerator or a slice of garlic onions and leave overnight. Then rinse with clean water.
  4. Spices. Keep in the fridge, dry spices and herbs: cinnamon, thyme, tarragon, basil, celery, cloves, coffee beans.

Secret two: "Sponge Bob and company", or How to cope with the smell in the fridge up with absorbent material (odor absorbers).

  1. Black bread. On each shelf of the refrigerator to put a saucer with a piece of black bread.
  2. Fig. Saucer with rice and arrange on the shelves of the refrigerator.
  3. Salt and sugar. Put in the fridge a cup filled with sugar or salt.
  4. Charcoal. Leave in the refrigerator for a day capacity with the crushed coal. It can be used and activated charcoal tablets.
  5. Baking soda. Pour into an open container or diluted in a glass of soda with water to keep in the refrigerator. I have about once a month.
  6. Industrial odor absorbers. Fresheners and ionizers on batteries. Odor absorbers based on coal. Just put them in the refrigerator.

A good hostess after get rid of odors in the refrigerator, try to do everything so that it was no longer appeared.

 get rid of the smell in the refrigerator

How to keep the smell in the fridge?

Get rid of the smell, he settled in the depths of your refrigeration cabinet, harder than prevent its occurrence. Therefore, precautions should be taken. Firstly, all of the products (particularly "fragrant") should be kept wrapped or covered. It is best to use for this special containers or plastic wrap.

Secondly, it is necessary to monitor the humidity inside the refrigerator. Frequent occurrence of condensation (water droplets on the walls) can start the growth of mold and microorganisms. They can also be the cause of bad odor.

And, thirdly, you just need to frequently wash the refrigerator and defrost as needed, without waiting for the musty smell.

Now you know how to get rid of odors in the refrigerator: all these rules, secrets and tips to help you protect your fridge from the appearance in it of unwanted odors. Let it work properly, keeping food fresh by doing so abundantly and hospitable house. And let your house hovering just love the flavors and well-being.

 How to get rid of the smell in the fridge?

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 Clean house for the new season

Autumn-cleaning - a must after a hot and dusty summer. The house is free from dirt and dust - the motto of good water housewives!

Autumn - time general cleanings for the winter season. Dust and dirt that have accumulated over the hot summer, should be eliminated as much as possible, so that in winter, when windows are opened rarely breathe freely and easily.

Typically, general cleaning house requires a lot of time and effort. If we do not have time, you can order cleaning services .   and then the professionals will do everything very quickly, in just a few hours. However, not every woman wants to strangers cleaned where it reigns, the mistress of the house. That cleaning was easy and did not have to spend a lot of effort on it, you need to focus their attention and efforts on the areas that are most susceptible to contamination: in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen.

A few tips for housewives

Our mothers and grandmothers, wise women, know the laws of proper cleaning, and they are reduced to the following:

  • Before you start cleaning the house or apartment you need to realistically assess how much work will have to perform. Certainly, the work will be much, because the cleaning of offices and household cleaning - two big differences. So clearly we plan their first day off to Sunday was a time to relax and recover.
  • In order not to look rags, mops and detergents, all you need to cook and buy in advance: glass cleaner, special detergents for linoleum, tile, laminad, microwave and extractor, gas stove and oven, as well as microfibre cloth for furniture and other surfaces.
  • The principle of "cleaning from top to bottom" has not been canceled. At first, dust the top of the furniture, lamps, vacuum cleaners corners of the ceiling, and only then rubbed cabinet doors, clean carpets and clean the floor.
  • Before you start cleaning it is necessary to deal with clothes and shoes: summer footwear wiped and hiding in the shelves, clothes are also removed in the closet.

These rules allow the landlady not to get lost and not to run away from the cabinet to the window, from the window in the bathroom and so on. Planning - a great thing!

Subtleties cleaning

If the children in the family, you have to give up some of the active chemicals for cleaning carpets, because the child loves to play it! Initially, the carpet thoroughly vacuum cleaner, and if possible, it is taken out to the street and knocked. Color of the carpet can refurbish and improvised means. Simple folk recipe: a few potatoes rubbed on a fine grater and fill with water. Let stand up a couple of hours. The liquid is then strained through a fine sieve or several layers of tissue and the resulting solution wipe carpet. Let lie down for a while until it dries.

Cleaning the bathroom will take less time if you are accustomed to home care. The first rule, which is important for them to install: after the bath, be sure to rinse it with hot water from the shower. Attention! For cleaning the bath is not suitable means for the toilet. Acids contained in these tools eventually destroy enamel.

Wash modern plastic windows requires a special approach, there are no good products containing solvents. Plain soapy water will wash well glass microfiber cloth and wipe them dry.

Here are simple tips to help housewives quickly and get out at home before a long and cold winter.

 Clean house for the new season

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